Installation and configuration of the Whatsapp messenger on the Android phone

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is a popular messenger for communication that works through a network, and only the user number requires. Was acquired by the corporation and is now actively gaining momentum and occupies a leading position in Apple Store and Google Market.

All posts are sent for free and come to the addressee for its number in Messenger. The program itself also extends completely free! From the user to register only a mobile phone number is required, which will continue to be used as login. In this material, we will consider not only the question of how to install WhatsApp on Android, but also how to produce its initial setting, send messages to other subscribers and much more.

How to send messages

To begin with communication, you need to view your contact list. all your acquaintances will be displayed in it, which installed the application. You can invite your friend who has no application installed by sending a special invitation from Messenger.


To send a message, click on the “Send Message” button (default, the button is in the lower right corner) and select the interlocutor or create a group using a new group function (located in the menu in the form of three points in the upper corner of the right side of the screen) By adding several participants to the dialog. At the bottom of the window that opened the window you will see a field for entering a message. type the text in it and click the “Send” button.

Attaching files

WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to send not only text. but also multimedia files. You can attach:

To attach the file when sending a message, click on the screen icon at the bottom of the screen and select the file type. the storage on the phone on which you can find the file you need.

If you have any questions. let us ask a question

On iPhone

Install WhatsApp on the iPhone, as well as Android, you can completely free; No additional restrictions on the account holder are not imposed. it is enough to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and comply with the developer’s conditions.

App Store

To download and install WhatsApp on the iPhone using an official application store, the default is available on any device, you must:

  • Open the App Store, find the mobile messenger using the search string and click on the download button, which is a cloud with an advanced down arrow.

IMPORTANT: The Watsapa label is available in the application menu. now the owner of the iPhone at any time will be able to run the messenger with one click on the screen.


To install WhatsApp on the iPhone using the iTunes universal program, the user follows:

  • After a short time, the messenger installer will be downloaded to the hard disk. To connect it, you will need to go to the “Applications” section, find in the WhatsApp list and click on the Set button.

How to register in whatsapp

To start the account in WhatsApp, you will need to enter your phone number when you first start the program. Then the SMS will be received to this number with access code. This code is entered into another field of the messenger. and only after that we can assume that the profile activation has passed successfully.


When the installation is completed, you must pass a brief registration. To do this, it is important to follow the prompts of the messenger:

  • Accept and agree with the terms of the agreement.
  • Choose a country specifying the region.
  • Correctly enter your phone number and double click “OK”.
  • Skip by link that comes to SMS.

These simple actions will allow you to start communication through WhatsApp in a short time.


Whatsapp Messenger (Whatsapp, WhatsApp). This is a program for convenient communication with other users by free SMS-OK location between dialed contacts on your smartphone. Only Internet requires to send a text message. Download the application to your smartphone. Turn on the installation file. After downloading, open the application (Internet in the on mode). We type the code of your country, your own number and twice by clicking on the “OK” button so that the application sent a message to your smartphone to the final number check (sending SMS will be implemented according to the tariff mesh).

After the final verification of your number, enter your name, snapshot for the profile and press the “Track” key at the top of the screen. After the text will appear “Welcome to WhatsApp!”And the data that the WhatsApp application will be available for a whole year to use absolutely free, and then only half a dollar per year. Click on the “Next” key, after which the signature will appear “Welcome! To start a conversation with the selected contact, which also has WhatsApp, click on the icon in the upper right corner “. No need to be frightened that all contacts will not be displayed in the list. Recommend the application with your acquaintances, let them also load it to their own smartphone. At this stage, the application will be fully completed. To send messages to WhatsApp, select a person with a phone number, to whom you wish to send a message. Dial messages and click on the Send button.

By clicking on the button in the menu section, you can change the status to all know how you are currently engaged in: fully access, in class, at work, battery is discharged, I can not speak, in training, rest, or to score the right status yourself. Here you can create a chat for several people. When conversing through WhatsApp you can: send different pictures, audio content, contacts, location, view the necessary data, use the search by messages, to dial a subscriber (at the expense of the mobile operator), to put the interlocutor in the blacklist (blocked users will not be able to send, see Status and correspond with you), fully clear the history of correspondence, send the chat by mail, add the right contact right to the smartphone desktop.

In the settings of the WhatsApp program you can: Send a request to those. Program support, familiarize yourself with the information about the WhatsApp application included in the blacklist of the rooms, correspondence statistics, tell a friend about the application, turn off the use of hidden numbers, change the profile login, font dimensions, delete your own account, make a copy of the correspondence (backup), edit the notification.

Installation Features, where Download WhatsApp (WhatsApp)

The question of how to download “WhatsApp” for the phone for free, install it and start using, arises from many people due to the incredible prevalence of the messenger. Mobile application WhatsApp allows you to send small text messages for any distances, no matter where the recipient is now.

There is also the ability to transfer video files, audio materials and photos. This method of communication is particularly convenient because it does not require any costs. The only thing that is necessary for the application is to access the device to the stable Internet. It is convenient to use Wi-Fi connection in this case.

Payment subscription

The first 12 months of access to the WhatsApp service will be free. But after that time you have to pay for the use of the program. In order to make payment for WhatsApp services, you need to select the “Account” category in the Application menu.

Next, you will find yourself in the section “Payment Information” and on the pop-up menu you need to enter details for payment.

We hope that we managed to tell about all the main features of the WhatsApp program and how to use it.