Exploring Webcam 7 pro

Another utility is a program with a very original name “Webcam 7 pro”. Shown below is the Monitoring / Source Select / Control tab.

The following image shows the Broadcast (HTTP) tab.

From these images, you can immediately see that this utility can easily provide free and high-quality surveillance through a web device and will help to make a surveillance camera from a webcam. Also, this program is NOT only functions of live broadcast from a web device around the clock and without interruption.

So you can easily reveal the previously hidden functions of your webcam, learn how to correctly apply and use all the advantages of the camera that have appeared. Another advantage of “Webcam 7 pro” is the provision of round-the-clock surveillance through a computer’s web device and not only. The only drawback of “Webcam 7 pro” is that the utility is paid.

IP or Web camera based surveillance software

The resolution of the web device does not matter, if you need to make a surveillance camera, the quality of the picture can be sacrificed. This subsection will describe in detail how to organize remote surveillance using a web camera NOT having an IP camera.

Webcam surveillance

  • IP or Web camera based surveillance software
  • Using the Ivideon service
  • Exploring Webcam 7 pro
  • ISpy software with security features
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This article will describe and show in detail how to make a surveillance camera from a webcam. Today, it is not at all necessary to use expensive cameras and other equIPment to establish surveillance of any object or room. Now such a thing can be done with the help of an ordinary web-camera, which most probably have. The image below shows options for such cameras.

It will not work just like that to monitor an object using a web camera: it does not yet have such functions and abilities.

One of the examples of organizing surveillance using a web camera is the use of the Ivideon service. It does its job perfectly and allows you to organize surveillance through a webcam. In addition, in order to correctly establish the observation, you will need:

ISpy software with security features

The next program that allows you to use a webcam as a surveillance device and conducts real-time surveillance around the clock is called iSpy. The software has much greater potential and functionality than the previously presented utilities for monitoring through a webcam.

Ispy is also equIPped with an alarm, so it can easily replace Not only an IP camera, but also a real alarm. So you can safely trust iSpy: the alarm built into the program will work like a clock. Launched the program in question, we will get into such a window.

Below are some of the settings for this utility. On the “Motion Detection” tab, the camera‘s motion detector is configured. First, you can select the type of detector “Use Detector”:

  • Two Frames: the simplest option, motion detection is performed by comparing the current frame with the previous one;
  • Custom Frame: compares the image from memory with the current frames. a good way to detect newly appeared objects;
  • Background Modeling: a mode that allows you to ignore constantly moving objects;
  • None: disable the detector, used for simple camera recording.

Secondly, you can adjust the Sensitivity of the detector using the double slider “Trigger Range”. Changing the lower threshold changes the response to slow movements, the upper threshold. filters movements that are faster in speed.

Color Filtering allows the detector to set a specific range of colors that will be taken into account.

Display Style sets the way iSpy will react / display the detected motion.

There is also a very useful Motion Zones setting, which allows you to select a graphics area within the frame, within which motion detection will occur.

The source is selected on the “Local Device” tab

Using the Ivideon service

You can use a web or IP camera for remote GoPro viewing using the special Ivideon service. The service allows you to connect various types of cameras, configure them using the special GoPro software Ivideon Server. The simplest tariff of the service is free, it allows you to record the first 10 seconds after the occurrence of some event, movement or sound. There are many more opportunities in paid tariffs.

Below you can see an example of the settings window, in which the device is selected. Launched it, go to the “Settings” tab, select the line “IP Camera” (You can select a web camera in the same way).

After the above actions, it enters the settings window of the future IP-camera.

This will allow the program to monitor with an IP camera in 24/7 format and receive surveillance from an IP camera in real time without any unnecessary delays. Also, the Ivideon program is capable not only of making a web-device a surveillance camera (IP-device for surveillance), but also allows broadcasting around the clock and allows a webcam to watch an apartment or a private house, and not only a certain object.

Ivideon shows you how to make a webcam a surveillance device and more. If you are not impressed with the Ivideon utilities, then you can easily find other similar utilities, which, no worse than the presented program, are capable of transforming a webcam into surveillance, broadcasting from a webcam live, and so on. They are also capable of broadcasting and monitoring live using an ordinary laptop.


As you can see from the examples above, the programs are quite similar to each other. Their functionality is almost the same, you can safely download and install any of them.

  • If you need a good utility in order not only to make a webcam with surveillance or to make a device from a webcam to monitor an object around the clock, but also want to get a free working alarm, then you can safely download the iSpy program.
  • If you want to install a high-quality and fast program, which has long been tested by users, to easily make a surveillance camera from an ordinary web device, then download and Install the Webcam 7 pro program, which will quickly and efficiently cope with this task.
  • Well, if you don’t want to go far and want yourself an IP-camera, and have not spent a lot of effort and patience, then an old program called Ivideon will help. A good program with decent functionality does all the work for you. It is used by quite a few people who want to save money on a professional surveillance camera. Among its advantages are: fast download and registration on the utility’s website. It also has a user-friendly interface and many different functions.

Analog to digital, or do-it-yourself IP camera

I’ll start the story by saying that I had an analog dome camera from the Middle Kingdom. It was bought on sale, cost around 20 bucks, worked for a couple of weeks and passed away quietly. No, she did NOT die at all, but only from her it became very dark and unusable for recording. So the camera was thrown into a far corner in better times.

Hi3518c DSP 1/4 “OV9712 CMOS Sensor
Support Onvif CS / M12 Mount IR Lens

System: Embedded RTOS design, dual core 32-bit DSP (Hi3518C), pure hardware compression, watchdog

Sensor: 1/4 “OV9712 CMOS sensor
set of double light switch IR-CUT filter,
support Day and night conversion, IR sense,
support the linkage signal photosensitive resistance,
support CS lens mount;
Color 0.6 Lux at F1.2, B / W 0.08 Lux at F1.2;

Video: H.264 main profile, support dual stream, AVI format
support 0.1M

6mpbs bit rate adjustable
support 1

Resolution: Main stream: 1280720
Sub stream: 704576

Network: 1 RJ45, 10 / 100M

Power: DC 12V power supply; Power consumption. 3W

It’s time to dissect an old patient.

The operation is simple. by disconnecting all the pads, we remove the module from the camera, remove the lens from it and screw it onto a new board.
The connector block from the OSD control of the old camera coincided one-on-one with the LAN port connector block. Therefore, there is nothing complicated here. Cut off the old tail, soldering a new one. The pinout is as follows:

1 brown RX- b-green
2 lilac RX green
4 white TX- b-orange
5 green TX orange

On pins 3 and 6 there are wires for the link and activity LEDs, I do not need them, since the camera will stand in the entrance.

But I had to tinker with the power supply, since the connectors did not match, the old one had a three-pin connector, and the new one had a four-pin connector. But it doesn’t matter, we take a file in our hands and gradually remove the excess from the sides, periodically try it on.

Looking ahead, I will say that the chIP heats up decently during operation, so it was decided to put a small radiator just in case. On normal cameras with the same chIP, radiators are already from the factory.

Power supply of the module and IR illumination We connect together, and send over the same twisted pair on a brown and white-brown wire. After soldering, we put everything on heat shrink.

So, we assemble the camera, connect the camera to the router and supply power. I used an old 12v adapter from D-link for the power supply.
By default, the camera address is Ping, URA. the camera responds to pings, which means our efforts were NOT in vain!

We try to log in from chrome and get into a minimalistic web interface, admin login, empty password. The first surprise awaits here. you can’t see it on the Internet, there are no settings. To get to the camera settings, you need IE and a special ActiveX module, as well as a program to control the camera.

So the camera is working! But there is a fly in the ointment. there is an infrared filter on the matrix, so the colors look unnatural. In princIPle, this does not play a role for me. the camera will stand in the entrance and the color rendition is not particularly important.

To determine the address of rtsp streams, Install a wonderful program. ONVIF Device Manager with which you can see all cameras on the local network with onvif support.

The first 720P stream is at rtsp: // Real_stream

Second stream of small resolution. Stream rtsp: // Real_stream

Passwords in the address are built into the camera, they cannot be changed and are probably made for forgetful people.

This concludes my story, the camera is working in the entrance, I use ivideon as a server (don’t count it as an advertisement). I look forward to your questions.

DroidCam Wireless Webcam App

Droidcam is a reliable program that allows you to transform your smartphone into a webcam. Droidcam is freely available on Google Play for Android smartphones, and DroidCam Client is also available for Windows PCs.

Important! The program interface only supports English.

You need to download and install both parts, respectively, on the phone and computer. The file on the computer must have an exe extension: DroidCam.Client.6.0.Exe.

After that, you should follow the remaining points of the aLGorithms proposed above.

Important! If the PC screen asks if it will install “DEV47 APPS”, click “Install”, otherwise Windows cannot connect to the Android application.

How To Make A Web-Camera From An IP Camera
  • Quickly turn your phone into a webcam;
  • IP camera function;
  • High quality recording;
  • Simple controls;
  • Working in the background.

How to make from phone

To make a webcam from your smartphone, you need to follow the following sequence of steps:

  • Prepare the computer for data transfer: configure the Internet, install applications that will use the webcam (Skype, VLC MediaPlayer).
  • Download and install on Android one of the utilities (DroidCam Wireless Webcam, USB Webcam, IP Webcam) to configure the camera on the phone.
  • Set up an access point that allows you to connect your phone to a PC via Wi-Fi.
  • Customize your phone.

Note! The camera transmits the recording via Wi-Fi to the PC, which is immediately saved to the hard disk. The phone memory in this case is NOT clogged.

USB Webcam

You can also use the USB Webcam utility to stream from your smartphone to your PC. To create a PC-smartphone connection, you must complete all the steps described above in the paragraph on using a smartphone as a webcam via a USB cable.

There is one drawback. the application only records. Without sound.

Important! The USB Webcam app is on Google Play, but the official support site is no longer working. You should be careful when downloading from third-party sites so as not to add a virus program to your PC.

What is it for

It is necessary for:

  • Communication via the Internet by communication (Skype)
  • Conduct an Internet broadcast, ie Stream;
  • Remote monitoring.

If the user urgently needs to establish a connection, for example, to contact someone via Skype, and the web camera is NOT at hand or it is broken, he will be able to reprogram his phone to the camera by connecting it to a laptop or PC and downloaded the corresponding application, some of these will be described below.

Why use a smartphone

The webcam has broken, but you need to make a call urgently. What to do? A smartphone as a wi-fi camera is perfect.

Why Smartphone?

  • Wi-Fi module;
  • USB connector;
  • Internet access;
  • Main and front cameras;
  • Supports applications.

What needs to be done to start recording?

You need to call the device you are using. Someone has to answer on the called smartphone. Both paired devices Must be constantly connected.

Important! In web mode, the phone consumes a lot of energy, so it is better to connect it to the outlet in advance.


Popular applications for setting up a webcam:

Wi-Fi connection

Using a smartphone on Android as a webcam does not require anything other than Special applications and their client services for PC, which are combined using a port and an IP address.

Important! For the webcam to work from a smartphone (“Android”) via Wi-Fi, you need an appropriate connection.

There are many utilities on the Internet that will help you cope with the task at hand. They all work according to the same princIPle. Therefore, Chisinau to connect via Wi-Fi, you need to follow the following aLGorithm:

  • Prepare your computer.
  • Install the app on your smartphone.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • Open the app on the phone.
  • Open Matching Client on PC.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi connection button.
  • On the PC, in the line where you need to enter the IP of the device, enter the number displayed on the smartphone screen in the Wi-Fi IP item.
  • Check the boxes and Audio.
  • Click Start.

Note! The application will capture the signal from the phone camera and transmit it to the computer through the client.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is another program for outputting from a smartphone camera to a computer. For reception, you can use browsers, media players, online services and other third-party programs.

  • Recording in MPEG4, WEBM, MOV formats;
  • Broadcasting to the browser via embedded Flash or JavaScrIPt;
  • Chat support;
  • Cloud save and broadcast from anywhere in the world.

How it works

To configure the camera from a smartphone (“Android”) via Wi-Fi, you need to follow a simple aLGorithm:

  • Download and install the corresponding utility, for example, DroidCam Wireless Webcam, USB Webcam, IP Webcam.
  • Install a special adapter (Wi-Fi module or connect via USB) PC.
  • Customize delight, quality and resolution
  • Adjust basic settings.
  • Start broadcast.

Note! The user can monitor through a webcam using a computer or from several devices at once.