How to make video surveillance through a WEB-camera

My home is my castle. So they said in the Middle Ages. Without a doubt, even today your home is a place where you take a break from everyday worries and spend your free time. And it has probably occurred to you more than once that it would be nice to know what is happening at home while you are at work. The best way to provide such control is to install video surveillance.

This way, you will be sure that the nanny is properly caring for your child, children do not skip school at home and no one will enter your home while you are away unnoticed. One option is to install a complex and expensive system. The only thing that can stop you is the high for such services. But there is another option.

  • Webcam;
  • the Internet;
  • a computer;
  • the server on which the information will be stored (you can use your home computer for this);
  • special software.

Do you know anything about ready-made video surveillance kits? Here you can find out everything about why ready-made kits are needed and their advantages over buying equipment separately.

Webcam as a video surveillance tool

First of all, you need to understand the principle of operation of programs that provide video surveillance. Recordings from a webcam can either be broadcast to the network, which will enable remote video surveillance, or recorded on the hard drive of a home or any other computer.

But you are hardly interested in looking at an empty room in which nothing is happening. That is why many programs offer a video stream analysis function. Its essence lies in the fact that the program compares each frame with the previous one. That is, if a new object appears in the room or an object already in the room starts to move, this is immediately registered by the program.

In this case, two options are possible that are configured by the user independently: either the program sends an e-mail about a change in the situation in the room (relevant for rooms with limited access), or it starts recording until any actions. After shooting, the camera again goes into standby mode, and the program continues to analyze the frames.

Later, the information received can be viewed in the form of a video or the necessary frames can be extracted from it and printed. In addition, you can record a warning that will sound whenever the camera enters surveillance mode.

If you have already installed a webcam, you can proceed directly to installing the software. If not, insert the mini-disc that comes with the webcam into the CD drive.

Follow the instructions that appear after the software installer autoruns. Usually it all comes down to sequential pressing of the Next and Install buttons. After finishing the installation, connect the webcam.

Using the same scheme, you can configure video surveillance through the laptop’s WEB camera.

And how to independently install video surveillance in a private house can be found at

You are absolutely free to choose a video surveillance program. Almost all utilities are free and similar in functionality.

This article will provide an example of installing the Cam-Alert program. This application is distinguished by advanced functionality in the field of image settings, various options for the shooting process and processing of the resulting video. At the same time, it supports the function of sending a letter by e-mail and sending the captured video to an FTP server.

After downloading and installing the program, you will be prompted to customize it to your liking. In the “General” tab you should pay attention to the “Sensitivity” section. If you set the minimum value, the camera will react even to the slightest breeze, so experiment with the settings so that the program works adequately.

The section “Motion detection area” will allow you to specify the area where motion is a signal to start video recording.


Using a webcam for video surveillance requires minimal effort and the following fixtures and fittings:

  • any personal computer (PC) (desktop, netbook or laptop);
  • a webcam, which can be either built into a laptop or external, connected to a PC via a USB connector;
  • a special program downloaded from the Internet and saved anywhere on your computer.

In principle, after launching the downloaded program, the video surveillance system is ready to work.

To activate / deactivate the video recording mode, click on the “record” checkbox. The program will start recording frames by default when a software motion detector is triggered, which saves those moments when there was even the slightest movement within the camera’s field of view. Programs of this kind have many additional settings that will allow you to optimally configure the operation of the WEB-camera.

How To Use Webcam As A CCTV Camera || Watch Worldwide From Phone! || 100% Working Live Demo

To view the frames stored in the computer’s memory, go to the “Video archive” item and start any of the videos, conveniently broken down by dates.

Plus, to save time, you can view all videos in accelerated mode, stopping them in the right place for more detailed viewing and analysis.

Using a webcam for video surveillance has a number of advantages over other methods of organizing video monitoring:

  • ease of organization;
  • minimum investment of funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment and software;
  • little time spent on organizing observation;
  • high quality recording, provided you use high-resolution webcams;
  • the ability to remotely view the filmed videos using mobile phones.

One of the main disadvantages of such monitoring can be considered the need for a constantly working PC in the absence of the owner of the home or workplace, which can create some problems, including the consumption of electrical energy and an electrical device that is constantly connected to the network.

But with the right explanations to the management of the company or company in which you work, well-chosen and serviceable internal electrical wiring with such minor inconveniences, any person is quite capable of getting along.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that since the considered video surveillance cameras use the USB input, the length of the connecting lines is limited to a few meters. You can, of course, use a USB extension cable, but still this will not provide long distances.


Today, with the advent of WEB cameras, such a concept as remote video surveillance for an apartment or a private house for any Internet user is not considered something unattainable when there is a real opportunity, sitting at work or in a restaurant, to observe, for example, the front door at home.

over, to realize this opportunity, you do not need to call professional technicians, installers and IT-technologists. Everything is really simple, cheap and absolutely accessible to most ordinary PC users.

In fact, the list of places that can be monitored around the clock using a standard WEB camera is quite wide:

  • video surveillance of a private house, a personal plot, a summer residence, a construction site;
  • video surveillance of an apartment, entrances or office premises;
  • supervision of their children, as well as of nannies hired to look after them, or of workers performing various types of work in the absence of owners;
  • control over your workplace, when the webcam will be able to capture everything that happened while you were away;
  • video surveillance from the window of an apartment or a country house for the condition and position of your car.


Since the webcam is connected to a computer, it requires the appropriate software to function. Cameras supporting USB connection of UVC standard are preferable as they do not require additional installation of drivers. But this is by the way.

Let’s look at the most popular programs for working with WEB-cameras, allowing you to organize video surveillance systems with their help. These include:

  • Xeoma;
  • WebcamXP;
  • ISpy;
  • MobileComputerControl.

Installation of these programs on a computer is simple and will be understandable to any user. All you need is your personal computer, WEB-camera and Internet access.

Download the program from the official website or from the network, run it, install it, turn on the webcam and you’re done. To get started with such programs, no special equipment or specific knowledge is required.

And now a few words about each of them.

This program for organizing web video surveillance has four modes of operation. Eight WEB video surveillance cameras are available in free mode. The software interface is easy to use and is based on the principle of a constructor, and when motion is detected, Xeoma will instantly notify the user by email or SMS.

This software for video surveillance via WEB-cameras is available in two versions (free and paid). The webcamXP program reacts to movement in the frame, informing about the detection of moving objects by e-mail, in addition, it constantly broadcasts video recordings, creates video archives and can absolutely easily work in the mode of a video recorder.

Also has the function of motion and sound detection with sending alerts via SMS or email. With the help of add-ons for this software, you can recognize human faces, any license plates or the number of people who passed the camera.

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Exploring Webcam 7 pro

Another utility is a program with a very original name “Webcam 7 pro”. Shown below is the Observe / Source Select / Control tab.

The following image shows the Broadcast (HTTP) tab.

From these images, you can immediately see that this utility can easily provide free and high-quality video surveillance via a web device and will help to make a surveillance camera from a webcam. Also, this program is not devoid of the function of live broadcasting from a web device around the clock and without interruption.

So you can easily reveal the previously hidden functions of your webcam, learn how to correctly apply and use all the advantages of the camera that have appeared. Another advantage of “Webcam 7 pro” is the provision of round-the-clock surveillance through a computer’s web device and not only. The only drawback of “Webcam 7 pro” is that the utility is paid.

ISpy software with security features

The next program that will allow you to use a webcam as a device for video surveillance and conduct video surveillance in real time around the clock is called iSpy. The software has much greater potential and functionality than the previously presented utilities for monitoring through a webcam.

iSpy is also equipped with an alarm, so it can easily replace not only an IP camera, but also a real alarm. So you can safely trust iSpy: the alarm built into the program will work like a clock. Having launched the program in question, we will get into such a window.

Below are some of the settings for this utility. On the “Motion Detection” tab, the camera’s motion detector is configured. First, you can select the type of detector “Use Detector”:

  • Two Frames: the simplest option, motion detection is performed by comparing the current frame with the previous one;
  • Custom Frame: compares the picture from memory with the current frames. a good way to detect newly appeared objects;
  • Background Modeling: a mode that allows you to ignore constantly moving objects;
  • None: disable the detector, used for simple camera recording.

Secondly, you can adjust the Sensitivity of the detector using the double slider “Trigger Range”. Changing the lower threshold changes the response to slow movements, the upper threshold. filters movements that are faster in speed.

Color Filtering allows the detector to set a specific range of colors that will be taken into account.

Display Style sets the way iSpy will react / display detected motion.

There is also a very useful Motion Zones setting, which allows you to select a graphics area within the frame, within which motion detection will occur.

On the “Local Device” tab, the video source is selected.

IP-based or web-based video surveillance software

Now an IP-camera can be made from a regular web-camera of a stationary PC, even if the extension of this camera is very small. only 0.3 megapixels.

The resolution of the web device does not matter, if you need to make a surveillance camera, you can sacrifice the quality of the image. This subsection will describe in detail how, without an IP camera, to organize remote video surveillance using a web camera.

We use the Ivideon service

You can use a web or IP camera for remote video viewing using a special Ivideon service. The service allows you to connect various types of cameras, configure them using the special software Ivideon Server. The simplest tariff of the service is free, it allows you to record the first 10 seconds of video after the occurrence of some event, movement or sound. Paid plans have much more opportunities.

Next, you can see an example of a settings window in which a device is selected. After launching it, go to the “Settings” tab, select the line “IP Camera” (in the same way, you can select a web camera).

After the above steps, we get to the settings window of the future IP-camera.

If you want to receive round-the-clock video surveillance of the desired object, then you need to allocate at least 100 GB of hard disk space.

This will allow the program to monitor with an IP camera in 24/7 format and receive surveillance from an IP camera in real time without any unnecessary delays. Also, the Ivideon program is able not only to make a web-device a surveillance camera (IP-device for surveillance), but will also allow broadcasting around the clock and will allow a webcam to watch an apartment or a private house, and not just a specific object.

How to turn a simple WEBCAM into a CCTV

Ivideon shows you how to make a webcam a surveillance device and more. If you are not impressed by the Ivideon utility, then you can easily find other similar utilities that are no worse than the presented program capable of turning a webcam into video surveillance, broadcasting live from a webcam, and so on. They are also able to broadcast and monitor live using an ordinary laptop.

It will not work just like that to monitor an object using a web camera: it does not yet have such functions and abilities.

You can install video surveillance of an object from a web device only with the help of various programs and utilities.

One of the examples of organizing video surveillance using a web camera is the use of the Ivideon service. It does its job perfectly and allows you to organize video surveillance through a webcam. In addition, in order to correctly establish observation, you will need:

As you can see from the examples above, the programs are quite similar to each other. Their functionality is almost the same, you can safely download and install any of them.

  • If you need a good utility in order not only to make a webcam with video surveillance or to make a device from a webcam to monitor an object around the clock, but also want to get a free working video alarm, then you can safely download the iSpy program.
  • If you want to install a high-quality and fast program, long-tested by users, to easily make a video surveillance camera from an ordinary web device, then download and install the Webcam 7 pro program, which will quickly and efficiently cope with this task.
  • Well, if you don’t want to go far and want an IP camera for yourself without spending a lot of effort and patience, then an old program called Ivideon will help. A good program with decent functionality does all the work for you. It is used by quite a few people who want to save money on a professional CCTV camera. One of its advantages is: fast download and registration on the utility’s website. It also has a user-friendly interface and many different functions.

Install IVideon Server on a PC, launch it and attach it to our account.

Next, select the WEB-camera, which we will use when connecting to the video surveillance system.

As you can see from the screenshot, in this service you can use not only wired cameras, but also wireless IP cameras, however, this is due to the creation of a local network and the use of a WI-FI connection, which is more difficult and which we will analyze in the next article.

After going through all the procedures for setting up the camera connection and launching the program, an ICQ-like window will open with a list of cameras and a simple interface. Press the “Play” button and go to your account on the website. There will be a screenshot of what is happening.

To watch the video, just click on the image and a new window will open with an online broadcast from your home.

make, video, surveillance, web-camera

Having rewound a little back with the slider, you can see what happened some time ago. the video is recorded on the IVideon server. The same picture will be broadcast in the second downloaded and installed application, with the help of which it is much more convenient to use video surveillance through a WEB-camera on devices with Android or iOS.

Now open the “On the map” tab and drag your server onto it to the desired location. If you have several cameras installed in different parts of the city, it will be convenient to switch between them and see what is happening where. Also, just click on the desired camera and a video surveillance window in the apartment with an online picture will open.

  • Computer or laptop
  • Webcams
  • Certain software

The scheme is simple. the computer is connected to the Internet, to it via a USB cable. a cheap webcam, through which they usually communicate via Skype. And immediately grab another longer USB extension cord to get the camera out the door. We install it secretly or, on the contrary, openly (for intimidation) somewhere outside the door. If you plan to follow what is happening in the apartment, then you can hide the camera in a hanging chandelier or disguise it as a teddy dog. Next, we stretch the cord into the apartment and connect it to the computer. After that, install the drivers for the camera on it.

How to make a remote video surveillance system for an apartment from a webcam, computer and the Internet.

With the advent of webcams, video surveillance in an apartment is not something out of reach for any Internet user. you can watch your front door while sitting at work or in a McDuck with free Internet. And moreover, in order to make video surveillance for the house, a professional call is not required at all. Recently, I just had to deal with the organization of a similar system for my friend’s apartment, and in this article I will share with you how you can assemble to do video surveillance at home with your own hands and monitor the apartment online.