Which to choose. iTunes or iCloud?

You may prefer to use iTunes backup instead of iCloud backup. If you do this, keep in mind that it may take much longer. Also make sure you check the box in iTunes to encrypt the backup.

If you have a fast internet connection, it is better to do the recovery using iCloud. it is much faster. Otherwise, iTunes recovery might be the way to go. Don’t forget, if your Mac is running macOS Catalina, you’ll have to use Finder instead of iTunes for backups and restores.

How to make iPhone 11 from cardboard

These are the three main ways to set up your new iPhone. Of course, advanced users probably already know all the subtleties, but sometimes experienced owners need to spy on certain points, not to mention newbies (if you have any questions, you can find the answers in our Telegram chat). The latter will be much more after these holidays.

Automatic iPhone setup

This fantastic feature was introduced in iOS 11. Just bring your old and new devices close together when prompted, and auto setup will copy your Apple ID and all settings. It’s kind of like AirDrop, with only one specific purpose.

This window appears automatically as soon as you bring up your new iPhone.

When you start your new iPhone for the first time, any nearby iOS devices will detect it and prompt for automatic setup. The new device will display a cloud-like dot pattern on the screen. Just use your old device’s camera to “scan” this pattern as a QR code. Your iCloud login, Wi-Fi passwords, and whatever else you need are transferred automatically. This is really amazing.

To use the migration, you must have an iPhone with iOS 12.4 or later

If you can’t use your current iPhone’s camera, tap Manual Authentication and follow the onscreen instructions. Both iPhones must be nearby and connected to a power source until the data migration process is complete.

How to set up your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max

Many people prefer to update their smartphone on New Year’s holidays (or give iPhones to loved ones). But it’s one thing if the transition occurs from the iPhone XS to the iPhone 11 Pro, and completely different if the owner of the new smartphone previously had, for example, an iPhone SE or iPhone 6. In recent years, the process of setting up an iPhone has changed as much as ourselves. iPhone. Apple just makes the process easier. And setting up your new iPhone 11 from scratch is just as easy as it used to be. gone are the days of manually copying passwords just to get to your home screen.

Many people find it difficult to set up an iPhone. But everything is very simple

However, there are a few more tricks to get you started using your phone quickly. Let’s see how to properly set up your new iPhone.

Restoring iPhone from Backup

This is the easiest way to switch from your old iPhone to a new one. All you have to do is make sure you have a recent backup from your existing iPhone (or even iPad) and then point your new iPhone 11 to that iCloud backup. Then it will download all your settings, apps, passwords, even your wallpapers. When the process is complete. it may take a while, depending on your internet speed and the size of your backup. it will be like you’ve never sold an old iPhone. Even your Safari tabs will stay in place.

The backup time depends on the amount of information on the iPhone

To do this, first go to the iCloud settings on your iPhone and make sure there is a recent automatic backup. If not, just make a new copy manually.

Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

For this there is the Move to iOS application. It can only be installed by users of devices running Android. Move to iOS app lets you quickly transfer contacts, photos, and other data from your Android device to your iOS device. In other words, it is intended for those who decide to switch to iPhone.

It is enough to download this application and follow the instructions

Longreads for you

In iOS 14.5, a mechanism appeared that allowed replacing the standard Music app to any other. Everyone, of course, thought that Apple made another exception for users, but this turned out to be not entirely true.

Apple began evaluating the maintainability of its devices, but only in France, where it is required by law. This will allow consumers to appreciate how easy it is to repair the device in the event of a breakdown.

bono_denis, No, it won’t. A week ago, I quietly switched from iPhone 3gs (iOS 6.1.6) to iPhone 5s (iOS 12.4.4)

How to Set Up a Camera on iPhone: Proven Ways

If your phone belongs to the “apple” brand, then you should know how to set up the camera in the iPhone.

The setting will allow you to get high-quality images, which in the future can not only be uploaded to social networks, but also printed for a photo album.

General principles

To get bright and clear pictures, the gadget uses the HDR mode, which allows you to simultaneously create 2 pictures: normal and enhanced. But more often than not, focus is used to create good photos.

To deal with focusing the camera, you should:

  • Go to the menu, click on the camera icon.
  • After turning on the camera, select an area to focus on the screen. Then the display will show a square showing the focus area.
  • Touch the square to adjust focus.
  • Select auto, then turn flash on or off.
  • Press the display again to zoom in or out on the focus area.
  • Touch the camera icon. Snapshot ready.

Various customization methods

General information boils down to the following tips:

    Using high-speed shooting. This method is ideal when shooting on the move, as it creates a whole series of shots from which you can later select high-quality photos.

The maximum amount of frames taken in one burst is 25 photos.

  • Activate the camera grid. This feature makes taking photos more comfortable for you. By enabling this mode, you can avoid unnecessary compositions that spoil the frame.
  • Apply HDR mode. This option allows you to add saturation to pictures, change the brightness of some objects. This mode can be activated from the camera menu.
  • During shooting, several frames are created from which you choose the best.

  • The headset that comes with the phone can be used to take pictures. All you need to do is press the volume button on the headset. But there is one drawback. it is impossible to create burst shots.
  • Setting up the camera on the iPhone

    To use all the capabilities of the built-in module on a smartphone, we recommend paying attention to the following parameters:

    How to master the Camera App on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro!

    • Grid. The on-screen grid helps to correctly position all objects in the future photo, to form a composition. This function is displayed over the video finder and significantly improves the shooting result. To enable it, use the settings menu, select the “Photos and Camera” section there, in the window that opens, activate the “Grid” line.
    • Move the flash away or use it carefully. You need to be careful with this function. yes, it is designed to take photos in the dark, but not always the result is satisfactory. Therefore, do not forget about the presence of a flash and use it in a dark room or at night outside, but always try to take two shots. with and without it.
    • Exposition. Better yet, set up an extended exposure time so you don’t turn on the flash. For what? If you install a third-party app like Camera and increase the exposure time, you can take brighter and higher quality photos than usual, especially in low light.
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    In addition, now in the native application of the camera there is a function of fixing the exposure and focus, thanks to which you can fix the object with your finger and shoot it as clearly as possible.

    • Focus. Also, for clear shots, be sure to hold the camera firmly and still. How to do it? You can always lean on something, set your smartphone on a solid surface. Additionally, there are applications that can, using the accelerometer in the smartphone, determine the moment when it least moves, and take a photo at that second.
    • HDR mode. A very useful, convenient and beautiful camera mode, which makes the photo much brighter, clearer and better in general. This is especially true for selfies. By the way, in iPhone6, the default mode can work right when taking pictures and shooting videos.
    • The movement requires burst shooting. Burst shooting is present in all iPhones, but in the sixth version of the smartphone, it has become even more convenient. Using this function is simple. activate it in the camera menu, then hold down the shutter key to take a photo and take a continuous series of pictures. Next, you will need to choose the best shot from the series of photos. This mode is great for shooting moving subjects that would otherwise be almost impossible for the average user to capture.
    • Panorama. A great tool for creating beautiful and large photos, combining many objects in a photo, capturing nature along the horizon. Panoramic shots have their own extraordinary beauty and allow you to appreciate the environment from a different perspective. All you need to take a panorama is to practice gradually turning the lens along the horizon, and after a while you will be able to create beautiful and rich photos.

    How to turn on the grid

    The grid is a grid that is activated when shooting videos and photos. It will not be visible in the taken picture, it is needed in order to align the photo: the main object should be in the central rectangle. It looks like this:

    You can enable the “Grid” function in the “Photo and Camera” section in the phone settings.

    Setting the interval

    The interval parameters are set in order to change the frequency between the creation of a new snapshot. For example, you can set three seconds, so that during automatic shooting, photos were created every three seconds. You can set the interval in the “Camera” application itself by clicking on the clock-shaped icon and selecting the desired time parameter.

    Editing the file system

    It is important that this method is only suitable for those devices whose firmware has been jailbroken. If this condition is met, then the following steps can be performed:

      Connect the device using a USB cable and, as soon as it is authorized, open any file explorer, for example, iFunBox.

    The camera on the iPhone is one of its main advantages. With the right skill, you can take very high quality pictures. To achieve high results, you need to understand the camera settings and set the ones that suit you best. If you often take pictures, and you are tired of the shutter sound, then you can turn it off temporarily by putting the device into silent mode, or by changing the system files if Jailbreak is installed.

    Adjusting the volume of the shutter sound

    Adjusting the shutter sound volume in the Ringer & Alerts settings.

    Open Settings Sounds (or Sounds, Tactile Cues on models that support system tactile cues). Use the Ring / Silent switch to mute the sound. (In some regions, the shutter sound cannot be turned off.)

    Live photo

    Live Photos is a technology that allows you to create three-second live photos. A live photo is a combination of a.jpeg file and a.MOV file, consisting of 45 frames taken at 15 frames per second. You can activate this mode in the “Camera” application itself by clicking on the Live Off button. If the function is enabled, the button will simply turn into Live.

    How to set up your iPhone camera

    Apple phones and tablets have always had a great camera with which you can take fantastic pictures. On older models of devices, photos may not be quite clear by modern standards, but the ability to properly configure the camera, enable or disable functions can save the situation and greatly improve the quality of the photo.

    Settings for the best shots on iPhone 11 Pro.

    First, you need to make some simple shooting settings:

    • Go to “Settings” → “Camera”.
    • Turn on Live Photo. After a series of shots, you can choose the best.
    • Turn on the grid to create a great composition in the frame.
    • In the “Video recording” item, select the optimal quality. If you choose to shoot at 4K 60 fps, the video will take up a lot of memory on the smartphone. The best choice would be 4K 30fps.
    • When you turn on the camera lock while shooting, you can make a smooth zoom using the digital zoom. If you disable the mode, you will not be able to use smooth zoom, but you will be able to switch between the three cameras. Note that when using manual zoom adjustments, quality is lost and it is better to switch between cameras at standard zoom settings.
    • Turn on “Record stereo sound”. Then there will be a more voluminous and high-quality sound when shooting a video.
    • In Formats, choose High Performance if you will only be watching videos on iPhone or Mac. If you will be watching video files on Windows devices, then it is better to opt for the “Most Compatible” format.
    • When auto-applying adjustments, the photo will always be captured out of frame and the smartphone itself will correct the pictures.
    • Smart HDR increases contrast in photos.

    GEAK Camera

    This application works on devices with the Android 4.0 operating system or a later version. The number of GEAK Camera installations has already exceeded 1 million for a long time. People love the fact that the program can apply filters in real time. This is the main difference between this utility and the official “Camera” application that Apple smartphones are equipped with.

    It is impossible to find fault with the interface available here. It is almost exactly the same as what the camera app looks like on iOS. At the same time, the utility weighs only 1 MB, due to which it is not difficult to download it even through mobile traffic. The program allows you to take photos and shoot videos, the resolution of which can be different, depending on the characteristics of the smartphone. As for the pictures, they can also be cropped here, turning them into square photos, which are required for Instagram.

    The developers promise regular updates to their creation, which will bring new functionality. However, the last time GEAK Camera was updated was in November 2015, which is somewhat sad. We can only be glad that the available functionality will be enough for most users.

    Separately, it should be noted that the application is intended only for rear camera shooting. For unknown reasons, the picture from the front camera turns out to be soapy and of poor quality, as if the sensor resolution had dropped to 0.3 megapixels. I would like to fix this bug in the future, but there is no hope for it.

    • Filters in real time;
    • The interface is similar to that used in iOS 9;
    • The ability to crop for Instagram;
    • Free distribution;
    • Possibility of video filming;
    • Very fast startup.
    • Forget about the front camera;
    • There could be more filters;
    • Expansion of functionality is not expected.

    Camera Style OS9

    As the name of the app says, it’s an iPhone-style camera. There is a familiar interface here. Only the bottom three function keys are reminiscent of Android, helping to return to the desktop. Otherwise, this is a typical camera, which is endowed with the ninth version of the iOS operating system.

    The utility was created by the developers from Night Shift Pro. This is not to say that the program is widely popular. No, as of May 2016, less than 10 thousand people installed it. However, one cannot fail to notice that the developers do not abandon their offspring, regularly updating it. For example, new effects have recently been added to the app. And in the fall of last year, the design was changed, in accordance with all the changes that have occurred with iOS.

    The functionality of the camera depends on the smartphone you have. In any case, you will get the option of filming. Here you can also create a square shot, thereby adapting it to Instagram. The shot is moved to the lower left corner. If you click on it, then you will start editing it. In particular, you can apply one of the eight offered filters to the photo.

    • The presence of eight filters;
    • The ability to turn on the flash (if available);
    • Fast cropping for Instagram;
    • The interface is exactly the same as on iOS 9;
    • Self-timer (1, 5 and 10 seconds);
    • Free distribution;
    • Works even on old and budget smartphones.
    • There could be more filters;
    • Some devices have problems.

    iCamera OS9 style

    Another opportunity to download the camera like the iPhone. The application differs from its other competitors in its support for high resolution. This means that it will look good even on flagship smartphones, the screen resolution of which reaches incredible values. Also, the program is distinguished by regular updates. the developers try to introduce into it all the “chips” that the corresponding application receives, preinstalled on Apple smartphones. In particular, filters from iOS 9.3 have been introduced into this utility quite recently.

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    The functionality of the iCamera OS9 style cannot be called very broad, but everything you need is present here. For example, the self-timer has not been forgotten (valid values ​​are 3, 5, and 10 seconds). The flash is also accessible to the user, if there is one on the back of the device. Pictures have minimal compression, due to which their quality is almost not affected. It is impossible not to note the video recording. it only takes one button press to start this process.

    The app lets you turn off the shutter sound, so you can shoot completely discreetly. If necessary, it is easy to make a photo square, so you can immediately upload it to Instagram. In a word, the developers did a great job. It remains to be regretted that so far only 5000 people have enjoyed this application.

    • Free distribution;
    • Crop for Instagram;
    • The interface is the same as on iOS 9.3;
    • Possibility of video filming;
    • The ability to use a flash (if available);
    • Regular updates.
    • Insufficient number of effects. there are more of them on the iPhone;
    • Problems with operation on some devices.

    ? The telephoto camera in the iPhone 11 Pro. Nice and useful upgrade

    Television itself is not news at all for iPhones. It appeared in the iPhone 7 Plus, stayed with the 8 Plus, and then delighted X and XS owners, including the Max.

    Only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have a telephoto lens this year. The captain suggests that the regular iPhone 11 doesn’t have it. The iPhone XR didn’t have it either.

    So, I’m disappointed that the telephoto camera remains exclusive to the more expensive iPhone model. I do not speak for everyone, but most of the photos I take with the telephoto lens. Without her, it’s like no hands.

    iPhone 11 Pro, telephoto, blur effects off.

    Under normal lighting conditions, the telephoto lens provides a “free” optical zoom that allows you not to come very close to the subject and at the same time make it the real center of the frame, cutting off all unnecessary things. The absence of typical distortions for the “shirik” (the main lens of the iPhone) is also an important plus.

    It’s great to shoot people, faces, animals on a telephoto camera, and even food due to the greater focal length. The resulting frame resembles the fruits of shooting with a good “SLR” plus a “fix” at 40mm. You can repeat this on the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 with their “widths” only in the photo editor, and then conditionally.

    All in all, iPhone 11 owners walk past my favorite lens. But what’s new it will give iPhone 11 Pro buyers?

    IPhone 11 Pro telephoto lens specifications

    The TV set in the iPhone 11 Pro consists of six lenses and shoots photos at 12 megapixels. Pixel size 1.0 μm (micrometer). Focal length 52 mm, aperture ƒ / 2.0.

    What are the differences here (and not only here) from the iPhone XS?

    First, we have finally improved the aperture. What’s in X, what’s in XS / 2.4 is now 0.4 less.

    In simple terms, the telephoto can now capture a little more light and blur the background a little more, even without portrait mode. ƒ / 2.0 matches the minimum aperture of many prime lenses for full-size cameras.

    From a technical point of view, this is a big achievement for Apple and mobile photography in general. For you to understand, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 telephoto can “fall” to ƒ / 2.1, and the Huawei P30 Pro. and at all only to ƒ / 3.4.

    This is a photo on an iPhone 11 Pro telephoto without the software blur effect.

    Secondly, “televik” now takes photos brighter and more detailed at the same time. Yes, the fact is logical according to the previous point, but you still need to talk about this separately.

    See, here’s a tutorial on how telephoto lenses generally work on the iPhone. If there is a lot of light in the frame, then it actually works. As soon as the light “leaves”, the lens turns off automatically. it is replaced by the main camera (“shirik”) with the support of digital zoom. It is worse than the natural optical one in the “telephoto”: more noise, less detail.

    make, iphone, camera

    On the XS and X, the telephoto was very moody. If he doesn’t like it, he’s just say goodbye and hello to digital zoom. On the iPhone 11 Pro, he became more patient. Changing the camera during the day is an exception to the rule both in cloudy weather and during the day indoors.

    This means that photos on the telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro will more often be captured on it, with a real optical zoom. The quality is better, the details are not lost in post-processing. I hope I explained more or less, my metaphors are not very good today.

    Thirdly, portrait mode works at close range. I first noticed this during the shooting, then I looked at the characteristics and made sure. everything is logical with such an aperture upgrade.

    No more nervously shaking the camera or walking far away trying to shoot something with a blur effect. The arm’s length is enough for the iPhone 11 Pro to successfully activate the effect.

    It is difficult to explain what is so amazing here. It’s just that I was constantly bothered by the messages “step away” on the iPhone X. You stand and juggle the iPhone for 10 seconds, squat, take a step back there is no such thing anymore, and therefore I’m glad.

    In general, any upgrade of this module will suit me, so I’m almost 100% satisfied here. He has only one drawback associated with the night mode (or rather, its absence).

    ? Ultra-wide-angle camera in iPhone 11. Better than GoPro

    Here it is, the main feature of the new iPhones. The ultra-wide-angle camera is available in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Max. Both technically and functionally, the module is absolutely the same in both smartphones.

    There has never been a lens like this in any iPhone or iPad, it’s a novelty in the ecosystem. Maybe that’s why she is, let’s say, a little “undersized”.

    This is exactly a tool, creative or even everyday. He has room to grow in everything, including the quality of filming. “Superwide” works without critical problems and fulfills its task, but there are still unusually many minor flaws and strange limitations.

    The main thing about an ultra-wide-angle camera is how much information it captures in one frame. Thanks to the huge viewing angle of 120 degrees, almost everything that a person would see if the camera were right in his eyes fits into the photo.

    If you take a photo in close proximity to your face, your legs and other hand will fall into the frame. Have you seen videos from action cameras like GoPro? Here, here is about the same story, but without the focus on the same action.

    The frames themselves from the “super-wide” are very different from the usual for iPhones. The perspective is distorted, as if the picture was superimposed on a ball. Anything that falls on the edges of the photo is stretched in height. All straight mowing lines turn into an arc with the horizon.

    IPhone 11 Ultra Wide Angle Lens Specifications

    Ultrawide in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro consists of five lenses and shoots photos at 12 megapixels. The pixel size is not yet known. Focal length 13 mm, aperture ƒ / 2.4.

    There is nothing to compare them with, because other iPhones have never had such cameras. For understanding, the GoPro HERO7 action camera has a 12MP sensor, but focuses at 17mm and has a ƒ / 2.8 maximum aperture. That is, according to technical specifications, it is even worse than the one in the iPhone.

    make, iphone, camera

    How to use iPhone 11 Camera? (Tutorial)

    And yes, in most situations, the ultra-wide iPhone 11 really shoots noticeably better than the GoPro HERO7:

    Apple more than deserves praise: although the new iPhone is not an alternative to an action camera, their first lens of a similar kind is by a margin ahead of the main ultra-wide in the world of gadgets, which is already seven (and more recently, eight) generations.

    The ultra-wide lens has been appearing in Android flagships for a couple of years now, and we have already compared it to its closest competitor in terms of quality. the Huawei P30 Pro. Spoiler alert: iPhone shoots better overall.

    ? Wide-angle camera in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. What changed

    I noticed that many people incorrectly call the main camera in the iPhone. Either “shirik”, then “super-wide” they write, and you won’t understand what they really mean.

    We remember. The main camera in the iPhone is wide-angle, and it has been since time immemorial. Do not confuse wide and ultrawide modules, they are completely different.

    The wide-angle cameras of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max are 100 percent identical. There is no hidden feature exclusively reserved for the Pro or Max models. I checked.

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    Non-zoomed shots on the iPhone 11 and Pro’s main cameras look the same on the MacBook Pro. In this situation (I will say more about zoom) between 11 and Pro there is full parity.

    IPhone 11 screen resolution prevents camera photos from expanding properly.

    However, I do not just mention a laptop with a good screen. On the smartphones themselves, the difference seems to be not in favor of the iPhone 11, and the reason for this is its display. As I did not like him in XR, he is not happy here either. Not so much color rendition as resolution.

    With such a diagonal, the display of a regular “eleventh” iPhone does not convey all the detail of camera photos as well as the high-resolution OLED matrix in the iPhone 11 Pro does.

    I can’t help myself, but I constantly see grain in the frames of the Film, which is not in the photo itself. I hope that next year this branch of smartphones will return at least an honest Full HD.

    IPhone 11 main camera specifications

    “Shirik” in the iPhone 11 and Pro consists of six lenses. Shoots at 12 megapixels with a pixel size of 1.4 microns (micrometer). Focal length. 26 mm, aperture ƒ / 1.8.

    The iPhone XS had exactly the same parameters. Then what’s the upgrade?

    First, the sensor has changed. How exactly it was improved, only Apple engineers know. Officially, they only said that the fast focus technology. Focus Pixels. now covers 100% of the matrix. No wonder

    The camera now focuses faster and more accurately. Indeed, the difference between the iPhone 11 and, say, my old iPhone X is visible to the naked eye. Especially in low light conditions: the “ten” misses four times out of five, when the “eleventh” almost always captures even small details in the shadow in Focus.

    Secondly, we added improved image stabilization in the video. There are a lot of examples, here is one of them:

    Stabilization itself is not a new feature. It was in both the XS and X. This year Apple “just” changed both lens vibration reduction mechanics and post-processing.

    The result when shooting handheld, IMHO, is very worthy, and for a smartphone it is absolutely awesome. It is a pity that physics has not yet been able to deceive. strong shaking still causes the “wave” effect and image distortion. An external stabilizer is still needed if you are going to shoot a video for professional tasks.

    Thirdly, we improved the Smart HDR post-processing algorithm thanks to the A13 processor in the iPhone 11. Due to it, the balance between light and shadow is better conveyed, which is especially important when shooting in sunny weather, in general during the day and especially in winter.

    Snow is traditionally hard on smartphone cameras, and on my iPhone X it turned into a completely white canvas.

    One can argue for a long time about why the change in the Smart HDR algorithm did not spread to the iPhone XS. but we will never know the answer to this, except for the person on duty (the processor seems to be new, all the cases). Unless we think it over and leave it on Apple’s conscience.

    We figured out the technical differences, sample photos and comparison with the iPhone X below.

    Sample photos on the ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

    Why the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide-angle camera is worse than the rest?

    Against the background of the other two in the iPhone 11 Pro or even the main one in the iPhone 11, the “ultra-wide” is noticeably weak in several key points, which will not be so easy to fix in the next generations of the iPhone.

    The picture around the edges is very blurry. This is a feature of ultra wide-angle lenses in general, so there is nothing surprising. It’s just that for many owners of the “eleventh” this super-width will be the first in life, and out of habit they will lament.

    Loss of sharpness is noticeable, it is impossible to fight it. About 50% of the frame will be in focus in the center, the rest will be blurred. It remains only to accept this fact and hope that next year Apple will come up with some kind of software miracle.

    The ultra-wide-angle camera, as expected, does not pull out either video or photos at night.

    Ultra-wide photos are the darkest of all three iPhone 11 Pro cameras. There are several factors at once. The aperture of this camera is lower than that of the rest (or the one remaining) in the new iPhones.

    Okay, the aperture, but it additionally imposes the optical limitation of ultra-wide-angle lenses. the loss of aperture as a whole at the edges of the frame. This is physics, you can only partially adapt to it. As a result, vignetting is strong, it can be slightly corrected programmatically, but not to such an extent that it completely disappears.

    No optical stabilization at all. Oddly enough, this is not a very noticeable minus. a high angle of view allows you to alleviate the effects of natural shaking when shooting.

    But keep your iPhone firmly in place anyway, especially if you’re shooting with ultrawide indoors or in bad weather. There are more blurry photos purely statistically than on the rest of the iPhone 11 cameras.

    Pay attention to the killer vignette. There is little light, the optics does not help, the matrix does not cope.

    Finally, super-wide is helpless in poor lighting and even more so in the dark. This type of lens needs a lot of light. If not, don’t expect a clear photo.

    The iPhone 11 generally prefers to slightly blur the image in post-processing, rather than twisting the ISO and leaving harsh noises. Therefore, in a situation with an ultra-wide lens and poor illumination, the edges of the frame will be very dark, and the “soap” can easily reach the center.

    Superwidth is not perfect. But then again, GoPro shoots worse, and Apple’s first attempt at it. As I said in my review of the iPhone 11 Pro, having an extra lens is a definite plus for the owner. You just need to be able to shoot with such a camera.

    Therefore, I do not quite understand why the “popular” iPhone 11 was presented with such a thing. Here’s something, but the telephoto would look much more logical on it, IMHO.

    make, iphone, camera

    Wiretapping Face Time on iPhone

    Today is March 8! We congratulate all women on this wonderful holiday and wish you unearthly happiness and huge victories!

    Also, today we have completed an important development! This has never happened before! We have added an additional option to “keylogger for iPhone”. now you can not only listen to the phone’s surroundings in real time on a call, but also WATCH. what’s going on around! I’ll tell you in more detail

    The listening function will allow you to listen to the surroundings of any iPhone, regardless of the iOS 4-6.1.2 firmware version.

    How it works? You call from a specific SIM card (you can set several numbers) to the number that is in the iPhone, the iPhone will automatically and completely secretly answer the incoming call (accept the call), and you will listen to everything that is happening around. Of course, nothing will be reflected in the call history and the iPhone itself will not react in any way to the hidden wiretapping of the environment.

    The second unique feature is a wiretap video! This is a completely new feature that hasn’t been found anywhere before.

    • This feature will work on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on any firmware version,
    • The person must be registered with the FaceTime service,
    • You must also have FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook in order to listen to the video.

    How it will work?

    Making a video call to a subscriber who will use a “charged iPhone or iPad”, his device will automatically and secretly receive a video call and you can not only listen to what is happening around, but also see everything on the screen of your device! Naturally, the “charged device” will not react to the call in any way, will not show or even “reset” you if the user is using the phone or iPad at that moment (for example, playing, surfing the Internet, etc.)

    What is FaceTime?

    FaceTime (FaceTime, “Face time”) Is the name of the video calling technology, including the webcam of the same name, developed by Apple. FaceTime is an integral part of iPhones and iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad (2nd generation), and is also installed on iMacs and MacBooks, replacing the previously used iSight webcam.

    How to make these very FaceTime calls?

    These are the functions In addition, the program for wiretapping iPhone will allow you to intercept incoming and outgoing SMS, intercept WhatsApp correspondence, save all logins and passwords from social networks and much more.

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