How to Make your Alarm Louder on iPhone | Increase Alarm Sound on iPhone

How to change the sound of the alarm clock to the iPhone

Awakening from the alarm clock is not the most pleasant part of the day. Standard iPhone melodies exacerbate the situation, with the sound of which I want to at least turn off the signal quickly, at a maximum. not install it at all. But you can still make a more pleasant morning. It is enough to put your melody of the alarm on the iPhone, which will charge you with positive and good mood for the whole day.

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Change the composition of the alarm clock to our melody: Instructions

So that the iPhone alarm clock plays your favorite composition, you must first download it for a device. You can do this through a computer using iTunes or a gadget store. The main condition is that the audio file should be uploaded to the native phone playlist. Therefore, counting on the fact that you can put your melody of the alarm on the iPhone through some third-party application (allowing illegally loading audio) do not.

When the tracks are downloaded to the device, the case remains small. to install them as an awakening signal. For this, it is necessary to act in line with the following algorithm:

make, sound, alarm, clock, iphone
  • Go to the “Clock” application;
  • Select the Alarm Party subsection (on the lower application panel);
  • Click on the “” button if you want to add a new alarm, or to the “change” button if you want to adjust the old one;
  • Set the alarm time, its repetition mode and label;
  • Go to the “Sound” section;
  • In the menu that opened, click on the “Song Choice”/“Melody” team (located on the average section “Songs”);
  • Select any melody from a playlist and click on “” (adding it to the alarm);
  • Install a checkmark opposite the already added song directly in the application;
  • Save the adjusted or created alarm using the “Save” button.

Now the installed alarm clock will always be included in the time you specified by the selected song. In this case, the change in the command (change of time/frequency) will not entail a change of melody. The standard sound can be automatically installed only when creating a new alarm clock. but you already know what to do in this case.

I have no music in the iPhone memory, what to do?

As said early, before putting music on the alarm on the iPhone, you need to download your songs in memory of the gadget. The easiest way to do this through iTunes (with which you can throw any files from a computer to the phone). This method is considered the only official method of loading audio from external sources. But if for any reason you cannot resort to it (there is no computer at hand, the program works incorrectly, etc.D.), then you can use the offer of the phone about the paid purchase of the desired composition. For this, it is necessary to fulfill the first 5 stages specified earlier. At the 6th step follows:

  • Select the “Shop” command (located in the upper part of the application);
  • Go to the Music tab (in the lower left corner);
  • Select and buy your favorite song.
make, sound, alarm, clock, iphone

This method is paid. To use it, it is necessary to tie a card to your Apple ID. The average cost of one melody is 0.5-1. And if you do not mind such a price for a positive awakening in the morning, then you can safely buy good music and install it on the alarm clock.

How to adjust the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone

On your iPhone, first open the “Settings” application. In the settings, scroll a little down and click “Sounds”. If you do not have the option “sounds”, instead click “Sounds and Tactile sensations”.

On the page “Sounds” find the slider “Call and notification”.

To reduce the volume of the alarm clock, drag this slider to the left. To increase the volume, drag the slider to the right.

As an alternative, you can adjust the volume of the alarm clock using physical volume keys for your iPhone. To do this, on the “sounds” screen, turn on the “Change using buttons” parameter.

And now you can press the volume keys for your iPhone to adjust the volume of the alarm clock.

Want to play a little with your iPhone alarm clock settings? Try to change the tone of the alarm clock.

Remove all applications of the alarm clock

In addition to the native application for iOS, the Apple Store has many alternative options. If you have problems with your native application, and you have a application of the alarm clock, they can be the reason for the problem. The only way to check this is to remove applications.

HOW TO Change iPhone Alarm Volume! iPhone Clock App Guide

You can check how loud the signal will be on the screen setting screen. To do this, open the “Clock” application and go to the “alarm clock”. Click “Change” in the upper left corner and select “Sound”, then select the sound signal that you want to use.

The alarm clock will begin to play at the current volume of the call, how loud your alarm will be if you do not change the level later. To make it louder or quieter, just use buttons to adjust the volume while playing a test signal. applications

Using programs, you can change the volume of the alarm clock without changing the volume of the main sounds of the phone. The most popular alarm clocks in the AppStore- Alarmy and Sleepzy.

The ALARMY app is disconnected only after the owner of the phone solves several problems. Here you can change the melody, its volume and complexity of tasks.

The Sleepzy application has a sleep tracking function that calculates the sleep phases and selects the best time to awaken. Melodies in this alarm clock are growing gradually. But this is exactly what is so missing on the iPhone.

How to reduce/increase the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone

Apple smartphones are almost annually included in the tops of the best.selling devices. Like any other phone, the iPhone in standard functionality has an alarm clock. Users can set several signals for different times. One of the most common questions among beginners is how to increase the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone. This is done using standard settings.

Decrease or volume

Many users are not satisfied with the volume of the signal. Most often they try to increase it. This is not surprising, given how hard it is to get up in the morning. Sometimes, due to old age, the speaker is elementary in the phone, so the signal becomes tangibly weaker. If you do not want to risk numerous late work or study, then configure the sound level strictly for yourself.

Users mistakenly think that you can increase or reduce the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone in the alarm setting menu. Remember, in this section you can indicate only time, melody and repetition function. Volume runner is not here.

Add or reduce the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone according to the following instructions:

  • Go to the main settings of the smartphone (gear icon);
  • Go to the “Sounds” section (Sounds in the English version). In the section you will find a volume runner. To increase, pull it to the stop to the right side.
  • How to reduce the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone. just drag the sliders to the left side.

Please note that these settings relate not only to the volume of the alarm clock, but also. Simply put, the music that you put on an incoming call or SMS notification will play louder.

Alternative method of quick change. side volume buttons. To do this, in the “Sounds” section, you must enable the toggle switch “Change buttons”. After that, when adjusting the total volume, the sound level of the alarm clock will automatically change. Learn that some covers can worsen the sound volume, especially if they close the dynamics holes. applications

If the maximum volume level does not suit you, you can download free programs for iPhone. They have additional functionality for setting up the signal, and can also slightly increase the sound volume.

The list of the most popular applications includes an alarm clock, Alarmy and Sleep Better. Some of the applications have a paid subscription, which additionally expands the existing functionality.

If the sound level still does not suit you, you should contact the service center to diagnose the state of the dynamics. Sometimes the problem is solved by the simplest cleaning of the dust and fine garbage holes. In extreme cases, you will need to install a new speaker instead of worn out.

Nuances of the alarm clock on Apple technique

When using the alarm clock on the iPhone, you should know several features of its work:

  • You can turn off the repetition with the Home button during sound;
  • when pressing the Power button, the signal will be postponed;
  • The alarm clock is only triggered with active modes “do not disturb” or “without sound”.

Remember that if your phone is discharged, then the alarm clock cannot turn on. Also in new versions of iOS firmware, problems can be observed in the work of the alarm clock. As a rule, developers quickly eliminate them during updates.

How to set up an alarm clock on the iPhone

You can choose the volume, time, melody and set the name:

  • Go to the “Clock” program and select the “Alarm clock” tab.
  • Click on the “plus” in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll the time to the right.
  • If necessary, select the following parameters: “Repeat” (set the required amount of signal repetition and set the time of each repetition (for example, after 5 minutes), “label” (set a name that you will come up with), “sound” (select a melody for playback when triggered signal).
  • Save the changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

Hidden melodies of the alarm clock

With the advent of iOS 14, a sleep tracking function was added to smartphones. It is an alarm clock with additional parameters: monitoring the time of sleep and its analysis. But it is not necessary to use advanced tracking functions, you can turn on sleep tracking in order to use hidden melodies for the alarm. There are 9 additional melodies for awakening in the “Sleep tracking” parameter that you will not find in the standard “Alarm clock” on the iPhone.

  • Open the “Watch” → “Alarm Clock”.
  • Click “Configure” in the Son/Awakening section.
  • Activate the function and select the time for lifting.
  • After that you will see new melodies in the adjustment settings.

Flashes of the alarm clock

If you want a camera outbreak to blink the alarm clock, then turn on in the settings. a flash of warnings. But the iPhone will call, the outbreaks will also be.

If from all standard sounds you have not found a suitable musical composition that will wake you up in the morning, that is, two options:

  • Make and upload your ringtone, which can be selected as a melody of the alarm clock. the instructions for ringtones
  • Put some song from the application music on the call of your alarm clock-instructions

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