How to replace Skype: 8 Applications for Video Communications

Lifehaker gathered programs that allow us to construct and arrange a video conference no worse than their main competitor.

Everyone who calls close or colleagues via the Internet, probably use that Skype. Skype remains a pioneer and permanent leader among VoIP applications.

But if you are unhappy with the quality of communication, Skype security or just want to try something new, your choice has a large number of other customers.

How to switch between front and rear cameras?

During the call, click the camcorder icon. If video call is activated, a mark appears on the icon in the form of an arrow.

Select one of the following parameters

Front camera: switch to the front camera phone.

Rear camera: Switch to the back of the phone.

Turn off to stop broadcasting video (at the same time you will still see the video of the interlocutor).

If the camcorder icon is not displayed, tap the screen to call the call panel.

On devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) can only be made video calls from the rear camera.

Viber. The Best Android Museum!

The palm of the championship with the application discussed above can only divide Viber. If Skype won the user’s audience on the Windows platform, which resulted in its popularity on the gadgets, then Viber immediately fell in love with Android-devices. The application itself is a magnificent messenger (software for communication), which allows you to send messages and renowned with people for free as via video link and without such. It also uses the function of sending video communications.

This software has only one significant disadvantage: Viber does not start without connecting to Wi-Fi, so if you are mobile GPRS-Internet on your gadget, then new versions of this program may not start.

The unconditional advantage of the application is its free distribution and popularity among users. Thanks to him, you can save on sending messages and calls.

How to download Betu Telegram

Despite the fact that Telegram gradually launches video calls function, it is important to understand that while it is in the beta testing stage. Therefore, access to it from the release version of the application will not work. To do this, you will have to hear a little:

  • Install the TELEGRAM beta version on your smartphone and pass authorization;
  • Send this instruction to someone from colleagues or acquaintances so that they do the same;

To video calls earned, beta Telegram must be installed at your interlocutor

  • After your interlocutor establishes a beta version, go to your chat with it, select the context menu (three vertical points) and select Video Call.

Important clarifications are a function that is built directly into chats and does not exist as a separate menu item or settings. Therefore, to get through to someone by video link, your interlocutor must also establish a beta version of Telegram. In this case, the corresponding button will appear in your chat. At the same time in chats with all other users who sit on a stable assembly, there will be no opportunity to make video calls, simply because their version does not support this function.

Application for displaying screen on Android

To solve this problem, Google added a screen display function in your video call service DUO. Users can now demonstrate the desktop of their smartphones to each other, run applications and share their content in real time. That’s how it works:

Share the Android screen using Duo

  • Find in the list of user contacts registered in Duo and call him video links;
  • When it takes the handset, click on the context menu and select “Show Screen”.

Confirmation that the screen show turned on, there will be a miniature of the contents of the current task, which is placed in the upper left corner. If your goal is to show something except the Google Duo intees, simply exit the application and show what you need. In this mode, you can run applications, open the settings, flipped photos and even show how to make some kind of manipulations with a smartphone. For example, you can demonstrate how to install or delete software, or how to configure a night theme.

How to make video call in whatsapp from computer

To go to the Whatsapp messenger from the computer, you need to use the WhatsApp Web application.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ottzap from the phone.
  • Open the settings and click on the WhatsApp Web tab. The application will ask for a QR code to scan. Camera in the application will open for this automatically.
  • Open the WhatsApp Web application on your computer, on the main page there will be the desired QR code.
  • Scan the QR code, showing the device to the computer screen. Make sure the code gets into the frame, and wait a little.

After the application opens on the computer, find the right contact in the list, click on the video call icon. When requesting an application in access to the camera and microphone respond positively. The above steps are suitable for laptop.


Well, he’s just the main veteran. This is probably the most popular program for video calls, which you can only think about. Of course, his mobile version has the same features.

All you need to do is enter the Skype mobile app. And before you immediately call, you need to decide which cameras you want to call: ordinary or frontal. To do this, go to the “Camera” tab and select the mode you need.

Well, now we have only to go to the “Chat” tab, choose the interlocutor, well, and click on the camera icon, which is in the upper right corner. In fact, here she is not very similar to the camera, but believe me, here she is. After that, a remote connection with a video signal will be performed. In principle, nothing wise.

The budget category includes door calls with a simple design and a basic set of characteristics. Despite the lack of additional options, they are very popular.


The wireless doorbell is equipped with a motion sensor with a response radius of 110 degrees. It can function in standard mode (when you click on the button) or turn on automatically when someone comes up to the door. The radius of the device is 10 m, while the remote control of the motion sensor can be adjusted.

Nutrition at the call is autonomous. from AAA batteries, which grabs for 6 months. The model has a sufficiently high volume. 90 dB, which makes it applicable for large rooms. You can choose the sound from 12 available melodies.

Occupies the upper price threshold in its segment.

The doorbell GS-215 from Rexant is located on the border between budget and average values ​​of models, but it is quite decent functionality.

TDM Electric SPB-11 / 2-25m

The device is used simultaneously as a door lock and an internal call tool. This combined equipment that can work both from the network and batteries. In this case, the device has a unique trigger code, which prevents the response to neighboring calls.

Hybrid has a concise design. The housing of the button and the main unit are made of durable plastic, resistant to yellowing. The radius of the device is 1.5 m. The key has a light indicator, which facilitates its search in the dark. Volume level. 70 dB, you can choose one of 20 possible melodies.

  • Discreet design;
  • Resistance to yellowing;
  • Light indication;
  • The possibility of autonomous work;
  • Unique trigger code.

TDM Electric SPB-11 / 2-25m. practical and reliable doorbell with basic, but at the same time carefully thought out functionality.


Wired doorbell, consisting of a block with a speaker and an outer button, powered by a network. Volume level is 80 dB, which is sufficient even for a large apartment. At the same time, the model offers 36 different melodies.

Call housing made of shockproof plastic painted in white color with blue patterns. The radius of the model is 120 m. Degree of protection of the device. IP 20, that is, it is intended for installation in dry rooms.

The doorbell is suitable for both two and three-bedroom apartments and large houses. provided that it will be installed in a dry place.

Triton “Cricket” SV-04R

The invoice wired doorbell is able to reproduce only one melody. Electronic Gong. But it has a volume control and allows you to turn off the sound at all, which will especially appreciate families with young children.

Equipment feeds from the network, and hence it does not require constant replacement of the batteries. The ringing is protected from ingestion of large garbage, but not suitable for wet rooms. The model has a universal design.

Triton Criccock SV-04R. Universal Doorbell For Any Apartment. He will like people working on shifts, as well as young parents.

What an application for video calls on Android is better than the rest

I myself, for example, Google Pixel 2 XL, but I use iPad as a tablet. Yesterday I needed to make a video call to a person who enjoys an iPhone. I decided to use cross-platform Skype. It’s some kind of horror. Everything worked so bad that I ultimately turned on FaceTime on my iPad and just used it. At the same time, I had a question: what kind of video link it is best for Android?

So what to do android user in a situation like mine? I am interested to know your opinion on this expense, so I will leave the vote below, which will list the most popular, in my opinion, apps for video call.

If the application you use is missing in my voice, write its name in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this material or in our Telegram chat.