What is email, step-by-step example of creating an account, use

Good time, and the best wishes! Probably there is no longer a person in a society that has not heard what e-mail is But it’s not all know. and it is natural. Just comes such a time when it becomes necessary for a person.

Today, without “soap” it is already difficult to do. the email box is needed not so much to send letters, but to access various Internet services, social networks and messengers.

Today’s material is just for those who decide to figure out what “email” is and how it needs to be used. Do not doubt if you decide to “enter” in such services like Skype, social networks and other useful ideas of the type of state service and so on. Come true.

How to register mailbox

Email. E-mail transmission technology (“letters”) through a computer network. Anyone can create a personal email package for free. This requires a computer or other device with internet access (tablet, smartphone, computer).

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In colloquial speech, the email box is also often called Mail, email, e-mail, e-mail, “soap” and T.D. Using the mailbox, you can send and receive electronic correspondence (text messages, as well as small files).

To create an email, you need to go to the site of some post service (see. just below), click the “Registration” button and fill the special form. In the registration process you need to specify information about the owner of the future email, come up Name of mailbox (address) and password For access to it. Mail and password name you need to remember. These data will continue to be able to access the mailbox.

Each email box has an address (unique name), which consists of the name of the user invested in the registration process, and the name of the mail server, on which it is registered, separated by @ (for example, polzovatel @).

The most popular postal services in the Russian-speaking Internet are:

You can work with the already created e-mail in two ways: via Web-inteeis and with postal customers (postal programs).

The first option is the easiest. The only requirement is the availability of a device connected to the Internet (computer, tablet, phone). User through a regular browser (Internet Explorer or DR.) Enters the start page of the postal service, on which its email is registered (see. Above), it hits the “Login” button, in the corresponding fields enter the name of your box and password to it, after which the mailbox control panel opens. Everything is simple and visual. If you need to look into the incoming mail. Click on the section “Inbox”, and get a list of letters sent to you. Want to read some of them. click on it with the mouse and it opens. Want to write someone’s letter. Click on the “Write a letter” button, fill out all the necessary fields and click “Send”.

The advantage of working with e-mail via Web Inteeis is the ability to access the mailbox from any computer (not necessarily home) or another device connected to the Internet. Disadvantage. a large number of obsessive services and advertising.

The second option implies installation on a special program. mail client. This program on the user’s requirement or with defined frequency is associated with the mail server, receiving and sending mail. It provides an opportunity to better organize work with letters, can store copies of all correspondence directly on the user’s computer, and not only on the network, and provides work with them, even if the Internet connection disappeared. At the same time, in the case of using the mail client, the user does not lose the opportunity to access the mailbox through Web Inteeis.


All the above services are free email, the use of which no one limits.

In order not to remember which email address on a particular service, you can use autocomplete forms. “Tick” is responsible for it in the “Remember me” line, which is located in the form of entry into email.

In order to be able to make a correspondence using email you need the mailbox where letters will be kept and where the emails will be stored, as well as its own email address. About how to create them and will be discussed in this material.

First you need to decide on what mail server will be your e-mailbox. Surely when you connected to the Internet, the provider has already allocated you the mailbox on your own server. But we would not advise this option, as providers change, but the addresses remain for a long time. Therefore, the most optimal option will take advantage of the services of some major free postal service.

make, email, computer, e-mail

To date, more than two dozen large free postal services are operating in Russia, of which the most popular can be called:

Of course, you can choose less promoted services, but note that not all of them are equally convenient and functional. But large mail services have in their arsenal advanced spam fighting tools, a convenient user inteeis, support all sorts of postal customers, own utilities for checking mail, as well as pay a lot of attention to the service stability.

Almost all mailers provide users with the following basic features:

  • Access to the mailbox via the web page. This means that you can view your correspondence, create, receive and send emails, going using a browser to a special page posted on the Post Service Server. Thus, it is possible to work with email from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • POP3 access protocol. This protocol allows you to work with e-mail not through a web browser, but with the help of special programs, such as: Microsoft Outlook, The Bat!, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera and other, called loose customers.
  • Access by IMAP Protocol. Is a more advanced Alternative to POP3 and providing users with advanced features with electronic correspondence when using postal customers on their computer.

Unlike POP3, the IMAP protocol supports not all postal services, for example, refused to use it.

In order to create your own mailbox, you need to register on the service you like. If you choose on one of the four of the above services, to start registration, simply click on its name, after which the appropriate registration page opens. But before that, still read this material to the end.

One of the key questions when creating a new box is the choice of its address, that is, the future of your email address. In general, the email address is as follows:

The “fl” symbol (@), dividing the login and the name of the mail server, is called a “dog”, in Italy. “snail”, and in Germany. “Monkey”.

As you understand, the name of the postal service is substituted automatically, depending on the service where you are registered, and only the creation of a login will be on your shoulders, which should be unique and consist of a single word. At the same time, the name may consist of Latin letters, figures and underscore characters.

On postal services where tens of millions of boxes are registered, the choice of unique login, and also arranged you, is quite not a trivial task. So to the address containing your personal name, for example,

, You can not expect. At the same time, the registration system will immediately check your address on uniqueness and warn you, if such a name is already occupied.

Inventing the name for your mailbox, be sure to take into account the fact for which goals it is created, and with whom you will be rewritten. If you create a mailbox for business correspondence or are an adult man, then in his name it is quite appropriate to use the combination of your name or its first letter and surname, for example

But at the same time consider that too long name will be inconvenient in writing.

Many users in the name of the mail are used completely “neutral”, and in some case, both “squeezed” names, for example “Coolguy” or “Bestgirl”. When corresponding to friends or registration on some resources, it is quite acceptable, but the use of such addresses to send business proposals or a resume to a potential employer will hardly be appropriate.

So, after selecting a unique name and introducing some personal data, registration will be completed, and you will become the owner of a new personal mailbox. Now it is important to remember or even write a few basic values:

    Email address you have just created (for example,

These three values ​​will be enough for you enough to work with email through the browser. To do this, simply go to the site of your mail service, enter the login and password, after which you will fall on the personal page of your mailbox. There you can see a list of letters received, read them, Write new or send answers and much more.

Users leading active life can have several mailboxes at once using them for various purposes. For example, one of them, for business correspondence, the second, for personal, well, the third, for registration on various network resources. It is possible that you will soon need an additional mailbox, the creation of which is no longer a problem for you.

Email. analogue of a real mailbox, existing on the network in electronic network. To create your mail on the Internet, it is desirable to determine how you want to use. You can register email from various global companies, ranging from Yandex, Google and. Finishing services from private websites and hosting.

How to create email ?

Mail mail, as well as the above, leaves pleasant impressions. The service is conveniently used, the built-in prompt will appeal to beginners, it is possible to synchronize data with the cloud, there is a unwanted content blocker, a full-fledged search function is available.

You can send and receive letters of any volume, download attachments to a hard disk, include sending messages to several seitters, import contacts from rambler, Yandex, Google and much more.

  • Enter the HTTPS browser to the address bar: // E./ login and press ENTER;
  • Select the “Registration in the post office” tab;
  • Fill in the profile, including: specify the real name / surname, select the floor, add a login / password;
  • During filling, the system will show what your account name looks like. If the address entered is busy, you will be offered free options available on the server. Choose the one that you want or change the source.
  • Pay attention to the row with a dog icon. If you click on it, you can change the default @ to another domain termination of INBOX.RU, LIST.RU, BK.RU and so on;
  • The phone will have to be introduced necessarily, it will come in handy to restore access, you never know. suddenly forget the password. Previously, it was possible to get around such a limitation and bind an additional email, but at the moment, the binding option does not work and still need to enter the correct phone number;
  • Confirm that you are not a robot;
  • We wait until the SMS code comes to the mobile phone, you need to add it to the corresponding field of the registration window and click “continue”;
  • Ready, you are on the page of your postcard! In the incoming you can see a letter with instructions and reference information.

How to go to free postage ?

By the way, you can create mail on a computer, laptop, as well as on any modern smartphone or tablet. Gmail.COM, like other popular mailers offer downloading a mobile application for different devices Android and iOS. Client version for mobile will help instantly configure all the necessary parameters and log in to your account. It is enough to have a Wi-Fi connection or the Internet from the cellular operator, then there should be no problems.

What is an email address or your mailbox?

In essence, this is your address to which letters will come to you. Also, various information from sites and Internet resources where you will register, or just letters from your friends or those who will give your email address.

That is, in essence it is like a mailbox for newspapers and letters you only on the Internet, for emails and messages.

Next will be told how to create soy email.

Email can be created completely free, yes yes, if anyone else is developing the Internet, email is quite free service.

Paid email also exists. Paid mail is usually enjoyed by people quite consciously. Purchase a special email address, accidentally create it will not work, can anyone.

For example, when placing your site, the provider offers you to make mail for your site as our email address administrator Administrator @ Propk.RU At this address we accept letters from you, it is included in the price of the site from the provider.

Registration by

Another popular service to create an e-mail. Free email in the browser has many advantages:

  • Simple and convenient inteeis;
  • the ability to collect letters from all user boxes;
  • reliable protection about fraudsters;
  • Unlimited memory, increasing as letters accumulate;
  • Cloud storage for 25 GB of disk space.

Mail on has one disadvantage. not a very successful spam filtering system (spooner). Otherwise, it is very thoughtful, connected with many services and games, so popular in Russia and a number of other countries. Register mailbox is simple:

  • Go to Domain. Choose Count “Register Mail”.
  • In the Specify the required personal information in the tab, come up with login.
  • Two protocols are used to receive mail: POP3 and IMAP, select the desired.
  • Next will be prompted to enter a password, select one of the services Bk.RU or LIST.RU. and finish registration.

How to create a target book in Yandex.Email

Address book in Yandex mail is collected automatically, it includes all the contacts to which you ever wrote.

Also in the address book you can add contact with the way I described above.

View all contacts that are included in this book, you can go to the “Contacts” section

This is what the address book looks like in Yandex.Email. True, I have only one contact there as a new account.

How to create email from your Android or iPhone phone

From the phone you can register mail in two ways: through a mobile browser or through the application. In the browser, the registration process is not different from those described above. The same actions only on the screen of your mobile. Nothing new. But applications are slightly different:

  • You need to find in Play market you need an application (on the iPhone in the AppStore).
  • Download it.
  • Enter all the necessary data as in the instructions above.
  • To confirm the person.
  • Receive notifications about new posts in mail via phone.

There is another complex method by which you can connect mail on any Android. This is done through the mail application. You need to go back and add a new e-mail manually. And then configure the IMAP protocol. Data set:

But these are only additional measures. Now much more efficiently work through native applications on Android and iPhone phones.

Why only 4 service in the example

To avoid questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I decided to immediately answer this question. I described a step-by-step instruction only for these sites only 2 by 2 simple reasons. First, these are the largest Runet sites, and they are tested by many years. They can be trusted, and now use them 99.9% of users confirming my words. Secondly, I do not see the point of writing about other sites, for this is quite enough.

I hope I helped you decide such a simple problem, and you will help me sharing the link in social networks).