How to open exe file on Android

Android can open such files only with the help of other programs. In this case, you need an emulator.

We use one of the available emulators. Bochs.

  • Download the program and install it on your device.
  • Next, you need the SDL archive for Bochs, you can find it on the forums
  • The SDL archive has extension, we described how to unpack it above. You need to unpack the archive into the SDL folder at the root of the memory card, having previously created this folder
  • You need a Windows OS image to run the executable file. Download the one that suits you from the Internet. The image must have the extension.img. Please note that.img is not an image, but an image
  • After downloading the image, rename it to “c.img” and place it in the SDL folder
  • Start Bochs emulator. After starting the Bochs program, you will be able to open files with the extension.exe

The cursor is controlled in the emulator using the volume buttons.

How to open a zip file on Android

Archives are convenient in that they have several purposes. First, the data entered into the archive is compressed without loss of information. Secondly, someone uses archives as a way to transfer data, for example, photographs. In order not to transmit over the network one photo at a time, they are uploaded to the archive. Many users use WinZip on their computer. How to open a file on Android? There is a WinZip archiver that helps you open a file on Android. You can download it from the Play Market.

You can use it to create an archive or unpack it.

The program has a simple interface, which will make working with it clear and convenient.

WinZip will not be able to open a file on Android that was created in WinRar.

How to open xls file on Android

We all have at least once dealt with files created in Microsoft Office programs. Yes, the doc format is also created in MS Office, but it is supported by more Android programs than xls. How to open a file on Android?

The xls format is read by the WPS Office application, which has over a million downloads from the Play Market.

The app is available in paid and free versions. Advertising is present.

WPS Office even has a number of Google Play awards:

  • Best App of 2015
  • Editor’s Choice
  • Best Developer

In the free version, you can edit all formats from MS Office, convert them to PDF, create presentations and protect data from prying eyes.

You can view and edit files in the WPS Office application. In addition to the standard set of functions, the paid version of WPS Office allows you to convert PDF to Word, merge and split PDF files.

How to open doc file on Android

You can open a file on Android doc format with many programs that are available for free on Google Play. One of these is Cool Reader.

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Cool Reader’s interface is designed in the style of a book, because the developers created a utility for reading books. Even flipping pages in Cool Reader looks like flipping sheets in a book. Of course, standard page loading is also present.

open, file, android

In addition to the doc extension, the utility supports the following formats:

  • fb2
  • epub (DRM-free)
  • rtf
  • chm
  • tcr
  • pd
  • prc
  • mobi (DRM-free)
  • pml

The application has convenient access to folders. Each book has a cover. You can search for fragments in the text, adjust the brightness for a specific time of day, change the font size and make bookmarks.

The main feature of Cool Reader is reading books from archive.

Txt format this utility also supports.

What files does Android open

No business can do without a Smart gadget, be it study, work or another. Android can open many standard files: mp3, mp4, avi. Of course, in order to open a file on Android, a special application is required. Thus, you can open almost any file on Android, if you install a suitable utility.

Let’s take a look at what files can be opened on Android:

  • txt
  • doc
  • xls
  • zip
  • APK file
  • pdf
  • html

You can open avi, mp3, mp4 using the programs that we described in our articles:

  • How to watch videos on Android
  • How to download music on Android for free. some of the applications in this article not only download audio files, but also play them

How to open a pdf file on Android

You can use the Book Reader to read the pdf file. It is freely available on Google Play. The app is free and ad-free.

Nice utility with useful features. After loading a file into PocetBook, you can flip through it like a book using gestures or the volume buttons of your phone / tablet. It is convenient and easy to read the contents of a pdf file, you can change the background, choose the color for the text, enlarge the text or reduce it. In general, adjust the way you feel comfortable.

You can search the text in the program.

While reading the text, you can make notes to it, highlight a certain area of ​​the text with a marker and take screenshots. These changes can be saved to a separate file without affecting the content of the pdf file. Notes can always be opened and revised.

APK. how to open file on Android

The.APK format is an executable file in Android system. It’s easy to open it.

If you have a file manager installed, for example, Total Commander, then find the required file with the.APK extension in the folders and just run it.

Still have questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Other file managers

A few more programs for working with files:

  • Cabinet, which supports plugins and zip archiving. Among the pluses, it is worth noting the small size and user-friendliness of the interface. Among the minuses. a slight freeze when working with large files;
  • File Manager from Cheetah Mobile, also free and in Russian. In addition to standard functions, it supports the use of cloud storage, archiving and data streaming.
  • Solid Explorer, shareware (free use during the first week) manager, featuring the ability to launch copper directly from folders, analysis of folder contents and direct connection to the Yandex.Disk service;
  • FX File Explorer. The application does not have a Russian interface, but it deserves attention thanks to the support of plugins, thumbnails for media files, several archive extensions and simplified data exchange. Thanks to this file manager, you can quickly transfer data from one phone to another using WI-FI.
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ES Explorer

Popular manager ES Explorer has the maximum functionality for working with files. And among its advantages is the free distribution and support of the Russian language.

Using the manager, you can perform both standard actions (copying, moving, deleting and renaming folders and files), and additional ones. working with system information from internal memory, archiving and unzipping files without using special applications, FTP support and even using cloud storage.

How to open an archive

Information on the network is often archived. In order to download it to a smartphone and access files without using a PC, you should install an archiver application.

The most common archive extension, and we recommend working with the Zip UnZip Tool, one of the most popular and multifunctional.

You can find it in the Play Market, and using it is no more difficult than using a regular file manager.

Using the same programs, you can create archives yourself directly on your phone or extract only part of the data from an archived file.

To work with extension and other common.rar.tar and.arj formats, you can use the ZArchiver and RAR applications.

With their help, files from the archive can even be edited while saving changes. just like on a stationary PC.

There are also rare extensions in the list of extensions supported by and.tbz, although most of them can only be unzipped.

The list of created archives is slightly smaller.

How To Open or View PDF Files on Android Phones?

Almost all modern file managers are capable of working with archives, including archiving and unzipping, from ES Explorer and Total Commander to AndroZip and ASTRO File Manager.

Their functionality is slightly less in comparison with specialized applications (support for archives of only the most popular formats), however, it is quite suitable for simple data viewing or compression to reduce their size.

Working with executable files

To work with executable files such as.exe and.jar on a smartphone, an emulator is required. respectively, of the Windows system and the Java software platform.

For the first option, you can use the following applications:

  • BOCHS;
  • Limbo;
  • QEMU.

The principle of operation of applications is almost the same. it will take no more than a few minutes to find and install them on a smartphone, but to work you will have to download and install a Windows emulator.

The preferred option is the seventh version of the system, which provides the launch of any exe executable file.

Jar files that are used not only in Windows, but also on mobile platforms such as Symbian, run even easier.

If they are archives, you will need an archiver for Android to run.

To run java applications, you can use an application such as Java J2ME Runner.

Installing a virtual JRE will help make it easier to use.jar files, but you will need root privileges to do this.

open, file, android

The Android Package (.APK) file type is designed specifically for use on smartphones running Android OS, so no additional programs or utilities are required to run them.

You just need to open the file manager and run the.APK file, after which the standard system installer will provide the installation in automatic mode.

Another way to work with.APK is to use an application manager specially designed to make it easier to install files.

Among such programs, it is worth noting SlideME Mobentoo App Installer, which is able to independently find files with a suitable extension both in the device’s memory and on the SD card.

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You can select the application to install from the resulting list of found APKs.

Working and editing pdf on Android

You can work with the format by simply opening files for reading or by editing and saving them.

For normal viewing of information, it is quite enough to use one of the many “readers”, such as Book Reader, Foxit MobilePDF or AnDoc PDF and DjVu Reader.

The same applications can be used to read books and documents in djvu format.

Only pdf files work with EbookDroid, SmartQ Reader and Universal Book Reader.

Some of them allow the user not only to open documents, but also to leave bookmarks, and even annotations to what he read.

If you need to format the file in.pdf format, you should use one of the software packages for working with doc and xls extensions. OfficeSuite Pro.

The application will not only open the desired document, but also allow you to make changes to it and save.

In addition, information from a file can be printed directly from the phone. for this you have to set up printing via Bluetooth, WI-FI or USB.

There are many opportunities to open and even edit a file with any extension on an Android mobile device.

To do this, you will have to download one or several applications, but as a result, you will provide the same functionality for your smartphone as a computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS.

At the same time, having received the main advantage. the mobility of the workplace, which neither a stationary PC nor even a laptop can provide.

Downloading torrents on your smartphone

The.torrent extension is one of the most popular for transmitting information over the Internet.

And in order to run such files on a mobile phone with Android OS, you need to download a special program.

The range of mobile torrenting applications includes almost all options that are available for stationary PCs:

Each of the programs allows you to run multiple torrent downloads at the same time and specify the download folder.

At the same time, µTorrent is easy to use, and Zona makes it easier to find movies, while MediaGet is quick to find not only videos, but any other data from torrent trackers.

Android | No App To Open This File Problem in Android

All this is done using the built-in Google service.

Opening Office files

Difficult to find a user who has never encountered files created in Word and Excel.

To work with them on Android, you can use applications from Microsoft, which has released an analogue of its MS Office for the popular smartphone platform.

The functionality of the package is practically not inferior to the real Word and Excel, but to get the full versions, you will have to subscribe to the paid Office 365 package (from 100 per year).

Mobile MS Office is provided free of charge on smartphones with Windows Phone operating system.

The ability to open files with the extension.doc.docx.xls.xlsx.ppt and.pptx is also available in QuickOffice Connect, Smart Office and Kingsoft Office.

The OfficeSuite application also supports working with Open Office documents.