Smartphone quick recharging ways

In modern realities, quickly charge the phone with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries is not difficult. The main thing is to know the subtleties of the process. Let’s look at all the working methods in details.

The instruction is suitable for all models and brands: iPhone, alcatel, asus, lenovo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, Umidigi, Leagoo, Dexp, Oppo, Doogie, Huawei, Homtom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom and Tom.D. Version by: iOS or Android does not affect the process of filling the battery.

Ways of quick recharging

The following life hacks will help to accelerate charging the phone.

Use an adapter of fast charging

Not only the flagship models, but also budget smartphones acquire the support of the functions of Shustro charging that can restore the battery capacity by 50-70% in tens of minutes. After the voltage and, accordingly, the power issued by the adapter falls, the process slows down, and the battery is habitually charged. If the power of the ZU is left high throughout the process, the battery will overheat, which will accelerate its wear.

With the support of FAST, Quick Charge technology, or this is the advantage of it.

On Samsung devices, the function is included in the “Battery” section, usually located in the Settlement Settlement “Optimization”.

make, phone, charging, faster

Without Quick Charge, the battery will have to recover 2-3.5 hours.

Use the original adapter

Mobileum manufacturers (Honor, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung) recommend recharging them exclusively with the help of “native” or original chargers (ZU). Adapter with a similar connector from another smartphone or tablet differ in technical parameters (current, output voltage), performance quality. Bad charging purchased at the Chinese trading floors or in the nearest store, if the power source does not disable, then the restoration of its charge will slow down.

Remove the cover

Mobile devices are supplied mainly with lithium-ion batteries that can regularly function 3-5 years, provided that the proper operation. The cause of accelerated wear is the heating of the battery. When using a smartphone: restoration of battery capacity, launching heavy applications like games at high surrounding temperature (conditionally over 25 ° C) monitor the heating of the power source. At the time of charging a smartphone, the case should be removed from the device, and the device itself display down to improve heat transfer with the external environment.

Cleaning the garbage connector

The method consists in removing dust, fine garbage, stuffed in the phone connector designed to connect the. This is done using a toothpick, compressed air, but not a sharp metal object like a needle or paper clip.

Do not use the phone while charging

If the shutdown or transfer of the device into aircraft mode is unacceptable, it is left alone. The measure will reduce energy consumption during its replenishment.

Use only a socket (do not charge from a computer, cigarette lighter)

Adapters are designed to work at home from a network with a voltage of ~ 220 V. Then they give out a stable current of the desired value. USB computers of the specification 2.0 give out a current with a force of 500 mA (0.5 a) with a voltage of 5 V. In USB 3.0 current is increased to 0.9 and with the previous difference in potentials.

Chargers are able to generate a current of 1.5. 3 A at a voltage up to 15 V. For computers and many automobile cigarette lighters, such parameters are unattainable, and the smartphone when connecting to them, and not in a socket, is more slowly charged.

Disconnect synchronization by USB

When connecting a gadget to a computer or a USB laptop, synchronization of files that consume electricity is disconnected. HTC devices are automatically synchronized with PC, you cannot turn off the function.

Close all applications

All neglected applications gradually consume energy, which means they increase charging time. Therefore, all programs that even work in the background need to be closed. How to quickly charge the phone on Android:

Open a list of advanced applications. To do this, press and hold the central “home” button or slip by the “Last Appendices” button (may be located on the right or left).

A list of advanced applications windows will appear. Click on an icon in the form of an urn or button “Close everything”. Depending on the model of the device, this screen may look different.

Open the notifications panel and turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the transfer of mobile and geodata. To do this, make the swipe from top to bottom and make sure that the icons have a gray color.

For more confidence, activate the “flight mode”.

After that, just extinguish the phone screen and try not to touch it all this time. If the device is definitely not needed in the process of charging, then it is better to completely turn it off.

Clean the “Task Manager

If you need mobile communications, before blocking the phone, close all the applications that are now open (they are in the “Task Manager”). To get into the dispatcher, click the menu key (or another in the lower row: Home or “Back”). Which button applies in your case. depends on the model of the smartphone.

As a result, you will get on the menu with nauced mini-windows of open programs. To close the application, just brush it to the right or to the left or press it on the cross on the very tile of the window at the right. If you have a “close everything” button, use it right away.

Smell towards the tiles of all applications

Charging smartphone at room temperature

The phone is fastererates faster with very cold or very hot weather. Also, heat or cold is far from the best effect on the operation of the batteries of mobile devices. Charging will go faster if you charge the phone at room temperature.

In general, for batteries, both cold and heat are harmful. In the cold or in the heat (but especially in the cold) the battery can lose its container simply due to temperature. And the lower the battery capacity, the less energy can be given to it, respectively, the charge (time) of the charge is significantly lengthened.

Possible problems

Sometimes smartphone owners are faced with incomplete charging the battery, its absence or other similar problems. This does not mean that it’s time to change the battery. Before moving on to such measures, it is worth considering possible problems and the reasons for their occurrence.

Quickly discharges

If the phone has become poorly kept by the charge and it lasts only a few hours, you need to try to identify the reason for this. There may be several of them:

  • manufacturing defects;
  • software error;
  • The battery became unusable;
  • firmware problems;
  • constantly working communication modules;
  • GPS function turned on;
  • background applications;
  • background data exchange on the Internet;
  • The maximum brightness of the screen.

If the problem is the background processes, a bright screen, the constant operation of applications, and so on, you can independently correct the situation and limit the use of the phone when there is no need for this. The same applies to constantly working communication modules: if you are where it does not catch in touch, turn on the “in the plane” mode.

In other cases, it is better not to hesitate and contact the service center. If the problem has arisen on the new smartphone, return it under warranty or ask for a replacement.

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The level of charge froze on the spot

If the battery indicator freezes in one place, the reason for this may be the following:

  • Poor.quality adapter.
  • Update OS.
  • The wear of the adapter.
  • Charger malfunction.
  • Damage to the power controller.
  • Battle wear of “battery” by more than 70%.

In order not to make hasty conclusions, first of all reboot the phone. If this does not save the situation, make a smartphone calibration. If the battery indicator depends due to the controller’s software malfunction, the hardware reset should be performed, but do not forget to save all your data from the device before that.

If the problem is in the power source, contact the service center to replace it.

It doesn’t work

The first thing to do in this case is to try another charger. If there are no problems, it means that a faulty is native. If the problem remains when using another charging, it is worth examining the nest for damage and garbage.

The reason may be in ordinary pollution. In this case, you need to carefully clean the connector. If this did not help, it will need to replace it, which can only be done in the service.

The power supply units significantly

When power consumption from a wall outlet, a voltage of 220 volts is converted into 5 V used by the phone. This transformation process is not fully effective due to low efficiency. Approximately 70% scattered in the form of heat. This becomes particularly noticeable when using the fast charging function.

If the block heats up more than the prescribed, this may mean a serious problem with the memory or with the mobile phone. In this case, it is required to turn off the smartphone from the power source as soon as possible and check it in the service for damage.

How to speed up charging

To quickly recharge the phone, you need to learn more about the telephone battery and the principle of its operation, as well as what increases charging time. Consider each advice in more detail.

Flight mode

In this mode, all the wireless modules of the smartphone are blocked, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G. Since they no longer consume energy, charging the battery will happen a little faster.

Turning off the phone

In order for the device to charge quickly, it is necessary to limit the current battery energy consumption to the maximum. To do this, you can just turn it off.

The influence of sunlight

The lithium-ion battery is quickly discharged if you use the phone at minus temperature. Too high temperature also affects the speed of replenishment of the charge.

If you overheat the phone, for example, leaving it under the influence of open sunlight, the battery may work incorrectly.

How to make your phone charge faster

Why take off a cover

In order for the mobile phone to charge faster you can remove a cover or a bumper. This is especially true in the hot season, since the smartphone can overheat. The chilled battery will be charged much faster.

Cleaning the charging port

MicroUSB port is still used on most modern smartphones, which quickly clogs and breaks. The current force that the smartphone will receive depends on the serviceability of the nest. If it is clogged or faulty, the process can take more time more than usual.

If the cord leaves or falls out of the microUSB nest, try to clean it.

  • Disconnect the device, holding the power button.
  • Take the usual toothpick and carefully remove the garbage accumulated inside the nest during the years of operation. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the contacts.
  • Wind a little cotton wool on the tip of the toothpick and remove the remaining dust and dirt. Cotton fibers should be tightly twisted so that they do not get stuck in the nest and do not close the contacts. Do not use your ear stick because it is too large and can damage the entrance.

Instead of a toothpick with cotton, you can use a regular brush. However, at first, large garbage will still have to be removed.

If after cleaning the nest nothing has changed, it will have to be replaced. It will not work on your own, so you have to contact the service center.

How simple and quickly completely discharge the smartphone battery

What safe discharge methods can be used?

Launch of a flashlight and wireless technologies

Turn on on the phone “Wi-Fi”. If you can connect to some router, do it. Activate “Bluetooth” and a flashlight (to shine a flash of a phone). How to do it quickly and just on Android, if you have version 5.0 and above: draw a finger on the screen with your finger. the area for notifications and the table with icons will open. Here, find the wi-fi icons, Bluetooth and the “flashlight” icon icon. Slide on them to include functions.

By the way, put the brightness of the screen to the maximum using a horizontal level in the same area with icons.

Through the upper curtain, you can immediately turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data transfer (mobile Internet)

make, phone, charging, faster

We use installed applications, turn on music and video

Open as many programs as possible, leave them to work in the background. The more applications work, the more resources the system consumes and the more actively the charge is consumed. In the browser, for example, you can launch some voluminous file from the Internet, for example, a film, if you have an unlimited tariff.

The “Task Manager” should have many tiles of programs that will work in the background

Turn on the video on the phone or music. If you don’t want to watch or listen right now, just connect the headphones to the smartphone-let the sound play there.

Using special applications

In Play Market you can find special applications that can quickly discharge your battery. They work on the same principle that we wrote about earlier: include certain functions in the phone that consume the most charge. The program usually lists what functions can be turned on. you just choose the necessary ones and activate them at the same time with one click. It’s convenient. you don’t need to do it manually.

Consider the work in such a program on the example of the Fast category application:

  • Go to Play Market by link or find manually an application in the store on the phone. Download and install the program.
  • Run the application and select what functions you need to start the utility for the fastest discharge of your “battery”.

Choose all points if possible and click on DischaRge IncePtion

  • high load on the processor;
  • flash light (the same flashlight);
  • maximum screen brightness;
  • GPS function;
  • vibration;
  • The Internet connection (including mobile. involves the inclusion of data transfer, for this a fee from your mobile account may be charged).

Do not forget to follow the temperature of the battery. With strong load on the phone, it may start to heat up. You need to keep a level not higher than 50 ° C. For control, for example, you can use the “processor temperature” application. It shows the temperature not only for CPU, but also for the battery. If the temperature increases, reduce the load on the phone or completely disconnect it for some time.

How is not recommended to act so as not to harm the phone accumulator

On the network you can find some unsafe methods of discharge of the phone. For example, using two bare wires or a cut plug from a charger cable. We do not recommend using these methods extremely. Discharge should occur in a natural way. through an increase in the load on the phone using installed applications, wireless technologies, etc. D.

You need to discharge the phone in a natural way. that is, use only functions and installed programs. Turn on applications so that they work in the background, start downloading volumetric files from the Internet. You can also immediately activate GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies. All this can be turned on simultaneously to accelerate the discharge. But do not forget to follow the temperature of the battery and, in principle, the phone.