Dark theme for Windows 10. postponed

Recall that support for a dark theme in MacOS systems appeared with the release of Chrome 73, but in Windows 10 the full.scale implementation of this Chrome function is postponed. It is planned that Chrome will automatically switch between dark and light modes depending on the settings of the operating system. The dark theme in Chrome will be very similar to the incognito mode window.

The company confirmed that not all Chrome 74 users will receive support for the dark mode. The company representative noted:

I confirm that this function will be available to a small number of users Chrome 74. It will become widely accessible in the near future.

How to enable Google Chrome

If you do not want to wait until Google gives you access to this function, it can be enabled in the following way.

  • Select Chrome label, click on it with the right mouse button and select the properties.
  • Add the key.-Force-Dark-Mode through a gap to the end of the field object
  • Run Chrome and the dark mode will be turned on. If you usually run Chrome from the icon from the taskbar, then it needs to be removable and fixed with the label with the added key.

Chrome has always offered support for the topics, but this official mode is supplied with correctly configured contextual menu and the load panel.

Chrome 74 also includes a number of other changes that are not so obvious visually. Chrome animation functions can now be disabled to reduce the visual “motion.”. A new flag has also been added to prohibit sites to detect incognito mode.

How to enable the “hidden” dark mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome already has its own dark mode, but it cannot be implemented from settings, unlike most options. So, this is how you can turn on your own dark mode in Google Chrome on PC with Windows.

  • Now find the “dark mode” in the line of searching for the flags and find “forcedly the dark mode for the web consumer”. Now select “inclusive” in the opening menu, as shown below.

The CHROME Foom Catch not only in Windows, but also on Android, Mac and Linux, so you can use this method for implementing the dark mode initially on the Google Chrome on your computer or smartphone, regardless of your operating system.

Use the dark mode in Google Chrome for convenient viewing

So, now you know how to implement a completely dark mode in Google Chrome using extensions, the flags. Although each of them has their own goals and methods of work, they all do their job. Some of the extensions mentioned here also offer more detailed management elements than others, that experienced users will definitely appreciate. So go ahead, try them and let us know which one is best for you.

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How to include a dark topic

Let us give step.by.step instructions for Windows users: there are so far the absolute majority. We do not consider the Linux operating system. its fans, if desired, will deal with the settings of the browser’s dark theme on their own: the essence of the process will remain unchanged. Before changing the settings, you need to check the version of the Chrome browser and update the application to the last stable release.

On the computer

There are several ways to turn on the dark topic of Google Chrome on a computer. You can use any: the sequence of actions leads to the same result. The list looks as follows:

  • modify the settings of the operating system itself;
  • change the starting parameters of the Google application;
  • Install a dark theme of official plugins.

The first method belongs to global settings and is available to Windows 10 users. The path looks like this: in the “Start” menu, select the personalization of the settings and move on to the subparagraph “Color”. In additional settings, indicate the dark mode. Changes will be applied to the entire system, all user applications will change the appearance (of course, if they can do it).

Dark theme in Windows 10 settings

make, google, chrome, black

Other methods are less radical and allow you to change the settings of only the browser. An elegant solution is to launch a browser with additional options: the method will appeal to those who like to understand the system settings.

With the right button, click on the label of the application and go into the properties settings. In the “Label” tab in the “Object” field, add the key –Force-Dark-Mode to the written, we use and save changes. If Chrome is open at this moment, the program will need to restart.

There are several dark topics. You can verify their diversity as follows:

  • Click on three points in the upper right corner, select the “Settings” item and get to the Chrome page: // settings/appEe their.
  • In the left menu, we move to the “Appearance” section and get the opportunity to install topics from the Chrome store. Let the word “store” do not scare you: in most cases you will not have to pay.
  • We are looking for a catalog by the word “dark”: Google provides a list of many options. there is something to choose from.
  • After downloading, the installation occurs automatically, it is only necessary to agree to restart the browser from the user.
  • To turn off the dark mode, just deactivate the expansion. You can also drop the parameters to default: in additional settings, select the option “Restoration of default settings”.

With the development of software functionality, other methods of switching the mode will appear.

In the mobile version of the browser

Owners of smartphones and tablets can also evaluate the advantages of the new user integration design. For different devices, the procedure will vary.

Android owners can change the theme settings in the Chrome browser like this: we press the vertically located 3 points on top to right, then “settings”, hereinafter. “Topics”. We activate the item “Dark”, the changes are used immediately.

Dark mode Google chrome pc. How to enable dark mode on google chrome (2022)

If you select the “default” item, then the mode will be included when the device is transferred to the energy.saving state. The function is available starting with Android 5.

Dark theme on Android

Users of the IOS 13 or older version of the system can change the global system settings to activate the dark mode:

  • In the settings menu, we go to the point “screen and brightness”.
  • Celebrating Chekbox “Dark”. Similar actions are available in the “Control point”.
  • You can also configure the inclusion of the dark mode according to the schedule: for this, select the option “automatically” and set the parameters.

It is not difficult to change the appearance of the Chrome browser: any user who wants to make individual settings and optimize the application for his own requirements will cope with this.

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How to activate a dark topic in Google Chrome

The standard theme of the Google Chrome Internet browser has a good minimalist design. Most of the observer users she completely suits. But what to do if you are tired of the appearance and want something new? Of course, change the skin. In this article we will tell you how to make a dark topic in Google Chrome.

Below you will find three simple instructions on how to get Chrome in black. All methods are dismantled in steps and have screenshots. Also, in the end, you can find a training video. Everyone will cope with the task.

Through the store

Perhaps the most common method by which you can design your browser in black. We will analyze it at the beginning.

    Go to the “settings” of the observer of this in the upper right corner click on the logo with the image of three points and select the settings point.

That’s all, you completely coped with the task. If you do not want to turn on the addition from the store, then read the next way.

Using the editor of the tabs

The easiest way is to make a dark chrome using the editor of the tabs. So what needs to be done for this:

  • Open a new tab in the web viewer window.
  • In the lower right corner, the left mouse button, click on the “set up”.

Add the parameters to the label

Attention, this method does not work on all computers. In order for this method to work, Windows 10 and the latest version of the browser must be installed on your PC.

The essence of the decision is that you need to change the label of the program and turn on the parameter so that the windows in the browser are black.

    Click on the label of the observer with the right button and select “Properties”.

Dark Chrome theme for browser

In fact, everything is very simple. The dark theme Chrome has existed for some time in the browser officially. But to activate it, you need to choose a similar design in your Windows 10. By the way, on earlier versions of Windows should not work.

How to Apply Dark Mode in Google Chrome for PC

Just go to Windows 10 settings, then to the “Personalization” section, then select the “Colors” menu item item. In the section “Select the default application mode” we put the switch in the “dark” mode.

Dark Chrome theme for content

In addition, in Chrome you can choose not only the dark topic of designing the application and its integration, but forcibly activate this mode for content. For example, this is how our site begins to look like in this mode.

To do this, in the address line of Google Chrome, you need to enter “Chrome: // Flags/#Force-dark-mode-for-web-Contents” (without quotation marks), then select “Enabled” in the drop-down list. The browser will offer a reboot of the application. After it you will see changes.

How to include your own dark topic in Google Chrome

Google Chrome now takes into account the settings of the operating system. If you include a dark topic in Windows 10, the browser will switch to a full.fledged dark mode, and the inclusion of a bright topic will remove it.

This is what the settings tab look like:

The dark theme of Google Chrome from the extensions store

Go to Chrome online store. Choose the topic that you like the most, and click the “Install” button.

We have chosen Material Incognito Dark Theme. For her pleasant dark background.

If you change your mind to use a dark theme, just go to “Settings”.

Find “topics” and click “drop”.

make, google, chrome, black

Any design can get bored, especially this applies to things that we use daily. Browser developers make sure that users are most comfortable using their product, including regularly update the themes of designing in Google Chrome. Like the rest of the program options, the change in the process of changing the design improves with each update.

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How to enable the dark theme Google Chrome?

The popularity of this method of design is explained by the fact that dark colors have greater contrast. They are convenient to view both in the evening and at night, and in sunny weather. In addition, the eyes strain and get tired much less than when using other ways to draw up a program. An important plus. the battery is much more economical.

On the computer

Note that automatically such a design is included in the Google Chrome version, starting with 74. If the user wants to activate the black decoration of the browser, the first step is to conduct an update to the latest version. In order to get such a design, it is necessary that the corresponding option is activated in the Windows 10 settings:

After the session of the operating system is rebooted, the new one is activated with new parameters.

On the Android phone

To turn on the Dark Mode on the device running Android OS, you need a browser at least 74 episode 74. To find out which one is installed on the user’s smartphone or tablet: “menu”. “About the Chrome browser”. In the Android version of the observer there are two parameters responsible for the black theme:

  • Launch a new session of the observer.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of a special flag, which is responsible for one of the sections of the experimental menu: Chrome: // Flags. A section with a set of sections of the secret menu will be opened.
  • Introduce the desired word. “Dark” into the search line. The system will most likely find two parameters that are shown in the picture below. The first is responsible for changing the color of the web page that the user will open, the second is a change in the color of the chromium shell itself.
  • To activate slip by the button located below. The name of the button will change on “Default”, an additional section will appear. “Relaunch now”. You need to slip a new button to carry out restart. This process allows you to introduce changes into the active phase.

If the dark android dark theme was included for the integrator’s integration, after starting, the new options will not appear automatically. However, a new item will be implemented in the sections. “Dark Mode”. It is he who will include the right design. After the manipulations, the browser window will look like in the picture presented below.

Special extensions

If the above methods for the user do not come up or after the manipulations are observed bugs and failures, you can use a special extension. It is better to give preference to products that are recommended on the official website.

Dark Reader

In the “List” tab, you can set the names of sites that will be exceptions to the action of the specified Dark Reader parameters. The “” tab will allow you to configure the size and type of font.

How to enable the dark Chrome mode in Windows

In this instructions, I will show all the ways to change the topic in a popular browser with a light to the dark, which I know. Choose the one that will be more convenient for you and use it!

Dark mode through Chrome settings

In the address bar of the browser we write the address:

Chrome: // Flags/#Enable-Force-Dark

Click on the Enter key. The page of the advanced parameters of the chrome browser will open:

make, google, chrome, black

Here we need for the “Force Dark Mode For Web Contents” parameter to set the Enabled value. Then restart the program.

Note: In order to return the light theme back, you must again go to the specified settings page and set the value of “Disabled”.

We turn on the dark theme through the label of the application

We find the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop, click on it with the right button so that the menu appears and select the “Properties” item. Such a window will open:

In the line “Object” you need to add the following at the end of the line:

After that, it will be necessary to click on the OK button to save changes. The system will give a warning that for this you need to have a permission of the administrator. click on the “Continue” button. After that, you can run a browser and watch the result.

If it will be necessary to return to the bright topic. open the properties of the label again, delete the added parameter and restart. 2. If you do not have a browser label on the desktop and you run chrome through the start menu, then you can find this label like this: click the combination of Winr keys to “execute” the window and enter this way there:

A window with a list of labels of the Start menu will open, in which you need to find the browser icon and do everything that I talked above with it.

CHROME single launch in dark mode

If there is no need to turn on the dark topic in chrome for constant, but it is only necessary once, then you can do so. Click the Winr key combination and enter the command:

Chrome.Exe —Force-Dark-Mode.-enable-Features = Webuidarkmode

make, google, chrome, black

Then the browser should start in dark mode and it will work in it until you close the application.

Dark theme chrome through Windows parameters

In Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems, you can choose the color mode of applications by defending-light or dark. But! The mode will change not only Google Chrome, but also other programs that support this chip. I very often use this on a working laptop when I have to work at night.This is done like this:

Open Windows parameters and go to the “Personalization” section. Here we need a subsection “Color”. On the right, we find the item “Select the default application mode”, in which initially a checkbox stands on the “light” version. Choose the option “Dark” and immediately the entire integration is darkened:

Now all programs where it is possible, the topic of the design will change to the dark. Very fast and convenient it turns out!

How to make a dark Chrome theme in Android

In order to turn on the dark theme of chromium on your Android telephone, you need to click on the button with three points in the upper right corner of the application and thus open the main menu of the browser:

Next, we open the section “Settings” ⇒ “Topic” and put a box on the line “Dark”. After that, Chrome will go into dark mode. Note: To return everything as it was, do all the actions in the reverse sequence.