How to quickly open two windows of one application on iPad in iPadOS

You probably already know about the ability in iPadOS to use multiple windows for one application. Surely you have already realized that creating a new window is not so easy. You will need to open the application, move the Dock up from the bottom of the screen, touch the application icon again, and then click on the small “” icon in the upper right corner. But did you know that iPadOS has an easier way to open two windows of the same application??

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You can simply drag the item you want to the edge of the screen and leave it there for later opening in a new Split View window. Let’s see how it will look.

What can be dragged to a new window on iPad

First, let’s take a look at an incomplete list of what you can drag and drop to a new window in iPadOS:

  • Files;
  • Folders;
  • Links;
  • Locations;
  • E-mail addresses;
  • PDF.

These are just a few general examples, but there are others. In fact, almost any element can be dragged into a new window. All you have to do is tap and briefly hold a file, link, image, etc., and then drag. An object will appear that can be moved in some direction. But on the way it can be “dropped” in the right place. For example, this will allow you to add a URL to the Notes application. This operation became available starting with iOS 11.

How to quickly open two windows of the same app on iPad in iPadOS

If you drag an object to the edge of the screen, the split screen / multitasking animation starts. The application window that opens will depend on the type of element being dragged. For example, you can read and without leaving the site by dragging a link to the edge of the screen, opening another article in Safari.

The dragged email address will open the Mail window, and so on. Dragging and dropping a PDF attachment from an email, however, can open a window for a readable PDF application.

And in the same way, when dragging an application window into multitasking mode, you can choose how to delete the new window: either in split view or in slide mode. This is how it might look in action. First, the letter is dragged from the mailbox to open in a new Split View window.

Then drag the PDF (PHP) attachment from that email to another new window that will open the Documents app.

Overall, this feature works almost perfectly. Apple has provided users with a fantastic way to open windows. It can be called the best without a doubt as it is very fast and intuitive. Be sure to try!

Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

Done, you are now ready to work in split screen mode with two apps. For example, you can open YouTube with some podcast and at the same time be reading an interesting news or article in your browser.

How to Reconfigure Split Screen Mode on iPad and iPhone

One large app is open on your iPad, taking up most of the screen, and another is on the side. If you are not satisfied with this arrangement, you can change it in several ways.

  • Hide and bring back the popup tab. If you want to hide the second application, you just need to touch the gray bar at the top of it and drag it to any side of the screen, this will cause the application to disappear. To bring it back, you need to easily swipe it from the side where you rolled it, and it will reappear.
  • Open “true” split screen mode. The second tab is now positioned in front of the first, but you position them next to each other. Press and hold the gray bar at the top of the second tab and drag it down (or up). Both tabs will be blurred, but when you stop holding one of them, they will be positioned side by side and the image will be clear again. Repeat these manipulations, and the second application will hover over the main one again, and you can easily “swipe” it.
  • Align applications. If you want the second app to be larger, you can move the strip between them by half of the mowing line on the screen or more. Apps can only be split 50:50 or 25:75. no other scaling possible.

One of the useful features of iOS 10 on the iPad is the Split View mode, which splits the Safari screen into two active windows in one. Not all users know how to use it. we will teach.

How to open multiple windows of one application

First, launch the application you want to open multiple windows of. We will use Calendar as an example.

1) When the app is open on the screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.

2) Click the icon of the same application in the Dock.

3) On the next screen, click the “” icon in the upper right corner.

4) A new application window will open. In the same way, you can open even more windows of this application. You can switch between windows using Dock or the application switcher.

Running multiple applications at once is very convenient, but running multiple windows of the same application is even better. Now you know how it’s done.

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Split-screen mode is very useful because it allows you to keep two apps open at the same time on your device, whether you want to open both documents on the iPad Pro 11 or two social media accounts running on the iPhone XS. It’s a shame if you don’t know how to start split-screen mode, as iOS doesn’t provide a lot of pointers on this, and you may never take advantage of this useful feature.

To supplement your knowledge, follow this simple guide on how to get split screen mode running on iPhone or iPad. We used iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) for this tutorial, but these steps work for regular iPhone too.

How to open two windows on iPad

iPadOS contains many new features, including the ability to open multiple windows of the same app at once. This is very handy when you need to view multiple maps in the Maps application and similar cases. Below we will show you how to do it.

So how to do it

Note: This feature only works on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 9.7 ″ and iPad Pro 12.9 ″.

Rotate iPad to horizontal position.

Open the Safari browser.

Use one of the following methods:

  • Hold a link for a few seconds. click Open in Split View
  • Press CommandN on the external keyboard (if available)
  • Hold the top tab of the page and drag to the left or right edge of the screen, release
  • Hold the button with open tabs, click Open Split View
  • To return to the normal screen display, click the cross on an open tab, or hold down the open tabs button and click Unite all tabs.

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    How to split screen on iPad?

    • Open the link in Split View: press the link and, without releasing it, move it to the right side of the screen.
    • Open a blank page in Split View: press and hold the icon. then click “Open a new window”.

    What is split view?

    Split View is a convenient way of placing several windows next to each other (up to two for now) with automatic positioning and filling the entire workspace. In OS X 10.11 El Capitan, there are three ways to do this.

    How to open 2 windows at once on iPad?

    Opening two items in Split View on iPad

    • While in the main app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and stop your finger to display the Dock.
    • Tap and hold an app in the Dock, drag to the right or left edge of the screen, and then lift your finger.

    How to open two apps on one screen?

    How to open two applications at the same time on Android earlier versions

    • Launch the app you want to open on half the screen.
    • Hold the multitasking button for a few seconds.
    • The screen will display applications that you can open.

    How to enable Split View function?

    In order to activate Split Screen mode in Android 9.0 Pie, you need to perform four actions: swipe up on the functional on-screen button, select the first application at the top of the screen, press the Split Screen button, and then select the second application to display at the bottom of the screen.

    How to split screen in 2 on iPhone?

    Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

    • Open the second app. To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it.
    • Open the main application. Now open the main application with which you want to split screens.
    • Drag second app.

    How to open 2 windows on iPad?

    Connect iPad to computer via USB

    Now all you have to do is connect your tablet to your computer via USB. If you are asked to “trust” the computer, do so. After a few seconds, your iPad should display an extended version of your desktop.

    As you can see in the screenshot above, the 4: 3 iPad screen sits to the right of the 21: 9 computer screen. The taskbar appears on both, and touch also works. By clicking the Duet Display icon in the taskbar, you can access its settings.

    Here you can adjust the frame rate, resolution and picture quality as you like, for larger iPads a higher resolution may be useful.

    How to Split Screen/Multitask on iPad

    Sidecar. a fantastic free add-on to macOS, but still not as flexible (or open to device mixing) as Duet Display.

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    Opening other documents from the same application

    You can use App Exposé to quickly switch between multiple documents at the same time.

    • In an open Document Manager or an open Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document, swipe up to open the Dock.
    • Tap an app in the Dock to enter App Exposé, which displays all documents open in that app.
    • Click one of the documents to open it. Or click the plus button to open another document or create a new one in Document Manager.

    Long before Apple introduced Sidecar to macOS Catalina, the paid Duet Display app made it possible to use iPad without delay to extend the Mac or PC desktop. While Sidecar has largely made Duet Display unnecessary for Mac and iPad owners, it’s still useful for getting the same functionality from your iPad when paired with a Windows PC.

    Sidecar hasn’t made the Duet Display completely obsolete yet, Sidecar only works with a select combination of Mac and iPad models. In contrast, Duet Display will work with:

    • Mac with macOS 10.9
    • Windows 7 PC
    • iPhone and iPad running iOS10
    • Android devices and Chromebooks running Android 7.1

    Yes, that’s right. If you have an old Android tablet, you can even use it as an extended display for your Mac! The Android version of the app is here.

    The specific combination we’re going to use here. this is a Windows 10 PC and iPad Pro, but the overall process is much the same.

    Using gestures on iPadOS

    Use iPad multitasking gestures to quickly see the app switcher, switch to another app, or return to the home screen:

    • See Application switcher: swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger and hold it in the middle of the screen until the application switcher appears, then swipe left or right with one finger to find and open another app.
    • Switch apps: When using an app, swipe left or right with four or five fingers to switch to a previously used app. On iPad Pro with Face ID, 11-inch iPad Pro, or 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation), swipe the bottom edge of the screen to switch between previously used apps.
    • Return to home screen: When using an app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can also connect five fingers on the screen to return to the home screen.

    Open two documents in Split View

    With Split View, you can work on two documents at the same time from the same application. For example, open two Pages documents at the same time and exchange content between them. drag and drop or copy and paste text, images, tables and more between documents. You can make a split view from the Document Manager in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, or if you already have a document open.

    Multitask on your iPad

    With iPadOS, you can multitask with two apps at the same time, reply to emails while watching videos, switch apps with gestures, and more.

    How to use iPad as a PC monitor with Duet Display app

    • Purchase the Duet Display App
    • Download and Install Duet Display Client for Windows (or Mac)
    • Launch the Duet Display app on iPad
    • Connect iPad to computer via USB

    How to remove split screen?

    Deactivation To remove the dual-window mode, simply move the split screen bar up or down all the way. As you can see, everything is quite simple, but very functional and convenient.

    What is split view?

    Split View is a convenient way of placing several windows next to each other (up to two for now) with automatic positioning and filling the entire workspace. In OS X 10.11 El Capitan, there are three ways to do this.

    How to enable picture-in-picture mode on iPad?

    How to enable picture-in-picture mode on iPad

    • First, start the video that you want to open in the small window of the mode. Touch it.
    • Now click the “picture in picture” button in one of the corners of the video window.

    How to remove dual screen on iPad?

    Press and hold to exit Split View. then click “Merge All Windows” or “Close All Tabs ([number])”. Alternatively, you can click the icon. to close the tabs one at a time. Learn more about Split View and other multitasking features on iPad.

    How to split the screen on a tablet?

    how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 3

    then tap “Settings”. “System UI Tuner” and there we activate the option of splitting the screen with a gesture, after which it will be possible to split the screen by simply swiping up on the multitasking button.

    How to work in two windows on iPad?

    How to enable split screen (two apps at the same time) Split View on iPad?

    • Rotate your tablet to landscape orientation;
    • Open one of the applications in which you intend to work;
    • Bring up the Dock panel.
    • Press and hold in the Dock the icon of the program you will be using on the right side of the display.

    Is it possible to split the screen on iPad?

    Here’s how to use Split View. Open the program. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock. In the Dock, press and hold the second app you want to open, then drag it off the dock to the right or left of the screen.

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