How to make an emoji iPhone on Android

In messages with one emoticon or emoji (whatever you like), you can express your emotions, or say that in words you can describe in three to five words, so emoticons are in demand in messages, chats and other correspondence. If you look objectively at the emoji style in Android and iOS, the latter OS has a prettier one and can vividly show the unsaid. What to do if you have an Android device? Set emoji on Android as on iPhone.

It’s just that Apple designers have a more responsible approach to their work, and don’t immediately draw a small picture of an emotion, but first create a larger version, drawing all of its elements to the smallest detail, and only then reduce. As a result, and a smaller version of Apple’s emoji, as they should be called, is better than Google’s.

However, Android users have the ability to transfer the emoji from iOS to themselves. However, to do this, you’ll have to change the built-in keyboard:

  • Authorize to open all the themes and styles (you can skip);
  • On the subscribe page, click the cross in the upper right corner;
  • Go to any messenger and call up a keyboard;
  • Tap the emoji button and send them to your interlocutor.

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It is important to understand that emoji is only the external design of a set of Unicode characters, which iOS and Android, though interpreted in the same way, but visualize differently. So, if you send those emoji that you accessed with Kika Emoji Keyboard to an Android user, he will see them in the version that they are embedded in the firmware of his smartphone. So chances are, he won’t even know you’ve sent him emojis from iOS.

How to install iPhone smileys on the Samsung keyboard a22, a31, a10, a02, a30, a12, a31, a52, a21s, m11

Many owners of Samsung phones a22, a31, a10, a02, a30, a12, a31, a52, a21s, m11 and you can do it in a minute.

I don’t mean copy and paste, but install the new iPhone smiley faces 2021 on the keyboard with the ability to put everywhere.

Yes most likely will not work (I have not checked) put in WhatsApp, tick tock, instagram on a green or black background, because they have no background.

But you may as well use my instructions not only on Samsung, but also on Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei Honor, realmi, oppo, zte.

How to put iPhone emoticons on Android 10 in Samsung a51 or a50 and others

Want to do iPhone emoticons on android 10. I will show on the example of Samsung a51, but with others like a50 or a30, a10, a30s, a71 everything is similar.

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Just go and put them will not work as the system will write to you that they are not supported. So it is necessary to make a move. I know a few ways, although at the time of writing I couldn’t find any on the web.

I’ll share the easiest one. What’s the disadvantage?? Except that the iPhone emoticons will not be able to put on the Samsung keyboard.

This is a problem? Of course not, the one that will be in many ways even better. it looks exactly more beautiful, and changes to the original in a few seconds.

The process consists of two manipulations. It is not difficult and can be done by anyone, even a child. Let’s go.

How to install iPhone Emojis on Android

Even if you love your Android phone, you may still want to install and send emojis such as on the iPhone to your friend with Android. After all, they’re quite elegant. While emojis on iPhone and Android devices are technically the same, they have slight differences in design, and iPhone emojis are really cool.

The good news is that there are iOS emojis for Android as well, and they are easy to set up; no changes needed. All you have to do is install the app, and you’ll be up to speed on your new fancy emoji in no time. Here’s how to get iPhone emojis for Android so you can join the fun with emoji. I suggest you also read the topic “How to make your own emoji on iPhone and Android”.

How to put an iPhone keyboard on the Xiaomi without third-party apps

How to put an iPhone keyboard on your Xiaomi

How to put iPhone 8 Emoji keyboard on Android

To get Apple emojis, you need to download an app that allows you to install iPhone emoji on Android. You have two options:

If you want to install your own emoji emulator app:

Visit the Google Play store and search for “iPhone 8 Emoji Keyboard,” or “Kika Keyboard” if the former is missing from the store.

There are many apps out there for entertainment, many of which are free. Some of the most popular. Is Kika Emoji, Swiftmoji, Facemoji, Emoji Keyboard. Color Emoji and Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 5.

Select the emoji app you want to use, download and install.

Open “Settings” “Keyboard Settings.

On most Android devices, you need to select a language and select them.

You will see a list of available keyboards. Select the emoji keyboard you just installed.

All done! Now you can use Apple emojis on your Android device.

If you want to try the popular app additional fonts for emoji:

Visit the Google Play store for Emoji Flipfont 5.

Once you have found the app, download and install it.

Go to Settings, then select Screen Settings.

Select the font style. Make sure you can change the fonts. Select one font, then return it to its default.

If all goes well, choose Emoji Font 5.

All set! You can now use Apple emojis on your Android device.

You no longer have to settle for emojis, which have become a standard for your Android. Since you now have iPhone emojis on Android, you can have fun including these neat emojis when you text your friends, family and colleagues who have iPhones. And you can enjoy the cool, sleek design of an iPhone that’s familiar, while still keeping your favorite Android system. Don’t know how to use emojis in Windows 10, read this topic.

New iPhone emoji on Android: how to install

In other words, if you like and know how to communicate with emoticons, with iOS emoji to do it will be more convenient and easier. Another thing is that it’s hardly worth swapping Android for an iPhone just for the sake of it.

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This means that you have to figure out how to set an emoji from iPhone to Android in a way that is fast, painless, and free.

It seems like there is nothing difficult. you can find a bunch of relatively easy ways on the Internet in a couple of minutes. However, as we quickly found out, most of them do not work (applications often only translate emoji without preserving functionality).

And we found only a few working methods, of which one is very simple, another. also simple, but not suitable for all Android-smartphones, and one is also universal, but more troublesome, because it requires root rights. These are the three ways we are going to talk about.

How to set an emoji from iPhone to Android

The #1 way is to put the emoji from iPhone to Android without root

make, iphone, emoticons, samsung
  • download and install the iPhone iOS Emoji for KeyboardEmoticons mobile application on your smartphone (link to APK file);
  • Next, download and install the application Kika Keyboard (link on Google Play), it is also free;
  • After that, go to the Smartphone Settings and set Kika Keyboard as the main keyboard;
  • test (open Messages, press the button with the emoji, select the appropriate one, paste, etc.).д.).

#2 put emoji from iPhone to Android without root

This method, as we said, works, but not on all smartphones. But it is guaranteed to work for HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi models (other brands we have not checked yet). In general, we do the following:

  • go to Smartphone Settings and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  • If you have an old Android (before version 6.0.), then download and install the Emoji Font 3 (link to the APK file), if you use a smartphone with Android 6.0 and newer, then put Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 5 (link on Google Play);
  • Once the installation is complete, go back to Settings, tap Screen and then Fonts;
  • download and install as a default keyboard the official Gboard (link);
  • Test (open Messages, press the smiley button, choose the right one, paste, etc.д.).

#3 how to install emoji from iPhone to Android via root

This method is understandably more complicated, but purely technically more competent than both of the previous. Therefore if you have already solved the issue with the root of your smartphone, and you also know how to work with Magisk, it is better to use this method. In general, the procedure for installing is standard:

Look for a convenient keyboard with a huge number of different themes and smiley icons? Then pay attention to the free Facemoji app. It can be installed on any smartphone from Play Market. And after that we do the initial configuration and activation of the emoji:

  • When you first start up, select “Enable Facemoji Keyboard. The settings page opens, where we move the slider to the right next to the name of the application.
  • Return back to the program and click on “Choose Facemoji Keyboard. In the menu that appears, click on the name of the app you just installed.
  • In the program settings you can change the keyboard style, size and language layout. Although the default theme is nice enough.
  • Well, let’s see what emoticons are available here. To do this we open the notes and try to start typing. In the top panel of the keyboard, we click on the emoji icon and see a huge number of available stickers. And as it turns out, many of them are really similar to the ones used in iPhones.
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Samsung Galaxy Devices : How To Get iOS Emojis On Your Phone?

If you have the time and desire, you can find other similar applications on Google Play. The principle of using them is the same: turn on the keyboard in the settings and select it as the default input device.

Use the keyboard add-on with smiley faces

Some keyboards, such as Kika Keyboard, allow you to change the emoticons. Kika Keyboard. a popular keyboard that includes customization options and vibrant skins. Kika Keyboard downloads and uses emojis. which are quite similar to Apple’s. If you don’t have anything else working, Kika Keyboard won’t, no ROOT or custom settings required.

  • Open the Play Store and download Kika Keyboard.
  • Download and install Kika Keyboard on your device.
  • Open Settings General Settings.
  • Select Language and Input Default Keyboard.
  • Turn on Kika Keyboard.
  • When you open the app that displays the keyboard, tap the keyboard icon. It’s usually located in the bottom right corner of the keyboard.
  • Go to the home screen and open Kika Keyboard.
  • Inside the Kika Keyboard app, select Settings.
  • Under “Emoji,” select the style you like.
  • Likee are pretty close in appearance to those Apple. Press OK to add new emoticons to your list.
  • You’ll now be able to use iOS-like emoticons in your correspondence, when taking notes, and in other Android apps.

Is it possible to install emoji on Android as on the iPhone

Android users began to find workarounds in order to install on their phone the same emoji as on the iPhone.

Indeed, it is possible to set the emoji the same as on the iPhone. Please note that these are unofficial smileys. You will have to install additional utilities and programs. There are two ways:

Both methods are effective, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. It should also be said that rooted rights is something that the user must install on their own.