ICLOUD DRIVE for iOS and MacOS. Questions and Answers

ICLOUD DRIVE service. Apple cloud service for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and MacOS (Mac computers). What it is, how to enable and use? The answer to these and other frequent questions about ICLOUD DRIVE are assembled below.

What is icloud

Apple cloud storage allows you to synchronize media files on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Synchronization is also possible with iCloud devices for Windows OS.

By downloading photos, music or other files, they will become immediately available on other devices. The main requirement is Internet access and battery charge more than 25%

Each user is originally available 5 GB of free space. If necessary, you can expand memory in accordance with the tariff plan.

How to enable and work with iCloud Drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple, Apple is trying to compete with Dropbox and Google Drive, as evidenced by a recent decline in for extra bed in ICloud DRIVE. In this material we will tell you how to start using the new cloud repository from Apple.

In addition to attractive prices, Apple has another couple of trumps in the sleeve. the company has significantly improved work with various types of files, and the transfer of information between different applications was also seriously improved.

Before you start working with a cloud storage, you need to clarify that full-fledged work with ICloud Drive is implemented only for mobile devices with iOS 8 on board and for Mac with installed OS X Yosemite. If you have not installed OS X Yosemite, then applications from your IOS 8 devices will not be able to share data with programs. companions on Mac.

If you have the necessary set of installed operating systems, it is recommended to start with the inclusion of iCloud Drive in OS X Yosemite. To do this, go to the system settings. iCloud, enter an Apple ID and then activate the iCloud Drive (put a tick) to the left of the service icons.

Get acquainted with the list of applications that can store your data in the cloud by clicking the Parameters button. If you wish, you can open or close access to the cloud storage for certain programs.

Then go to the iCloud Drive activation on the iPhone or iPad from iOS 8 on board, for which you start the setup application, select iCloud, and set the ICloud Drive switch to the “On” position.

All, cloudy repository included and ready to use. Below the inclusion slider you can see a list of applications that can store your data and documents in the cloud, you can also open or close access to ICloud Drive.

Just in case, make sure you have a fare with an unlimited Internet connection, otherwise it is better to disable data transmission to 3G, 2G or LTE (cm. Screenshot above).

Now, after activating the ICloud Drive on both devices, the folder of your Mac will appear on your Mac. In the folder, in turn, several more folders will be placed that contain files of various types.

Some folders are closed for unsupported files. so, in the Pages directory you can only place the files created in the Pages application, and only files supported by the player can be placed in the QuickTime Player folder. However, you can create your own folders and copy them any files at your discretion.

Working with iCloud Drive on iOS devices is somewhat different, due to the lack of file manager like Finder on Mac. Access to the cloud is carried out from each application separately (naturally, if these programs are previously available in the settings).

Now that everything is configured, all changes made on one device will be reflected on the other.

How to configure iCloud on iPhone and iPad

When you buy a new iPhone or customize the old from scratch after reset, you are invited to log in using Apple ID account. It automatically configures and icloud.

If you did not configure iCloud during device setup, it can be done at any time.

  • Open the settings and at the very top you will see the “Login of Byphone” option. Select it and log in using your apple ID. If your name is displayed at the top, then you are already authorized. You can go to configure iCloud.
  • Select the “icloud” section.
  • There are different options here. Enable you and disconnect unnecessary to your discretion.
  • When you enable the “icloudDrive” option, third-party applications will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can choose yourself, which applications will have access to iCloud Drive.

That’s all. You have just successfully configured iCloud on your iPhone. Now all the items you have enabled synchronization will be available on all your devices. Changes will also apply on all devices with one apple ID.

Disable ICloud Drive

There is another pretty new for us with the function of the ICloud Drive, which quietly appeared in the next update iOS. So iCloud Drive allows you to store and synchronize the application data from the cloud almost all that are installed on your iPhone.

So it turns out that all your correspondence in Viber or WhatsApp with attachments, video and porn pictures fly straight into a virtual storage. Again the question. and you need it? Disconnect!

On your iOS device go to the settings. Apple ID. ICloud, scroll the page below and turn off or ICLOUD DRIVE completely, or choose which applications should, and which no, store your data in the cloud.

Try. it should help. Well, if it helped. put like a hat (press one of the multi-colored buttons).

View ICLOUD Storage Content

To see the files you want to configure unloading photos and video to the iCloud media, to which you will have access from any device.

To see the photo in iCloud with iPhone, you need to pre-activate the library using simple steps.

All media library will boot into the cloud storage and will be open to view from any device.

Important! When activating in the cloud repository, the “My photo thumbnails” option instead of “photo” is configured automatic loading in the cloud of all future pictures, the content will be stored on the server 30 days

Google Drive

Yes, yes, Google pleases us not only searching for sites on the Internet, but also gives a “halary” place in the cloud. Just register mail to gmail, and 15GB your.

In general, you register Google One account. Get 15 gigabytes for free that are divided between Google Photo, Google Disk and Mail Gmail.

  • 100GB for 139p / month (1390r / year).
  • 200GB for 219p / month (2190р / year).
  • 2TB for 699p / month (6990р / year).
  • 10TB for 6990р / month.
  • 20TB for 13.990p / month.
  • 30TB for 20.990p / month.

Separately, I note that the Google One subscription (paid) replaces a subscription to Google Drive and applies to all services from Google.

Great place to reserve your photos and video.

How to restore remote documents and files from iCloud?

What to do if accidentally deleted files from iCloud? They can be restored!

On the iPhone in the file application, select the option Recently remote to view deleted files. To restore the file, select it and click Restore.

On Mac computers, the files removed from iCloud files can be pulled out from the basket. Can also enter the browser at the address icloud.COM, click on the account settings and select the Restore files command in the Advanced section in the lower left corner.

Here you can restore the files deleted for the last 30 days, including contacts, calendars and bookmarks.

Brief description of the basic services of ICloud


Each user can create for free in the cloud‘s own e-mail view “Name @ icloud.COM “and get quick access to correspondence at any time. Directly on the website icloud.COM service is implemented as a classic mailbox divided into categories (incoming, spam, drafts and T.D.). To activate mail in the cloud, you need to go to Mac or Idevay in the setup menu. icloud and specify the name of the e-mail address, which will be created automatically.


All contacts from the address book devices are automatically copied to iCloud and vice versa. At the same time in the cloud on iCloud.COM has all the ability to edit profiles, which is quite convenient. for example, on the computer it is much easier to attach photos to contacts, rather than do it on a smartphone or tablet.

Calendar, notes, reminders

Naturally, if you have a cloud service, it disappears the need to transfer information from the corresponding applications from one device to another. ICloud automatically synchronizes all the specified events created by the records and other data.

Service Photo on ICloud.COM is almost similar to mobile and desktop applications. This is a full-fledged media library for storing photos and video recordings, divided into albums or moments (depending on the display mode). From here you can easily delete, move or send snapshots by email.

IWork in ICloud (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

The recently appeared section of the ICloud containing the names of the browser applications Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Thanks to this, users can create, edit and send spreadsheets, text documents or presentations from any device.

IWork is a free web analogue of Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel).

Find iPhone and find friends

In the case of a disappearance of a mobile device, it is easier to detect it using the application to find the iPhone posted on the iCloud website.COM, this is enough to enter an Apple ID and password identifier. Here you can completely erase the device, reproduce the sound on it or turn the disappearance mode (see. Screenshots above).

Web app Find Friends Allows you to get information about the location of friends on the map.

Applications Find the iPhone and find friends by default preset in the latest version of iOS.

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ICLOUD DRIVE and backups in iCloud

The service is a full-fledged cloud storage (Analog Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disc, cloud and t.D.) which may contain any data. The volume of disk space is determined by the tariff plan, the following are currently relevant: 5 GB. free, 50 GB. 59 / month, 200 GB. 149 / month, 1 TB. 599 / month.

Bunch of keys

Service Big Tower in iCloud allows you to automatically save on all user devices bookmarks, view history, logins and passwords from the Safari browser.

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How to activate and work with a key bundle on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac we told in this article.