Resizing icons using iPhone

To change the parameters of the icons on the “Home” screen, you need to make special settings in the system menu.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” and “General”;
  • Then select the section “Universal Access”, and in it. the subsection “Increase”.

iOS 14 Custom Home Screen Icons. FULL GUIDE

Using this mode will make it easier to reach with your thumb to the far edge and corners of the smartphone screen.

It may happen that due to too large icons it will be impossible to go to the settings menu, then you need to change the scale of the entire screen. To reduce the display image, you need to press 2 times on an arbitrary place on it with three fingers at the same time.

Change icons via iTunes

  • You need to connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable or, if wireless synchronization of devices is enabled, connect via Bluetooth, then launch iTunes;
  • You need to wait for the iPhone to appear in the left menu, then click on it, go to the “Overview” tab and click on the “Configure Universal Access” button there;
  • A new menu “Universal access” will open, in it, in the “Vision” section, you need to select the “Magnification” parameter, then confirm the selection with the “OK”.

How to resize icons on iPhone X

Starting with the sixth model, the iPhone has the ability to increase the size of the icons displayed on all Home screens. By default, the application icons are arranged in 4 columns of 7 lines on the screen, if the icons are enlarged, then less of them will fit on the screen.

Resize icons on iPhone X

When using an iPhone, it is possible to set personal settings so that the smartphone is as convenient as possible to use. Changes to basic settings can be made for screen display, applications, functions and reminders.

For convenient use of the phone display and the Home screen, it is also important to learn how to enlarge the icons on the iPhone X. This is done in various ways: in the device menu, in the iTunes settings on the computer (when synchronizing the smartphone), or using special programs if the phone works in Jailbreak mode.

make, icons, smaller, iphone

Through Jailbreak

If Jailbreak is installed on your device, you should use special tweak applications downloaded from Cydia (analogous to AppStore) or other sources. These applications allow you not only to increase, but also to reduce the size of the icons (in contrast to standard smartphone options). You can change the settings of application icons using Icon Resizer. a jailbreak application for iPhone smartphones with open access to the file system.

To use this tweak, after downloading and installing it, you need to open the “Settings” program and click on the line with the Icon Resizer options. The program will offer several options for sizes, as well as a list of applications for which these changes are available.

This tweak offers to resize icons in the range from 20 to 120 points, the base size of application icons is set to 62 points, but you can set any value. Keep in mind, however, that using app icons will be inconvenient if you set them to a value greater than 70, as they will be too large for the standard iPhone display. In the specified range, the program does not make any restrictions, so in the iPhone you can either reduce or enlarge the icons.

If after using Icon Resizer you don’t like the appearance of the icons, you can easily return to the original image; for this, there is a special switch button in the tweak settings. After clicking on it, all changes made by the program will be disabled.

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How to turn off screen zoom on iPhone

To prevent the screen from turning back on, you need to disable the function. To do this, follow these steps:

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Start by clicking Settings app to open it.

Scroll down to general and tap that.

On this screen, click Enlarge.

On the Zoom screen, slide the Zoom slider to from (in iOS 6 or earlier), or move the slider to white (in iOS 7 or later).

Reason for iPhone screen enlargement and huge icons

When the iPhone’s screen is zoomed in, it’s almost always the result of someone accidentally turning on the iPhone‘s zoom feature. This is an accessibility feature designed to help people with vision problems enlarge items on the screen so they can see them better. When enabled by mistake for someone who has no problem with their vision, it causes problems.

How to disable iTunes scaling

If you cannot turn off the magnification directly on your iPhone, you can also turn off the setting using iTunes. For this:

Sync your iPhone with your computer.

Click the iPhone icon in the top corner of iTunes.

From the iPhone control home screen, scroll down to the Options section and tap Accessibility Settings.

In the window that appears, click on No in the Seeing menu.

This should restore your iPhone to normal enlargement and prevent it from expanding again.

Which iOS devices are affected by the screen

Zoom is available on iPhone 3GS and later, iPod touch 3rd generation and later, and all iPad models.

If you own one of these devices and your icons are large, Zoom is the most likely culprit, so try these steps first. If they don’t work, something strange is happening. You can contact Apple directly for help.

Using display scaling and dynamic type to improve readability

While this enlargement of the screen makes it harder for most people on their iPhone, many people still want the icons and text to be slightly larger. There are several features that can enlarge text and other aspects of the iPhone to make them easier to read and use:

  • Dynamic Type: This feature in iOS 7 and above allows you to enlarge text (but nothing else) on your iPhone and compatible apps to make it easier to read.
  • Display Scale: Available on iPhone 6 series and later. It allows users of these phones to magnify everything on the screens of these devices to make it easier to view and use.

How to remove large icons on the iPhone. How to turn off screen magnification on iPhone. Virtual Home button

Hi. Today we will consider a rare, but no less possible problem associated with the increased scale of the iPhone screen This does not depend on the iPhone model, and on the iOS version too.

If the image on your iPhone suddenly becomes indecent zoomed in and the phone becomes unusable, most likely you have the Zoom function activated. What to do and how to disable it read below.

As I said, “iPhone zoomed in” is NOT a breakdown or some kind of fatal problem. Actually, this is another iPhone function that you just haven’t mastered yet.

And this function is called “Magnification” and it is located here: Settings General Accessibility Magnification.

So, here’s what you need to do to make the iPhone screen look like before:

  • TAP TWICE WITH THREE FINGERS to zoom out to 100%. Yes, this is how (de) activates the Zoom function. It also happens that leaning the phone to your ear, the increase occurs by itself.
  • Now let’s turn off this goofy feature. Go to Settings General Accessibility Increase and turn off the switch opposite the word Increase.

If you have problems disabling Zoom on iPhone, you can also do this using your computer (iTunes). To do this, we do this:

  • Connect the device to any computer with iTunes installed.
  • Click on the device when it appears in the upper left part of the window.
  • In the Settings field, click the Configure Accessibility button.
  • Select “Do not use” and confirm with OK.

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Who knows what other problems may arise in the future with your “apples”, but here I am always smart, kind and beautiful!

iPhone X has not only advanced design, but also special features that make it much more convenient to use your smartphone. 9to5Mac compiled a selection of 15 tricks and tips for owners of Apple flagships.

IPhone X is smaller than iPhone 8 Plus. However, due to the large diagonal, reaching the upper corners of the screen can be problematic if you use the smartphone with one hand.

However, the top icons can be pulled up to a comfortable height. For this you need:

  • Go to Settings = General = Universal Access;
  • and allow Easy Access which is disabled by default.

Now, you can pull the home screen or any other screen down and pull the top applications to the center of the display.

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When Accessibility is activated, Control Center or Notification Center can also be called from the middle of the screen. To do this, you just need to first pull down at the bottom of the display, and then swipe down on the left or right edge of the screen.

There are several ways to find out the percentage of battery charge. The fastest of them all. pull the upper right corner of the display and call the Control Center.

Fast switching between applications

To switch between applications, just pull the bottom tap of the screen up and pause. The instructions say that the pause should be long, but, in fact, to switch between applications, a touch is enough and in a split second.

To call the last application that the user opened, just swipe to the right along the bottom edge of the screen. In a similar way, you can flip through two recently opened applications and switch between them.

Users accustomed to the physical Home button can create a virtual button and place it anywhere on the screen.

  • go to Settings = General = Universal Access;
  • activate the Assistive Touch option.

A virtual button appears on the screen that can be moved around the display. Clicking on it allows you to access Siri, Control Center, Notification Center and set special custom gestures.

Combination of “Hey Siri” and Face ID

With the combined capabilities of Hey Siri and Face ID, you can quickly launch the apps you want. All you have to do is say, “Hey Siri. Open [application name] “and look at the iPhone X so that the smartphone can recognize the owner using Face ID.

In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you need to simultaneously press the side button on the right side of the smartphone and the volume up button located on the left side.

Shutting down Apple’s flagship smartphone is different from the rest of the iPhones. There are two ways to turn off iPhone X:

  • simultaneously hold the side button and one of the volume control buttons until the “Turn off” slider appears;
  • go to Settings = General = Disable.

Create Animoji video longer than 10 seconds

In Standard mode, you can record Animoji videos as short as 10 seconds. In order to increase the video time you need:

  • Allow. open Settings = Control Center = Screen Recording;
  • select Animoji in iMessage;
  • call “Screen Recorder” from the Control Center and click on “Record”;
  • click on the red indicator in the upper left corner of the display to end the video.

The recording will be saved in the Photos application. It can be edited using iMovie or LumaFusion, which allows you to remove any unnecessary elements from the video, except for the Animoji itself.

Animoji videos can be used as a sticker. To do this, just drag the entry to the selected message in iMessage.

Viewing videos in full screen mode

By default, when the iPhone X is horizontally positioned, the video does not reach the edges of the screen so as not to crop the picture. However, if the user is not embarrassed by the fact that part of the image will be overlapped by the protrusion under the cameras, you can call the full-screen view by double-tapping.

For a more comfortable use of the iPhone X in the dark, you can reduce the brightness of the screen and remove the sharpness of white.

  • go to Settings = General = Universal access = Display adaptation;
  • enable Decrease the white point;
  • set the slider to 100%;
  • call the Control Center;
  • lower brightness.

After that, looking at the smartphone screen in a dark room will become much more comfortable. The display will become so dark that it will be difficult to see anything in daylight.

You can also lower the white point by triple pressing the side button. To do this, go to Settings = General = Universal Access, find “Quick Commands” at the very bottom of the screen and select the “Lower White Point” option.

You can change the white background color by going to Settings = General = Accessibility = Display adaptation = Color inversion, and turning on the “Smart-inversion” mode.

This is not a true dark mode, but it looks good in some applications.

Disable Attention Call for Face ID

To do this, go to Settings = Face ID = Passcode and turn off “Attention Request”.

Disabling this setting will reduce access security, but will help unlock your iPhone X when using sunglasses or other accessories.

Swiping up from the center of the bottom edge of the screen brings up the Application switcher. You can close an unnecessary application by swiping up the display. In order to close several programs faster, just click on the red minus icon that appears in the upper left corner of each card.

How To Make Icons & Text Bigger On iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

Bigger screen means more possibilities. It would seem that this is how users and should perceive an increase in the display diagonal. except for those who care about the ergonomic side of the issue. But no, there are even those who are not satisfied with the display of too much information on one screen.

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It is difficult to imagine an objective reason why a person may not be satisfied with 24 icons on the screen instead of 20 or a little less swipes when working with Settings. But it’s not for nothing that Apple developers have implemented a function for displaying icons on the desktop and all the content of standard applications in a format familiar to 4-inch devices? Instructions for setting up “Display Zoom” further.

Launch Settings and go to the Screen and brightness section;

make, icons, smaller, iphone

2. In the Zoom section, click on the line “View”; 3. Above there are two possible options. “Standard” and “Increased”;

make, icons, smaller, iphone

Switching to “Increased”. you can scroll the screenshots to the right and see how the icons and applications will look in the 4-inch display mode; 5. Having decided on the option, click “Finish” in the upper right corner.

make, icons, smaller, iphone

If you are the lucky owner of any iPhone and you find it difficult to read the names of the icons in your menu, then today’s material is for you. After all, today I will talk about increasing and decreasing the font on the iPhone.

Despite the huge screen sizes, sometimes the standard font size just isn’t enough for comfortable use. Fortunately, this smartphone has the ability to change the font size.

Apple has a fairly good policy on the use of devices, they try to make the settings as simple and convenient as possible for users.

If you feel that the current font size is not large enough for you, then you can safely increase it. Why bother when everything is provided.

Everything is set up quite simply, choose a font and you don’t even need to confirm anything. The text changes along with that when you move the slider. This will help you customize everything exactly for your screen.

If you don’t want to make the font large, then there is another option to make the text more legible. bold. All letters will become much more legible.

In addition to the menu and icon labels, the keyboard letters and all other labels that are in the supporter of programs will become bold.

Everything is done in the same steps as in the previous paragraph:

That’s all, now you can more easily find the information you need and, most importantly, everything has become more understandable. Change in the opposite direction, that is, disable this function, you can at any convenient time.

Now you know how you can change your font on iPhone: increase or decrease the size, make it bold. Such flexible settings should make your phone even more comfortable to use.

Follow the news, there will be many more useful information related to devices from Apple.

Somehow a couple of days ago, while wiping the iPhone screen from fingerprints, I discovered that the image on the phone display for some reason increased. The first thing that came to mind was to restart iOS, but after loading nothing changed and the lock desktop was also increased. I didn’t know what to do and was already thinking about doing a factory reset. But this is an extreme step! It was decided to look for the answer on the Internet. to ask the advice of the omniscient Google.

The answer was not long in coming and the solution was found within a few minutes. Looking ahead, I would like to clarify that the zoom effect may not be displayed for all iPhone owners, but only for those who have enabled the Zoom function in the accessibility settings.

So, what do you need to do to make the screen on the iPhone the same, and not be enlarged?

Tap 2 times simultaneously with three fingers on the iPhone display and the image is immediately zoomed out. And if, instead of two touches, you make three, then the zoom menu will appear on the iPhone screen, pressing the Reduce image on the display button will become normal. You can also do this by dragging the increase / decrease slider to the left, which is located at the very bottom of the menu.

How To Make Small Icons On Any iPhone iOS 12 or iOS 13

As it turned out in the end, the screen enlargement is not a software glitch at all, but one of the phone’s functions, which is designed for people with disabilities. To use or disable it, go to the Settings app and select General → Accessibility → Zoom and set or remove the slider from the zoom function

If for some reason you cannot remove the screen magnification on the iPhone, then use a computer with iTunes installed.

Step 1 Connect your iOS device to your computer

Step 2 Launch iTunes and select your gadget

Step 3 On the Settings menu, click the Configure Accessibility button.

Step 4 Check the Do not use checkbox and click OK