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Other solutions to have black Instagram

Your Android Smartphone Can’t Be Updated to Version 9.0 Google Operating System? Are you in the possession of an old iPhone and have no way to turn on the dark theme because you can’t update to iOS 13? If so, keep reading this guide of mine; I will tell you a few solutions for having a black instagram.

How to make Instagram black on iPhone

Having explained what the black theme is for, I would say that you are ready to customize it in the official Instagram iPhone app.

To begin with, in order to get a dark theme in a social network application, you need to activate the dark mode en configuration of your device. On iPhone, this feature is available from iOS 13; hence, if your mobile phone can be updated to a newer version of the Apple operating system, this should already be done.

If yes, go to iOS configuration by clicking the gear icon located on the home screen. Then tap Display & Brightness, then tap Oscuro to activate dark mode.

Once this is done, dark mode will also be automatically enabled in all applications that support it. So, starting Instagram you should automatically see a black background.

If dark mode on Instagram isn’t active yet, make sure you update the app to the latest version available. So go to the iOS App Store (the “A” icon is white on a blue background), then tap your profile icon located in the upper right corner and look for the Instagram update on the next screen that appears. If successful, click the Update button to update the application.

Plus, you don’t want to worry about app updates anymore, I remind you that you can also activate automatic app updates.

To do this, go to the Settings of the iTunes Store and App Store and go up the EN lever is located in accordance with the wording of App Updates. In that sense, in case of doubts or problems, refer to my guide on how to update apps on iOS.

How to make Instagram black on Android

If you are wondering how to activate the dark theme in the Instagram app for Android, you should know that this setting is automatically activated after enabling the dark theme in the device settings.

In this regard, I inform you that Dark Mode on Android is available from Android 9.0. With that said, to activate it, go to configuration (app with gear icon), find the monitor entry in the menu that opens and touches the Theme item. to activate dark mode.

If you have a Huawei smartphone, to do this, you must go to the Settings Battery menu and move on EN writing Dark color interface.

After completing this operation, the dark mode will be automatically applied to all applications that support it, and therefore on Instagram you can see the applied black background.

If you have problems activating this mode, check for updates for Instagram.

Then tap the Play Store icon located on the home screen of your mobile phone, tap on the My Apps & Games item in the side menu, see the Updates tab and click the Update button to start updating the Instagram app, if available.

Alternatively, if you no longer want to worry about manually updating apps, you can enable automatic updates via the menu. configurations from the Game Store.

On this screen, tap Automatic app update and activate editing Wi-Fi only o Any network to automatically update apps over Wi-Fi or even a data network. In case of doubt or issues with updating apps, see my tutorial on this topic.

How to get black Instagram

You use Instagram a lot and open the app of this famous social network as soon as possible to see Stories and messages from your followers. Even if you know that you need to limit your “addiction” a little, you often browse Instagram even at night, and, unfortunately, your eyes suffer. Thus, you would like to know, while you are waiting to restrict the use of social media, there is a dark theme to use the application without straining your eyes too much. So it is, right? Then don’t worry: Instagram has officially introduced support for the dark theme, so if you want I can help you and explain in detail how to proceed with activation.

In fact, in today’s tutorial, I will explain how to have black instagram on both Androids like an iPhone so that you can use this feature on all your devices. Obviously, all this without going through strange third-party applications (which may contain malware) or hacking, but simply using the own characteristics of the Operating system or as an alternative to the browser installed on your mobile device.

Courage: what are you doing there motionless in front of the screen? Want a dark mode on Instagram? I would say yes, since you’ve come this far and are reading this guide. You just need to take a vacation for yourself and put into practice the quick instructions below. I assure you that you will reach your goal in no time. Having said that, I have no choice but to wish you good reading and fun.

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  • iPhone

Before getting into the details of the procedure in How to have a black Instagram, I think you will be interested in learning more about Dark Mode and why it might be useful.

Well, developers usually implement a dark theme to keep users calm, especially when using mobile devices in Dim light. In addition, the dark theme allows the ahorra battery, especially in relation to mobile phones with an OLED panel and therefore can reproduce absolute black by disabling the pixels that reproduce this color.

In short, having one available Dark Mode for Instagram can be especially beneficial for both your health and your cell phone (or tablet). In this sense, below you will find all the details of the case to continue as in Android in iPhone.


En Android, a solution to tweak Instagram’s Dark Mode to go through the Social Network Web and Chrome, Google’s home browser.

In fact, Google’s mobile browser has its own dark theme that works on Instagram as well. If you don’t have Chrome, just open the Play Store, search for “Google Chrome”, Click the application icon (a circle with classic colors green, red, yellow and blue) and click the Install on PC button on the screen that opens to install the popular browser application.

After launching the application, click on Address bar at the top and write chrome: // flags via the virtual mobile phone keyboard. At this stage, use the search bar present in the upper left corner of the entry dark mode “.

After that, click on the default button placed next to the items Android Dark Mode Chrome UI es Android Web Content Dark Mode select the Enabled article and click the blue Restart now button located in the lower right corner.

At this point, connect to the official Instagram website and choose to open it with Chrome if asked. A message should appear on the screen asking you to add Instagram to your mobile phone’s home screen: then tap Add to Home screen and then Add to add a link to Instagram Web at home on your device.

Now tap the three vertical dots icon present in the upper right corner and select the configuration item from the menu that opens. If everything went well, you will find the theme voice under Basic Settings.

If this item does not appear, try manually restarting Chrome, then tap the subject item and select the Oscuro email to activate Instagram Dark Mode.

Now you just need to go to the main screen of your smartphone, touch the Instagram icon (the one you just created with the social network logo on a white background) and first select the enable item and then this is Allow to enable notifications and use the new “app” correctly with implemented by Dark Mode.

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However, I remind you that you created a simple link to the Instagram site that opens with Chrome. Dark mode will be activated for all content displayed in the browser.

To turn off the dark theme, return to the page. chrome: // flags and go up default voices Android Dark Mode Chrome UI es Android Web Content Dark Mode.

In addition, you should be aware that there are several sites that offer online Modified Instagram APKs or various types of hacks designed to implement, alternatively, Dark Mode on a well-known social network. Well, my advice. do not use these methods as they may compromise the security of your device and your account.


If the iPhone at your disposal cannot be updated to iOS 13, you can still get a dark version of Instagram using some accessibility features found on iOS 11 es 12.

To do this, go to your iPhone’s Home screen and tap the configuration icon (gear symbol). Then tap General, then in the following menu items Accessibility, Screen Adjustment es Inverted colors.

Ideal: now you just need to continue the EN lever next to the Smart Investments article and you activate the dark theme. This mode works in all apps as well as system screens, but in reality it just inverts the colors for those looking at the cell phone (this means screenshots may not show dark mode).

Otherwise, some of the content may not display correctly, even if Smart Investment mode keeps the colors of the media content unchanged, so you shouldn’t have any problems with Instagram.

If you want to turn off the dark theme, go back to Settings General Accessibility Display Settings Invert colors and go up OFF lever relatively Smart investment.

Finally, I urge you to stay away from modified apps and hacks that promise dark mode as they could compromise the security of your mobile phone and your account.

How to make Instagram black on Android Honor

If you own phones Honor 10, Honor 8a, Honor 7a, Honor 8x, Honor 8, Honor 10 Lite, Honor 20, Honor 7c and you are interested in the black instagram theme, then you may be in for a surprise.

The black theme has already appeared on Instagram, but so far this can only be done on phones with the Android 10 operating system and on some Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie.

But do not rush to leave the page, I have one idea, otherwise you will have to wait for dozens, besides, not everyone will wait for it.

I have one idea and I will now share it with you. I don’t know if it will rent it, because there are a lot of Honor phones.

Black Instagram theme for Honor phones

To try Instagram in the black version, you need to activate the dark theme in the system settings, more precisely the night mode.

The problem is that you will not find it there, but enthusiasts took care of this, they created a dark theme especially for Huawei phones.

There is one more way. It’s a little more complicated. You need to download the file located at the bottom of this post.

Only it is not installed. You need to manually drop it into any folder, and then use Huawei tools to move the contents to Huawei / themes. Then in the settings go to themes / my themes and just select it, and confirm the installation.

Yes, it’s more difficult, but those who really want to have a black Instagram on their Honor phone should try it (I’m sure most will succeed). Later I will make detailed instructions, for those who do not succeed.

In night mode, the Instagram background turns black and the buttons and text appear white. Menu bars are distinguished from the rest by a shade of gray background.

That’s just that everything will be exactly like this to us your Honor 7a, 10, 8a, 10 Lite, 8x, 7c, 8, 20 after installing the theme I proposed, I still can’t say, unless you share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

In general, lovers of dark themes have something to note. Dark Mode has become the trendiest addition to the app this season today, without which it is almost impossible to appear in the Google Store or App Store.

It is more or less successfully implemented by all major players, although it should be admitted that not everyone is in a hurry with this.

Although the messenger has received its dark clothes, not everyone still has the ability to apply it. There is simply no such option in the application.

The only chance to see Instagram in black is by changing the colors of the operating system in the phone settings or with an external application.

From time to time, our favorite smartphone apps undergo different changes.

New features come after updating apps we are using or getting completely new graphics like black theme.

Not all users rate these changes positively, mainly because we are very attached to something that we know very well.

Just a few days or weeks is enough, and we already forget how it was before the improvements were made.

The new graphic design will be a big relief for users’ eyes. it emits much less light, which makes viewing Instagram content after dark much more convenient and safer for our eyes.

This night fish will also help you if your smartphone’s battery life is poor. Success.

How to make a black background on Instagram in Stories

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

How To Instagram Dark Mode on Android

make, instagram, black, android, honor
  • Download and install the Unfold application.
  • Open it, click on “” to create a story.
  • Black background is automatically generated.
  • Add photos for stories.
  • We save the resulting combination to a smartphone.
  • Uploading to Instagram Stories.

You can install other applications that allow you to do this editing by adding covers to the stories in the background.

  • Choosing the text adding mode.
  • Add text.
  • Click on the circle in the bottom corner and select the background color.

How to enable black theme on Instagram?

Owners of gadgets with the latest OS version need to do:

  • Download or update installed Instagram via Play Market.
  • Go to “instu” and go to the “Settings” section.
  • Tap on the “Topic” button.
  • Uncheck the box “Light”.

Having saved the changes, the interface will appear in a new “guise”.

How to make Instagram black on Android?

Dark theme for VK

  • Follow this link.
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • In the window that appears, you need to click “Install extension” again.
  • Now when you log into your PC account, you will see the dark theme in all its glory.

through inversion of colors

Now Instagram has automatically activated a dark theme, which of course looks good.

Thus, you can make Instagram black on an Android phone using different methods, which we described above. This theme not only looks modern, but also significantly reduces eye strain.

using the Dark Mode app

You can also use other similar applications that you yourself can find on Google Play.

via phone settings

In the settings of modern phones, you can find a special option, after activating which the entire interface design becomes dark. This feature is available to owners of many smartphones, be it Samsung, Huawei, Honor or Xiaomi.

First you need to activate night mode in the settings. The following instruction will help you to do everything correctly and avoid mistakes:

VK Helper

This is one of the most popular extensions that will not only allow you to install a dark theme in VK on a PC, but also make a lot of other settings available to you.

  • Go to the website.
  • Select your browser and click on the corresponding icon.
  • We follow the instructions that the site offers. follow the link to download the plugin.
  • Transfer the archive with the extension to your PC desktop to make it easier to find, unpack it.

After that, the black VK theme for PC will be automatically launched. If you want to return the page to its previous appearance, then you just need to go into the settings again and uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

When the new product appeared

In September 2019, Instagram started testing the update for iOS phones. Users quickly found that when switching to night mode, all official Apple apps also get a dark color scheme. This is done to reduce eye strain when moving between windows. In addition, the new feature allows you to save the battery of devices with OLED screens.

The standard Instagram app design maintains a single light color scheme. However, users of devices running iOS 13 or Android 10 phones (and some previous versions of the OS) can now enable the night theme for the entire operating system at once. After that, Instagram will also start in a different mode.


“Dark” theme for Instagram on jailbroken iPhones is also launched through the IGDarkMode application. How to make a black background with it:

  • open Cydia;
  • drive IGDarkMode into the search field;
  • click on “Details”;
  • select the “Change” option;
  • then in the pop-up window, click “Install”.

How to make your Instagram dark mode using the “Dark Mode” app on your Android phone:

The resulting blackout applies only to the Instagram interface in the browser-based mobile version. The app does not affect the brightness and contrast of photos and videos. Similarly, you can find the extension for the Google Chrome browser.

You won’t be able to use the full functionality of the service while Dark Mode is running. It is only available on the official Instagram app. However, the profile page and feed will darken. Stories will also be displayed on a black background.

How to turn on

Here’s a short step-by-step tutorial explaining how to make Instagram black on iPhone:

  • Go to “Options”.
  • Find the item “Display and brightness”.
  • The system will offer a choice between light and dark theme. Below you can manually adjust the brightness settings.
  • If after that the iPhone does not load the night style on Instagram, you should go to the AppStore and update the iOS version.
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How to make Instagram black on Android phones:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • find and select the “Display” option;
  • run Dark theme.

On Apple phones with iOS older than version 7, it is possible to enable classic color inversion. However, such changes also affect video and photos. This makes it difficult to evaluate them correctly and often completely spoils the impression.

How to make Instagram black

I want to share with you the secret of how to make a stylish dark theme on Instagram.

User reaction to a new product

Since many popular social networks and programs have already managed to present users with designs in dark colors, many were eagerly awaiting the appearance of the night style for Instagram. Part of the service’s audience uses Instagram more actively in the evening and at night. Some people prefer dark colors for aesthetic reasons.

Given the impatience of visitors to the resource and general trends, the emergence of the innovation was predetermined by market conditions. The ability to install a dark theme immediately aroused increased interest among smartphone owners. However, it was not without criticism.

Many users strongly dislike the inability to change the theme of the application without switching the entire system to night mode. Because of this, account owners sometimes do not understand exactly how to make a black background on Instagram and experience difficulties in customizing the phone functions “for themselves”.

Another remark is related to the fact that Instagram has replaced the white background of the ribbon with a contrasting black. It hurts your eyes. Most of the popular programs release night themes, which are dominated not by black, but by gray. Black themes from other developers have long been the subject of controversy. Among users, these innovations have gotten both ardent supporters and implacable opponents. The main reason for dislike is the poor adaptation of fonts and other elements of the page to changes in the color scheme. Fans of Lite-designs don’t like this innovation either.

In addition, marketers now have to take into account the fact that the user may have a dark theme enabled. Not all solutions look equally impressive on both white and black backgrounds. Ordinary users, on the other hand, are happy with the appearance of a new theme and expect the implementation of improvements.


If the device does not support the latest version of Android, then the option in question will probably not work correctly. You will have to install a special application from Google Play. Dark mode for Instagram. This is the same service, but with a preinstalled mod for the background.

Are you using the latest version of your operating system? Use the following instruction:

  • Go to parameters.
  • Next, find the “Screen” section.
  • Go to the “Other” tab.
  • Find the mod we need and check the box.
  • When automatic mode is selected, the system will automatically switch depending on the time of day.

The instruction for iPhone owners is also simple. You can install a switch that will automatically change the color scheme to dark at night and return to light tones during the day. The same rule will work on the social network itself. For this:

  • Go to parameters.
  • Next, click on the “Display and brightness” tab.
  • Find brightness settings.
  • Select black mode from the menu and set auto change.

How to make Instagram Dark mode in Honor/Huawei || Instagram dark mode in any Android

How to make Instagram dark theme on Android and iOS

It should be noted beforehand that not all owners of modern smartphones will be able to take advantage of the new function. It is only available on phones starting with iOS 13 and Android 9.0. It is also important that Instragram itself has the latest update.

To activate the desired color scheme, you need to enable it in the phone settings. When night mod is enabled, the app’s design will change automatically. If you are already using the presented option on your smartphone, then when you update Instagram, the interface color will change on its own. a black background with a white font.

make, instagram, black, android, honor

Below we will explore the available ways to change the color and make a black Instagram.

How to make Instagram dark theme on Android and iOS

How to make a dark theme on Instagram is a question that interests many users. Previously, the developers of the presented service did not provide such an option in the application parameters, which is why many users were forced to resort to workarounds, wanting to set the interface color to black. In this article, we will look at how you can enable Dark mode on phones of different operating systems.

How to remove black theme back on Instagram

To return the light theme again, it is enough to do the same steps as described above. Go to device settings and under Display (for Android) or Display & Brightness (for iPhone), turn off night mode. If you downloaded third-party programs to install the desired interface theme, remove the software to return to normal mode.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

When we look at Instagram photos and videos, its bright white layout can be uncomfortable on our eyes. This discomfort inspires many developers to create so-called “dark” themes for their applications. The latter allow you to conveniently enjoy the content, especially when viewing occurs in the dark. YouTube, VK, our website Make-Comp and other mobile applications followed this path, and at the beginning of October it was the turn of the popular Instagram. In the first decade of October, Instagram was replenished with an official black theme, which caused massive user enthusiasm. But when starting Instagram, we may not find the switch to the black theme in the program settings. Where to find it? Below we will figure out how to make a dark theme in social. Instagram networks, and what we need for this.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android

In order to put a black theme in Instagram on Android devices, you need to do the following:

    Make sure your gadget is running Android 10. You can see the data about the version of your Android in the phone settings, in the section of information about your device;

Your phone system will change color to dark. By launching Instagram, you will see that this application has also received a dark color.

A way to enable smart inversion on iOS 11 and 12

If you have not updated to iOS 13 yet, then an alternative option to activate the dark theme on Instagram will be the Smart Invert function, available from iOS 11.

  • This function is located in Accessibility settings.
  • In the Display Accommodations section.
  • There click on “Invert Colors” and then enable the option “Smart Invert”.

How to set a black background on iPhone

For a long time, the only possible way to get dark mode on Instagram was using an unofficial IG client or jailbreak. Then iOS 11 introduced the “Smart Invert” option, which works as a pseudo-dark mode. In earlier versions of iOS, the “Classic Invert” option also caused a color change in media, but it did not affect Instagram in the most favorable way.

And already with the release of iOS 13 and the corresponding Instagram update, an official effective tool appeared to make a black theme on Instagram.

  • To do this, you need to install the latest version of Instagram (version 114.0 or newer).
  • Then open the “Settings” application of the phone.
  • There select the item “Display and brightness”, and then tap on “Dark”.

For faster and more convenient turning on and off of dark mode, add the dark mode control tool to the Control Center through “Settings”, then “Control Center”, and then “Customize controls”. Thus, switching to dark mode can be done in just two steps. Dark Mode in iOS 13 has a scheduling system, so we can turn it on and off at a set time.

Method using Instagram mod on Android OS

If your phone does not run on Android 10, and you are not expected to upgrade to this OS. We recommend installing a special mod for Instagram called “Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme”. This mod has advanced functionality, including the presence of a dark theme, no ads, clickable links in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and a number of other convenient features.

At the same time, this mod requires ROOT rights on your device. Therefore, install it at your own peril and risk, being aware of all the possible consequences for your gadget (including “brick” ones).

The emergence of the possibility of including a black background in the standard Instagram functionality

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated to. that the black theme for Instagram has become available to both Android and iOS users. It is activated automatically with the next update of the application, and works exclusively on versions of the operating systems iOS 13 and Android 10. Inside Instagram, manual switching to the dark theme is not yet provided.

Unlike the pseudo “Smart-inversion” that existed on iOS 11, the new implementation of the dark theme correctly conveys colors, and is convenient both in the dark and in the daytime.

The advantages of the dark theme are obvious, but how do you use it? Let’s see how you can activate the black theme.

The way to jailbreak tweaks on iOS and iOS 12

If you don’t mind jailbreaking your iPhone, then there are stable jailbreaks for iOS 11 and iOS 12. After jailbreak, install IGDarkMode from developer Chloe Kuznetsov, which will enable dark theme on Instagram.

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone;
  • Click on the magnifying glass (search) icon in the lower right corner;

How to make a background in an Instagram chat?

There is a difficult way: choose a brush and paint over the entire screen for a long time. And there is a way five times easier. How to add a picture to the story, choose any color for the brush, press the screen and hold your finger. now there is a solid color background.

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How to make a dark background in Stories?

Go to the drawing tool (the wavy line icon) and find a highlight marker there. Select it, at the bottom of the palette, select the desired color (you can use the eyedropper) and hold down the screen with your finger until a translucent fill appears. The principle is the same as for a transparent background, only there we used a regular marker.

How to make a black background in Instagram on Huawei?

For Huawei and Honor owners who operate on Android 10, for the Dark mode to function in the application, you need:

  • open “Settings”;
  • select “Display”;
  • find the “Additional” heading;
  • in the device theme menu click on “Dark”.

How to make a black background in inst?

On Android systems, dark mode is activated in the settings. Scroll down to the Display menu and turn on the Dark Theme switch.

Is it possible to change the background on Instagram?

  • To go in edit mode to Stories and click on the pencil.
  • The palette of colors to change will open.
  • Choose the shade you want and fill the area around the photo.

How to make a dark background on Insta Android?

On Android systems, dark mode is activated in the settings. Scroll down to the Display menu and turn on the Dark Theme switch.

How to make a dark background on Instagram?

  • Make sure you have updated the Instagram app and are using the latest version available (the App Store does not prompt you to update).
  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone on iOS 13 or iPad on iPadOS.
  • Select Display & Brightness, then select Dark.

How to change the background in Yandex.Direct?

Do you want to remove themes and do it the same way? In the same way, go to Direct, press i on the top right, select themes. The one you need is the “Classic Direct Theme”. Direct chat will not be purple, as by default after the update, but gray as before.

How to darken on iPhone

You need to turn on the black interface in the insta not through the application itself, but through the iPhone settings. Watch the video tutorial or follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll through the list of settings until you reach the item “screen and brightness”.

Go to screen and brightness settings. There are 2 design options available: light and dark.

  • Choose the black option.
  • You can also set a schedule. For example, make the black background turn on only at night.
  • Open Instagram. The new interface works!
  • How to remove the black theme

    Many people know how to enable dark theme in Instagram on Android. However, not everyone understands how to return to the old light mode and turn off the darkness. This is not difficult to do. You should do about the same independent manipulations as when dimming the display. You need to go to the settings, go to the control panel, select the brightness and adjust the usual light mode.

    Sometimes the color of the display does not change after that. In this case, you should wait a little or restart the mobile device, then the settings will return to their previous values ​​and the display will be light.

    Similarly, you can change the backlight mode for Android in other social networks. For example, this option is often used by active users of and

    If the darkness is tired, you can return to the previous regime

    It is known that not everyone likes a dark screen, like a white one. But if you take into account the opinion of ophthalmologists, a dark background is less harmful to the eyes compared to a bright and light one. Therefore, a black theme is an ideal solution if the user is used to spending whole hours on Instagram looking at interesting pictures. You can turn it off at any time.

    Who can access the black theme

    This color scheme is available to owners of the following types of mobile devices:

    Important! For those users who have earlier versions of the software, the black screen solution is not included in the list of standard color solutions. However, even in this case, you can find a way out. It is necessary to download additional modes and plugins, which will not take much time.

    Owners of version 11 of iOS have not had the opportunity to use this feature until recently. However, with the advent of the Smart Inversion technology, the situation has changed. Now the owner of the 11th version of the “apple” gadget can use this technology to change the color mode. dimming the display at will. Many people use this option.

    Psychologists do not recommend using the dark Black color scheme all the time, because black can have a negative effect on people prone to depression. Change themes on the screen often, because any visual changes motivate a person to be creative and constructive.

    Important! It is not recommended to put a dark theme on Instagram if the user not only looks at photos, but also reads a lot of text. Light letters on a dark background are very difficult to distinguish.

    Black, dark theme VK Android: how to enable on the phone

    In order to enable a dark theme with a black background in VK on an Android phone, you need to:

    • Open the VK application. If it is not installed, then you need to download.
    • Open the menu by clicking on the icon with 3 horizontal lines located in the bottom navigation pane.
    • Go to VK settings by clicking on the icon with the gear icon located in the upper right corner.
    • Immediately, on the first screen, the “Dark theme” function is a separate item, by moving the slider to the right, the VK night theme will turn on, the background will turn black.

    How to make Instagram black on Android. detailed instructions

    Instagram is a popular social network where you can view and share photos. Recently, it has gained great popularity in Russia along with the already familiar messengers and Odnoklassniki. However, the developers of the site began to receive complaints that it is inconvenient to look at a large number of photographs on a bright white screen, it makes your eyes tired. Soon a solution was found.

    Kate mobile

    This utility is incredibly popular among users of the mobile application. With this program you can:

    • Enable black theme in VK on Android.
    • Activate stealth mode and hide being online.
    • See additional information about another user, even if he has hidden it (for example, date of birth).
    • You can connect several accounts at once.
    • Search for photos in Google and Yandex.
    • Much more.

    Installs Kate Mobile in one click on the display. Let’s find out how to make the dark VK theme active on Android using this utility:

    In Kate Mobile, you can automatically switch the dark background on your phone to the standard one. Just indicate the period of time in which each of them will be valid. So, for example, you can set the daytime color gamut from 7.00 to 21.00, and then the night will automatically turn on.

    Installing Play Market on Huawei

    In order to install Google Play on Huawei, you need:

    Then, from the Play Market, you can download all the programs, games and utilities of interest to the user that are supported by the Huawei smartphone.

    How to install apps on Huawei

    Huawei smartphones are the most advanced and most technologically advanced solutions on the market. They have it all: a powerful hardware base, an attractive design and a well-designed, easy-to-understand EMUI interface. New gadget users may have a question about how to install applications on Huawei. Well, if you became the owner of a smartphone straight from China, without pre-installed Google services, this article is for you.

    How to install an app from a third party source

    To install them on your Huawei smartphone, do the following:

    • Find the program or game you are interested in on the Internet, download it to your smartphone’s memory.
    • Run the downloaded APK file, after which the user will be asked to access information on the smartphone.
    • The penultimate stage of the installation. By default, installation of applications from unknown sources is prohibited on all Huawei gadgets. This is done in order to protect an inexperienced user from viral and other threats. This protection must be disabled in the “Applications and Security” settings.
    • Install the application, wait for the process to finish.

    So, for most games and utilities, the above actions are sufficient. But what if a program on a Huawei smartphone requires installing a cache? Let’s figure it out.

    • Some heavy games require additional files for stable operation. cache.
    • To install such applications on a smartphone, download the cache file on the network, and then place it in the root of the memory card.
    • The page where the program or game was downloaded from will indicate where the additional files should be placed. For example, it can be a folder along the path: “SDcard \ Android \ obb”.
    • After installing the cache, you should launch the target application and check its performance. If the game or utility does not start, you need to look for the problem in the file path. It is possible that additional files were placed in the wrong folder or there was a mistake in the name of the new directory.

    Thus, it is possible to install applications from third-party sources on Huawei smartphones:

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