How to make a collage from the photo on the phone

Collages. a fairly popular function when editing photos. To create them, you just need to open the desired program or site and start creating.

First you need to figure out what collage is generally. The collage is a set of photos or pictures, combined into one photo. Create a collage from photos in two ways:

  • “Manual” way. In this case, a large sheet of paper, cardboard, board and t.D., Next, with the help of glue, all photos are applied to it, as well as various pictures and cuts from newspapers. in general, everything that is just enough fantasy.
  • The second option is automatic or computer. In this case, the collage is created using special telephone or computer programs, where collages are created from those photos that are stored in the device’s memory. This option is easier to implement, because there is no need to spend time on cutting pictures, as well as anywhere you do not need to store them.

best free photocoltages for iphone 11 / xs / xr / x / 8/7

Wondershare Filmora is our self-developing video editing software that can be used on Windows and Mac computers. There are many effects and patterns for expanding the capabilities of your frames, and you can take a picture from the clip and make it in the form of photocollage or thumbnails YouTube.

Photocollage made using Filmora

Talking history through pictures is an interesting way to share your favorite photos of the iPhone with friends, regardless of whether you are doing this with the help of online creators of collages or using applications for creating collages, and every free app for the iPhone for iPhone listed below, significantly Eliminate this task.

App Price Rating User Supported OS
DIPTIC Purchase in the Appendix 4.7 iOS 9.1 or later
Moldiv Purchase in the Appendix 4.7 iOS 11 or later
Pizap photo editor Purchase in the Appendix 4.6 iOS 12.2 or later
Layout From Instagram For free 4.5 iOS 8.0 or later
PICSART PHOTO COLLAGE MAKER Purchase in the Appendix 4.7 iOS 11.0 or later
COLLAGE MAKER. Mixgram Editor Purchase in the Appendix 4.6 iOS 11.0 or later
Pic Stitch. Collage Editor Purchase in the Appendix 4.7 iOS 11.0 or later
Photo Collage. COLLAGEABLE Purchase in the Appendix 4.eight iOS 12.0 or later
Pic Jointer. Photo Collage In App Purchase 4.6 iOS 10.0 or later
Piccollage Purchase in the Appendix 4.eight iOS 10.3 or later
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Pixlr. Free photo editor

Autodesk Pixlr Image Editing Tool is also available for your mobile phone and is ideal for collages. You can download it quickly and safely under these lines.

Pixlr. Very good photo editing application, wherever you are, without losing the clock and hours in front of your PC. In addition to improving pictures and selfie, you can also make photomontizes due to the extensive choice of predefined patterns. Simply select the template you like, select your photos and mix them like you want. After the process is completed, save your masterpiece into the phone gallery or share it with family and friends.

Pixlr is ideal if you are looking for a good balance between a simple but powerful graphic editor and a good tool for creating collages.


Unfold was invented by the famous architect Alphonse Cobo after he desperate to find a suitable application for creating a photo portfolio for one of the exhibitions. Having enlisted with the support of the entrepreneur Andy Mac Kune, he created his own application.

In January 2018, a project called Unfold was launched, which immediately attracted great attention to himself. Google called this application one of the best in the outgoing year, the same did both Apple in 2019. Despite the almost complete absence of an advertising campaign, Unfold managed to conquer support from many media personalities, such as Alisha Kiz, Ashley Tisdale and Camila Cable.

Unfold has an impressive library of 200 filters, backgrounds, fonts, stickers and templates, from the simplest to frankly eccentric. Although the download is free, to access a complete set of tools, still have to purchase an unfold subscription for modest 3 dollars per year.


This application from Instagram has become a hit immediately after the release. Although there are no stickers, filters, color corrector and many other tools in Layout, it is possible to comply with several pictures in it during seconds and adjust their location to your taste. All because the Layout inteeis is great for small touch displays.

How to make a collage on the phone

This learning video will show you how to make a collage of photos online from the phone on MyCollages.

Create collages online using Mycollages.RU is easy and simple. Inteeis design adjusts to your device whether phone or computer. Therefore, it does not matter where you are at home or on the road, convenient service for photocoltles you are always at hand.

Below is a small instruction How to create a collage of photos online from the phone

Open the page to create collages. Click on the template selection button, and select the collage template from the menu that appears.

Using the settings menu, select the options you need.

Download photos to the template with the download button buttons. After downloading the photo you can use the built-in image editor. To edit a downloaded photo, click the Edit Photo Button

If you click on the photo edit button, an additional settings menu will appear on top. You have a chance:

  • Amend image size
  • Move Image
  • Reflect image vertically
  • Reflect the image horizontally
  • Rotate the image clockwise 90 degrees
  • Rotate the image counterclockwise 90 degrees
  • Add filters for photo
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When all photos are loaded into the template, press the storage hack and the resulting collage will be saved to your device.

Methods for creating photocollage

The first to advise me to do. go to the standard Gallery application (or what you use on the phone to view the photo) and check in its functions, is there any cherished option there.

For example, on my Samsung’s device there is an option “Creation of a collage” (it is certainly not very functional, but in general, nothing is nothing).

Create collage. gallery. Samsung phone

After it starts, it will only be left to choose the desired photos and layout. As you see from the example below. There are a variety of options: horizontal, vertical, etc. (plus every photo inside your rectangle can be moved or rotated. ).

As a result, in 2-3 minutes., You can get something similar to what is presented with me in the example.

In addition, I recommend paying attention to another embedded application (which is on most smartphones). Google-photo.

In the “Tools” subsection, there is a photo collage creation wizard. it works automatically: it is enough to choose from 2 to 9 photos. Functionality is not so rich as special. photo edits. but still.

Applications for photosol for Android

Top 1: Photo Grid. Creator video and photo collage

Photoset This is an application for photocollages that automatically creates grids based on the number of photos of your chosen. There are more than 300 photo frames for collages, 100 steep backgrounds, 500 stickers and 700 fonts. If you want to tell a long story, use the “Film” functions for multimedia, text and stickers. You can also use the photo collage application to export high-resolution images on social networks.

Top 2: MOLDIV. Multifunctional photo editor

MOLDIV combines text signature, image filters, borders, fun backgrounds and multimedia files. The application for photocoltles includes 50 photo effects, 200 frames, 200 stamps and bubbles with text, 40 palettes of colors and 80 templates. With the help of a simple, but modern means of creating collages you can create stunning collages, such as posters, thematic albums or magazines. And you can share an attractive collage in high resolution on your phone or tablet.

TOP 3: PIXLR. Editor and editor collage Pro

PixLR has full control over the photo collage in every detail. Compared with other applications for photocoltles, it can provide the function of rotation and resizing, as well as use automatic correction. You just need to press the button so that the application for photocollages adjust the brightness, contrast saturation. And the comparison function allows you to immediately see the changes. Additional tools to remove the effect of red eyes and whiten the teeth are also available in the application.

Top 4: Pic Collage. Story, Grid Photo Editor

Pic collage similar to Photo Grid and other photo collage applications. A distinctive feature of applications for photocollages is the ability to import video from YouTube. You can also execute a web search in the photo application you want to enable. Editing functions allow you to use effects, add borders, use scissors, install background and copy files. Application app for photocollages can combine photos in the collage with ease.

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Top 5: Fotor. Photocollage and photo effects

Fotor is a popular application for photocoltles and a photo editor for all platforms. In the program 13 scenes options, 100 filters and effects. It supports Association of 9 photos in one collage and can pixel image content with new pixel brush function. You can also use photo editing features to improve the images before creating multiple images in photo collage.

Top 6: Photocollage Editor. Editor Photo Frame

Photocollage editor This is a special tool for creating photocoltles from images on your smartphone. It has many templates, frames and layouts to create photo collage. Take advantage of the enlarged function of the embedded application for photocollages before creating a photo collage or add text and stickers to photo collage. It can help you share it on social networks or save to your phone.

Top 7: Art of Photocollages. Special framework for collage

Stock Foto Collage art is an application for photocollages in which there are frames for selfie or portraits. Usually themes are associated with landscape or landscapes, such as Lotus, Flowers and Beach landscapes. Whether it is a memorable event, a party, graduation, wedding or any other moment you want to share, you can use the creator of photocoltles to make it even more memorable.

Layout From Instagram

Make unique collages in this application

Useful application that allows you to create beautiful.

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