How to upload photos and videos to a free unlimited cloud with iPhone or iPad to make room

Probably, far from all iOS devices are known about the possibility of free unlimited backup and storage of all photos and videos created on iPhone and iPad. All this is possible thanks to the Google photo service.

In addition, in Google the photo has the “release space” function that allows you to painlessly clean the iPhone or iPad storage from the photo and video uploaded to the cloud.

Recall, Google “Photo” allows you to store an unlimited number of photos (up to 16 MP) and a video with a resolution of 1080p (detail).

In order to enable the automatic unloading photo and video in the Google service photo on the iPhone or iPad, you need to install the Google photo application and activate the auto load and synchronization item when setting up the program.

Move Photos to OneDrive on iOS

How to upload and view photos and videos in the iCloud media text using

To view images and videos from iOS devices in the cloud storage, just go from the computer to the official website of the iCloud

At the first stage, you will need to enter data from the Apple ID account, and then open the shortcut “Photo”.

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Launching the “Photo” application will have to wait a bit while the files are prepared. The time of the operation depends on the number of files in the media text.

ICLOD photo.COM is almost similar to such in the mobile application. ICLOUD users.COM can make images loved ones, adding them to favorites. Having deleted any image or video from the iCloud server.COM, users will automatically remove them from all devices and vice versa.

Upload photos to iCloud.COM can be both simple to drag files from the Finder conductor, and by clicking the “Download” button, which is in the upper right corner of the ICLOUD service “Photo”.com next to the user name. Since the service is in the beta testing stage, you can load the image from the computer only in JPEG format. Neither images in PNG format, no video in MOV, you can’t unload.

Well, of course, do not forget about the rigid policy of Apple in terms of the amount of free space provided. only 5 GB. But it is given not only under the media, but also by mail, backups of the device, application backups and other data. Otherwise, you will have to use free cloud storage facilities, or draw up a paid subscription to ICLUD.

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How to upload photos in iCloud from a computer

How to enable the ICLOUD photo library to upload photos in ICLOUD on Mac

When you turn on the ICLOUD Library parameter, your MAC automatically uploads photos in iCloud. If you have a large collection of photos and videos, you can synchronize photos with your MAC on all devices on which you entered the system with the same ICLOUD accounting. Just learn more about the process using the following steps.

Press the Apple menu on your MacBook and select System Settings The ability to open system settings window.

Select iCloud option and find a photo option. Press the available options button next to the “Photography” parameter to configure the parameters.

Check the ICLOUD photo library ability to automatically upload, safe storage and uploading all your photos and videos in iCloud.

How to enable the ICLOUD photo library to upload photos on ICloud on PC

If you are a PC user, you cannot access iCloud directly from the Windows operating system. Just download the iCloud for Windows first. This can be an alternative way to download photos in ICLUD from a browser. You only need to drag the images into the destination folder, and the computer will automatically upload photos to iCloud.

After you installed iCloud for Windows, you can open the program on your PC. After that, you can enter the system using your Apple ID.

Click on available options button next to the photo option. Select the iCloud Photo Library option before pressing the finished button.

Check download new photos and videos from my PC and select a destination folder to enable automatic download.

Just add the photos to the folder that you installed to download new photos and videos from my PC, the files will be uploaded to iCloud account according to the account.

How to save photos on the phone from the cloud

You can send photos to the phone in the following way:

  • In the application open the section “Gallery”.
  • Find photos (1 or more).
  • Each photo in the upper left corner has a small window, on which you need to click to put a checkmark.
  • After all the images are selected, you need to click on 3 vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, click “Save in a gallery” (or “save in a photo album”, on different models of gadgets this item can be called differently).

How the cloud works on iPhone? The principle of action in general words

The principle of operation of the cloud storage is built on the streaming of files to local server storage facilities.

When the iPhone user takes a new photo, writes a video file or works with bookmarks on the gadget, the IOS monitoring system writes and saves the results of new or previously changed files in the internal cache of the device. Connecting to Wi-Fi, you automatically connect with the cloud storage of icloud data. iOS transfers the command to the server about modified or new documents, and they automatically load on the local Apple vault.

The file, at the time of loading from the iPhone to the cloud, is divided into equal parts and distributed according to the storage servers. Each document or photograph has several backup copies that allow you to store information in various places. In case of loss of data on the loaded file or equipment malfunction, the backup will instantly receive information about the previously uploaded media content in the cloud.

When the iPhone user enters the cloud storage and downloads the file he needs, he automatically, through powerful computing equipment, is assembled together and transmitted through protected encryption to the owner of the owner.

Unloading photos from iPhone to iCloud

Using a media text, the user can work with files on all devices from Apple. However, not every person knows how to transfer a photo to iCloud storage.

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  • Choose a place where photos or videos will be stored.
  • Make sure that operating systems on a phone or computer do not require updates.
  • Configure the storage on all devices. If it is Windows OS, then enter it with the same account.
  • On the iPhone you need to go to the settings, and then click on the user, go to ICLOD and activate it in the “Photo” section. In the early versions of the operating system you need to go to the settings/icloud/photo.

Thus, you can throw photos from your smartphone in the storage. If you delete any file, then it will delete from all devices that use iCloud.

You can restore remote photos or videos within a month.

ICLOUD supports all the formats that can be removed by Apple devices. Video and photo are imported in the format in which they were originally created. These include: GIF, PNG, MP4, JPEG and so on.

All files stored in iCloud occupy some place on the device and in the storage itself. If there is enough memory, then you can send as many files you like. Registered, a person receives 5 gigabytes for storing photos and videos for free. If you need to copy more, you can purchase a subscription.

For 1 dollar per month, a person can get 50 gigabytes.

Following the instructions, a person will not ask the question of how to transfer a photo from iPhone to icloud.

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Adding a photo to icloud

In order for the photos to be added to the cloud storage, you first need to select the necessary points in the “settings”. If iOS is updated to the version not lower than 8.1, then icloud can work on such a firmware. So, to activate the cloud, you need:

Now all the photos will automatically be uploaded to the library when connecting to the Wi-Fi network

Upload photos from iCloud to iPhone

Photos on the iPhone can be synchronized in two ways: optimization and storage of originals. Optimization of photographs means that the files are stored in the “blurry” quality, but when the Internet appears, they are loaded again, and only the original is preserved in the cloud. This is done so that the phone remains as much space as possible.

Conversely, storing originals means that the iPhone will save only original photos and videos in good quality. So, how to transfer the photo to the iPhone from iCloud:

  • Save all the necessary photos and videos to the cloud. How to do this is written above.
  • Next, enter the Aiklavada account on another iPhone.
  • Select the “Synchronization” button in “Settings”.
  • Thus, all files are transferred to another phone for a couple of minutes.

Download photos from iCloud to computer

How to upload photos from iCloud to iPhone is already clear, but even easier to upload files to a computer. In order to save everything that is on the cloud storage, no special applications should be downloaded to the computer.

Even if the computer has a Windows 10 operating system, etc., It is not at all difficult to transfer all the information.

Important! Before you upload photos to the computer, make sure they are transferred to the cloud

note! All photos will not work at a time, each of the files must be chosen first before downloading.

The only exception to download all photos is the finding of photos and videos in a separate folder. So you can download the entire folder with all materials.

Possible difficulties in working with icloud

If difficulties arise in the process, it is necessary to perform a number of the following actions:

  • close the tab with the site, then go again and enter your account;
  • You may need a reboot of the computer;
  • check for all points in the settings;
  • If the above actions do not help, it is necessary to contact technical support on the site.

Brief description of the main services icloud


Each user can create for free in the cloud his own e-mail type “ “and get quick access to correspondence at any time. Directly on the site icloud.COM Service is implemented in the form of a classic mailbox, divided into categories (incoming, spam, drafts, etc.D.). To activate mail in the cloud, you must go to Mac or Idevice in the Settings menu-iCloud and specify the name of the E-mail address, which will be created automatically.

How to use iCloud for your photos so they don’t take up space on your iPhone or iPad


All contacts from the address book of the device are automatically copied to iCloud and vice versa. At the same time in the cloud on icloud.COM has all the possibilities of editing profiles, which is quite convenient. for example, on a computer it is much easier to attach photos to contacts than to do it on a smartphone or tablet.

Calendar, notes, reminders

Naturally, if there is a cloud service, there is no need to transfer information from the relevant applications from one device to another. ICLOD automatically synchronizes all the specified events, created records and other data.

Service photo on icloud.COM is almost a similar mobile and desktop applications. This is a full.fledged media for storing photos and videos, divided into albums or moments (depending on the display mode). From here it is easy to remove, move or send pictures by e.mail.

IWORK in ICLOUD (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

The recently appeared ICLUD section containing the same browser analogues of Numbers, Pages and Keynote applications. Thanks to this, users can create, edit and send electric tables, text documents or presentations from any device.

iWork is a free web analogue of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

Find iPhone and find friends

In the case of the loss of a mobile device, it is easiest to find it using the application to find the iPhone posted on the icloud, for this it is enough to enter the Apple ID identifier and password. Here you can completely erase the device, reproduce the sound on it or turn on the loss mode (see. Screenshots above).

The web application to find friends allows you to get information about the location of friends on the map.

Applications find iPhone and find friends by default in the latest versions of iOS.

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ICLOUD DRIVE and backup copies in iCloud

The service is a full.fledged cloud storage (analogue Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, cloud, etc.D.) that can contain any data. The volume of disk space is determined by the tariff plan, the following are currently relevant: 5 GB. free, 50 GB. 59/month, 200 GB. 149/month, 1 TB. 599/month.

Bunch of keys

The ICLOUD Keys Service allows you to automatically save the bookmark on all devices, the history of views, login and passwords from the Safari browser.

We talked about how to activate and work with a bunch of keys on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac in this article.