How To Turn Mobile Screen On And Off Without Pressing Power Button

Disconnect or set up the sleeping mode on Android: the screen will no longer go out!

The screen of mobile devices consumes most of the battery charge, therefore, to save charge, the screens go out after a few seconds of inaction, turning into sleep mode. It slows down the productivity of the device and limits the background processes, well, the screen extinguishes, this is undoubtedly excellent function, but sometimes it interferes with. If you read from a smartphone or like to look at the photos, then you have probably encountered the problem of the screen extinguishing at the wrong time. Fortunately, the function of transition into sleep mode can be configured or disconnected at all!

The easiest way to configure time before moving to sleep mode. This is to go to the settings and change the screen of the screen there, the time when you do not interact with the device. On some devices, it is possible to completely turn off the transition to sleep mode, there are few of them, basically you will have to be content with the maximum value of 30 minutes. If you need to turn off the transition completely, you will need to install an application or module for XPOSED, to your taste.

Why not turn off the screen during charging

It would seem why it is necessary? The answer lies in the question itself. Many developers need not to turn off the phone screen during the development of various applications to the phone. Everything exclusively in order not to unlock the phone every time. Developers who create programs for android often launch applications on the phone and that, for each capture of the phone, do not unlock it in the hand, such a function was invented.

It may seem that the phone screen will always “burn”, but this is not so. The phone screen will still be active the time that is installed in the settings. After that, the phone will simply become less bright. Thus, if you just slip down the screen, it will be ready for work again. And no passwords need to be entered.

This “feature” will be useful to users who actively use the phone, but with small intervals. For example, when you actively conduct correspondence with someone and do not want to, every time picking up the phone, unlock it.

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How not to turn off the screen while you look at Samsung

Another way to make the screen does not turn off is to use the branded setting from Samsung. Samsung screen will not turn off until you look at it. The front camera is used for this, so if you worry about your confidentiality, then it is better not to turn on this setting.

In order not to turn off the screen while you look, you need to open the settings and go to the additional functions section.

Install the switch at the item cannot be turned off when viewing.

Now the phone screen will not turn off while you look at it. If, from the point of view of confidentiality, this also does not suit you, you can use another way.

Why turn off the transfer of the phone into sleep mode

The most common reason to turn off the sleeping mode is to watch a video via a browser. Since some resources for video playback are not taken into account in the form of activity. A similar problem can be observed in some applications, such as streaming services. Therefore, in the settings of some applications, an option is provided not to disconnect the screen during video playback.

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The article describes in detail how to make the phone screen does not turn off. Deactivation of the sleeping mode is carried out in the screen settings. Sometimes the option is hidden in the section for developers. And in some applications, the developers integrate the option of turning off the transfer into sleep mode directly in the program settings.

And you use the sleeping mode? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев for what tasks you turn off this option.

How to make the screen not dodge in iOS

On iOS, cancel the automatic shutdown of the display can also be in several slippers.

Also, auto.blocking can be configured from the “battery” section. The screenshots are captured iOS 12.1 on iPad.

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It is difficult to imagine the scenarios in which an unnecessary display is needed constantly. And if it will not be noticeable when working a computer or laptop from the network, then on mobile devices it will be pretty to plant a battery. Therefore, do not forget to return the settings to the original, as soon as this option is no longer needed.

How harmful it can be

There are a lot of myths and legends around the sleeping mode. Some speaking that if you refuse to use it, the smartphone will quickly fail. When asked about whether this is really so, our specialist answers.

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First of all, the autonomy of the device will suffer. The phone will be open faster, since its screen will always be active.

Deactivation of the option will be dangerous only at the moment when the device is on charging. In the process of restoring energy, it already heats up, and with an active screen, the temperature of the case and internal elements will increase even more. This can lead to the combustion of the battery or the failure of the processor or operational memory unit.

Just while click the power button to block the device. If you interrupt the viewing of a video or playing party, block the screen, and then serious heating can be avoided.

Why does the screen go down on the phone while reading and what to do

Everything is quite simple, the problem is also that the sleeping mode is not tuned. How to install it for a longer period of time was said earlier. Having decided to put the phone and its screen on a longer period, the user automatically extends the reading process without the screen off.

As a rule, many programs are really installed only so that you can immediately read without a screen off. Indeed, there are such programs. If the user reads and he turns on the screen, then the application in which he reads the book is simply not adapted for such a function. It will be necessary to configure the mode of the sleeping screen so that you can read books without an extinct screen. This was discussed earlier.

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If nothing helped

If the user did not help the settings above, then he can try to install some programs that can be found in official sources. Of course, even if this did not help to solve the problems, you need to go to a specialist who works with phones and help to configure the phone.

If even after the settings, the user could not configure the sleeping mode, the problem is that the phone has internal downed processes that cannot be solved independently.

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As a rule, it is located above the screen next to the front camera. It is most often not visible, because the developers specially do this.

It is worth looking primarily at the services provided, as well as at the reviews that should be on official sites, on various forums.

Yes, but it is possible only if the user is really confident in his actions that he understands that he does, that he will not harm his device. In other cases, you should contact the master.