How to take a screenshot on 11 iPhone models

Sometimes you need to quickly make a screen from the screen of a smartphone, for example, if you want to send a friend’s card to a friend or you need to take a picture of the correspondence in the chat. The PC for this usually uses the Printskrin key, but on the phones the process is more complicated. In this article we will tell you how to take a screenshot on the iPhone using buttons or Face ID function. The considered methods are suitable for both 11 model and other versions.

If you need to quickly scrap the PC or laptop screen, choose a photoscreen program. This screenster operates on all versions of Windows, is convenient to manage and allows you to process the created screens.

Instruction is suitable for devices

  • iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone x/xs/xs max;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone 7/7plus;
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus;
  • iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus/6 Plus;
  • iPhone 5/5s.
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To create a screenshot on the versions “with a“ button ”, you need to press the“ home ”button (round button under the screen) and a locking button (on the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 is located on the right side surface, on the iPhone 4 button 4s, 5, 5s, SE. on the upper side surface). And after a short simultaneous press, quickly release the buttons.

To take a screenshot, quickly press and release the buttons home and the lock key

What will happen? You will hear a sound resembling a click of a camera, and the screen will become white for a moment. After that, in the lower left corner of the screen you will see a miniature image of a screenshot just made.

In the lower right corner there was a miniature of the screenshot.

If the sound of the device is turned off, then the click of the camera will not be heard, you will only visually see “photography”. If you click on the miniature that appears in the lower corner. A graphic editor will open, where you can edit the screenshot (we will tell you more about this and show the process in paragraph 4). To save the image if you have already clicked on it. Press the “Ready” button in the upper left corner, then select “Save in the photo”. If you did not open the image of the screenshot, it itself will remain by default, you can find it both in the “photo” and in the section “Shots of the screen”.

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The screenshot is preserved additionally in the section “Shots of the screen” (in addition to “Photo”)

Where screenshots are stored

Когда пользователь сохраняет изображение экрана, получившееся фото сохраняется на смартфоне. Therefore, screenshots are available to the user at any time. They can be viewed, edited or sent to friends.

To gain access to saved images, you need to select “Photos” in the standard menu, and then go to the “screen pictures”. The icon of this application is located on the main screen. If a large number of pictures were taken, then among them you can easily find the necessary.

make, iphone, screen, button

To do this, open the folder. In which images are stored and streamlined by date. Knowing when the appropriate image was created, you can easily find the right. The last added photo can be found at the bottom of the list.

This video tells about the creation of screenshots on the iPhone 11 and earlier models

Screenshot using AssistiveTouch

There is a way to create screenshots without using the simultaneous pressing of physical phone buttons. the AssistiveTouch function.

  • Go to the settings. basic. universal access and turn on AssistiveTouch (closer to the end of the list). After turning on, an Assistive Touch menu will appear on the screen.
  • In the “Assistive Touch” section, open the “top.level menu” item and add the “screen picture” button to a convenient location.
  • If desired, in the AssistiveTouch section. setting up actions you can assign the creation of a screen of the screen on a double or long press on the button that has appeared.
  • To take a screenshot, use the action from p.3 or open the AssistiveTouch menu and click on the “Screenshot” button.
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That’s all. You can find all the screenshots made on your iPhone in the “Photo” application in the “Screenshots” section.

Using buttons

The functions of the “Home” button partially moved to the side keys or were compensated by commands on the sensor. Now the next algorithm of actions has been developed on how to take a screenshot on the iPhone 10:

After this gesture, the smartphone screen for a split second will become white, then the sound of the shutter descent on the camera will sound. The picture will be displayed in the lower left corner of the display, open it for editing or sending. The file will be saved in the “photo” folder.

True, the tests showed that the volume button is better to press with a slight delay, otherwise the screenshot may not work. And when holding the keys, turn on the voice assistant siri.

How to use a Back Tap on iPhone?

To enable this function, make sure that you have been updated to the iOS 14 operating system;

Go to the “Settings” “Basic”;

Scroll down and press “universal access”, and then click the “Truck” button.

“Tap” hidden in your settings application.

Then scroll down to the Back Tap function button.

When you go to the submenu, you will have a choice to include a “double touch” or “triple touch”. Whatever slippers you choose, the control possibilities will eventually get the same.

The owner of the iPhone may assign actions that will be performed by double and triple tapping on the lid of a smartphone.

By default, the function is disabled. To activate it, you need to add certain options to each “tap”.

The list of functions is wide, click on one of the options to get acquainted with them. Click to see what functions you can now control the double or triple touch of the rear panel of the phone.

The list includes: the creation of screen images, increase or decrease volume, increase, scrolls and many, many other additional opportunities like turning on a magnifier and so on.

make, iphone, screen, button

For example, if you want to use a double touch to create screen images, select the “double touch” option, and then mark the “screen of the screen”/“screenshot”.

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Now you can take a picture of the screen, just twice touching the rear panel of the phone with your finger:

Remember that this function may not work if your smartphone has a thick cover

To switch the control elements into the Back Tap function or turn it off, you must perform the same actions described above.

How to Lock/Unlock Any iPhone without Power Button | iOS 15 | iPhone 12

Brief instruction

We open the application that should be screens.

Streamline all the necessary elements.

Press and hold the side button (located on the right).

Press the key “louder” (it is entrusted to the “home” button)

A white flash will appear on the screen. Then we will hear the click of the camera.

How to make a screenshot on the iPhone without buttons

And this is also possible. In case you do not work any of the physical buttons, you can still make a screen on the iPhone. This method is also suitable when you need to take shots of the screen at a certain moment. To do this, you need to turn on the AssistiveTouch panel in the settings.

Open the “Settings” application. “basic”. Find “universal access” and activate “AssistiveTouch”.

A translucent button appears on the screen, which can be moved anywhere.

If you click on it, then the device control menu appears. You need to select the “apparatus” item then “more” and click on the “screen” point. The screenshot of the screen on the iPhone is ready.

No Home Button

AssistiveTouch menu will not be displayed in this screensh. Now you know how to take a screenshot on the iPhone.