How to take a picture on the screen?

If you want to take a screenshot of only the active window (program), press simultaneously “Alt” and “Print Screen” on the computer; Alt, Print Screen and Fn are on laptop. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into a letter, photo editor or Word (press the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons simultaneously).

How to charge 11 iPhone as a percentage?

Battery charge level on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X as a percentage: how to enable. 2 ways To find out the battery charge level on all iPhone models is very simple, just go to “Settings” → “Battery” and enable the “Charge in percent “.

How to take a screenshot on a computer If the button does not work?

So, for example, if the “Fn” key is blue, and on the keyboard one of the inscriptions on the “PrtSc” key (which corresponds to Print Screen) is also blue, then in order to take a screenshot of the screen, you must press the combination “Fn PrtSc” (Press the “Fn” key.

How to take a screenshot if the button does not work on iPhone?

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X r without a button?

  • Press and hold the side button on the right edge of the iPhone.
  • Press the “Volume Up” button.
  • Release both buttons.

How to make a screenshot of the screen if the button does not work?

If the PrtScn key does not work on a laptop or netbook, you can try pressing it in combination with the Fn (Function) key. It is usually located next to the bottom right, next to the arrow keys. If you have Windows 7 or Vista, then you can use an alternative way to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2020?

  • Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons quickly.
  • After taking a snapshot, a thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. To view the photo, tap on a thumbnail, and swipe left to remove the thumbnail from the screen.

How to take a screenshot if the application prohibits?

Open the application that prohibited screenshots, call Google Assistant with a voice command and say “Take a screenshot”. The assistant will take a picture and offer to send it somewhere. Send the picture to anyone you need or save it in the device’s memory.

Jailbreak procedure

make, graffiti, iphone

First step. installing “Pangu 9” on an iOS device. It is easily found on the Internet and is completely free. Then follow the instructions:

  • You need to update “iTunes” on your PC to the latest version (item “Check for Updates”);
  • Next, back up your data using “iCloud” or “iTunes”;
  • It is necessary to disable screen protection if you have “Touch ID” installed (“Settings”, “Touch ID and password”);
  • Turn off the “Find iPhone” function (go to “Settings”, menu “iCloud”, item “Find iPhone”);
  • Next, you need to enable “Airplane mode”.

How to jailbreak your iPhone: detailed instructions

Many iOS device owners do not know how to jailbreak an iPhone. A new version of a special program for this purpose has recently been released.

I am glad that the process of jailbreaking iOS is still simple, which allows any user with minimal computer skills to independently jailbreak.

detailed instructions

To complete this process follow the instructions below:


  • Put your device aside for now and download Pangu 9 to your PC. You need to install it and run it as administrator;
  • Connect a special cable (usually included with the device) your iPhone and PC;
  • After the program detects your device, click “Start”;
  • A window will appear in which you need to click “Already backup” (the program checks if the data has been backed up);
  • The gadget will start to reboot, after the iPhone turns on, you need to activate the “Airplane mode” again so that the jailbreak process continues;
  • Soon the application will notify you that you need to launch the Pangu program on the iPhone (the shortcut will appear on the gadget’s desktop) and allow it to access photos;
  • After the end of the process, the device will reboot again, “Jailbreak completed” will appear in “Pangu 9”;
  • You can disconnect the gadget from the computer, the jailbreak is installed.

Now you can turn on Find My iPhone. set a password for lockrin.

How to make a Gif (gif) from a “live photo” directly on the iPhone or iPad

Open the “Photos” application, in “Albums” select the “Live Photos” folder and click on the desired picture to open it in full screen.

Swipe up from the center of the screen to reveal more information about the photo. Four options will appear, of which we are only interested in the animation effects (Loop and Pendulum). With Loop, the animation will play continuously, while with the Pendulum effect it will play from start to finish, and then vice versa.

Choose one of the two options and return to Albums. Select the Animated folder where all gifs created on your iOS device are stored. If the folder was absent before, now it will appear automatically.

When you open the animation, the created GIF will open in the folder. In the upper left corner, it will be noted which of the animation effects was applied to this photo. Then you can post it or send it to someone as usual. Alternatively, you can mail the GIF image to yourself.

Some might think that creating GIFs from Live Photos before publishing is a waste of time. However, not all applications support Live Photos, and creating an animated image will prevent you from publishing a static image instead of an animated one. For example, if you attach a “live photo” from a Live Photos album to an email in Gmail, it will automatically be converted to JPEG format. However, if you send a GIF image from the Animated folder, the format will not change.

How to convert Live Photos to gif on Mac (method 2)

Connect iPhone to computer with cable.

Open the standard program “Image Capture”, the iPhone should be identified in the upper left corner as a camera (memory card).

Find the required Live Photos. the “live photo” will be marked with a corresponding icon, but the format will be.JPEG (don’t be alarmed, this is Apple’s flaw). Select the required files, the path to save (for example, Desktop) and click the Import button.

The “Live Photo” will be saved to the computer in two files:.JPEG (still picture) and.MOV format.

Use a.MOV file to create a GIF. Use any GIF maker (such as GIF Brewery). An alternative option is an online service like MakeaGIF.

Done! The resulting file can be sent anywhere. even to a social network (,. etc.), even by email.

How to make a Gif from Live Photos on iPhone, iPad or Mac

The Live Photos camera function first appeared in 2015 with the release of iOS 9. It allows you to take a photo in the form of not a static, but a moving frame. precisely, the frame itself, as well as 1.5 seconds before and after it, are played back as video at 15 frames per second.

After the introduction of the Live Photos feature in iOS, many applications and services began to support it, giving users the ability to share “live photos”. The Photos app even has a special option that allows you to post moving pictures to social networks and send them to instant messengers. However, there are still applications that do not support Live Photo. They allow you to exchange only static, non-animated images (JPG), and the best solution in this case would be to create a “GIF”.

Have you shot a cool Live Photos on your iPhone or iPad and want to post it on social media as a GIF? Below we will tell you how.

How to save Live Photos as gif on Mac (method 1)

This method is possible only if Photo Library in iCloud is activated on the iOS device and Mac (details). In this case, Live Photos will automatically appear in the Photos app on Mac.

In the right menu, select the Live Photos section.

In the Live Photos window that opens, click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

Click on the Live dropdown and select the Loop or Pendulum effect.

The Animated section will appear in the side menu of the Photos application. The edited Live Photos will be added to it.

Select your edited Live Photos in the Animated section, go to the File menu and select Export → Export GIF.

Everything! The image will be saved in GIF format.

How to turn Live Photos into GIFs using apps from the App Store

Of the many applications that allow you to convert Live Photos to GIF format, we recommend using the following:

How to make a Hard Reset on any iPhone model

The so-called Hard Reset should only be done in extreme cases. This type of device reboot is used if the smartphone stops responding to user actions and hangs corny.

In all other cases, the standard shutdown of the device should be carried out by holding down the Power button (Side button).

Hard reset allows you to reboot the iPhone, but different models do it in different ways.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

In the latest generation of smartphones, Apple has changed the way the device is quickly rebooted. Now for this you need:

Press and release the volume up button.

Press and release the volume down button.

Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

You need to do this fairly quickly with a minimum delay between clicks.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and earlier

In all iPhone models from the very first to devices released in the spring of 2016 (iPhone SE) inclusive, Hard reset is carried out in the same way.

To reset, you need to hold down the Home button and the Power key until the Apple logo appears.

This reboot method works on all iPad and iPod Touch models.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

These devices use a slightly different reboot method. For this, for the first time, it was not necessary to use the Home button under the display.

Recall that starting with the iPhone 7, this key has ceased to be a physical button and is a touch button, and the Taptic Engine mechanism works out the feedback after pressing.

In the event of a freeze, the touch button will not respond to user actions.

So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

Artyom Surovtsev

I love technology and everything connected with it. I believe that the greatest discoveries of humanity are yet to come!

What is it all about

Selfie is a newfangled trend that has taken over the whole world. Now almost everyone takes selfies. politicians, movie and show business stars, public figures and, of course, ordinary people. This is a self-portrait taken with my own hands. What are the advantages of such a picture:

    you can do it yourself. no need to ask friends or relatives;

it is absolutely appropriate in any situation;

  • you can control the quality of the picture.
  • This is a good way to take beautiful pictures of yourself on your own phone. There are some secrets on how to take a selfie correctly, and I will tell you about them.

    How to take the best selfies and get a million likes

    I have long wanted to write a manual for all girls on how to take a selfie. I have never met a single female representative who did not try to capture herself. However, taking a high-quality selfie is not so easy. if you have already tried it and are not too happy with the result, then this instruction is especially for you. And if you successfully shoot selfies, but want to diversify your Instagram or social network page with original pictures, then I have prepared something special for you.

    Important rules

    Usually a selfie is done on a phone using the front camera, but, of course, you can use anything. a regular camera in a mobile, a compact camera, a good webcam, and even your favorite DSLR camera. It is important that the photo was taken by you (otherwise it is simply not a selfie), and that you like it.

      Try to treat yourself with humor. This is a great way to cheer up your subscribers and get a good shot, and you also need to take into account the fact that a funny selfie is evaluated according to completely different rules. the composition does not matter here, and the light does not play a big role, only the idea of ​​the picture.

    Take selfies in different places. Yes, most of the photo is taken by your face, but the background plays a very important role. remember the selfies of popular roofers, and you will understand what this is about. Take a photo at home, in your own bed, in a cafe and at work, while traveling and on vacation.

    Always take a large number of shots by changing the shooting angle, face and body position, camera angle and phone settings. This way you can get a lot of material to work with and choose the best selfie.

    Shoot yourself in a non-glossy format. Yes, many girls like good makeup and duck lips, but you must admit that sometimes it is so nice to see photos with a person in their natural form. without makeup, tired, angry, crying. Any such picture is a fixation of your life, a reminder that anything is possible.

    Tired of selfies? Take a selfie! This idea belongs to Irish farmers, who were the first to promote a new trend on Instagram. photographs with animals. Do you have a picture of you hugging a horse? That’s the same!

  • Do not try to look too seductive in the photo. Erotic selfie has outlived itself as a genre, and you can’t charm anyone with your duck face, and you can’t put a sexy photo on the ava either.
  • Now you know how to properly take selfies for girls, and we are gradually moving on to practice.

    How to take a long exposure photo with a trail effect on iPhone using the Slow Shutter Cam app

    This program strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. It offers three main modes, one of which is specially designed for light trail shots. It is convenient that the application is not overloaded with unnecessary complex functions, learning how to work will take much less time than with a professional camera.

    What is important to us is the ability of Slow Shutter Cam to adjust the shutter speed depending on what is being filmed. The app allows you to use your smartphone’s volume button as a shutter and set a self-timer to minimize camera shake.

    Consider using the application on one of three profiles. Light Tail, which is designed to create a light trail in low light conditions (you will find a description of other application modes below in this article).

    Run the program and click on the gear icon.

    Select the Light Trail profile and move the Shutter Speed ​​slider (exposure time in seconds) to the Bulb value, thereby setting the application’s manual operation mode and will be able to decide for yourself when to take a picture.

    Press the shutter button to take a photo.

    Watch what is happening on the iPhone display. The boundaries of moving objects will begin to blur in real time. For example, the surface of the waterfall will become smooth, the flame of the fire will lose its sharpness, etc. Once you are satisfied with the effect, press the shutter button again.

    To save the snapshot, click the Save button.

    Be sure to try again shooting your composition from a different angle, as well as with changed program settings.

    How to take a long exposure photo with a trail effect on iPhone using Live Photos

    Apple’s Live Photos are a great feature that captures three full seconds of movement the moment you press the shutter button. We have already described how to take Live Photos on iPhone. But with the release of iOS 11, Apple has improved this capability. Few people know about the possibility of converting live photos into a long exposure shot. This can be done simply with the help of swipes and taps on the screen. Even a novice amateur photographer, not familiar with the details of the terms “shutter speed” and “shutter speed”, can still take an impressive picture.

    To create a long exposure photo, make sure there is at least one moving element in the frame at the right time. It can be a passing car, a train arriving at a station, or falling water. The background should be clean and static. So, a Live photo with too many people running can turn into a blurry mess.

    Launch the standard Camera app on iPhone.

    Make sure Live Photos is active in the settings.

    Select a subject to shoot. A good option is cars, lights, a working fountain, a waterfall. In general, anything that moves will do.

    Take a photo of a moving subject. At this step, all that remains is to hold the smartphone steadily in your hand (or using a tripod) and press the shutter button. iPhone needs to be held still for two seconds. Live photos include one and a half seconds before pressing the shutter button and one and a half seconds thereafter.

    After the frame is captured, open it in the standard Photo application (Albums tab → Live Photos section).

    Swipe up to open the Live Photos effects. Last on the list will be exactly what we need. Long Exposure.

    The system will put together all the frames of your live photo, and the output will be a great photo with the desired level of blur. It can then be edited as usual using the built-in Photo tools or third-party photo editors for iOS.

    And the picture itself can be easily found along the path Photo → Albums tab → Types of media files → Long exposure.

    The photo can be easily found in the Camera Roll by the Long exposure icon (in the upper left corner).

    If you need to return the picture to the previous Live Photo view, it is possible to do so.

    Open the resulting image with a long exposure in the Photo application.

    Swipe up from the bottom to go to the effects.

    Select the Live effect (first in the list).

    This will allow you to get the original Live Photo again.

    Of course, this is not a “real” long exposure, but a software simulation. But the visual effect is still very impressive. Here are some examples:

    Slow Shutter Cam App Profiles Description

    Almost all applications of this kind have three main profiles for shooting light trails, moving objects (Light Tail, Motion Blur and Low Light).

    Below you will find a few tips for getting a good long exposure photo, as there are some nuances.

    How to take a photo with a long exposure trail effect on iPhone using the Specter Camera app

    The benefits of this alternative long exposure photo app are machine learning coupled with hardware acceleration. Artificial intelligence allows you to automatically detect scenes, set stabilization. The Specter Camera uses a neural network to replace the tripod, removing the shake. Any frame can be used as live wallpaper on a smartphone.

    The application can remove cars or people from photos. It helps you create beautiful shots with long streaks of light or blurry streams of water. Specter Camera saves images in the new HEIC format.

    The application does not know how to open the shutter for a long time, but quickly takes a lot of frames. The exposure is optimized by artificial intelligence to make the shots bright enough. The shots are then combined into one using a slow shutter speed simulation. You can view the entire exposure in its original frame-by-frame view, or you can save it as a single processed frame or as a live photo.

    How to take a photo with a trail effect (long exposure) on iPhone: 2 ways

    The best camera is the one you have with you. Most often it is a smartphone, and if you are reading these lines, your smartphone is an iPhone. The “Apple” gadget takes amateur photography to a new level if, of course, you know how to use all its photo opportunities.

    A striking example in this regard is taking pictures with a high exposure. IPhone owners, seeing one such picture somewhere on the web, immediately rush to look for the corresponding application in the App Store. But this is not necessary at all. after all, the corresponding option is available in the Camera system application.

    Thanks to the slow shutter speed, you can capture hitchhiking lights describing the trajectory of traffic, emphasize the movement in the frame and create cool photos in low light conditions. “But this is the lot of SLR cameras!”. you say.

    Modern smartphones are trying with all their might to drag some of the functionality of expensive professional cameras onto themselves. Slow shutter speeds associated with slow shutter speeds have always been considered one of their advantages. But now you can take photos in this way even on your usual smartphone, which is always at hand.

    Apple does not provide direct access to iPhone hardware in order to protect the device. So the camera shutter speed of this device cannot be changed directly. However, the iPhone can still capture images with a “trail effect”. There are several ways to implement this scenario: using built-in iOS functions or third-party applications that provide long exposure. We will detail all these options.

    Motion Blur mode is for capturing moving subjects at slow shutter speeds under normal lighting conditions

    The subject for the next mode can be water (fountains, waterfalls, surf), a moving cyclist, a busy intersection, a passing train, and so on. Additional options in iPhone applications usually include blur intensity and various effects.

    How to make iPhone talk when charging?

    On the Internet, users began to notice a new trend that anyone can do. the iPhone speaks when taken out of charge. How to do this, we will consider in detail in the article. And also by what means is this effect achieved in Apple mobile devices?

    Set up Voice Control on iPhone

    The creators of the iPhone have added a large “Voice Control” section. One gets the impression that within a few years the user will not touch the touchscreen at all. Or there will be none.

    And all interactions with a mobile device will take place through voice commands. In the iPhone, you can do not only so that the smartphone speaks when charging is connected or disconnected. But also open applications with voice, download files from the browser, supplement the vocabulary of the voice assistant.

    The latest versions of iOS smartphones have additional unique capabilities for device control:

      Full Command Control. Users can now ignore the standard set of voice commands. We have the ability to create our own. And also adjust the list of commands by default;

    For more details, you can familiarize yourself with all the voice control capabilities on the Apple support page.

    Disable voice alert when charging is connected

    The voice guidance function of charging is not in demand for all users. Sometimes it can just get in the way. By default, all smartphones with iOS play a short notification that the charger has been connected to the port. Or the wireless power function has been activated.

    To connect the charger quietly without voice on iPhone, follow these instructions:

    • Activate the smartphone screen to wake it up from sleep mode;
    • Open your smartphone camera;

    This little trick will help you to charge your smartphone without sound. For example, when pets sleep in the same room, where you need to put the phone for recharging.

    You can also cover the speaker hole with your finger to mute the sound. The user will have to determine how many speaker outputs are on the body of the mobile device. And also where are they.

    Additional voice control options

    Apple is the foremost developer of mobile features. She fearlessly implements all new yet untested features in her mobile phones and tablets. And it so happens that these opportunities are almost always in demand. And other mobile brands have to implement them in their gadgets in order not to lose their current popularity. The latest version of the iPhone 14 already trusts the voice assistant Siri to set up a mobile device.

    Owners of gadgets with this version can call Siri and go to the place of the settings that need to be changed. There is no need to touch the phone screen. Now you can ask the assistant to lock the screen of the mobile, and she will unquestioningly complete the task. And also make your iPhone speak while connecting or disconnecting charging.

    And in order to wake up your smartphone from sleep and activate the voice assistant for further instructions, say: “Hey Siri. Activate voice control. ” To tell the assistant to start listening to commands, say: “Wake up”.

    To send the microphone and the listening function in general to sleep, order the device: “Sleep”. But listening cannot be turned off completely. Since periodically the smartphone needs to listen to the commands of its owner. Therefore, it does not turn off permanently. And it goes into a “sensitive” sleep. In this case, Siri can again be “woken up” using the voice command “Wake up”.

    Is it possible to make the phone notify with a voice when charging?

    Many people began to notice a new function of a mobile phone on YouTube and Tik Tok. communication with the user when the charger is connected. And also when disconnecting the plug from the phone port. In this case, the phone can inform the owner that charging has begun.

    Or require you to plug in the charger when someone unplugs the power supply. This feature is achieved by setting up voice control in iOS 14. And is available on all devices with this version.

    The phone will say what the user wants. In this case, you need to print the text or speak it on the record. This feature is often used as a joke to impress your friends and loved ones. And in general it works well. Since not everyone knows all the capabilities of their mobile devices. Now an instruction will be shown, according to which you can also teach your phone to express any phrases when connecting or disconnecting charging.


    The site is suitable for creating simple graffiti. The user absolutely does not need drawing skills, it is enough just to select some parameters and save the picture he likes to the computer.

    Among the shortcomings, one can note a rather limited set of fonts and the lack of the ability to individually customize each letter in the inscription.

    • Enter the desired inscription in the “Text” area. Unlike the previous resource, here the maximum word length is 14 characters with spaces. Despite the fact that the site is completely in Russian, it still recognizes only English inscriptions.
    • Choosing the font of the future graffiti from the three proposed options.
    • Set up the background parameters, including texture and color, select the color of the inscription, pattern and other elements in the corresponding fields of the editor.
    • Enter the author’s signature or leave the field blank, then click on the “Create” button.
    • The resulting image will open in a new window. To save it to your computer, click on the “Download” button.

    The created graffiti has a rather simple look. a narrow set of editing functions played a role in this.

    How to create graffiti online

    It is unlikely that you will be able to create beautiful graffiti without minimal knowledge of working in the graphics editor Photoshop. If a picture drawn in a street style is desperately needed, online services will come to the rescue. They have enough tools to create a real masterpiece.

    Ways to create graffiti online

    Today we will look at popular sites on the Internet that will help you create your own graffiti effortlessly. Basically, such resources offer users a choice of several fonts, allow you to change its color depending on preferences, add shadows, choose a background and work with other tools. All that is required from the user to create graffiti is access to the web and imagination.

    Graffiti creator

    Quite an interesting English-language site with a nice design. It offers users several styles to choose from, in which the future inscription will be created. The resource works on a free basis, there are no restrictions for users.

    The main drawback is the inability to create inscriptions in Russian, the arsenal of Cyrillic fonts does not support. In addition, there are some difficulties with saving the finished image.

    • Go to the main page of the site, select the style you like and click on it.
    • We get to the graffiti editor menu.
    • We enter the inscription in the “Enter your text here” field. Please note that the label must not exceed 8 characters. Click on the “Create” button to add a word.
    • Each letter in a word can be moved in any direction.
    • For each letter, you can adjust the Height, Width, Size and Position in space (Rotation). To do this, in the “Modify letter nr” area, simply select the number corresponding to the position of the letter in the word (in our case, the letter L corresponds to the number 1, the letter u. 2, etc.).
    • Color adjustment is done using a special color panel. If you plan to color each letter separately, then by analogy with the previous paragraph, simply enter a number in the “Modify letter nr” area. To work with the entire image at the same time, put a checkmark in front of the item “Color all letter”.
    • Sequentially put a checkmark in front of the corresponding parts of our graffiti in the list and select a color using the sliders.

    The site does not have the function of saving the finished graffiti, however, this drawback is corrected by means of a regular screenshot and cropping the desired part of the image in any editor.


    A great free online tool to help you create graffiti without drawing skills. Has fairly precise settings for each element of the future image, which allows you to create a unique picture in a short period of time.

    • To create a new graffiti in the window that opens, click on the “Start” button.
    • We enter an inscription, with which we will work in the future. The application does not support Russian letters and numbers. After completing the input, click on the “Create” button.
    • An editor window will open, where you can customize each element of the future graffiti.
    • You can change all letters at once or work with them separately. To select letters, simply click on the green rectangle below it.
    • In the next box, you can choose a color for each item.
    • The field next to it is for setting the transparency of the letters.
    • The last menu is for choosing a variety of effects. Experiment.
    • After completing editing, click on the “Save” button.
    • The image is saved in PNG format in a user-specified directory.

    The site is quite functional and allows you to create unusual graffiti that even professional artists will appreciate.

    We looked at sites for creating graffiti online. If you need to create graffiti quickly and without any special bells and whistles, just use the PhotoFunia service. To create a professional image with customization of each element, the Graffiti editor is suitable.

    How to draw Graffiti with Procreate on iPhone #19. Letter F by Simon Dee

    How to set a video or gif on iPhone lock screen

    The Live photo feature appeared in the iPhone 6s along with the 3D Touch pressure recognition system. A couple of years ago, 3D Touch was replaced by Haptic Touch, which allows you to use the same features, but on smartphones without 3D Touch (iPhone XR / 11/11 Pro).

    The live wallpapers themselves were seriously pumped up back in iOS 11, there were different looping animations and keyframe selection.

    It is these “live” wallpapers that we will set as a background image on the iPhone lock screen.

    Where to get Live-photos for wallpapers

    You can shoot your own picture with movement. To do this, while taking a photo, activate the Live switch at the top of the screen.

    Together with the photo, a short clip of 1.5 seconds will be filmed, which will be played back as live wallpaper.

    With the free intoLive app, you can make live wallpapers from any video or GIF animation on your smartphone.

    Just select the segment you need to loop, crop the frame to fit the screen and save it to the device’s gallery.

    The TikTok app has a built-in option to save any video as a live wallpaper.

    The chip is in the Share menu, unfortunately, you cannot select a part of the video to loop. Instead, you can export all videos as GIFs, and then select the desired segment through the intoLive application.

    Installing Live-photos is as easy as shelling pears: go to Settings. Wallpapers. Select a new wallpaper and specify the saved animation. Do not forget to enable the use of live wallpapers on the lock screen (the button with a circle at the bottom of the screen).

    Pressing hard or long on the locked display will now play the animation.

    Artyom Surovtsev

    I love technology and everything connected with it. I believe that the greatest discoveries of humanity are yet to come!

    Photo application

    An alternative to the previous method is to use the standard iPhone application “Photos”, which stores not only pictures and videos taken with the camera, but also other images, including animated ones.

    Note! The graphic file that will be set as live wallpaper must be in the MOV format (Live photos created on the main iPhone camera have it, if this option has not been disabled manually).

    • Open the Photos app. Find in it the image that you plan to install on the screen, and tap it to view.
    • Click on the “Share” button below.

    Scroll down the menu and select “Set as wallpaper”.

    Follow the steps from the last step of the previous instruction, that is, specify the screen or screens to which the image will be added.

    You can see the result by closing the “Photos” application.

    Obviously, this method provides more customization options than the iOS “Settings” discussed above. The only difficulty lies in the need to find graphic files in a suitable format.

    It is easy to guess that in this way you can set absolutely any compatible image as wallpaper, for example, downloaded from the Internet. If you have these files in iCloud, do the following to move them to iPhone memory:

      Open the Files app and double click on the Browse tab.

    In the side menu, select the “iCloud Drive” section.

    Find the folder that contains the matching images and open it.

    Please note that if it is in the cloud, the download procedure will be initiated first.

    After the image is open, click the “Share” button on the bottom panel.

    In the menu that appears, select “Save Image”.

    Repeat steps.5 from the previous instruction.

    Note that the Files application allows you to work not only with data in the cloud, but also with those stored on the phone’s internal storage. Plus, you can connect other cloud storages to it, not only iCloud. To do this, you need to either set the appropriate settings in its menu, or install the service application on the iPhone, launch it and configure it, after which it will automatically appear in the file manager.

    Live wallpapers for iPhone 11

    Popular app for setting wallpapers, primarily live ones, highly rated by iPhone users.

    • Use the link above to install the app on your iPhone.
    • Launch it and scroll through the welcome screens with introductory information.

    Then either cancel the Premium subscription by closing the window, or use the offered trial version.

    Once on the main screen of the mobile application, open its menu by touching the three horizontal stripes located in the lower left corner.

    Scroll through the list of available sections and open “Live Wallpapers”.

    If you still have not purchased Premium, you will be prompted to do so again. We recommend using the trial version, which you can turn off at any time. This will open access to all the possibilities provided by the application, and at the same time will allow you to download the desired number of live images from it.

    Scroll the screens to the side, find the right wallpaper.

    By clicking on the image, you can see an example of how it will look on the phone, on screens with icons.

    To download a picture, click on the button located in the center of the bottom panel,

    and then by the inscription “Save” in the window that appears.

    Give the app permission to access the photo.

    You can find downloaded live wallpapers in the standard “Photos” application, in its section “Live Photos”.

    How to install them on the Home screen, the lock screen, or both at once, we talked about in the previous part of the article.

    The advantage of the Live Wallpaper program is a huge library of images, both static and dynamic. At the same time, it is impossible to close our eyes to its shortcomings. an obsessive offer to issue a Premium subscription, even the not high cost of which can hardly be called justified.

    Setting live wallpaper on iPhone

    Note! Live wallpaper setting is available on 1st and 2nd generation iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro, and newer models released after publication of this article. This function is not supported by older devices.

    Third party applications

    In the App Store, you can find quite a few applications that provide the ability to set static and dynamic wallpapers, and many of them specialize only in the latter. All of them have not so many differences, and unfortunately, they are endowed with the same drawbacks. advertising and paid distribution (often with a trial version, after which you will have to abandon the use or subscribe not the cheapest subscription). But, since almost every such solution allows you to save animated pictures to the device’s memory, for example, consider how to use two of them.

    IOS “Settings

    The easiest method to set live wallpaper on iPhone is to refer to the corresponding section of the system parameters.

      Open the “Settings” iOS and scroll down a little to the second block of options.

    Select a suitable image and tap it.

  • In the pop-up window, define where the image will be installed:
  • Lock screen;
  • Home screen;
  • Both screens.
  • You can get acquainted with the result by exiting the iOS settings and / or by locking the phone screen, depending on which of the available options you chose.

    This approach to installing dynamic wallpaper on the iPhone is extremely simple in its implementation, but not without its drawbacks. the set of animated images offered by the system is very limited, depends on the specific device model and iOS version, and cannot be extended by standard means.

    Live wallpaper 4K

    Another highly appreciated by users application for setting live wallpaper, which, like the vast majority of representatives of this segment, is not much different from the one discussed above and has characteristic pros and cons.

    • Follow the link above and install the program on your iPhone.
    • Run it and scroll through the introductory screens by clicking “Next”.

    Pay attention to the instructions. in addition to how to set a dynamic image, there is a list of models that support this feature. These are all iPhones, starting with the 6S model, but not previous versions. we indicated this at the beginning of the article. For some reason, the application does not list the SE models of the first and second generation, but this function also works on them.

    Once on the main screen of the application, select the live picture you like by scrolling through their list in the lower area.

    Having made your choice, tap the download button marked in the screenshot below.

    In order for this action to be performed, you will need to watch a short ad.

    Then grant permission to access photos.

    Once again, read the instructions and the list of supported devices, then tap on the “Got it” button.

    In order to set live wallpapers on the screen of your iPhone, follow the instructions from the “Photo Application” section of this article.

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