Where are the drivers on Windows
installed devices

After the device driver is installed on the computer, its files are copied to the system drive. At the same time, the name and number of the mentioned files, as well as their location on the disk, depend on the specific driver. Typically, the operating system “scatters” them in different folders located in the directories “Windows” and “Program Files”.

In some cases, it is necessary to find out where these files are stored and what they are called. For example, when the driver files need to be removed or used to install a device on another computer.

The information presented on this page is also available in the format

You can get a list of driver files for a specific device installed on your computer through the device manager.

in the dispatcher, in the list of equipment, find the device of interest, right-click on it and select the “Properties” item in the context menu that appears;

open, video, computer

in the window that opens, go to the “Driver” tab, where click the “Details” button;

another window will open, in which the necessary information will be displayed (list of driver files).

Important. If you plan to use the driver files to install the device on another computer, in addition to the files themselves obtained by the above method, you will also need installation readme. You can find it in the C: \ Windows \ inf folder.

By default, the specified folder is hidden. To see it, you must enable the display of hidden files and folders on your computer. How to do it see here.

The installation info file has the extension.inf. Its name can be determined in the following way:

find the desired device in the list of equipment, right-click on it and select “Properties” in the menu that appears.

in the window that opens, go to the “Details” tab. In the drop-down list located there, select the “INF name” item. After that, the file name will be displayed in the “Value” field.

However, a more reliable and simpler way to transfer a driver to another computer is to use special programs. Driver Genius is a good option.

The program will automatically copy the drivers installed on the computer (all or selectively) to the location selected by the user. You need to download, install and run Driver Genius (see the link above), in its window, click on the item “Driver Backup” and then answer the questions of the program until the end of the copying process.

Brief information for the inexperienced about what a device driver is, why you need it and how to check its presence or absence in the computer operating system.

One of the frequent problems that users face in the process of configuring computer devices is the inability to install drivers for some of them.

There can be many reasons why this happens. The publication discusses the most common cases, as well as ways to eliminate them.

The article provides information on how to solve problems that arise when the driver of a certain device (video card, sound card, modem, network adapter, etc.) is absent on the computer.

As you probably already know, the driver. this is special software required for the correct handling of the computer operating system with a device (network card, sound card, webcam, video card, etc.).

Computer device manufacturers periodically release new drivers for their products, offering them for free download on their websites. But if the device driver is already installed on the computer and there are no problems in its operation, there is no particular point in changing it to a newer one.

However, this does not apply to the video card. The new driver is able to significantly increase its performance in computer games and other applications (in some cases up to 20%).

Almost all drivers created for various devices have a so-called digital signature. It confirms that the driver was created by a trustworthy developer, which guarantees that it is free from viruses, spyware and other malicious add-ons.

By default, the computer checks the digital signature before installing the driver and only then uses it. This provides a higher level of security.

But sometimes it is advisable to disable driver signature verification.

How to Play 4k HD Videos on VLC in PC without Lag | Fix VLC 1080p lag & Stuttering

For example, if the developer has discontinued support for a device and there is no “official” driver for new versions of Windows for it. And the driver that we managed to find does not have a signature and the computer “refuses” to install it. The risk of negative consequences, of course, increases, but if there is no other option and you are ready to take the risk, then why not try it? Well, do not throw away a working device just because there is no “signed” driver!

There are several ways to disable verification.

In the process of setting up your computer, you may need to completely remove a specific driver. This may be necessary in case of replacing a video card or some other computer device with a new one, installing a new driver instead of the “problematic” old one, and in other similar situations.

For example, NVidia, one of the main developers of video cards, recommends completely removing the previous ones from the computer before installing new drivers for its devices.

The article discusses ways to remove both device drivers present in the computer and devices that were once connected to the computer, but are no longer in use (unused drivers).



Open the program and add a video file, you can just drag it to the main window. Next, set the slider to the beginning of the cut point and set point A, then move the slider to the end, and set point B. Below you can more accurately set the time in seconds. the beginning and end of the cut piece.

Select the output format, if desired, open the settings and set them to your liking. Next, click on the save icon at the top right and specify the desired location in the explorer.


Click on the desired video file with the right mouse button, hover over the “Open with” item and then open “Photos”.

If there is no such item, then click on “Choose another application” and open the program we need from there.

In the main window, click on the “Edit and Create” section of the menu and then on “Trim”. If the item is not clicked, just run the program again, this sometimes happens.

Select the desired part with the sliders that you want to cut and click on the save button in the upper right part. Then just specify a convenient folder for the finished file.

How to trim a video on a computer: detailed instructions

There are a variety of ways you can trim videos on a Windows 10, 7, or 8 computer. For these purposes, there are a number of high-quality and effective solutions.

So, after reading this material, you yourself can effortlessly shorten the duration of any video that you have on your computer or laptop.

In the last article, we devoted to what spam is, there we examined in detail the definition of this term, and when it appeared at all. Today we will analyze in no less detail the methods of how to trim a video on a Windows 10 computer and laptop, cut a piece out of it. in as much detail as possible and with explanatory pictures.

How to trim video on PC. programs


Run the program and add a video file to it, you can also simply drag it to the main window using the mouse.

Select the desired piece with the sliders, if you wish, you can use other Shotcut tools, she really has a lot of them. To save a video file, click on the export button in the top panel.

If desired, select a format in the left column, you can also open advanced settings. Next, click on the export button and select the folder to save in the explorer.

Important! Another, the best software that allows you to do this as simply and efficiently as possible, we examined in the material. video cropping programs.

Cinema and TV

Right-click on the video file, hover over the “Open with” item and then open “Movies and TV”.

If there is no such item, then click on “Choose another application” and open the program we need from there.

In the program window, click on the pencil icon in the lower right part and then on the “Crop” item.

Use the sliders below to measure which piece you want to cut and click on the “Save As” button. Specify a folder on your PC to save.

How to crop video on computer. on the internet

In some cases, it is faster to use a special site and not install additional software on your computer or laptop, consider two such resources.

How to crop video without software on Windows 10

In Windows 10, video cropping can be done built-in, namely through two applications: Movies and TV and Photos. Through them, the same tool is launched, which allows you to trim videos.

  • The tool is already built into the system, no need to install third-party software
  • Is free
  • Support for formats: MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV and others, on which the codecs are installed
  • There is no way to remove pieces, you can only cut one and save it
  • In some cases, the picture quality may change slightly
  • Can open large files for a long time
  • Saves in only two formats: WMV and MP4

Summing up, we would like to note the following. The list of players capable of running MOV clips is not limited to the two described above: most modern multimedia players can run such files.

Also, for convenience, you can convert MOV files to the more popular and widespread MP4 format, which is supported by almost all systems and devices with multimedia capabilities.

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Description of the MOV extension and a list of programs for watching videos in this format

MOV is a common video file extension. Standard players can easily digest the earlier versions of the format than open the later ones. we will tell you below. On Windows there are about 10 video players for this, and for Linux only 1. The situation is similar with Android.

Program: Media Player Classic

Finally, let’s take a look at perhaps the best program for playing video and audio. Media Player Classic. She deservedly received such a high assessment, because when trying to list the shortcomings, few people will be able to find them, but the advantages are visible immediately:

  • The program is translated into Russian.
  • Distributed under a free license.
  • It has a huge list of functions and settings with which you can increase the comfort when watching movies or listening to music.
  • Its interface is not overloaded with unnecessary things, so the user will immediately figure it out.

Format Description

Apple has developed this extension for its player. QuickTime. The purpose of this format is editing, publishing and playing multimedia files. MOV stores footage, graphics, animation, and 3D content. Like most video files, it contains tracks of various information. Videos are sometimes accompanied by music, text, or multimedia effects. Each of the elements is a separate data track.

As mentioned above, MOV is an editable format. But to change the footage, you need video editors. Sony Vegas, Abobe Premier Pro and others. These files do not always contain all types of the described data at once, it can be one thing or a combination of components. For example, a file can contain only text information. this is how subtitles are created.

View MOV on Android

For android, the standard video format is mp4. To view the MOV, you will need to download the additional J2 Interactive MX Player app.

Another way for Android is to use Google Drive. If the video is uploaded to disk, you can watch it from your phone.

Program: VLC Media Player

Almost every user knows VLC Media Player. This is the most powerful program for working with audio and video. Without ranting for a long time, let’s go directly to the distinctive features:

  • Russian language support.
  • Free License.
  • It is possible to open videos from the Internet without downloading them to your computer.
  • Flexible settings.
  • There is a huge list of auxiliary functions.

These were the advantages, the disadvantages include only a slightly complicated menu, but this is due to the huge number of settings.

Now you know how to open the MOV file extension, there are at least four programs for that. All of the above players do an excellent job with the task, so which one to use is up to you.

The MOV extension refers to videos. Today we want to tell you which player is best for launching such files.

What is MOV

Before opening MOV, you should familiarize yourself directly with the extension of this file itself. It appeared in the early nineties, and was developed by the world famous company Apple to work in a standard player on MacOS. Of the features of this extension, one can single out the fact that the format allows you to import and edit files without preliminary and re-encoding.

How to open MOV

QuickTime is the parent program for which the MOV format was created. On Macintosh computers, QuickTime is preinstalled. To play a video, you need to either double-click on it, or click “File” in the program, then “Open” and specify the location. Another way is to drag and drop the video file into the program.

How to edit video

VideoMASTER program. it is a versatile video converter to any format as well. a convenient tool for editing video fragments. The product allows you to solve practical problems that often arise before users.

Probably, many of you in practice often faced the need to crop a video or improve the quality of a video image. However, we do not always have the opportunity to purchase expensive video editors for these purposes. The VideoMASTER program will help us to solve such problems! You can learn how to properly edit a video by watching our video tutorial:

So, in order to edit a video, you need to follow a few simple steps. You can get acquainted with them below.

Installing VideoMASTER converter

Before starting work, we must download the VideoMASTER video converter and install it on our computer. The distribution kit of the program is small (56 MB), and the download procedure will not take much of your time. After the download finishes, run the VideoMASTER.exe file to install the program. For more convenient and comfortable work, create a shortcut to the program on the desktop so that you always have easy access to the program. Then start VideoMASTER by double-clicking on its icon with the left mouse button.

Editing video

We now come to the most important part of our work. How to edit video using VideoMASTER? It all depends on your goals. The product opens up the following opportunities for users:

1. Improving video image quality. Unfortunately, not all video files are of the proper quality for viewing or posting on the site. In order to make viewing them comfortable, you can improve the quality of the video using the VideoMASTER editor.

To do this, open the video editing module (buttons above the video player) and select the Improvements section. By changing the position of the sliders on the left side panel, you can adjust the settings for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, as well as make complex video image enhancements. After configuring the enhancements, press the Apply button.

Improve quality: change brightness, contrast and other parameters

2. Cropping video. This operation is performed in cases when it is necessary to select or, on the contrary, crop a certain part of the frame, as well as resize the video. In the video editing module, select the Cropping section. Use the mouse to select the part of the image that you want to crop. In addition, you can set the position of the cropped area using the corresponding options on the left toolbar. When you’re done cropping, click Apply.

If necessary, cut off the excess and change the size of the plan

3. Adding labels and images. With the help of VideoMASTER you can add subtitles, original titles and even graphic images to your video. To do this, in the editing module, open the Text tab.

To the left of the player you will see two buttons Add Text and Add Image, using which you can add captions and pictures to your video. Then click Apply.

Add captions and images over video

4. Effects. The VideoMASTER editor is equipped with a rich collection of special filters for video processing, using which you can effectively transform any movie or clip. In the editor, open the Effects tab and select the filter you want. In the player, you can preview one or another effect, as well as select the most original combinations of filters. After selecting these or those effects, click the Apply button.

The program contains the most popular video effects. Here you will find filters to age footage, darken and lighten footage, add color noise, or create a spray effect. You can also easily turn the footage into a negative, engraving, or apply an interesting Avatar effect to it. Use filters individually or activate multiple filters at once to create a truly unique effect.

Change footage completely with effects

Add video clips to the program

To upload a video, click the Add button on the left sidebar. The product allows you to upload both individual files and entire folders. After adding videos, check the boxes for the videos you want to edit.

Setting conversion settings

When performing manipulations with the video (cropping, applying effects, etc.), the video will be converted. Therefore, you need to set all the necessary settings for the recorded file in advance. In particular, it is necessary to select the video format, and, if necessary, write detailed settings for the converted video. To do this, open the Convert for menu section and select the file format, specific device or site for which the video is being recorded.

The product contains more than 320 ready-made video presets, and you will not have to think about which conversion settings to choose in any case. detailed settings can be adjusted in the Parameters section. For example, you can change the codec type, size and frame rate, bit rate, etc.

Set the format in which the files will be saved

Convert video

After you have edited the video file, you need to convert it. To do this, click the convert button, which is located in the lower right corner of the program. Conversion speed depends on the size of the video clip and on the selected encoding settings. After the end of the process, the program will prompt you to open the folder with the video or immediately launch the converted video file.

Full HD is not going: who is to blame and what to do?

If your computer frankly “slows down” when watching video in one of the high definition standards, do not rush to give it up. First of all, it is worth finding out why your configuration does not cope with the task at hand. It is clear that if the motherboard uses a single-core processor with a frequency below 3 GHz, and the monitor is connected to the integrated video card, then such a dinosaur should be taken to the paleontological museum. However, say, dual-core processors with a five-year-old video card may well overpower the playback of HD movies.

There are two main reasons why a computer might not have enough resources to “digest” a large amount of data. First, you should monitor the CPU utilization. If during video playback the load is 60-70 percent, then the reason is not in it. The next “suspect” is RAM. If you think that 4GB of RAM is a lot, then you are stuck in yesterday. Next is the video card. If the memory size is 512 MB or more, the chances of watching high quality videos increase. It should be noted that the above “requirements” are very conditional. There are often cases when it was possible to achieve normal video playback with high resolution on weaker PCs.

Still, the ability to process video streams with the power of the video adapter is very important. Hardware support for video decoding through DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) has been around for a long time. For example, NVIDIA’s hardware-based PureVideo feature that enables DXVA is supported starting with GeForce 6-series GPUs. AMD implements a similar opportunity with the help of the Unified Video Decoder module, which was originally created by the efforts of ATI Technologies. It was first used in 2007 in the Radeon HD 2400 models and allowed hardware processing of video compressed with H.264 and VC-1 video codecs. Later, full support for MPEG-2 was added, which was originally processed only through shaders.

A good way to determine the potential of your graphics card is with a small free utility called DXVA Checker. This program makes it possible to identify support for DXVA, that is, it allows you to find out if the video card can handle the video stream in hardware. The DXVA Checker report clearly shows what resolution the video accelerator is optimized for.

You checked all the above points and came to the conclusion that the computer is quite capable of combat, but the video is played with big problems. you can see delays, jerks and out-of-sync between audio and video. In this case, the problem is not with the PC configuration, but with the software. For some reason, the player used and the installed codecs do not fully utilize the available resources. What to do?

First of all, remove all already installed codecs and carry out preventive cleaning of the system registry from possible residual entries. Further, no matter how trite it sounds, update the driver for your video card or simply reinstall it. Then install a fresh codec pack like K-Lite Codec Pack.

Many players allow you to use auto deinterlacing mode. It compensates for the comb effect that occurs when viewing interlaced video. If you are watching a 1080i picture, then the player can automatically start post-processing the image, smoothing out sharp jagged artifacts. On a PC with sufficient resources this will only improve the image, but on a weak configuration it can cause frame drops and other troubles. Therefore, if you want to get the best performance, turn off the deinterlacing option in the player.

Disable deinterlacing in the popular VLC player

Finally, and most importantly, choose the player that works best for your configuration.

MPC-HC 1.7.1

The free MPC-HC player (aka Media Player Classic. Home Cinema) is the first player we recommend testing HD video playback on. Many problems when playing high-resolution movies arise due to incorrect operation of the player and the codec installed in the system. Unlike many other audio and video players, MPC-HC employs an integrated set of media codecs.

It has a huge number of settings, supports hardware decoding of many formats, including H.264, works correctly with multiple monitors, is very fast. and you don’t have to pay for it. During playback, the player can display statistics, so that the assessment of the smoothness of video playback will not be subjective

The performance of the MPC-HC largely depends on which renderer is involved. To go to the list of these modules, select “View → Settings” in the program menu, and then go to the section “Playback → Output”. First, use the Enchanced Video Renderer (EVR) option. If it causes brakes, try turning on an alternative option like Overlay Mixer Renderer or Video Mixer Renderer 9.

If your PC plays any Blu-ray images with confidence, don’t rush to think that this is the limit. What do you think about the next generation of definition. Ultra HD? This format of the future is about to come to us, the first TVs and camcorders are already on sale. Ultra HD includes two standards: 4K UHDTV (2160p) and 8K UHDTV (4320p).

The Media Player Classic Home Cinema already officially supports 4K video playback, so you can enjoy a picture with a resolution of 4096×3072 pixels.

If, of course, your video system allows it. By the way, if you have such an opportunity, then you can appreciate the advantage of the ultra-high definition standard right now. you can find many videos in Ultra HD quality on YouTube.

Corel WinDVD Pro 11

Why this particular player? First, it is versatile. This player plays any disc, any content. Blu-ray 3D in high definition 1080p, AVCHD, DVD, as well as all the latest video formats. The program supports three-dimensional video with NVIDIA 3D Vision shutter glasses and XpanD polarizing glasses, and in the boxed version the user will also find a free pair of anaglyph glasses. a trifle, but nice.

Watching the video on Corel WinDVD Pro 11 (a fully functional trial version is available for the program), you can see that the picture on this player is very “live”. The fact is that the program uses a special algorithm for increasing the frame rate, thanks to which the dynamics of scenes is perceived more naturally: while on ordinary players in dynamic scenes, clarity is lost and blurring occurs, the motion blur compensator built into Corel WinDVD Pro 11 increases FPS and interpolates intermediate frames.

The player also has functions for sharpening and adjusting saturation. And of course, the player makes the most of the capabilities of GPUs. NVIDIA, Intel and AMD.

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater 6

This program is not just a disc player. It is a multimedia shell with a file manager capable of performing various functions. The program interface is optimized for touch displays, in addition, the player is convenient to use with remote controls.

The proprietary engine of the player is able to increase the resolution of the original video on the fly. in some cases this creates a feeling of a clearer picture.

It is also worth noting the great possibilities of playing 3D movies. Blu-ray 3D, AVCHD 3D, 3D DVD and so on. The image can be played as a vertical or horizontal stereopair, as well as visualized as an anaglyph picture. With the help of proprietary technology ArcSoft Sim3D, the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater player makes it possible to convert ordinary 2D recordings into a three-dimensional image in real time. Essentially a useless option, but maybe someone will be interested. The program even has parental control options, with which you can restrict access to films of a certain category.

With ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater, you can remove “noise” from the picture, compensate for frame shake and apply dynamic lighting effect.

If you use the player on a laptop, it will optimize its performance by controlling the charge level. By default, the player disables all visual effects of the Windows interface to improve playback performance.

Splayer 3.7

Many of the players that can play Full HD videos have an incredible number of options and a sophisticated interface. This often leads to a decrease in the speed of the players themselves. Against their background, the Splayer looks like a motor boat next to a multi-deck motor ship. It has every chance of becoming the fastest player on your PC.

It has a clear division of performance modes. If the configuration of the computer is sufficient, the “Quality mode” is used. It includes support for shaders that can visibly enhance the picture, such as deinterlacing, adjusting brightness, or balancing colors.

If the player cannot cope with high resolution in this mode and the video is jerky, you must enable the “GPU hardware acceleration” option. If this does not help, you need to enable the “Productive mode”. In this case, any secondary image processing will be disabled, and the quality will suffer. in the name of speed.

How to watch HD movies on an old computer

It has been quite a while since the introduction of Blu-ray discs, however, they never became mainstream. At the same time, the high-definition format is very interesting. even the films that have already been watched take on new colors. But due to the large amount of data, storing a video library of Blu-ray images on HDDs and even more so on SSDs is still a luxury. In addition, not every mobile PC, be it a tablet or laptop, boasts a matrix with a resolution sufficient for viewing Full HD. Most likely, these restrictions are temporary. Video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels becomes interesting to anyone who updates an old monitor or purchases an advanced laptop. Yes, and for one of the most beloved film, it is not at all a pity to allocate fifty to one hundred gigabytes.

And if it still slows down?

If so, then the time has come to radically reconsider the approach to the problem. it seems that you cannot do without an upgrade. But before you tighten your belt, it’s worth making one last attempt to reduce the strain on your computer when playing high-definition video. If you have tried to run original content from Blu-ray, which is tens of gigabytes in size, but have seen slideshows instead of videos, try searching the Web for “light” versions of these discs. compressed versions or, more simply, rips. Well-done rips are practically not inferior to the source in terms of image quality, but at the same time they have a lower bit rate, due to which processing and displaying the image on the monitor screen is noticeably simplified.

It also makes sense to try running a remixed container. the remixed version of the video. BD-remux movie images can take up much less space. compared to original Blu-ray content. and can be processed faster by the computer. The gain in volume is obtained due to the removed “garbage” in the form of advertising and additional materials, unnecessary audio tracks and other things.

If all of the above does not help, and there is still not enough money for a new computer, you can think about purchasing a stationary multimedia player. Some of them will not only delight you with smooth and fast playback of weighty Blu-ray images, but also allow you to enjoy many other functions. from surfing the Internet to gaming. But this is a topic for a separate article.

Media Player Classic

Another multimedia player, which, like the VLC discussed above, has by no means a modern, long outdated interface, but is endowed with a fairly extensive stock of functionality required by the average PC user. Unlike the previous solution, it does not contain the necessary codecs, but is, in fact, part of a package of those, due to which it copes with the reproduction of the absolute majority of known audio and video formats.

This player also works on old, low-performance computers with an outdated OS, however, in this case, you should not count on support for 4K, H.264 and H.265. In the rest, there will be no problems with this (provided that the hardware allows it). Like all similar programs, MPC allows you to fine-tune playback parameters (frame display, color, sound), supports various audio tracks and subtitle files, and you can control it not only with a mouse, but also using hot keys.

Cinema and TV

The preinstalled video player in Windows 10, although not very popular among users, nevertheless easily copes with the playback of current formats, including 4K Ultra HD. However, to play files of a certain type, you may need to install additional codecs. In rare cases, certain errors may occur, but they are easy to fix. We previously wrote about the most common in a separate article.

VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is well known to many users and is especially in demand among experienced users, as it provides almost limitless customization and customization possibilities. In its original composition, it contains all the necessary codecs for playing popular and rare file extensions, thanks to which it copes well with wide-format video. True, on not the most productive computers, especially with an outdated graphics adapter, artifacts may appear that cannot be eliminated.

In addition to local video files, VLC allows you to play streaming video, IPTV, radio, plays content from external drives, supports playlists, and can also be used as an omnivorous audio player. There is the ability to record video and create screenshots, a multimedia converter is integrated into the structure, there is a large set of effects and filters. The installation of plugins is supported, thanks to which you can expand the already rich functionality. The disadvantages include the difficulty in mastering for beginners and an outdated interface, although it is easy to change it due to interchangeable design themes.


This player is in many ways similar to the PotPlayer discussed above, and this applies to both the interface and functionality, and at the same time, almost ultimatum support for multimedia formats. KMPlayer easily handles 4K, can play different types of 3D, as well as convert normal 2D to it. Provides fairly wide possibilities for adjusting the playback quality and other parameters of audio and video, allows you to apply built-in effects and filters to the content, change the picture scale and playback speed. Contains tools for screen capture, with which you can not only take screenshots, but also record video.

Like VLC Media Player, it supports the installation of plugins, albeit in a somewhat limited form, since this feature is implemented here exclusively at the level of API emulation of the once popular WinAmp player. KMPlayer provides the ability to work with different files of subtitles and audio tracks, allows you to create and manage bookmarks, and can also display detailed information about the video file. It has only one objective drawback. when nothing is played, an advertisement is displayed in the main window.

Daum PotPlayer

According to the developers, this player provides maximum performance with minimum resource consumption. Like VLC Media Player, it is installed on a computer along with the necessary filters and codecs for playing multimedia, which can be further controlled. At the same time, it is devoid of the flaws characteristic of the older competitor. artifacts and blurring of the picture on weak PCs. In addition to common audio and video formats, including 4K, PotPlayer supports different types of 3D, and with it the glasses required to view such content. Works with both local files and streaming media, online broadcasts. It is possible to take screenshots of a video recording of the screen, and to return to viewing a particular scene / fragment, you can add a bookmark.

The interface of this player is much more attractive and modern than that of the two previous solutions, plus everything, it can be changed due to third-party skins actively created by enthusiasts. The playback quality lends itself to detailed adjustment. this applies to images, audio and subtitles. For each open file, you can get detailed information. Additionally, there is a possibility of changing the speed, setting the actions that will be performed after the end of the playback is available. There is only one drawback of this program, and not the most critical. some menu items are not translated into Russian.

CyberLink PowerDVD

The player, originally tailored for working with DVD, actually copes with Blu-Ray, can convert 2D to 3D, supports data streaming and solves the problem of interest to us. reproduces 4K. For the latter, as is the case with PotPlayer and KMPlayer, the installation of codecs may be required. As in the solutions discussed above, this one has the ability to customize video, audio and subtitles in detail, there is a set of effects and filters that can improve the overall quality of the content being played. In addition, there are tools for creating screenshots and adding bookmarks typical for most modern players.

CyberLink PowerDVD has a rather attractive interface, one of the key features of which is a single media library with video, audio files and photos. Conveniently implemented folder navigation on the computer and drives connected to it, control of hot keys is supported (you can assign your own combinations). The advantages that distinguish this player against the background of competitive solutions include remote control and TV mode, which allows you to stream video from PC to TV, as well as CyberLink Cloud, a cloud storage in which you can store not only your own media files, but also data about at a construction site.

There is one drawback, but for many it is critical. paid distribution (a trial version is provided), and without creating an account and confirming it, the player, in principle, cannot be used.

Players for watching 4K video on a computer

A little history of the 3GP format

Probably everyone remembers the times when it was possible to watch films only at home and only on a VCR or cable. With the development of information technology, everything has changed: now you can watch films anywhere and anytime. In this regard, a whole variety of different video formats were born, which have their own characteristics and their own field of application.

With the advent of color mobile phones with sufficient memory for video recording and playback, the 3gp and mp4 formats have found widespread use. From English, 3gp stands for 3rd generation phone and translates as “third generation phones”, that is, this specially designed format for playback on portable devices.

As you might guess, this video format has a very modest size in comparison with its counterparts.

In history, there are two types of 3rd generation phone: 3g2. an earlier version, similar in its characteristics and features to the well-known mov, the later, in fact, 3gp itself, is a media container in which video is saved as MPEG-4, and audio as AMR-NB or AAC-LC.

The advantages of this format are, of course, its size within 200MB for full movies and 5MB for videos and clips. And the drawback is obvious. small size and low quality, which is suitable only for viewing on small devices, since if you display a 3gp image on a full screen, you will not take away anything but colored squares.

If you look at the screenshots for this article, they show the highest possible quality video for this format. In general, the parameters of the 3gp video format range: size from 176×144 pixels to 352×288 pixels, 15 frames per second, video stream. 60-320Kbps, audio stream. 10-128Kbps, mono sound.

3GP format, how to play 3GP video

Video format 3GP. WindowsPlayer video player plays all formats including 3GP video file format

How to Play 3GP Video in WindowsPlayer

I will now tell you how to open files of this format on a computer using Windows Player as an example. Open Windows Player, click on the icon in the upper left corner and there “open file”.
Select the place where the video is and open it. it will look something like this. And, in fact, we enjoy watching.

What is 3GP format

Not many people know about the 3GP format. Now I will tell you a little about him. This format is used to play videos, most commonly on mobile phones. Its peculiarity lies in the size of the files being played. it is much smaller than, for example, avi.

Minus 3GP. quality, but ideal for playing on mobile phones. All modern mobile phones that can transmit MMS support the Internet, in general, new generation phones support files of this format. Little is known about him on Russian-language sites.

If this information is not enough for you and you are fluent in English, then you can safely search for information on English-language sites, but I think that everything you need to use is indicated here and you do not need to go somewhere and look for information.

Any programmer can make their own changes to this format, because 3gp is open source. 3gp saves video data as MPEG-4 or H.263, and audio tracks are stored in AMR-NB or AAC-LC formats.

How to quickly open 3GP in WindowsPlayer

But you can open the file in a different way. Click on the desired video file with the right mouse button, “open with” and select the player. It looks like this:

I am attaching a few more screenshots so that you can see how it looks:

I recommend watching videos in 3gp format on your phone, but if the space on your computer is important to you and you are not so picky about the quality of the video you are watching, you can, of course, actively use it on your PC.

So, how to open 3gp on a computer?

If you still decide to play 3gp on your computer, then there are a number of players with which you can do this. These include: WindowsPlayer, The KMPlayer, Pot Player, QuickTime and others.

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Take the 3gp WindowsPlayer for example. How to open a 3gp file in this program? It’s very simple! Either open the file by double-clicking on its icon, or you can open WindowsPlayer and then simply drag the file to the player’s workspace.

It all depends only on you. Enjoy watching!