How to make two windows on iPad

How to open a app switcher

Swipe up and continue to finger in this direction. So you will open the App Switcher and you can switch between open applications.

How to go to the “Management Item”

To do this, swipe down from the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Long pressing on the “control” icons will allow you to see additional parameters and settings. You can change controls by opening “Settings” → “Control” → “Configure controls”.

How to check system notifications

To see the latest iPados notifications, swipe down on the left side of the screen. Window with data will appear in its center.

How to find information on iPad

On home screen swipe down. This will open the search bar and “Siri offers”. If the keyboard is connected to the iPad, with the same purpose you can click CMD space.

How to quickly switch between applications

If you work on the iPad Pro 2018, you can switch between applications, spending your finger from the bottom up the long white strip at the bottom of the screen. just like on the iPhone models without buttons. In other iPad models, you will need to press the home button twice the Touch ID.

How to close windows and applications

Run the app Switcher (see. above) or swipe up while in the application or window you want to close.

How to return to home screen

In the iPad Pro for this you need to quickly swipe up, in other iPad. Press the Touch ID home button.

If you have an iPad Pro 2018, then just click on the screen. In other iPad models for awakening, you will need to click on the Touch ID home button.

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How to return to the previous page

If you read the document in iBooks, click on the left side of the iPad screen, and you will return to the previous page. In other applications, including in Safari, you need to swipe right.

How to change screen orientation

Just flip iPad horizontally for landscape orientation or vertical. for books. If you want the iPad screen to rotate, open the “Management item”, and then tap the arrow icon around the castle.

Fast switching between applications

Use the application switch to view all previously open applications and quickly open the desired. To do this, spend up from the bottom of the screen, but still keep your finger in the center of the screen.

The previously open applications will appear. Use Light Left / Right to view them all. Touch the preview window of the desired application to open it.

Touch the application window to open it

If you use the iPad with the “Home” button, just double-click on it to see all running applications.

How to close applications in Slide Over

The Slide Over window is a mini-version of the iPhone, so it has its own system of multitask. Spend up from the HOME indicator on the Slide Over panel.

All SLIDE OVER windows will be displayed. Purl them horizontally and choose to open.

To close the application in Slide Over, just wrap up its preview.

Opening two applications on one screen

Slide the “Allow multiple applications” button to “On.”

Spend your finger left

Drag the Left tab

  • Pull it in the center of the screen. This will reduce the size of the open application. Vertical application display will appear on the newly created right panel.
  • If another application automatically opens in the right pane, swipe on the screen at the top of the right panel to close the application and see the display of application parameters.

Scroll down the list of applications

recently, on September 30, 2015, Apple released the first public version of its new OS X operating system called El Capitan. As before, one part of users quite positively appreciated the new OS and its capabilities and innovations, and the second is categorically negative.

And the innovations of these opening new opportunities and significantly improving the convenience of working with your poppy, this time appeared really a lot. We have already told about what you can now without third-party scripts, thereby increasing the free workspace. Now we will tell about another new feature. screen separation mode

By the way, if you updated EL Capitan and did not find a panel with the Dashboard widgets, you can return it using the instruction.

Many Windows users will rather smile and say: “Yes, Microsoft has been in Vista”. And they have nothing to argue. Indeed, Apple strongly tightened with the inclusion in Mac OS the ability to split the screen between several programs in full screen mode. But the main thing is that now it appeared and works very not badly, in which all El Capitan users can make sure right now.

Using gestures in iPados

Use multitasking gestures on the iPad to quickly call the program switch, switch to another program or return to the “Home” screen.

  • Calling the program switch: wrap in one finger up from the bottom edge of the screen and hold the press in the middle of the screen until the program switch appears. Then wrap one finger left or right to find and open another program.
  • Switching between programs: While working in the program, make it left or right four or five fingers to switch to the previous program. On the iPad Pro device (with the Face ID function), iPad Pro (11 inches) or iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 3rd generation) wrench along the bottom edge of the screen to switch between recently used programs.
  • Return to the “Home” screen: wake up from the bottom edge of the screen when using the program. Or twist five fingers on the screen.

Refusal from PC

Back at the presentation of the first iPad Apple represented it as a post-PC era device. an ultraportative gadget, where you can do everything: from Internet seining before editing video and writing novels. All these opportunities braked the absence of true multitasking. The turning point in this should be iOS 9.

Given the Announcement of the iPad Pro and its soon appearance on sale, all this acquires more and more meaning. With the SMART Keyboard Ipad branded keyboard becomes almost a laptop. And this is just the beginning!

Mechanical engineer, well understand the technique and technologies. For more than 10 years I use Mac and iPhone, I know everything about the ecosystem and Apple products. Not only write, but I know how to work with your hands. 3 years worked by an autoslemer, the car Chiny is only himself. Designed and from scratch built a house with his own hands, accumulating a lot of experience in the course. I adore oldcual video games and comics, playing the guitar.

Moving content in an application with a divided representation

When you have two or more applications, you can drag the contents (text, photos and files) between them, such as text or images from an e-mail or web page in the Notes application, or from a web page in an email or text message.

  • Open two applications in Split View or Slide Over.
  • Touch and hold the item you want to move to separate it from document, email messages, web pages or notes.
  • Drag into another app.
  • You can also choose a few items, slightly dragging the first and selecting the second to another finger, but for this operation will require a certain skill.

What you can drag to the new window on the iPad

First, let’s get acquainted with the incomplete list of what you can drag to a new window in iPados:

These are only a few common examples, but there are others. In fact, almost any items can be dragged into a new window. All you need to do is to press and briefly hold the file or link, and then drag and drop. There will be an object that can be moved to some. But on the way it can be “dropping” in the right place. For example, so you can add the URL to the “Notes” application. Such an operation has become available, starting with iOS 11.

Screen separation on iPad full-time

The Split View option with which you can split the iPad into two screens, appeared on iOS 9 and today is available on all modern apple tablet models (iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad and iPad Pro).

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How to activate the option

The ability to split the screen on apple devices that support the function must be active by default, but if for some reason it is not so, to activate it simply:

  • We go to the iPad settings.
  • Go to the “General” tab (“General”), then to the “Multitasking and Dock” section (“Multitasking Dock”).
  • Move the toggle switch in front of the “Allow multiple programs” item (“ALLOW MULTIPLE APPS”) to active position.
  • The option is enabled, you can now use the ability to work in multi-light mode.

Screen split by standard iOS

How to divide the iPad screen into two parts

To use multi-color mode, you need to perform the following steps:

  • We have a tablet horizontal (the option works only in this position).
  • Run one of the programs that planned to be used in conjunction.
  • Call the dock panel swipe from the bottom of the screen up.
  • Click and hold an application icon that you want to open on the right side of the separated type window (only software supports function in the application list).
  • Drag the program icon to the edge of the screen, after which the additional SPLIT VIEW area opens (if you do not bring the application to the edge, the program will start over the current software, in the SPLIT OVER mode);
  • In the second part of the screen, the standard application menu will open from which only to select the program you want to start.

It should be noted that the screen separation on the iPad OS version 13 was significantly modified. For example, it has the ability to change the size of the screen area allocated to display selected programs. Also added a smart distribution of space when more than 3 windows starts. For active, most of the screen stands out, and you can switch between running applications by double tap.

Add three or more programs to the display, but only if this feature is provided in them. At the same time, two of them will be in Split View mode, and the third and subsequent. as additional “floating” windows.

You can still configure the split screen on the triple click of the Home button. This is configured in the section “Universal Access”. Disable Siri for this will not need (in iPad OS 9 and 10 versions there was such a defective). And you can split the screen on the iPad Pro at all by simultaneously pressing the volume keys, but this is done through third-party programs (Multitasking SPLIT SCREEN).

How to work in SPLIT VIEW mode

Screen split option on iPad allows you to:

  • Change the program in one of the parts of the display. To do this, you need to hold on it from top to bottom and choose another software from the list.
  • Share the display in proportions 50/50 and 70/30. To change the proportions, you should pull the label to the left in the center of the right window.
  • Change applications. To move the window, for example, on the left to the right side of the screen or vice versa, you need to pull the curtain shortcut in the desired side.
  • Go from Split View mode in Split Over. You can perform an action by touching the separator label in the Split Over window or pull it up.
  • Share between applications media content (pictures, video, audio). To do this, you need to make a long tap on the selected object, select “Copy”, and then with the help of a gesture (touch 5 fingers). insert another program to the window. Thus, for example, you can quickly transfer photos from the gallery in or Instagram.

And before splitting the screen on the iPad, it is recommended to include gestures in the settings, as well as “recent and proposed programs”. This will allow you to quickly change applications in one part of the display on those that work in the background.

Screen separation and Multitasking iOS

How to split the screen in Safari

Use the SPLIT View mode in the iPad regular browser is very simple. If you need to divide the Safari window into two parts, you can do the following:

  • In the browser, open a webpage.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the icon in the form of two connected squares (the “New Tab” function “and select” Open New Window “.
  • SPLIT View mode is activated, allowing you to view two pages at the same time and change the size of the windows.

Make separation is also possible:

    One page.

  • We click on the site on the link and hold, until a window appears where you can select “Open in a new window”.
  • The page opens in Split View mode.

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In total, you can open up to 9 tabs at the same time. All subsequent will be hidden (their list can be viewed from any page in the standard List of Open Bookmarks).

How to remove separation

Remove the split view of the Split View on the iPad as follows:

  • To close the separated type window, you need to touch and hold the slider between the parts of the screen and drag it towards the application you want to close. It should be noted that the second program remains loaded in memory, that is, it will be possible to quickly switch to it if necessary.
  • To exit the display partition mode, you can go to Split Over, pulling down the curtain label, after which you pull the icon of the program window to the right.
  • To open all tabs in one window in Safari, you can remove the separation by pressing the icon in the form of two connected squares and selecting the “Combine all windows” option. After that, all open tabs will be in one browser window, but in different folders. You can also select the option “Close tabs” so that one window closes, and the second unfolded.

As you can see, the ability to divide the display makes the device more functional, and working in multitasking mode is simply and very efficient. Using the option, you can significantly save time on performing various actions with different applications or browser tabs and regardless of the nature of the tasks performed to organize the most convenient and fruitful environment.