How to turn on your Redmi Note 9 phone?

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  • Press and hold the power button to turn on your device. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your device. For more information visit our official
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How to turn off Xiaomi without a button?

The hard / forced reboot algorithm is as follows:

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Hold from 20 seconds to half a minute.
  • Omit when “Mi logo” and logo appear.
  • Wait for the device to turn off.

What to do if the phone won’t turn on Redmi?

Hard Reset will help when the smartphone turns off periodically or boots in Recovery mode. Reset settings

  • press and hold the power button and the volume control down until the Mi5 screensaver appears on the display;
  • hold down the volume control key;
  • enter Recovery and find English;
  • press Hard Reset.

How to turn off Redmi 8?

Press the “Power” button located on the right side of your Redmi Note 8. You will see the following on the screen. Click Shut Down or Restart depending on the action you want to take.

Redmi 8 Full Disassembly / Redmi 8 Teardown || How to Open Redmi 8 Back Panel & all internal Parts

How to turn on Redmi phone?

Almost all models of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones have a power key on the side of the smartphone, but there are also models where the button is on top. Find the power key, hold it down and hold it for 5-10 seconds until the screen lights up and the inscription Xiaomi, Android or MIUI appears.

How to turn off Xiaomi without sensor?

Since the sensor does not work, use the mechanical on / off button of your Xiaomi smartphone: press and hold it until the screen turns off. It usually takes 5-10 seconds.

Operation 1

Back lid and the bumper are glued, so remove the cover, you need to act correctly. Pre-heating will be required around the perimeter of the case for 5 minutes or so. If the adhesive heater is missing or uneven, the glass cover may crack when opened.

Apply heat with a hot air gun, which should be held above the phone body at a distance of approximately 9.10 cm.

Make sure the heat is moderately distributed around the outer edge of the device.

How to open the back cover of Xiaomi Redmi 4

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 phone is not provided by the developers for removing the back cover. The device has a one-piece body, which lacks any kind of protrusions and niches in order to “pick” and open the back cover, other phones. The 1st of the best systems is used. Then how to open the back cover of Xiaomi Redmi 4? Let’s figure it out.

Operation 4

Warning: The unscrewed screws are very small, they are easy to lose, so keep them on the magnetic cushion or in a specially designated place. In total, there should be eighteen screws.

Using a PH00 Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the eight silver rifles D 3.5 mm (circled in red in the photo).

Also with a PH00 screwdriver Remove 6 dark screws D 4.0 mm (circled in orange circles in the photo).

Using a PH00 screwdriver, unscrew one silver screw D 3.0 mm (circled in yellowish circles in the photo).

Use the sharp end of a PH00 screwdriver to gently peel off the snow-white stickers. These are warranty seals, there are also screws under them (circled in greenish circles in the photo).

Unscrew the two dark screws D 4.0 mm with a PH00 screwdriver (circled in greenish circles in the photo).

Replacing the touchscreen

The difference between the screen and the touchscreen is that the broken glass simply interferes with the introduction of the phone, and the broken touchscreen prevents the detector from working.

Changing the touchscreen is very similar to changing the monitor.

  • After removing the battery and the motherboard, clean this area from the remaining glue and dust.
  • Next, once again Warm up the phone with special paradoxes.
  • If the screen is broken, use scotch tape to prevent debris from scattering or getting into your fingers.
  • Pry the touchscreen with tweezers or other sharp object and remove.
  • Wipe and Degrease the Monitor Mold.
  • It is also recommended to use isopropyl alcohol, but under no circumstances do NOT use a cloth soaked in ordinary water.
  • Along the perimeter of the frame Apply glue.
  • After passing all the cables, place the new module on the case. Do not press very much, the screen will grip so well.
  • Wait a while for the fastening process to end.
  • Attach all internal components of the phone to the back link.

Case material Xiaomi Redmi 4

The body of the phone is made of plastic, with a rounded end and corners. The designers tried to disguise the plastic as metal, so the colors are NOT uniform everywhere. There are two grooves on the back, but they are decorative. When you open the lid, all these features will serve us well. After all, it is not always possible to open the lid without a trace. It should be said separately that it is necessary to work very carefully in order to avoid cracks and chips.

How the phone case works

In order not to destroy the accessory, it is good to know how it works mechanically, which parts are blocked, etc. The entire body on the back is made of aluminum with plastic inserts. On Xiaomi Remi 4x and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x there is also a fingerprint on the back.

There is a motherboard inside the phone. A screen is attached to one side of it. in other words, the screen, while on the other hand, is attached to the microprocessor, camera, battery, mini-boards and other elements. The screen is attached to the rear panel with special snap parts. They just lend themselves to unfastening.

How to properly open the SIM card slot with a needle

If you have repaired socks or pants, then you will definitely carry needles in the house.

Only use the non-pointed end as you will insert into the hole and press, for example, on the edge of the table.

I WOULD NOT advise you to try it with your hand. If you use sharp objects like needles, then some hard surface to use.

Tips: Do not push the needles into the phone tray with your hands. this is unsafe, because the pressure will have to be on the sharp end.

Naturally, there are many other alternatives, including toothpicks.

Operation 2

Be careful not to destroy the orange ribbon when connecting the back panel.

Using a keyless plastic mounting spade, carefully lift the corner of the rear glass panel.

Slowly slide the sharp edge of the spatula along the outline of the glass panel to break the adhesive bond.

In order to make it easier to open the back cover and separate it from the rest of the case, you can use additional plastic tools (spatulas and spatulas, etc.).

After removing the adhesive, carefully remove the cover.

How to open the phone and remove the back cover from Xiaomi

We offer you a short instruction on how to open the back cover on Xiaomi Redmi phone (including models 3 and 4), Mi Max, etc. Since almost all phones have the same design, this guide can be used for most mobile gadgets.

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  • When the latches have succumbed to action, slowly and carefully remove the back cover on Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max. Smoothly open the case, seeing there a train connecting the back surface to the touchscreen. Carefully remove the ribbon cable to detach the front panel.
  • Now we have before us the “stuffing” of the Mi smartphone. Here we see the top panel with the installed chip and cameras. The battery is located under them. Most often, the question of how to remove the back cover of Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max appears when it is necessary to replace the cameras or the battery. It is also relevant if the touchscreen is damaged, but without additional complex equipment, you definitely cannot solve this task at home.
  • Although the insides of the smartphone are open to us, we still cannot extract them. In addition to cameras. we can get them if we open the seal, which can be easily pushed off with any flat object at hand.
  • If you disassemble the phone to replace the battery or dig into the chip, then you have to work with a screwdriver. Internal elements are bolted to the cover. We unscrew them with a screwdriver, be sure to fold them in a conspicuous place so as not to lose, and only after that we can continue parsing. Loose bolts need to be given special attention. those that are attached from the top are longer than those screwed from the bottom. Therefore, put them in different places so as not to get confused.
  • After unscrewing the bolts, open the protective panel from above, and a chip will appear in front of you. It is not recommended to make any changes to its configuration on your own.
  • I close the back cover in the same way as I open it, but, of course, the steps are performed in the reverse order. The main thing is to be careful and act carefully, and then everything will work out.

To get a more accurate idea of ​​how to properly open the Mi Max phone and other models from Xiaomi, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the training videos.

Method 5. remove protective files

In order not to get into such situations with a password in the future, we can advise one simple solution to this problem. deleting files on the phone that are responsible for the lock password.

You don’t need an internet connection or computer to delete these files.

  • You need to go to the Recovery menu and select the Advanced item and then File Manager.
  • You have entered the file system of the phone, where you need to select the Data-system item and delete 5 files that are responsible for the lock passwords of the smartphone itself «gesture.key, password.key, locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal and locksettings.db-shm “.
  • Reboot your device and the job is done, all passwords are removed from the smartphone, it starts up normally. And the lock screen will no longer disturb you.

Method 1. password recovery via Google account

If a Google account was connected and synchronized on your device, it will be easy to recover your password. All your personal data will be completely safe.

This requires several steps:

  • On the lock screen, you must enter the wrong password 5 times in a row, the inscription “Forgot your password?”.
  • By clicking on the inscription that appears in the next window, we see “enter username” and password from the Google account, of course, the device must be linked to the Google account.
  • The system will prompt you to change the smartphone password.
  • We enter a new password, repeat it and write it down or save it in our memory so as not to repeat the recovery procedure.

This method is the easiest, but only if your device is linked to a Google account.

If you forgot your pattern

There are times when you forgot the pattern you supplied and the phone cannot be unlocked.

After several incorrect entries, the phone “freezes”, the more attempts, the longer it is blocked. If your MIUI shell is outdated (up to version 8), then the method with finding a smartphone described under paragraph 7 will suit you.

In the new MIUI skins, this is not possible. It is necessary to reset the settings through the “Recovery” menu. This will lead to a complete loss of all phone data.

There are no other methods of unlocking the pattern if you have the latest version of the shell, without losing data. Therefore, if you install a pattern on your smartphone, get ready for such a sacrifice, or install a key that you will never forget.

Method 2: restore access using Xiaomi’s own software

This password reset will not result in the loss of your personal data either.

Method 6. unlock using a PC

This method is good because your data on your smartphone will not be affected when using it.

  • You need to download the program from the Internet and install it on your computer or laptop.
  • Launch the program, connect your smartphone via USB cable.
  • If you have any problems with the connection, you can use our instructions.
  • Click on the “Unlock phone” window that appears, put the smartphone into Recovery mode and wait a couple of minutes, which are necessary to download the recovery files to the phone.
  • After 2-3 minutes, your smartphone is fully unlocked and ready to use.

Method 7. through the smartphone search function

You can unlock your phone through Google Phone Search. All you need is a personal computer with Internet access.

  • Go to the official phone search site from Google.
  • Go through authorization, wait until the site determines the location of your phone.
  • After determining the location of the smartphone, click on the item “Erase data”.

After this procedure, all data in the phone’s memory is erased, which leads to the disappearance of all contacts and accounts.

open, redmi, phone

It is worth reminding about one more important detail when unlocking your Xiaomi. All unlocking methods associated with a Google account are valid with MIUI 8 shell, at least.

If your version is lower than 8, then to unlock the phone, you will first need to specifically lock it (by entering incorrect passwords), and then restore it.

Method 4. system reset (Hard reset)

If your smartphone has not been linked to any account, a complete system reset is required, or, as the experts call it, Hard Reset. This will completely reset all phone settings, delete all third-party applications and files, and all your contacts will disappear.

Therefore, before performing this operation, you must save all the important information that is stored on your device. You also need to charge your device to at least 80%. After completing all preparations, you can proceed to reboot your smartphone.

Hold down the power button at the same time as the volume up key. Hold for more than 10 seconds until the specific vibration of the smartphone, release the keys.

The phone will load the settings menu, where you need to select Recovery and then Wipe data. The smartphone will reboot and clear all data on the device, delete all previously set passwords and pattern keys.

You can use programs that require root rights, however, this option is only suitable for advanced users. In this case, it will be safer to contact specialists.

How to unlock Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro phone if you forgot your password or pattern

There are many reasons why you will need to unlock your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro. The graphic key is an auxiliary tool for locking Android smartphones. The operating system offers to install it for joint work with a fingerprint sensor or means for unlocking in the face. The exception is the budget versions of smartphones, in which the pattern is offered as an alternative to the usual digital password. Composing a graphic combination that is too complex can lead to problems. multiple incorrect entries automatically lead to device blocking. It will be possible to figure out how to unlock Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro if you forgot your password or pattern (whichever you prefer to lock your phone), knowing some of the tricks of modern versions of Android.

Usually, after entering the key incorrectly, the phone displays information about the lock. Here, the operating system offers the user several solutions. Among the main ones is the SOS function, which is necessary to call the rescue services, as well as a means to restore access. The last option will be considered first.

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Unlock Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro via Google account

It should be noted right away that this method is not relevant for all devices. The list of tested models includes models on “pure” Android, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, as well as some Xiaomi.

If you enter the wrong key 5 times in a row, but the display will show a blocking notification with a timer. Below. the button “Forgot your pattern?”, Which should be clicked. The system will automatically offer authorization to the Google account to which the phone is linked. It will be possible to enter your own mail and password only if you have a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. If there is a network, and authorization was successful, the smartphone will be unlocked and all data will remain in place.

Factory reset

The problem can overtake the user at the wrong moment. in the absence of the Internet. In this case, authorization with Google is not possible. There are two ways to deal with this circumstance:

  • find a place with Wi-Fi, which is saved in the device (relevant if the automatic connection option is activated in the settings) and perform the steps described above;
  • reset to factory settings through a special smartphone menu.

The last option deserves more detailed consideration. Almost every Android model comes with a stock Recovery utility preinstalled for performing service settings. It is through it that you will have to unlock. Before performing the actions, you should understand that after resetting through Recovery, all files are deleted from the device’s memory. The fate of the elements on the MicroSD card depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you back up your phone data before taking any action.

  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Press the mechanical buttons “volume up” and “on / unlock”.
  • After the phone emits vibration. release the power button, while holding the “volume up” until the engineering menu appears.
  • After opening Recovery, release the button and select Wipe data / factory reset.

Most often, the menu in the Recovery is touch-sensitive, respectively, clicking on Wipe data will turn out as in the usual control of the device. However, on older models, the menu may not display normal sensor operation. In this case, control is implemented as follows:

  • selection of menu items. with volume keys;
  • confirmation of action. with the power button.

After the reset, the phone will reboot and prompt for initial system setup. Once again, it is worth recalling. a factory reset will delete all user files saved in the smartphone’s memory.

Why Xiaomi phone won’t turn on?

Very often, some time after buying a new smartphone, the user is faced with a situation where the Xiaomi phone does not turn on. We turned to the specialists of the ASC (Xiaomi Authorized Service Center) to tell them working ways to restore the phone at home.

Software malfunction

Critical software bugs are a common reason why a Xiaomi phone won’t turn on. They appear for different reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Operating system crash at boot (system freezes).
  • An update was being installed on the device, and a shutdown occurred (the battery was discharged).
  • After installing TWRP.
  • The action of malicious virus applications.

How to solve?

  • Leave the phone on charge for a long time: one to six hours. This time should be enough to bring the gadget out of the state of deep discharge.
  • Try to connect the gadget to another, more powerful charger.
  • Force-charge the battery from a 5 volt power source, limiting the current to 300-350 milliamps.

If you have experience, it is recommended that you only remove the back cover yourself using detailed instructions.

Xiaomi phone won’t turn on: 3 ways to solve

Practice has shown that the most common problem with a Xiaomi phone is the inability to turn on the device. If there was a mechanical impact, such as a strong impact, before the malfunction occurred, then everything is obvious. This is, with a high degree of probability, internal damage to the board.

But what if the reasons are not so obvious and the phone stopped working “by itself”? Let’s analyze the options why Xiaomi does not turn on, pointing out ways to solve them.

Technical problem

Perhaps Xiaomi is completely healthy, but it is not receiving power due to a faulty cable or insufficient charging power? Check them out on another device.

If everything is in order, then the reason may lie in the power button. Assess its serviceability realistically and visually. The button should be elastic, not crumpled, pressed with a slight subtle “click”.

Sometimes a non-original cover prevents the phone from turning on. Remove it from the smartphone case and try to launch again.

The microUSB socket often fails. With rough use, it wears out quickly, internal contacts move away from the landing pads on the motherboard.

Only professional repair in the service center will help here.

Deep discharge

Lithium batteries used in smartphones have a built-in charge controller. During deep discharge, it closes the battery power line. This is done in order to protect against a drop in capacity to a certain value so that the battery does not fail.

Therefore, when discharged, the phone may not turn on, even when connected to a charger. In this case, the signal LED will flash red. There are also times when the white indicator blinks when pressed.

Solution methods.

  • Force reboot. It is carried out by long (about 10 seconds) pressing the power button. In this case, the phone should emit a short vibration signal and start.
  • Reboot from the service menu. The engineering menu is entered by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons up. Next, you should turn off the device and try again to turn it on.

Re-flashing. Installing a new version of Android with MIUI shell solves software problems. In order to perform recovery in this way, you need to use special bootloader programs, for example, Mi Flash.

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High-quality solid instruction! It’s a pity she wasn’t there when I had such a problem with my phone. Bought a new Redmi 5 Plus phone. I had another phone in parallel. Therefore, I used the new one for a week and a half to get used to MIUI and explore the main features. As a result, I did not keep track of the fact that the phone was completely discharged. I undertook to include it, but it is not in any. I held the button on for a minute. the result was zero. I put it on charging did not react, although I got used to the fact that when you put the old phone on charge, the indicator immediately lights up. It turns out that a really deep discharge has taken place. It also helped to understand this by chance. Since it was a day off. I put the phone on charge and forgot, so it stood for 10 hours. Then I take it in my hand, press the button again and lo and behold, I feel the vibration and see the Mi logo on the screen. And then I already thought. the case is a pipe, 14 days have passed, but my phone does not work, what if the marriage cannot be returned and nothing can be proved. There was no limit to the joy of a work phone. )

I held it for 10 seconds and everything worked out. THX

I had a similar situation with the old Redmi 4. I sat shorter in YouTube, with charging. And she charged very sucks. the battery still sat on CHARGING. In the end, the phone went to zero (it was still working). The wire staggered. for a brief moment the charging was turned off. and the brick. I tried to cut it back, the answer is zero. even the indicator is off. I decided to leave it on charge for an hour. Did not help. Then I put on the charge from the camera, and left it for the night. I get up, I come to the phone. the screen is off. As a last resort, I held down the power button. After about 10 sec. he. finally. got it! Now it’s standing here, charging. And the instruction is one of the few that WORKS.

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I now have exactly the same problem, (put it on charge, I will wait and hope)

Great article! I save to bookmarks. Prepared means armed)

Thanks for the battery tip! I have an old Redmi 4x, and who knows the cover is conditionally non-removable. Holding the power button for a long time did not help. I had to carefully pry off the back cover to manipulate the battery. As a result, the old man turned on, showed signs of life, and I, happy, did not have to lose hope and carry him to the service, where they would take at least 400 rubles from me for thanks. Thanks from me!

Thanks a lot. Thanks to this article, I was able to figure out why my Redmi does not turn on and turn it on again. I was already afraid, I thought that it was broken and needed to be carried. And this is extra time, money, and I would still have to go without a phone. And it’s so nice, I figured it out myself and turned out to turn it on. Once again, I express my gratitude to the creators of the site and the author of the article.!

Hello. Nice article, informative. But unfortunately, it didn’t help me. I bought a new Mi8 when it went out. Became a brick. Any operations according to the article are ineffective.

The article describes solutions that help to turn on the phone 95% of the time. Please clarify what actions were taken with the phone? What firmware was it? By itself, for the phone to work like this, nothing was done, and as a result, it went out and stopped turning on. a rather extraordinary case. The phone may have been flashed?

Good afternoon, Redmi 6 pro is charging and does not turn on, Mi constantly lights up every 5 seconds, goes out again and so on in a circle. What to do?

Judging by the symptoms, after the update by air, they grabbed the bootlap. It is recommended to look at the 4PDA topic about remote recovery and EDL mode.

I have the same trouble with Mi A1, what to do.

I was helped by the option to stick out the battery cable.

I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 5a prime phone and when I want to turn on the phone I press the key on the right, the screen lights up after 5 seconds, and it happens that I have to press it three times. And still problems with the end of the call, I can not end the conversation until the subscriber disconnects himself, the screen does not light up (((

I have the same problem, the phone (Mi8) just lay on the table (did not fall, did not beat). At first, he stopped catching the network (he learned from people who could not get through to me). I turned it on, tried to call someone. it says there is no network. I pressed reset the phone, and most of it does not react to anything at all. The firmware version of miuay 10 was installed on Android 9.

You managed to break the screen, then you repaired it yourself and now you are surprised that the phone does not work?

Yesterday, while using the phone, it just turned off, although charging was normal. does not load when turned on. At the loading stage (KD built for people) something is written there), then nothing happens. I left it for the night to charge, but with repeated switching on and off, nothing happens beyond the above stage ((((

If you can’t reanimate it in any way, then you can somehow connect it to the PC, so that at least all the info is saved? Just connecting to the PC as before does not work, does not see the phone ((

If the preservation of information is important, then it is better not to take drastic actions so as not to harm even more. In this case, it is recommended to contact the service center. Judging by the reasons described, the case is not entirely standard; disassembly and diagnostics may be required for resuscitation.

Yes, and it’s better not to do Factory Reset yet, that is, reset to factory settings, since all user data will be lost.

open, redmi, phone

Good afternoon. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 turned off during use. the charge was sufficient. Does not turn on for charging does not respond indicator does not light

Such is the situation: Mi 4c took it from the repair, changed the battery. All the rules worked. I had beta 10 miui 8.9.13 like. So, the phone was lying for a long time before being repaired, and I decided to check for updates to the firmware. It turns out there are no more of them, well, everyone does not release updates for it, but I don’t even know much about this native updater, also in English.

There was a download update button there. Well, I downloaded it twice, until I realized that there were still no updates and that I was installing the same version. Well, I left this venture, put the phone down, I think let it lie still, started downloading the firmware, I just wanted the Russian one, that’s the whole point. In the meantime. The phone went out and turned up. Without my influence.

Redmi 8 open back cover | what’s inside?

Well, I think, okay, apparently the firmware has become crooked. I’ll put another one and that’s all. Fortunately, I have already got used to breaking the bootloader bolts, like in two fingers. But here the main pitfall was waiting for me. The phone is not detected by the computer. The option is this, he did not zakirpichilsya at all, but can not start. That is, the mi logo appears, it goes out again and again, I connect it to the laptop, it immediately goes out and I can’t turn it on all connected.

I must say right away that the battery was above 80%. So, in the fast mode, the laptop does not see it either. I thought that it might be in the laptop, I put yusbi there. Nifiga, the reboot did not work, I went to the PC and everything is the same there. OU and the phone in fastboot mode does not light up for a long time, it turns off immediately. It was already deep night and I decided that the morning of the evening was more intricate. I put my phone down and scored. I woke up in the afternoon. I’m trying to turn it on. And here …. NOTHING. Well, that is, absolutely no reaction.

I thought it would be an option to disconnect the battery physically, wait 10 minutes and connect it again. But I’m afraid a pitfall awaits me in the form of that…. Well, he zakirpichik about about and he does not accept yusbi. And yes, when charging or connecting to a laptop, the charging indicator does not light up. What is the actual question: What else can it be, besides my guesses? WELL before I take any action. I just don’t really want to open it, I have a minimum of experience with smartphones inside. I would not like to break the train. And I can’t give it for repairs yet. A little later if nothing works.

You can try to do a factory reset, in some cases such a simple action makes the phone work normally again. It is only desirable that there is a backup copy of the necessary data, since “reset” deletes user data from the phone.

I almost have this situation) in general, after the street, I went into the apartment to visit a friend after the frost) I sat on the phone for a while, he sat down, put it on charge in an hour, I watch 2%, that’s all (I turned off the charging), the next day I come to myself and put it on charge. As a result, charging above 0% does not rise! I lowered the settings to the factory settings 2 times, I did the battery calibration the same way without changes. On the USB charge I put it on, you can sit, the battery charge shows 65429%)))) but the charge does not go, I remove the USB from the phone, it turns off immediately and that’s it! I do not understand how this happened, the phone was not damp. Clean in your on the street and after the frost street.

Interesting case. Thank you for sharing your information.!