Different Apple IDs

One of the conditions for calls to come to two or more devices is their authorization in one Apple account. Therefore, the most correct method would be to create different accounts for several devices, which will allow you not to think about how to turn off the synchronization of calls on iPhones. In fact, this is the right option, since initially each iPad, iPhone and MacBook should work under its own “account”.

How to turn off calls on a MacBook from an iPhone by changing the account? To do this, all devices are deauthorized, except for the main one, and you are logged into them with the new Apple ID. This will stop incoming calls and messages to other devices. But if you need to take advantage of one account, for example, you need to share the application history, it is better to turn off the call on other devices through the “Settings”.

Disable in “Settings

When messages arrive on two iPhones at the same time, not everyone knows how to disable this service. Call duplication occurs because there is a connection between Apple equipment, which is established when logging into one account on several devices, as well as when they are connected to the same Internet network. It’s worth learning how to reset a call on an iPhone, of course, but the constant cancellation of calls can get annoying.

The double of calls and messages is convenient if the phone is far away and you do not want to follow it, or it is charging. But the situation when the iPhone and iPad are ringing at the same time will require knowledge of how to disconnect the connection, because it causes inconvenience.

There are two ways to solve the problem through Settings, which differ in approach. The first implies a complete disabling of the function. For him you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” section from the main screen.
  • Select “Phone”.
  • Go to submenu “Calls to other devices”.
  • To prevent the call and message from being duplicated on devices, you need to remove the top toggle switch in the “Allow calls” line, making it inactive.

The second solution allows you to partially disable the function, leaving parallel calls on the necessary gadgets:

  • The settings menu opens.
  • In the same section “Phone” select “Calls to other devices”.
  • In a separate window, remove the toggle switches for those gadgets that do not require duplicate calls.
make, another, call, iphone

Sometimes this menu is absent. this indicates that there are no devices simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi network and the same iCloud account.

The call goes to two iPhones: how to disconnect

If you have multiple iPhones, there is often a problem when calls are duplicated on two iPhones. Few know how to disable this feature. When creating iOS, Apple provided the ability to receive a call arriving at one user’s device using another device. But since this is inconvenient, people often ask: “If the call goes to 2 iPhones, how can I disable this mode?”.

If two iPhones are ringing at the same time, how to turn them off becomes the number one task. There are three ways to remedy this situation. They assume that a user, without contacting technical support, will figure out how to turn off calls on a Mac from an iPhone.

If the problem persists

Rarely, but there are cases when the instructions on how to turn off general calls on the iPhone did not help. Then we are talking about failures in the operation of iOS, when the firmware was installed incorrectly, often this happens after updating the operating system. To solve this problem, you should reflash the device, making it “clean”.

The procedure will require a computer with iTunes and downloaded firmware supported by the device. Further actions are extremely simple:

  • The phone connects to the computer.
  • Hold down the Shift key and press the “Restore” button.
  • Firmware file is selected.
  • iPhone is set up like new, or you can use a backup.

Using these instructions, the iPhone owner will solve the problem of duplicate calls and messages on Apple equipment. This can be done in two minutes and in the future you will not experience the inconvenience associated with syncing iPhones.

Instructions for downloading ringtones to iPhone. iTunes 12

Ringtones for iPhone have not lost their relevance, because changing the ringtone brings a little variety to our everyday life. I decided the other day to create a new melody for myself and put it on the iPhone ring, but it turned out that the updated iTunes has small changes in the interface, which made the task a little more complicated. If you make and install ringtones in outdated versions of iTunes, then read the instructions here. “How to make a free ringtone for iPhone”. Well, we will understand the 12th version of Tuna.

For convenience, the instructions were made from two sections:

It is not necessary to have an Apple ID to create your own ringtones in iTunes, even if you just bought an iPhone and did not have time to get an ID, then you can download ringtones, like music. If you also decided to make your own iPhone ringtone, then you need to download and install the iTunes program on your computer, if you have not already done this, then keep a few step-by-step instructions:

Before you start, connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure there is a check mark in iTunes. Process music and videos manually.

Create iPhone Ringtone with iTunes

Having dealt with the installation of iTunes, let’s start creating a ringtone. Stock up in advance with the very melody (in MP3 format) that you want to hear during an incoming call, you need to take care of this in advance.

If your iTunes library already has an MP3 music file from which you plan to make a ringtone, then you can skip step: 1. 2. 3, if iTunes is still empty, then we do it.

In the open iTunes program, select the section. Music (1). Here, in the left side panel, for convenience, go to the subsection. Songs (2). If your iTunes does not have a panel on the left, then you can turn it on, as it is written. here.

Now, in the computer, we are looking for our music file in MP3 format, grab it with the mouse and drag it to the library with songs (3).

Our music file has appeared in your iTunes library. Now click on it with the right mouse button and select. Information (4).

In the window that opens, we are looking for. Parameters. We expose, the beginning is 0:00, the end is 0:30 and press OK. Thus, the length of our iPhone ringtone will be 30 seconds. I tried to make a ringtone lasting 3 minutes, iTunes did not miss it, gave the following:

“The ringtone was not copied to the iPhone because the duration is too long.”.

Therefore, 30 seconds is the best option.

We select our music track by clicking on the file in iTunes with the mouse, the track is highlighted in blue. Now we are looking for a tab:

  • File. Convert. Create AAC Version

I don’t know why Apple hid this function so far, it used to be easier. right-clicked on the file and converted, now the conversion path has become a little longer.

In a couple of seconds, we get our 30 second file, with the same name as the original file. Right-click on this 30-second melody and select Show in Windows Explorer (Show in Finder, Mac OS users press).

In the window that opens, we see our ringtone file, but still in M4A format, rename the M4A extension to the M4R extension. If you have any difficulties with renaming an extension or the extension is not displayed, then take a look at the instructions. “Features of renaming M4A to M4R”.

If creating ringtones in iTunes is inconvenient for you, then you can use the following services and programs:

Then you can use the second part of this instruction to sync these ringtones to your Apple iPhone.

We put the ringtone on the iPhone

The renamed ringtone in M4R format is our created ringtone for iPhone. In fact, the ringtone is ready, now you need to put it in the iPhone by syncing.

Using the mouse, grab the finished M4R file, pull it into iTunes and drop it straight into the program. Before that, it is advisable to transfer this ringtone to some of your own folder (and already pull it from it to iTunes), since it may still be useful in the future. There is another way how you can add ringtones to iTunes. read more here.

To make sure that the M4R ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes, do the following: at the top of the program, where we had the “Music” section, click and select “Sounds”. If there is no “Sounds” section, then in the same context menu, from the bottom, click. “Edit menu”, tick the “Sounds” checkbox and click Finish.

In iTunes 12.7, the developers removed the Edit Menu button, so some users may not be able to enable the Sounds section. Ringtone is now added to iTunes by drag and drop M4r ringtone. You can drag the ringtone. like this.

Once in the Sounds section, we should see our 30 second file. If we see it, and it is there, then the ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes. Sometimes, despite the correct steps above, the ringtone does not appear in the Sounds section, it happened in iTunes under MacOS, the removal of a 30-second file from the Songs section, which apparently somehow interfered with the M4R download, helped. But when you delete this file, you need to select the button. Leave File.

If your ringtone in M4R format does not appear in Sounds, then there may be problems with the original MP3 music file, in which case try other MP3 music files. Or try to make a ringtone not in iTunes, but with the help of other services and the links to which we indicated above in the text.

If ringtones appeared in iTunes, in the Sounds section, then we put them in the iPhone:

  • We take a USB cable, use it to connect the iPhone to the computer. In the top bar of the iTunes program, click on the iPhone icon that appears
  • In the left sidebar under the iPhone itself, click the section. Sounds
  • Check the box. Synchronize sounds
  • Choose: All Sounds or Selective Sounds
  • At the bottom of iTunes, click. Apply or Sync

A faster way to sync ringtones in iTunes is shown clearly. here, alternative sync not in iTunes here. Ringtones and i-FunBox.

We are waiting for all the stages of synchronization to pass, and iTunes will write the ringtone to the iPhone. Then we take the phone, go to Settings. Sounds. Ringtone, and we see our very first ringtone in the list.

If you want to turn on the iPhone backlight flashes on an incoming call, which will accompany your melody, then read. flash manual.

If you decide to delete ringtones from the iPhone, then we read. here. Well, if you still have questions about ringtones for iPhone or you want the same beautiful ringtone name as in the last picture, then welcome to our. “Questions and answers on ringtones for iPhone”.

Setting up a group call

In most cases, “cellular” companies in Russia provide an opportunity to bring people together and create a group conversation using the iPhone. But if the user is not sure about this service, first it is recommended to clarify the availability of this function. The number of participants. from two to five. is determined by the operator. It is important to enable the “Call Waiting”, “Call Hold” options in advance. The first option is found in Phone Settings:

Most likely, you will have to connect the “Hold connection” option at the operator. Generally, there is an additional charge for this service.

After that, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Call the first conference participant and put him on hold. Warn him that you will have to wait for other interlocutors to join;
  • click the Add Call icon;

Add an additional participant to the conversation during a call

How many interlocutors are included in the conversation is determined by the communication service provider. Large Russian operators, for example, Megafon, MTS, Beeline, enable five conference call participants to have a conversation at the same time.

How to enable a group call using conference calling on iPhone

Owners of iPhones have access to the opportunity to organize conferences directly on the phone in the “online” mode. Through the Internet, interlocutors are united, no matter where in the world they are. The answer to the question: How to make conference calls on iPhone is quite simple. You need to enable communication, create a call, add users.

The conference allows you to effectively solve business issues, interact with relatives and friends. You don’t need to tell everyone the same thing separately. The option is available regardless of the services provided by mobile operators.

Removing from a conference

Each member of the conversation can independently leave the “social circle”. All you need to do is hang up the phone and hang up the call. But there are situations when a person is forcibly removed. To do this, the conversation organizer:

  • finds the “i” icon located next to the contact on the right;
  • presses the “End call” key.

It is allowed to create a private conversation within the conference. For this, the main line is not interrupted, this will require:

  • press “i” opposite the contact of the person with whom there was a desire to communicate personally;
  • find the “Private” option located near the “Hang up”;
  • confirm the transition;
  • at the end of a private conversation, return to the menu, re-unite all participants in the conversation.

To prevent others from hearing what is at stake, simply turn off the speaker on your iPhone. Thus, outsiders will not be aware of what is happening.

make, another, call, iphone

Problems arise due to poor quality connections. It is recommended that you check your phone and network settings before starting a conference.

The organization of a “circle of communication” with several participants is not particularly difficult, however, as well as the removal of unwanted interlocutors. Once you try communication in a group according to the instructions described above, everything will become simple and understandable.

How to set up an auto answer on your phone: instructions for Android and iPhone

Modern touchscreen phones and smartphones amaze their owners with a huge number of very different functions. Users may not even be aware of the existence of many of them. One of these features is the automatic answer to an incoming call. Almost all flagship models of well-known brands have this function. Who will benefit from the automatic reply feature? How do I set up an auto answer on my phone? How to turn off auto answer on Android and turn it on on iPhone? We will consider these and other issues related to automatic call acceptance in this article.

How to enable / disable auto reply on Android

Even a user who is not at all friendly with gadgets will not be difficult to enable auto-reply on Android. In order to activate the mentioned function, you need to go through the following path in the smartphone menu:

Settings → Applications → Call → All calls → Answer mode

In the last submenu, the function appears to put a check mark in front of the “Automatically in seconds” function. In the same way, you can turn off auto-reply.

In some cases, calls will continue to be answered automatically even if this feature is disabled. Sometimes auto-answer on Android can be done by activating another option “Motions and gestures”. It can be disabled by going through the following path in the settings:

How to Off Find My iPhone (FMI) in Full and Lifetime Free Sim Call Fix Everything Fix | 100% Working

The latter function is responsible for controlling the smartphone without touching, it is they who can sometimes automatically receive calls. To avoid this, it is worth deactivating this function as well.

Why do I need an automatic answer to an incoming call?

Auto answer is a smartphone function that allows you to receive incoming calls automatically after a certain time. Thus, in order to answer a call, the user of the gadget does not need to press the call accept button or perform any other manipulations. After a specified time, the gadget will automatically answer itself. Such a function will be useful in the following cases:

  • With a continuous workflow. For people whose profession is associated with an unbreakable workflow that does not allow or makes it inconvenient to receive a call distraction, auto-answer will be very relevant. A person does not need to stop a workflow to receive a challenge. The smartphone will do it itself. To optimize the automatic response process, the owner of the gadget is recommended to use a headset.
  • If it is impossible to manually answer the call. Not only at work, but also in everyday life, the user is often uncomfortable answering a call. while driving a car or while riding a bicycle; in the case when you need to take off your gloves or get your phone out of your bag in the cold; wash your hands to accept a call or perform any other inconvenient activity. So that the user’s time is not wasted on unnecessary manipulations, and touch phones remain clean, auto-answer on iPhone and Android will come in handy.
  • For people with disabilities. One of the main groups of users for which this function was developed is people with disabilities. In some cases, this function is the only possible way to answer a call.

Such a function can be both useful and vice versa. to bring only discomfort to the user and create awkward situations. For example, an incoming call can be automatically answered even when the owner of the smartphone did not hear the call. In this case, the gadget continues to lie in its place (in a. bag, next room), and the other subscriber is already connected and hears only the noise in the receiver. That is why later in the article we will look at how to set up an auto answer on your phone and how to turn it off if necessary. And how a modern smartphone works while accepting a call, you can find out in the article by the link.

How to enable / disable auto answer on iPhone

All iPhones with iOS 11 support auto-answer. You can customize it by going through the following path:

Settings → General → Accessibility → Sound Source → Auto Answer Calls

When activating the function, it becomes possible to select the time after which the auto-answer is carried out on the iPhone. The time interval can vary from 3 to 60 seconds.

To turn off auto-answer, you need to go the same way and uncheck the box opposite the “Auto-answer to calls” submenu. For those who do not like the auto answer function, but do not want to miss important calls, an answering machine is suitable. Since turning on an answering machine on an iPhone is as easy as turning on an auto answer, every user can handle this task.

How to set an incoming call ringtone on iPhone?

3 Set the song to the iPhone ringtone

  • Open iPhone Settings → Sounds → Ringtone.
  • Your song will be first on the list. Click on her to make her call.

How to download ringtone on iPhone 11?

How to set ringtone on iPhone with iOS 13 (and newer) without a computer

  • Open the Safari browser and go to the site where you can download the song for the future ringtone in MP3 format.
  • Click on the button (link) to download the MP3 file.
  • In the window that appears, click Download.

How to put a standard melody on Viber?

Open Viber, click on the button in the form of three stripes.

  • On the next page select “Settings”.
  • Next. “Notifications”.
  • Now check the box next to “Use system sounds” if it is not, and click “Notification sound”.
  • Choose storage.
  • Next, choose a melody and click “Yes”.

How to customize the ringtone in Viber?

First of all, to turn on the sound of incoming messages in Viber on Android and iPhone, do the following:

  • Go to the messenger settings;
  • Choose notifications;
  • We look at the checkboxes opposite: “Sounds of outgoing messages”, “Use system sounds”. Choosing your sound.

How to Add Ringtone to iPhone 2020?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Sounds, Tactile Alerts menu. 10. Go to the Ringtone menu. At the very top of the ringtone list, you will see the ringtone you have created and downloaded.

How to install a ringtone on iPhone via garage band?

How to create ringtone on iPhone with GarageBand?

  • Choosing any tool for working with a new audio track.
  • We make a short recording using the “REC” and “STOP” buttons.
  • Click on the appeared button “Multitrack mode” (appears on the toolbar after the previous step).
  • Importing the song to a new track.

How to Ring a Song on an iPhone (iTunes 12.6 and Older)

The first step is to make certain settings. Go to “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”. This will be needed to rename the ringtone we are creating.

Open iTunes and add a song by clicking File → Add File to Library. Listen to the song and the section from it that you would like to hear as a ringtone. The maximum length of a track to be played is 40 seconds. Right-click on the song and select Details. Go to the “Parameters” tab and specify the desired start and end time of the call (the sound file itself will not be cut off). After the end of the interval selection, click “OK”.

Right click on the song of your choice and select Create AAC Version. You will see another copy of the future ringtone.

Right click on the new song and select Show in Windows Explorer. The selected file must be renamed to the m4r extension (iPhone ringtone format).

Drag the ringtone into iTunes (or add the usual “File” → “Add file to library”). it will appear in a new category “Sounds”, which will contain all ringtones.

Synchronize iPhone with computer. After the synchronization is complete, the ringtone can be found by going to “Settings” → “Sounds” → “Ringtone”.

After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start and end times of the original melody. Just uncheck the boxes that were set in point 3.

How to put a song on a call on an iPhone?

Setting a ringtone on an iPhone is not an easy task and it is very strange. It would seem that such a friendly system as iOS should include a simple tool for this operation, but in reality this is not at all the case. However, there is a way out and today we will tell you how to install a song on your iPhone using just iTunes.

How to Ring a Song on iPhone (iTunes 12.7 and Newer) on PC

In order to be able to create and download ringtones through iTunes, one parameter of the system settings needs to be changed in Windows. Go to “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”. This will be needed to rename the ringtone we are creating.

Open iTunes and select the song you want to create a ringtone from (or add a song by clicking File → Add File to Library). Listen to the song and record the start and end times of the segment you would like to hear as a ringtone. Maximum ringtone length 40 seconds.

Advice! You can also trim a song for iPhone ringtone in an easier way, which is described in detail in this manual. If you use an alternative method, then after that you can immediately go to step 8.

Right-click on a song and select Song Info. Then go to the “Parameters” tab and specify the desired start and end time of the call (the sound file itself will not be cut off). After the end of the interval selection, click “OK”.

Note that after setting the marks of the beginning and end of your future ringtone, it is recommended to listen to the song and, if necessary, make changes to the length of the segment.

iPhone 11 Pro: Demo of Allow Calls on Other Devices | iOS 13

Right click on the song of your choice and select “File” → “Convert” → “Create AAC Version”.

You will see another copy of the future ringtone, the creation of which will be accompanied by a sound notification.

Right click on the new song and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.

The selected file must be renamed to the m4r extension (iPhone ringtone format).

Discover how to activate the Second Call on your iPhone.

Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable and select smartphone in iTunes window.

In the “On My Device” column, select the “Sounds” section. Drag the ringtone you created (.m4r file) to the list of ringtones available on iPhone and click “Done”.

After that, the ringtone will be available on your iPhone in the “Settings” → “Sounds” section. After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start and end times of the original melody. Just uncheck the boxes that were set in point 3.

How to Ring a Song on iPhone on Mac (iTunes 12.7 and Newer)

Launch iTunes and select the song you want to make a ringtone from. Right-click on it and select “Song Details”.

In the window that opens, select the “Options” tab, check the boxes next to the “Start” and “End” items, specify the beginning and end segment of the ringtone you are creating and click “OK”. Before performing this action, of course, it is recommended to listen to the song and write down the start and end times of the segment that will become your future ringtone in advance.

make, another, call, iphone

In iTunes, select File → Convert → Create AAC Version. Immediately after that, a new song will appear in your library, shortened to the specified segment.

Right click on the created song and select “Show in Finder”.

In the window that opens with your future ringtone, right-click on it, click “Rename” and change the file extension from m4a to m4r (iPhone ringtone format).

Connect iPhone to Mac with USB cable and select smartphone in iTunes window.

In the “On My Device” column, select the “Sounds” section. Drag the ringtone you created (.m4r file) to the list of ringtones available on iPhone and click “Done”.

After that, the ringtone will be available on your iPhone in the “Settings” → “Sounds” section. After completing the procedure, be sure to remove the start and end times of the original melody. Just uncheck the boxes that were set in point 2.

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How to set ringtone on iPhone via iTunes

The easiest way to create a ringtone, as well as put a song on an iPhone call, is using iTunes. To do this, the software must be preinstalled on your computer or laptop. Depending on the version of iTunes, the process of creating and installing a ringtone on the gadget will be different. Let’s consider both options for outdated and new software:

  • Install the program on your computer device. In iTunes 12, before you start creating a ringtone on your iPhone, you first need to make sure that the box next to “Process music and video manually” is checked. You can find this field by opening the program and selecting the category “Browse”.
  • Drag the media file or media files from which you will “cut” the ringtone to the library. To do this, go to the “File” tab, and then to the “Add file to the library” category.
  • Now you need to right-click on a specific music track to use on the call.
  • Select “Information” or “Details” in iTunes 10.
  • In the window that appears, and more specifically in the top panel, click the “Options” category.
  • Now a window should appear on your screen with the ability to select the time segment of the song being played. Ringtone on iPhone should not exceed the time size of more than 30-40 seconds, so you must decide in advance on a piece of music composition and choose the best playback section during a call. But, as stated above, it should not be longer than 30-40 seconds.
  • Now in the window with the ability to select a time interval, you need to put a tick next to the word “Start” and write the start time of the composition. Do the same with the “Stop” category. check the box and write down the end time of the musical segment.
  • Save your changes.
  • After that, you need to click again with the right mouse button on the selected composition and select the line “Convert to AAC format”. In newer versions of iTunes, you must first select the line to convert, another small menu will open, where you need to select “Convert to AAC”
  • After this action, your 30 second piece of music will appear in the list of media files. It also needs to be right-clicked and selected to show in “Finder” or “Windows Explorer”. A window will open where the file we need is located, but in a different format. m4a, and you need the m4ar format. The new version of iTunes will offer you the option to show the track in the “Finder” for MacOs or show it through Windows Explorer.
  • To change the file format, you need to go to the “Control Panel” in the Windows OS through the “Start” menu. Next, find the line “Folder Options”, and in the top panel of the window that opens, select the “View” category. Closer to the bottom, find the line “Hide extensions for registered file types” and uncheck it. Then save the changes.
  • Now you can start renaming the file type m4a to m4ar. To do this, right-click on the file, select the “Rename” line and the desired file format.
  • Drag the m4ar media file with the future ringtone to any place convenient for you on your computer.
  • Finally, we start solving the question of how to install a ringtone on an iPhone via iTunes. This process depends on the version of iTunes installed:
  • For version 10 and below. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Now drag your ringtone into the iTunes folder called “Ringtone” located under the “Sounds” section. Now put a tick in front of “Synchronize ringtones”, confirm your actions using the active “Apply” button. After the synchronization process, already in the gadget itself, go to the Sounds / Ringtones category and set the track you created instead of the standard call sound.
  • In iTunes 10 through 12.6, the Sounds folder is hidden, so you have to dig a little. There are several ways to make a folder visible. For example, right-click on the iTunes menu and select the “Edit Menu” category, and then check the box next to the “Sounds” item, and transfer your media file to the folder that appears.

You can also open the hidden folder “Sounds” if you go to iTunes in the directory “Edit-Settings-General” and check the box next to “Sounds”. If the track cannot be dragged into the appeared folder as standard, and copying via the mouse does not work, then try copying and pasting the music file using the keyboard shortcuts: “CtrV” / “CtrC”. Now connect your iPhone, sync and transfer the file to your gadget.

  • In versions of iTunes 12.7, you must first connect the iPhone, as soon as the synchronization process starts, drag the file with the track to the device section and the iPhone subcategory, or copy the keyboard shortcut “CtrV” / “CtrC” into the same category. Now grab your gadget, go to Settings-Sounds-Ringtone and make your track your iPhone ringtone.

There is nothing difficult in installing a new ringtone on a gadget from Apple, although, of course, you have to tinker. Perhaps it can be done faster with the help of third-party programs.

How to put your own ringtone on iPhone using MobiMover

MobiMover is an alternative to the desktop version of iTunes. Works adequately during installation, both on computers and laptops with Windows OS and MacOs. Designed to exchange files between computer devices and iPhone. In the application, you can process media files, crop to the desired size, drag and drop to iPhone.

Program for quickly changing ringtones on iPhone

One of the programs that allows you to quickly drag any file to your Apple device is Waltr. It can be installed on computers and laptops, as well as other portable devices that run on Windows and MacOS. Very easy to use application.

Just install the software on your gadget, connect your iPhone, wait until the program detects the device and you can drag and drop any file. In the case of a ringtone track, do not forget that it should be no more than 30-40 seconds.

Useful commands

The following special combinations, which are entered in a conventional keyboard, will help you to find out about the current status of the function, check the functionality and provide other possibilities.

  • #. this code allows you to find out if you have configured the option correctly and if you have specified the correct number. By entering this command, on the screen you will receive the number to which the calls are forwarded. If nothing appears, then the function is disabled;
  • #. full report on who called the specified number, what messages were sent;
  • ##. the code disables the option. After that, the subscriber receives calls to the main number again.

Enabling the function through a service provider

There are several ways to activate the option specifically for your mobile operator.

  • Go to the official website of the operator and find the service you need through the built-in search system. This is where all the complete and up-to-date information will be located. Please read the additional terms carefully, if any.
  • Launch the mobile operator’s app on your iPhone. In your personal account, find the option in the same way and activate it.
  • Visit the communication salon and check everything with the consultants.

Exactly how to connect the option through a cellular operator is not important, but there is one caveat. For example, some operators have an additional connection fee if you contact them directly through the Call Center. Yes, this only applies to forwarding, but still there is such a small minus.

What is call forwarding and why is it needed

In simple words, forwarding is the forwarding of incoming calls to other numbers, often belonging to the owner of the main number. The function turns on automatically if the user cannot answer the call at the moment or he does not want to. Here are some examples of when the option works:

  • The smartphone is broken or the battery is dead. Simply put, the mobile device is not available. In this case, the caller immediately hears a message in the receiver: “The called party’s device is turned off or is out of the network coverage area” or “The number is unavailable.” The user who has enabled call forwarding will receive a call to another connected number. This can be a work, home or additional phone.
  • Loss of access to the number or change of the mobile operator. It so happens that the SIM card has been lost or the user decides to change the tariff plan. It’s expensive to tell hundreds of contacts about this, but you don’t want to lose touch with loved ones because of this. In this case, it is enough to set up call forwarding, as it will save a lot of time. Nothing will change for the caller. the number in the phone book will remain the same during a call, but in fact the call will be forwarded to a new combination of numbers.
  • One of the devices is forgotten at home or at work. If the subscriber does not answer within a few seconds, then the call is automatically redirected to another device connected to this service. It is worth configuring this option in advance so that after 15-30 seconds the subscriber can call you.
  • The subscriber is talking on another mowing line. If the current number is talking to another user, then forwarding can be activated. This is very convenient if managers cannot miss a single call from customers. in this case, subscribers will be able to call a colleague.
  • Limiting the flow of work calls to a personal number. At the end of the working day it is possible to turn on call forwarding so that the callers get to the official line.
  • Vacation or rest. The function is activated if the subscriber is temporarily out of service. In this case, calls from unknown numbers (which are not in “Contacts”) are automatically redirected to a colleague who is left to replace.
  • Buying a SIM card from another operator outside the country.

Forwarding types

It can be concluded that the meaning of call forwarding is simple and clear. the call is “transferred” from one number to another. However, there are several types of this function. They differ from each other in the conditions under which call forwarding will be activated.

  • Unconditional. absolutely all calls are forwarded to the number specified in the settings;
  • If the number is busy. the function is activated if you are talking on another mowing line. A simple example: a single number for any company. In this case, it is not necessary for a specific person to pick up the phone. The function is widely used during work to interact with clients;
  • If the call is not accepted. forwarding is enabled if the subscriber does not receive the call for some time. The call is redirected to another preset number. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to use two SIM cards on Apple devices in Russia. Therefore, if you have two or more smartphones, and you have lost access to one of them, then the function will be useful;
  • The subscriber is out of network coverage (or the old number is no longer used). the caller cannot get through because your iPhone is disabled or you are on the road. In this case, the option is activated and the call will be redirected to another gadget.

You won’t be able to choose a view directly in the settings: everything is configured by the mobile operator.

Service cost

Almost all cellular mobile operators do not charge a fee for the Call Forwarding service. However, it is worth checking the information on the official website or calling the hot line of support. When this option is activated, a warning message of the following type may appear on Apple devices: “Some cellular network operators may charge a fee for”. In this case, you should really check if this service is free in your area.

This is especially true for roaming. the subscriber may not even notice how a tidy sum was debited from his account. The service itself is free, but the operator has the right to charge an additional fee for use. Specify information in the tariff you have connected.

Call forwarding via standard iOS settings

The function works even on the oldest devices and is very easy to activate. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” of your iPhone;
  • Click on the “Phone” tab;
  • Find “Forwarding” in the list and tap on it;
  • Move with a swipe to the right on the only function available in this section;
  • After this action, a field will appear where you need to enter an additional phone number (where the call from the main one will be redirected). You do not need to enter your number! Remember that you can bind not only cellular, but also landline, and even one of the Skype or Google Voice services (if you use these services, then make sure that you have enough funds on your balance).

How to disable

This option is disabled in the same way as it is activated. While in the “Call forwarding” section, swipe to the left on the line with the function name. You don’t need to do anything else.

How to check if a call forwarding is working

It’s very simple: on Apple devices in the status bar (the top line, where the time and the name of the operator), there will be a handset icon with an arrow coming out of it. On models Y, YS, YS MAY YR and others fresh, to see this icon, you have to swipe the top curtain.

Why is iPhone busy when I call

It is worth starting with a brief description of the two most common cases of short beeps (busy mode) when making a call, namely:

Busy because the line is really busy. the subscriber is talking to another subscriber;

Busy because the caller dropped (rejected) the call.

To reset an incoming call on an iPhone, you need to:

  • If the iPhone is locked. double-click the physical On button.
  • If iPhone is unlocked. red “Decline” button.

Why is iPhone always busy

Do Not Disturb is enabled on the subscriber’s device

The Do Not Disturb feature makes the iPhone unavailable for calls from any numbers, while it can be activated and deactivated automatically at a specified time (for example, at night), a detailed guide to setting the mode can be found here. In the active Do Not Disturb mode (a month icon appears in the status bar), the iPhone also answers incoming calls with short busy beeps.

Of course, there is always the possibility of missing a really important call, for example, from family and friends. To avoid such situations, you can make an exception for certain callers and allow them to dial to the iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. To do this, you need to perform two operations:

On the page of the desired subscriber in the Contacts application, click “Add to Favorites”;

Go to Settings → Do not disturb → Call admission and put a tick in front of the “From favorites”.

Why is “busy” only on the first call on the iPhone?

Another option that, in theory, allows you not to miss an important call in Do Not Disturb mode is called Repeated Calls. You can enable it in the same Settings → Do Not Disturb menu (see the screenshot above). In active mode, the function misses a call on the iPhone if this is the second attempt to call in the last three minutes.

IPhone Busy: Why iPhone is always busy when calling. What’s the matter?

On the one hand, it is very convenient for a modern person to be in touch around the clock almost anywhere on the planet, on the other hand, each of us is sometimes forced to answer or drop calls that come at the most inopportune time.

At the same time, to solve the problem, it is enough to take a few minutes to set up the Do Not Disturb mode or add intrusive contacts to the Black List.

Your number is blocked (included in the subscriber’s blacklist)

Blocking subscribers using the “Black List” is easy and quick (detailed instructions on how to use this function can be found here and here), while the marked contacts from the address book will not be able to reach the user’s iPhone, immediately after the call, short beeps will sound in the receiver ” busy. ” Thus, the “Black List” allows you to solve the problem with specific subscribers, messages and calls from whom you want to completely ignore.

How to turn off silent ring on iPhone?

Decreasing the ringtone volume is not so much a daunting addition as it is useful. The moment you are near your smartphone and there is no longer a need for a loud call, the device makes it instantly quieter. When the flagship detects that you have paid attention to it, the sound will decrease. If for some reason you do not like this function, then you can turn it off. To do this, use the simple tips below:

  • Go to Settings → Face ID & Passcode.

If, on the contrary, you want such a function on your flagship, then turn on the “Attention Recognition” checkbox. Now, when you take your smartphone in hand, the music will not distract others.

Why iPhone X, XS, XR or XS Max has a quiet ring and how to restore the volume?

Quiet ringing on iPhone X, XS, XR, or XS Max? Don’t worry, everything can be fixed. If you notice that the volume of the ringtone decreases when you pay attention to your smartphone, then the Face ID add-on just works. In this case, a quiet call is not a breakdown at all. Face recognition on the device doesn’t just happen when you try to unlock the flagship. Face ID works constantly and supports a number of functions, one of which is to decrease the call volume.

How to adjust ringtone volume?

If you like loud sounds and after disabling the Attention Alert function, you still feel as though the iPhone is ringing quietly, you can set the volume to maximum.

  • Go to “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals”.

This way you turn on the maximum sound on the flagship. Also, if there is a quiet ringtone on the iPhone, then check if “Silent Mode” is turned on. Often users turn off the sound on the device and forget about it, so make sure that the Mute switch on the side of the flagship case is active. Silent ringer set, but what about melodies? For those who want to change the ringtone on their smartphone, the article “How to make and install a ringtone on an iPhone?”

If you own an X, XS, XR, or XS Max, try the Attention Awareness feature. As long as you are not looking at the flagship, the volume of the ringtone will be high, you will hear the call and do not miss it. As soon as you pick up your iPhone, the sound will decrease. Thus, others will not be distracted by the ringtone, and you will be aware that someone is calling you.

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