Choosing cryptocurrency

We will analyze popular and profitable cryptocurrencies for dual mining for 2022.

Basic and additional coins

The main currency for production is recommended to choose one of the above:


Ravencoin (RVN). launched in 2018 fork bitcoin, the extraction of which is possible only with the help of a graphic processor, or GPU.

Cryptocurrency users of interest in higher transactions, compared to bitcoin. Miners. double mining in conjunction with Ethereum, Zilliqa or other currency.

In conjunction Zilrvn, the latter acts as the main currency. Double mining of the couple is possible in the pool, which increases the efficiency of the participant. The only pool with Dual mining support for a ligament is K1.

Figure 2: K1Pool-one of the key venues for dual-mainers in 2021


The simultaneous extraction of Ethereum and Siacoin on GPU is still possible and is in demand. However, the owners of ASIC gradually strengthen their influence in the market.

Ethereum and Zilliqa bunch

The most popular pair of 2022 is Ethzil. This bunch is also promoted by K1 pool. We will pay more attention to her and analyze all the subtleties.

What is Zilliqa? The community is known as the first blockchain that has introduced the technology of cartoon. the organization of the network according to its size. This allows you to solve the issues of scaling. Restrictions on the number of transactions per second were removed, and the hashing speed is tied to the number of nodes in the chain. The ZILLIQA protocol divides the chain between 600 hearts, which allows you to remove the load while maintaining computing power.

A similar solution is also considered in Ethereum. Zilliqa is one of the most promising projects of our time, and some see the replacement of the Ethrium in it.

What is attractive zil mining? Of the 100 minutes of processing blocks with a graphic processor, only 1 is required for the needs of Zilliqa. The remaining 99 minutes can be diverted for Ethereum or other currency.

Those who decided to extract ZIL in K1Pool, the service attracts low commissions. 1%. The minimum payments for users are 0.01 ETH and 50 ZIL. Additionally, the platform offers stack with a rate of 6-10% per annum.

What will be needed? GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA, as well as one of the programs, will be required:

How to minute? Consider the example of K1, although the steps for Nanominer and other pools with dual-maining are similar.

First, we will deal with the mining of the etherium in the pool.

  • We register on and get the profile address.
  • Install the ETH wallet. exchange, MEW or one of the recommended ETHUB: https: // docs.Ethhub.IO/USING.THEREUM/Wallets/Desktop/
  • Download the software prepared for work by K1: https: // bit.LY/K1Pool-MINERS

When opening the “Batnik” for T-Rex, it will look as follows:

T.rex.A ethash.o stratumtcp: // 3840.u kr_wallet.P x –Worker rig_name

Miner.-algo Ethash –server eu.ETH.K1Pool.COM: 3840 –USER KR_WALLET —WORKER RIG_NAME

Lolminer.-algo ethash –Pool eu.ETH.K1Pool.COM: 3840 –USER KR_WALlet.Rig_name

The algorithm is the same for them: instead of kr_wallet, indicate the profile address received during registration. If desired, you can change rig_name to any name you like.

  • Install the ZIL. exchange or one of the officially recommended: Zillet, Zilpay, Trust Wallet or another. Enter the generated address ZIL for payments on the K1 website, Wallets page.
  • Join one of the K1 pools, in this case, Ethereum Rbpps, starting the mentioned file.Bat. Simultaneous zil mining will be carried out automatically in a separate window.

Important: for double production, a video card with a volume of 4 GB and above is recommended.

Figure 3: Somewhere on this moment you could get tired of all these scripts. So just enjoy the picture. Cryptocash cares about its readers.

Mining programs. Settings

In addition to pre.tuned software from pools, the user can use other solutions.


One of the relevant programs for 2022 is Phoenixminer. Among its advantages:

  • AMD and NVIDIA cards support;
  • support for Windows and Linux systems;
  • Higher-by 3-5%-the speed of work, compared with the average application due to the optimization of the code.

How to start working with Phoenixminer? Example for Windows:

  • Download and unpack the archive from the official site.
  • Enter in the file.Bat: Phoenixminer.EXE.Pool Stratum1tcp: // EU.Ezil.Me: 4444.Proto 2.WAL 0XABC00015802B5F19D2B8230936865D05D237A3C.ZIL1ABC0001ZWWV7QNQDK8U0XFWAY0Y6SVSYPX02J3.Worker 4GBCARDS.Coin etc

IMPORTANT: with 0X, the Ethereum address begins here, after the point with ZIL, the address Zillqa begins. replace them with your own. Combinations of other cryptocurrencies are also acceptable. Ezil can also be replaced.

Actions for the Claymore Dual Mining application are identical.


Downloading the prestigious versions of Lolminer is also optional. You can independently configure the program. the steps are the same as for Phoenix/Claymore.

For the Shardpool pool, the teams prescribed in.Bat, look as follows:

Lolminer.-algo ethash –Pool eu1-zil.Shardpool.IO: 3333 –USER 0XABC001888AB54BEA1340C10A5422AE88142F.WORNEME —PASS ZILABC001LS87PZQNNNNERETEJHK8XA3WDZLHRDL5G@ETH.2miners.COM: 2020@ –ENABLEZILCACHE –DALMODE ZIL –DALSTRATUM0XABC001888AB54BEA1340C10A5422AE88142F@ 2020

You need to replace the Ethereum address with your own. it starts with 0x. And zilliqa. it starts with Zil.

Examples of code for other pools can be found here:

Fresh releases, forks, discussions. at Hithabe:

Are there any alternatives for mining platform?

Miners note the following operating systems for cryptocurrency:

  • Raveos-tool for setting up, managing and controlling ASIC and Mining Stances.
  • Ravinos. optimized for mining on most operating systems with a mobile application for managing and monitoring installations.
  • Hashr8. manager of installations mining cryptocurrency with support for the wide SPECTRA Central and Graphic Processors. Works with 600 bullets and fifty miners.
  • Minerbabe OS. a Chinese system for managing miners based on Ubuntu for the extraction of a dozen cryptocurrencies, monitoring of the process, managing statistics. Allows you to remove installations remotely.
  • Simplemingos. modification of Linux code for mining on graphic accelerators. Compatible with all video cards, minunes a dozen cryptocurrencies, automatically finds drivers. Allows you to accelerate video cards and control their fans.

Where to download Hiveos

Downloading Hiveos to download this operating system is recommended only according to the links posted on the official Hiveos website in the Install section.

The transition to downloading Hiveos among all the options available here, you need to choose the image of the OS-for ASIKs, GPU-rigs or video cards AMD VEGA.

In our example, the HIVE OS installation will be considered in Riga, so select the loading of a stable version of the client for GPU via torrent or in the form of a ZIP archive (weighs 1.8 GB).

minute, ergo, hiveos, project

In addition, you need to download the utility that will be used to record installation files on the flash drive.

Available for download options for assembly hive os

Pressing the “Hive OS Drive Flacing Utility” button will lead to the transition to GitHub, where you need to scroll down a little and click on the link “Download Hive Image from”.

Transition to downloading flash utilites for recording high

In the list that opens, you need to select and download the option of the program supporting the recording of the downloaded image-in our case (for GPU-Riga), etcher is suitable.

List of utilities for recording the image of Hiveos

We set up the miner

  • Choosing a hash algorithm Randomx (XMR)
  • We use the pierced pierced pierce, we prescribe %Wal %
  • In the cell “password” we prescribe x
  • The address of the pool XMR.Kryptex.Network: 7777
  • We turn on mining on the processor by the CPU switch
  • Apply

At this stage, you can add additional parameters for more productive mining. All possible options can be viewed at the village of Developer

We proceed to the minig!

  • We load from an already prepared medium, connect to the network, enter Rig_id and Rig_Password and wait until Hiveos loads
  • After the OS is loading, in the Hiveos account, select our rig and a borker, start the flight sheet by pressing the “missile”

You cannot see the current income and condition of the farm. This opportunity is only in Kryptex.

All the information about the state of the farm will be displayed in your personal account of Hiveos

How to minute ergo with 2miners pool

Another simple way to minute Ergo on your PC is through 2miners pool. You must create a wallet (you can use the Yoroi wallet). Download mining software. In this manual, we recommend Lolminer. You can also use NBMiner, TeamDminer and T-REX.

Lolminer and Nbminer can work with both AMD graphic processors and NVIDIA. Teamredminer only works with AMD cards.

You can get all mining software here. Password to the 2Miners archive, without spaces and points at the end.

After downloading files, edit the BAT file. To edit it, you need to replace the wallet address with your. the Yoroi wallet created by you. You can also change the name of Riga and replace Rig_id with a new name containing only Latin letters, numbers and symbols “_” and “-”. “

Here is the Lolminer setting for Ergo mining: Lolminer.Exe –algo autolykos2 –Pool erg.2miners.COM: 8888 –Ur_wallet_address.Rig_id

Why Ergo has True Value, Bitcoin, Proof of Work, History of Mining & ! (Intermediate Course)

For configuration Nbminer: NBMiner.A ERGO.o Stratumtcp: // 8888.u your_wallet_address.Rig_id

How much can I earn on Ergo mining?

The more users join the ERGO coin mining network, the more difficult it is to find a block. Again, the constancy of the hashing speed also affects how many ERGO coins you will earn. Use ergo.Nanopool.Org to calculate the expected profit if you use Nanopool. Using the 2miners pool, use this profit calculation to calculate your ERGO income based on your hash.

Now it has become easier to minute cryptocurrency. Now you can extract digital assets such as ERGO using simple processes/methods such as Nanopool and 2minerspool. We have listed the steps that you can use for mining Ergo coins on your PC.

You should know that as your price for ERGO (ERG) grows, your assets in ERG will also grow. As a result, it is important to monitor the market to make your Ergo mining more profitable.

Denial of responsibility. Information provided is not a trade advice. Cryptopolitan.COM is not responsible for any investment made on the basis of the information presented on this page. We strongly recommend that an independent study and / or consult a qualified specialist before making any investment decisions.

ERGO price indicators

As of July 22, 2021, Ergo ERG costs 4.98 dollars. This is 5.1 thousand percent higher than the minimum of the course at the level of 9 cents recorded on March 13, 2020, but at the same time 83 percent below the record 29.58 dollars. So much cryptocurrency cost on April 27, 2018 according to Coingeco.

Ergo local peak in 2021 recorded on May 19. Then they gave 18 for a coin.

Over the past year, ERG has grown by 1775 percent. These are more annual growth indicators in bitcoin and etherium.

Wallet for Ergo

Developers offer two options for a wallet. directly official Ergo and Yoroi. The first is a full.fledged desktop wallet, while the second works in the web, that is, the browser. Ergo wallet functionality wider. In particular, it has support for multi.signatures that allows you to carry out surgery with cryptocurrency on the wallet only with the consent of several people.

We load Ergo wallet here, and Yoroi is taken to the link.

Tying firmware for AMD RX video cards for mining under Hiveos

For maximum performance of 4 GB of AMD video cards RX470, RX480, RX570, RX580 and others, it is recommended to flash timings.

RVN is often one of the most profitable coins. It usually has an increase in watt relative to ETH, so it is important to take care of the temperature if you want to get the maximum profit. There are also a lot of miners supporting this coin: Kawpowminer, Gminer, T-Rex, Teamredminer or Nbminer.

TRTL is also often one of the most profitable coins. She consumes about the same as ETH, so it is important to take care of the temperature for the summer. There are also many miners supporting this coin: Srbminer-Multi, Teamredminer and Xmrig for CPU mining.

ETC is a simple solution if you do not want to increase your watts and continue to use the same acceleration that you used earlier with ETH. As in the case of the previous coin, there are many miners: Ethminer, Lolminer, Phoenixminer, Gminer, T-Rex, Teamredminer or Nbminer.

Haven Protocol (ticker-xhv) Coin on its own algorithm-Cryptonight-Haven (version of the Cryptonight-Heavy algorithm). The coin is well mined on maps from AMD, in t.h with 4 GB of memory. Widely represented on crypto.rhms, the most famous of which Kucoin. For AMD maps, the Polaris and Vega family is the best miner. Teamredminer, for NVIDIA. Cryptodredge.

Vertcoin (Ticker. VTC). The coin relatively recently changed the mining algorithm to its own-Verthash, which makes it difficult to obtain ASIC and FPGA remuneration, which gives more people the opportunity to profitably mines cryptocurrency with video cards and CPU. This coin is also well suited for mining on maps with 3-4 GB of memory. The coin is traded on medium and not very large exchanges, the most famous of which is Bittrex. For mining this coin on AMD and NVIDIA, an open source is available to Verthashminer, as well as for processors and AMD SRBMINER-MULTI AMD cards.

BTG is one of the Bitcoin Forks, which appeared in 2017, according to the developers of the coin as an attempt to return Bitcoin mining to the masses, namely for video cards. After 4 years, as we see, this attempt failed, but nevertheless, this is one of the many forks of Bitcoin, which is still the most successful, despite its short and sometimes scandalous story. The coin still makes profit miners. There are several miners for NVIDIA, the best. Miniz and Gminer. For AMD, the best option is Lolminer.

Beam is an interesting coin with acceptable profit, and not too aggressive in terms of watts. There are also many pools where you can minute it. The best miners are Miniz for Nvidia and Lolminer for AMD.

But is it all the most profitable coins? There are some combinations that these calculators do not calculate, but at the same time they can bring good profit. Here are some of these combinations:

The ERGO platform is designed to ensure an effective, safe and simple way to fulfill financial contracts that will be useful and viable in the long run. Ergo describes itself as a self.healing protocol, which is reported that it allows him to “absorb” new ideas and improve himself decentralized. The best miners for AMD: Srbminer, Nanominer. For NVIDIA, these two miners also work, and there is also the third option with NBMiner. If we choose, for example, RX570, reaching 60 mx/s with ERGO, will be 450.57 per day with the same consumption of watts as before with ETH.

If we compare this with RVN, pushing RX570 to a limit of 12-13 mx/s, plus an important increase in watts, it will be 450.46. Thus, we are talking about an increase in income by about 8% (we do not take into account the cost of electricity, which will also affect the RVN decision). With the same consumption of watts, RVN income will be lower.

Calculations were made on the Herominers pool.COM that supports both coins.

Etc zil

ETC is the old Fork Ethereum, well known in the miners’ community, and Zilliqa (ZIL) is a token developed in 2017. Zilliqa is based mostly on the concept of cartooning and is primarily aimed at improving the scalability of the cryptocurrency network, as in the case of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The official document mentions that the speed of transactions will be about a thousand times higher than that of Ethereum. Zilliqa works quickly, reliably and decentralized. High bandwidth ZILLIQA means that you can focus on developing your ideas without worrying about the overload of the network, a high commission for transactions or security, which are key problems for outdated blockchain platforms. Zil is mined every 90 minutes for 2 minutes. This means that every day ZIL is mined 16 times, a total of 32 minutes. Now there are 5 bullets capable of obtaining zil. This combination is another good solution that allows you to continue working with the same overclocking as in our video cards with ETH, and to receive good profit, such as RVN profit.

As for the miners, almost everyone can mine the ETC ZIL, you usually need to add a parameter to improve the exchange with ETC on ZIL. Probably in this case the best for double mining is Lolminer. Thanks to its double connection, you can minute Hive OS ETC with PPS and a 0%commission, and mines ZIL on one of the five zil pools. This solution is always better than using a proxy server that ZIL pools provide, because the use of proxy can increase the number of steel-shah, reducing the benefits of ETC production. With RX 570, this combination will give us in

ETH in zombie mode

As we said at the beginning, we can still get ETH. This is true, and we can have more than 20 mx/s with our RX 570 4GB in ETH with a profit of 450.66, but we must take into account several points for this situation.

  • The card should be installed directly in the motherboard.
  • PCIE configuration should be Gen3x16 or Gen3x8, better Gen3x8.
  • Only with Lolminer miner.

This solution has a kind of restrictions, but this may be an option if you have a 4 GB card and several Rigs, where you can insert a card on 4 GB into the motherboard. Also, with the help of this solution, you can continue to minute ETH on the Hiveon pool with a 0% commission and the PPS system (you will be paid for each actual ball, which will make your income more stable). Always pay attention to the commission of the pool and the commission for payment (in the case of Hiveon it is covered with a pool).

Summing up, we have 4 more options that are not in the most famous calculators: Ergo, ETC ZIL, ERGO ZIL and ETH in zombie mode, which bring the same or better profit than RVN, but with less watts. We showed two double mining options. in the next articles we will tell you how to set them step by step.

Another interesting solution is the use of multiples such as ZPool, Zergpool and the like. They offer a larger list of algorithms and, accordingly, coins for mining, in t.h. those suitable for mining on 3-4GB maps. On these pools there is the opportunity to minute both a certain coin and receive a reward in it, and receive payment directly to BTC, ETH, ETC, Dash, LTC (the pool automatically sells your coins on exchanges at the current course). On the one hand, there is always something to wave. On the other hand, this option has its subtleties that go beyond the scope of this article.

.95 in ETC 47 in ZIL, we will have approximately 450.42 at the same watts as in the case of ETH. In the calculations, we focused on a little less mx/s for the exchange between coins. These are 450. 42 is almost 450. 46 with RVN, but with a much lower load on the graphic processor. When planning future benefits, it is also worth taking into account the growth of ZIL in recent months.

EthW mining on Hiveos

If you are not yet registered on HiveOS, follow the link and with an INSIDEPC promotional code, get 10 at the expense. If you have problems with the system, tuning Hiveos in detail on the site.

Step 1. Create EthW wallet in Hiveos

Create a wallet in Hiveos

We go to Hiveos, go to the Wallets tab. Click Add Wallet to create an ethw mining wallet.

EthW mining on Binance Pool

Commission 0.2%. Fork ether. Daily payments. No translation commissions. Launch!

New wallet in Hiveos

  • Coin. Choose ETHW.
  • Address is the name of the Binance pool account.
  • NAME. names of the wallet in Hiveos, you only need you.
  • The Source field is missing.

How to Mine NETA on ERGO! Windows & HiveOS

minute, ergo, hiveos, project

Step2. Create a flight leaf

Create a flight leaf

  • Coin. Choosing ETHW coin.
  • Wallet. Choosing our created wallet in the last step.
  • Pool. Choosing configure in miner.
  • Miner. Lolminer.
  • NAME. indicate the name of the flight leaf, for you.

After filling, in the Miner field, click on the orange inscription Setup miner config. And enter the following data:

minute, ergo, hiveos, project

Lolminer configuration for mining ETHW

For miner settings, we will need data that we received when creating a mining on the Binance Pula: Configuration Mining Account

  • Wallet and Worker Template. name of the Binance Pool account
  • Worker Name. Vorker’s name. This is all after “.»In the name of the Baninas account of the pool.
  • Pool Server is the server pool, the port that after the colon in the Pool1 or Pool2 or Pool3 field.
  • Pass. server password.

After filling all the fields, click the Apply Changes.

We launch EthW mining on Hiveos

We go to our Vorker, the Flight Sheet tab, here we find our flight leaf and click on the rocket icon on the right.

We launch EthW mining on Hiveos

We go to the OverView tab and make sure that mining on the Ethw algorithm has begun.

We check that mining has begun

minute, ergo, hiveos, project


Statistics on the bullet will appear after about 5-15 minutes. Make sure the pool receives a hashReit and mining is going normally. BINANCE POOL Pool Statistics

Go to the Statistic section on the bullet and there will be complete statistics on the hashReite. Earnings tab will have information on ETHW mining payments.

Erg mining in the summer

Unlike the RVN coin, which also brings a good profit at the moment, the Autolykos2 algorithm for extraction ERG is not so voracious and the GPU temperature is not very high. This allows you to minute ERG in the summer without additional cooling. You can also save on electricity. After all, a farm of two video cards RX474 and RX574 and carcasses when mining RVN on the KawPow algorithm consumes 460-500 watts, and with ERG mining only 290-320 W.

There is an opportunity to extract at the same time ERG ZIL coins. This will increase profitability from one video card. The principle of this scheme is that the ERG coin is mined for about 1.5 hours, then there is a switch to the production of the ZIL coin for 2-3 minutes. Next, Mining ERG begins again. This scheme even allows you to minute ERG and Zil coin on two different pools. Implemented such an opportunity in the nanominer miner. How to do this is described in the video instructions below.

Minim Eth Erg simultaneously on different maps of one farm

You can get different coins on different video cards of your farm. For example, you have the first video card with 8 GB of RAM, and the second and third with 4 GB. It is most profitable in this case on the first to minute ETH, and on the second and third ERG. How to do this shown on the video.

ERG coin is promising for production on video cards with the size of RAM 3 and 4 GB. Therefore, it will be correctly obtained along with other coins that are mined on such farms. What coins can still be attracted on the so.bx video cards described in the article “How to continue to minute 4 GB of video cards in 2021?”