The first and most common way is to use a special USB cord. OTG. To do this, the device must support the OTG function. You can check support through the OTG TROBLESHOOTER application. In theory, most modern phones (starting with Android 2.3) support this technology.

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Next, you need to connect the USB cable. OTG to the gadget, from which another phone will be charged. Next, the return end of the USB. OTG insert into the cutting phone connector.

Ready. Now the charging of the smartphone will begin automatically. The main drawback of this method is slow charging. For example, 5% of the charge of a discharged smartphone can “replenish” for 15-20 minutes. To charge one smartphone from another 100% will not work, the second too parallel to discharge.

How to charge the Android phone faster

1 turn it off

The turn off the phone connected to the charging is charged the fastest. If there is no need to wait for a call or SMS, and there is an opportunity to live for 30 minutes without your device. do it.

2 transfer to air mode

So we will turn off the extra functions, such as communication, the Internet and SMS. The smartphone simply will not spend a charge on them and, as a result, rather become completely charged.

3 use a charger or input USB 3.0

The device will be charged faster from the charger, especially if there is a quick support support for charging. The charger gives a greater voltage, and not all USB ports give it evenly. USB 2.0. 2.5 watts, USB 3.0. 4.5 watts. Charger on average. 5 watts.

Interesting! From Power Bank and wireless charging the device will be charged slower. But, there are good options, if you choose one. read the reviews first.

4 good cable

Never noticed that some cables charge a smartphone better than others? Often this happens due to the fact that the lace becomes old or simply poorly made. In this case, you just need to purchase normal.

5 do not use the device while charging is going on

Do not use the smartphone while it is charged, otherwise the process will go longer, in some cases much longer. So just put it off for a while.

Important! About how to extend the life of the battery, we examined in detail in the material. the charging of the phone. There you will find instructions on how to do it right and what you should never do at all.

other methods

Other methods, such as using special applications-if they work, they do about the same thing as the air mode. There is no sense in using them and they cannot extend the operation of the device, on the contrary, they plant it even more even more.

Remove the case before connecting to the charger. also does not need. This will not affect speed at all.

The fact that you will check the charge by activating the screen will also not affect the final time of the full charge, so it’s okay.

If you are not at home

Ask to charge the phone in some store. Such a service officially is in the communication salons of different operators. If you eat in a taxi, almost any taxi driver agrees to put you a smartphone for charging during a trip, if the cable coincides. The charging sat in the subway is not a problem, now at almost all stations you can recharge your device.

In general, I recommend always carrying a cable with you. There is such a good thing-USB faces C Lightning or Type-C. It looks like a simple keychain and, if desired, you can always charge the phone. You can even just hang it on a handbag. it will be convenient for girls.

And finding a USB port I think there will be no problem, unless of course you are in the forest, but there is also a solution option.

Sun batteries charging

Users who prefer outdoor activities, but do not want to completely part with the benefits of civilization, need to purchase charging for their phone that works on sunny batteries. This device is a small power supply equipped with photocells. Absorbing the energy of a daylight, the device fits it to the connected device, which allows you to replenish the supply of its battery. Of course, the effectiveness of this method greatly depends on weather conditions.

Only owners of smartphones with a removable battery will be able to use this method. It is necessary to remove the battery from the phone, and then place it in a universal charging. At the same time, you need to make sure that polarity (plus and minus) on the battery and terminals of the device are opposite. After the “frog” is connected to the outlet, the recharging process will begin.

Is it possible to charge the phone without charging (original charger)

If you do not have an original charger (USB cable or adapter, which is inserted into a socket), this does not mean that you cannot replenish the energy supply of your smartphone. There are other charging methods. An alternative way to choose depending on the type of mobile device: a regular button phone, a modern smartphone on “Android” or “iPhone”.

Let’s talk about charging methods when there is no memory at hand (charger).

Using a USB cable

If you do not have an adapter that connects to an electric outlet, but has a USB cable, connect it to a free exit on the computer. Charging will be, but still the process will go.

The phone is charged from the PC longer than from the network

You can insert the same cable into the adapter, which is connected to the cigarette lighter. While the car goes, the phone will be charged.

If you have an iPhone you do not need a regular USB-MicroUSB cable, but a cord with a Lightning connector. The “Android” phone cable is not suitable for “iPhone”.

Using a power supply (“frog”)

This method is universal. it is suitable for ordinary button phones and smartphones, if, for example, you have broken out, intended for the memory, or if you have no adapter or USB cable. “Frog” is a power supply that charges the battery separately from the phone. That is, you get the battery from the phone and insert it into the clamp.

The Frog may have light indicators or display

Moving sliders should come into contact with the extreme contacts of the battery. In this case, the polarity of the contacts must be observed. negative contact is connected to a negative slider, and positive contact with a positive slider. Polarity is usually indicated next to the contacts. Connect the frog with the battery inside to the outlet. Indicators should light up if you correctly connected contacts to the sliders.

How To Make A Simple Hand-Crank Phone Charger

The minus of the method is a longer charging that will take about 2. 3 hours. When the process ends, a green light should light up. Another drawback. the contacts of the batteries scratch from the metal sliders “Frog”. This can in the future bring them unusable.

How to charge smartphone without charger| 100% WORKING DIY Hack

You will not be able to use a “frog” if you have a phone with an inconspicuous battery. It is also impossible to turn on the charging through the nest of headphones, therefore, if you had a charging slot broken, you will have to fix it. To do this, contact the service center.

Using an external battery

The external “battery” is a device with a battery inside, which stores energy for charging different mobile devices, including phones, fitness braces, Bluetooth headphones, etc. D.

They are connected to them using the USB-MicroUSB cable, which comes with the “battery”. After connecting using the cable, you just need to click on the power button on Power Bank. the charge will immediately go.

The external battery will charge your phone as quickly as the original charging

There are also wireless Power Bank options. Here, to connect the phone, you just need to put it on the external battery. But at the same time, the phone should also support wireless charging, and this function is available only in the most modern smartphones, so wired banks are most often used.

The capacity of the Power of Banks is different. It is better to take the battery from 10,000 mAh. This volume will allow you to charge the phone 3-4 times. The battery with this volume can be bought for 1 thousand. rubles and even less.

Power Bank will not work for you if you have an old button phone, where the charging nest is not in the shape of a port of MicroUSB.

make, phone, charges, charging

With the help of improvised means

Your jeans will help to revive the battery a little. Remove the battery from the phone, rub it on denim fabric or on nylon tights. Static voltage will appear in the battery. Thus, you can get 1. 2 percent of the charge. Hurry them to use them to make an important call or send SMSKU.

You can just rub the jeans battery to get a couple of percent of the charge

Another tricky way is to use adhesive tape. They need to seal the average contact of the battery, which is only responsible for transmitting data on its condition (temperature, charge percentage). Even if your phone has turned off due to the fact that energy has ended in it, this does not mean that it does not have left in the battery. Just the average contact could translate the wrong information to the phone. If you seal with tape the average connector, you will “deceive” the phone. as a result, you can use the last percent of the energy that are actually in the battery.

If it turned out that you have 4 contacts on the battery, you need to close 3 or/and 4 contact.

We charge the battery directly

If the smartphone nest is broken, you can try to charge the battery directly. To do this, first remove it from the phone, then cut off the plug from the charger and clean the wires going to charging. Most often, a red wire has a positive polarity (plus), and black. negative (minus).

Check what voltage is supplied to which wire, you can use a voltmeter. We apply the wires to the battery connectors and fix them using island or tape. Now the charger can be inserted into the outlet.

Attention! You can not charge the battery for a long time. During charging, it is necessary to control the process from time to time. If the battery begins to bask or swell strongly, you need to immediately remove the charging from the outlet.

You can also use a special device, which is popularly called “Frog” to charge the phone. To do this, you need to remove the battery from the phone and insert it into the device. Then combine the battery connectors and gadget. Two extreme contacts are usually used to connect the battery.

To verify the correctness of the connection, you need to press the button of those that are most often located on the “frog” on the left. With the correct connection, the Con indicator should light up. In some gadgets there are no button, and the CON LED lights up at the time of connection of the battery. To change polarity, you need to click on the button with. If there are no indicators or test buttons on your device, then most likely your device is equipped with a polarity determination system.

Now insert a “frog” with the battery into the outlet. After that, the PW indicator (or Power) should turn on. When Full LED lights up, it will be possible to turn off the power from the network and remove the battery.

Universal charger

There is a universal charger for the battery of mobile devices. The people are called “toad” or “frog”. If you put it on the table, it will really resemble this animal. The method is not so dangerous. But the battery can still break. It is better not to abuse them. And replenish energy only when there is no other way out.

Here’s how to charge a phone battery without a phone:

  • Turn off the device and pull the battery out of it.
  • Find contacts on it-metal inserts, next to which there are designations “” (“plus”) and “-” (“minus”).
  • Open the lid “Frogs”. To do this, press a finger on its edge. it will rise.
  • There are two terminals inside.
  • Then figure out how to charge the battery without a phone directly will simply. Insert the battery into the “Forture charger” so that two extreme contacts join the terminals. See that the “pros” and “minuses” coincide.
  • Close the lid. She will press and fix the device.
  • Insert the charger into the outlet. The red indicator should turn on.
  • If the light does not light up, then something was done wrong. Try to turn the phone battery turn over. Suddenly “pluses-minuses” did not match.

A special gadget will allow you to charge the lia separately from the phone

make, phone, charges, charging

“Frog” is suitable for lithium-ion batteries. The characteristics of the gadget should indicate “Lithium-ando” or “Li-Ion”. This is written on his case.

With the help of a frog

The frog means universal charging for batteries of mobile phones, which is suitable for any model. The name was obtained thanks to external similarities with the amphibian. To use this method, you will need:

  • Pull the battery.
  • Determine the poles of contacts. Typically, next to metal inserts there are designations “” and “-“.
  • Open the frog.
  • Lean the battery so that the frog contacts coincide with the battery contacts.
  • Insert the device.
  • A specific light will begin to glow as a signal of the start of charging.

The method is good because it allows you to replenish electricity without a cable. The downside is that the properties of a charged object may be lost.