Today, with the advent of WEB-cameras, such a concept as remote video surveillance for an apartment or private house for any Internet user is not considered something unattainable when there is a real opportunity, sitting at work or in a restaurant, to watch, for example, at the front door of the home.

over, to realize this opportunity, it is not necessary to call professional technicians, installers and IT-technologists. Everything is really simple, cheap and absolutely accessible to most ordinary PC users.

Areas of use

In fact, the list of places where you can conduct round-the-clock surveillance using a standard WEB-camera is quite wide:

  • Video surveillance of a private house, a personal plot, a summer residence, a construction site;
  • Video surveillance of an apartment, entrance or office premises;
  • Supervising their children, as well as nannies hired to look after them, or workers performing various types of work in the absence of the owners;
  • Control over your workplace, when a webcam can capture everything that happened while you were away;
  • Video surveillance from the window of an apartment or a country house for the condition and position of your car.


Using a webcam for video surveillance requires minimal effort and the following fixtures and fittings:

  • Any personal computer (PC) (desktop, netbook or laptop)
  • Webcam, which can be either built into a laptop or external, connected to a PC via a USB connector;
  • A special program downloaded from the Internet and saved anywhere on your computer.

In principle, after starting the downloaded program, the video surveillance system is ready to work.

To activate / deactivate the video recording mode, you need to check the “record” checkbox. The program will start recording frames by default when a software motion detector is triggered, which preserves the moments when there was even the slightest movement within the camera’s field of view. Programs of this kind have many additional settings, which will allow you to optimally configure the work of the WEB-camera.

To view the frames stored in the computer’s memory, go to the “Video archive” item and launch any of the videos, conveniently broken down by dates.

Plus, to save time, you can view all videos in accelerated mode, stopping them in the right place for more detailed viewing and analysis.

Benefits of web systems

Using a webcam for video surveillance has a number of advantages over other methods of organizing video monitoring:

  • Ease of organization;
  • Minimum investment of funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment and software;
  • Small amount of time spent on organizing observation;
  • High quality recording provided you use high-resolution webcams;
  • The ability to remotely view the filmed videos using mobile phones.

Main disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages of such monitoring can be considered the need for a constantly working PC in the absence of the owner of the home or workplace, which can create some problems, including the consumption of electrical energy and an electrical device that is constantly connected to the network.

But with the right explanations to the management of the company or company in which you work, well-chosen and serviceable internal electrical wiring with such small inconveniences, any person is quite capable of getting along.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that since the considered video surveillance cameras use the USB input, the length of the connecting lines is limited to a few meters. You can, of course, use a USB extension cable, but still long distances This will not provide.


Since the webcam is connected to a computer, it needs the appropriate software to work. Cameras supporting USB connection of UVC standard are preferable, as they DO NOT require additional installation of drivers. But this is by the way.

Let’s look at the most popular programs for working with WEB-cameras, allowing you to organize video surveillance systems with their help. These include:

  • Xeoma;
  • Webcamxp;
  • Ispy;
  • Mobilecomputercontrol.

Installation of these programs on a computer is simple and will be clear to any user. All you need is your personal computer, WEB-camera and Internet access.

Download the program from the official website or from the network, run it, install it, turn on the webcam and you’re done. To start working with such programs does NOT require special equipment or specific knowledge.

And now a few words about each of them.

This program for organizing web video surveillance has four modes of operation. Eight WEB video surveillance cameras are available in free mode. The software interface is easy to use and is based on the principle of a constructor, and when motion is detected, Xeoma will instantly notify the user by e-mail or SMS.

This software for video surveillance via WEB-cameras is available in two versions (free and paid). The webcamXP program reacts to movement in the frame, informing about the detection of moving objects by e-mail, in addition, it constantly broadcasts video recordings, creates video archives and can absolutely easily work in the mode of a video recorder.

It also has the function of motion and sound detection with sending notifications via SMS or e-mail. With the help of add-ons for this software, you can recognize human faces, any license plates or the number of people passing by the camera.


Abbreviated as MCC. Allows you to organize video surveillance systems of various configurations and complexity. It also has a motion detector and a remote control system. In addition, MCC is capable of recording scheduled videos.

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Action cameras. Shooting an extreme video

There is a wide variety of digital camcorders on the market. Nowadays, anyone can afford to purchase this undoubtedly necessary thing. Let’s take a closer look at such a kind of video cameras as. action cameras. So, cameras for extreme people!

Miniket Extreme Sport from Samsung

For snowboarding and mountain biking enthusiasts, Samsung has introduced the new SC-X195l MP4 camcorder. The camcorder is housed in a waterproof rubberized case, has a 10x zoom, and is equipped with a 2-inch color LCD screen. There is an image stabilizer. The picture resolution is 720 by 576 pixels at 25 frames per second. Has a built-in memory of 512 MB, and a slot for its expansion with MS Pro Slot and MS cards.

Boardcam from SonyEricsson

Ericsson launched a camcorder on the market. Handsfree, which allows you to shoot video while snowboarding down a mountainside or driving a motorcycle. Johan Frossen, a Stockholm-based designer working with Sony Ericsson, has created a small Handsfree Video Recording camcorder. The camera looks like Handsfree. headset and is attached behind the ear, but is larger. In front of it there is a lens and a built-in microphone. The device can be positioned at eye level and, if necessary, placed on the neck. Handsfree Video Recording has built-in memory, information is transmitted to the recording device via Bluetooth, i.e. While in recording mode, the video from the camera can be recorded to your cell phone. The phone can be either Sony Ericsson or any other brand.


The SUV-Cam is presented on the market by Elmo. A gadget for true spies. It looks like a long cable, at the end of which there is a camera, at the other end of the cable a recording module is connected. This modification allows you to position the camera in any place convenient for you, which will allow you to shoot in all, even the most difficult to reach places. Bright and clear images are provided by the SUV-Cam system. The camera head is incredibly small, measuring 3.3 inches long, 0.7 inches in diameter and weighing just 250 grams. It contains a specialized digital video recorder (MPEG4 format) and a 2.2-inch LCD monitor. An optional 2GB SD memory card can save more than an hour to shoot videos with excellent synchronized sound. The sound is recorded to the built-in or external microphone. The camera body is waterproof, so the camera can shoot at a depth of about 40 meters. Elmo company positions its creation as a product for athletes and professionals.

Gopro digital hero 3

The camera is manual. Waterproof. From the technical side. Not the most advanced camera. It has a 3 megapixel sensor and a lens, and does not imply a change in focal length. Can take photos with a resolution of 2048×1536. The main advantage of this camera is the ability to submerge it in water to a depth of 30 meters. The housing is sealed and durable, protects the camera well when dropped. It can shoot video with sound, with a resolution of 640 by 480. Its weight is enough rice, only 130 grams.

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Waterproof Action Camera

Camcorder for shooting in extreme conditions. Helmet. Strong enough and waterproof, can withstand immersion up to 3 meters. Has a proprietary holder that attaches to almost any protective helmet. Video resolution 640 by 480, 30 fps. An SD card is installed in the camera, on which the captured video is saved. Together with batteries, the weight of the camera is about 120 grams.

Blackeye Two Head and Helmet Camera

The material from which the camera is made. soft polyurethane, thanks to which it can be easily attached to any type of helmet or directly on the head. The only thing you need. camcorder with AV input. The material cannot damage or scratch the helmet and thoroughly protects the camera from mechanical damage. Built-in microphone. However, in my opinion, the camera is not strong enough and may not survive a strong fall from a bicycle or snowboard.


SANYO has released a digital device DMX-CA65 for video recording of sports competitions on water and in the snow, as well as for shooting in bad weather conditions. She can be immersed in water to a depth of 1.5 meters, almost painless for her health. The built-in stabilizer will help to make the picture as clear as possible. The format of the recorded video is MPEG-4, the resolution is 640 by 480, the speed is 30 frames per second. Built-in microphone. Memory card. SD. Big minus. the camera is manual and there are no mounts on it.


Light sensitivity of 0.1 Lux allows you to shoot even in the dark. The case is waterproof. Of these cameras, the AC-580 has the highest performance. Resolution 580 TV lines, Sony HQ CCD matrix.

Tony Hawk’s Wireless Helmet Camera

Camera from Tony Hawk. Can be mounted on the head and on the helmet. The laser sight will provide more comfortable positioning. Shooting is done on an SD memory card, with a resolution of 640 by 480.

Shoot an extreme video, and have many more successful shots!

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Do it yourself In a budget solution of technical, and not only, problems. Using your digital camera as a Skype webcam

Using your digital camera as a Skype webcam

On the Internet, the same question is often asked: “How to connect a Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, etc. camera instead of a webcam?” This article can partially clarify the answer to this question, and possibly help fix bugs related to “slowing down” the video image, freezing of Skype or the entire operating system during video broadcasting.

The most interesting videos on Youtube. Related topics.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a digital camera instead of a webcam?
  • Which digital camera can work as a webcam.
  • Video capture hardware.
  • Video capture software.
  • Installing and using SplitCam.
  • Video switching when using a video capture device.
  • Potential Video Transmission Problems.
  • Installing and using ManyCam.
  • Connecting CFC to ManyCam.
  • How to troubleshoot Skype video calls?
  • CPU load when transferring video.
  • Additional material to the article.
  • Related topics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a digital camera instead of a webcam?

The benefits depend on the camera used. In many cameras, for example, you can set the white balance on a target, which is not available with a webcam.

The sensitivity of modern digital cameras is higher and the dynamic range is wider than that of most webcams, which allows you to broadcast video images with acceptable quality under almost any lighting conditions.

The picture shows a frame captured from a video stream. The room is lit only by the monitor light. The arrow points to the reflection of the monitor in the glass of furniture, which is located on the opposite wall of the room.

The disadvantages include the relatively high power consumption of a digital camera in video transmission mode. Additional energy will also be needed if using continuous focus (continuous focus).

All this, with prolonged use, may require recharging the battery or connecting the camera to an external power source. The cost of a branded power supply can be comparable to the cost of a budget webcam.

The second drawback is the relatively low image resolution when transferring video. In any case, it cannot exceed 720 × 576i pixels at 50fps for PAL format and 720 × 480i at 60fps for NTSC format. In fact, the resolution of the video stream at the output of the digital camera can be two or more times lower.

Which digital camera can work as a webcam.

CFKs are divided into the fact that they have a “webcam” mode and do not have it. As for the first, there can be no special problems with the connection, except for the usual problems that arise when connecting a webcam to Skype. You just need to connect the camera to the USB socket, and if the camera does not support the UVC protocol, then also install the driver supplied with the camera.

Further, we will talk about digital cameras that do not have the function of a “webcam”, but transmit an analog video signal Not only in the slide show mode, but also in the video image transmission mode received through the lens in real time.

Before buying any video capture device, connect your camera to your TV and make sure it is capable of transmitting a video signal of the quality you want.

All digital photo cameras have a video output with which you can view photos or videos on a TV screen.

That is why, in addition to the USB cable, a cable is attached to the DSC for connecting to a TV.

If, when connected to a TV, your camera is capable of streaming video, then it can be used as a webcam for Skype conversations or recording a video signal on a computer hard drive.

It’s good if the camera allows you to turn off the information board with data on shooting conditions.

Hardware Delight Video.

The operation of streaming (live) video from a camera to a computer is called Capture Video.

You can capture video using any video capture device that has a composite cinch input (usually yellow). This device can be a video card or tuner from a video input, as well as any built-in or external adapter for capturing a video signal.

In the picture, pos. 1 and 2. built-in and external TV tuners, and pos. 3 and 4.Built-in and external video capture adapters.

Video capture software.

Before installing video drivers on your computer, if possible, create an OS restore point, or better yet. backup OS.

Some software and hardware conflicts are easier to spot when you can roll back and start over. This, of course, applies not only to the installation of video drivers. Simply, conflicts arising when using all kinds of video software can be a little more difficult to resolve.

Any video capture device comes with a driver program that allows you to record a video signal to the hard drive, but this program does NOT broadcast the video signal to Internet telephony programs. To transmit this video signal directly to Skype, it needs to be intercepted and redirected. For this purpose, you can use the free SplitCam program.

However, the software supplied with the video capture device must be installed, since without it, the video signal delight will not succeed.

The only time you can do without installing the accompanying software is when your video device supports the UVC (USB Video Class) standard. This standard does not require installation of drivers in the OS, starting from Windows XP SP2. Such a device, for example, could be a webcam, which nevertheless does NOT want to “cooperate” with Skype. There are similar cases, and we will consider them below.

Installing and using SplitCam.

Installing the program does NOT differ from installing other applications, except that during the installation process, the installer offers to install a bunch of any related software, and not related to delight. I have NOT installed anything from the proposed software and I do not advise you.

The picture shows the installation process. On the page with the option, and not related to video capture, you can safely press the button “Declines”.

The installation process itself Takes only a few seconds.

So, the Split Cam program is installed, and you can start switching the signal.

Video switching when using a video capture device.

If your video capture device, for example, adapter or TV tuner, is outside the computer, then first you need to connect it to the computer.

Then, in the composite input (usually it is yellow) you need to plug in the cable connected to the Analog output of the digital camera.

The digital camera has an automatic shutdown timer to save battery power. Set it to the maximum time so that the camera does not turn off at the most inopportune moment.

Using an external power source will eliminate the need for frequent battery recharging.

Before attempting to redirect a video stream using SplitCam, make sure your camera image is being sent to the video capture device.

To do this, run the program supplied with the video capture device.

We launch the SplitCam program.

Select the signal source in the program menu: File Video Source Your video capture device. Do this even if a bird is already standing against your device.

This contradicts logic a little, since, usually, when reselecting, the bird is removed. But, let’s leave it on the conscience of the program developer.Do not forget that the program is free.

If you select the option: Options Advertisements Exchange ad and video windows, the picture with the captured video will move to a larger window.

Now that you have made sure that the video signal has been successfully intercepted, you can start Skype.

The latest versions of Skype themselves offer to check the quality of the video picture. But, if this did not happen, then you will have to select the signal source manually.

In the main Skype menu, select Tools Settings Video Settings Select a webcam. Select SplitCam Capture from the drop-down menu.

Possible problems with video signal transmission.

The appearance of the video image in the Skype settings window is NOT a guarantee that you will be able to successfully transmit this video signal to your subscribers.

The first obstacle on this path is the Skype program itself.

If the video signal successfully passed Skype and went to your interlocutor, then we cannot significantly affect his Further Wanderings via the P2P protocol (Peer To Peer, equal to equal). Here, a lot will depend on a number of circumstances, such as the transfer rate between individual computers on the network (of which there can be many), the amount of pings, the number of lost packets, etc.

But, even worse, if some time after the connection with the subscriber is established, the video signal “pereklinit” in the Skype program itself. This may be due to a software conflict caused by a specific hardware configuration. It manifests itself as “freezing” of the picture or even freezing of the Skype program itself. In the worst case, this conflict can cause the OS to freeze and require a computer restart.

Manufacturers are aware of the existing problems and are trying to solve them, but the huge variety of hardware used and its configurations complicates this process.

On one of the tested computers, I met with a similar conflict, manifested in the “freezing” video and freezing Skype. I followed all the manufacturer’s recommendations, from installing the latest drivers on all computer hardware to flashing the BIOS with the most recent version of the software, but nothing has changed from this.

If such a conflict takes place, then you can use another program that also knows how to redirect the video stream. ManyCam.

Installing and using ManyCam.

ManyCam program is a multifunctional software that not only allows you to redirect the video stream in the same way as SplitCam does, but also provides a lot of second equally interesting functions.

For example, using this program, you can show your friends a video recording located on the Hard disk of your computer.

The function of showing the desktop has been expanded in comparison with the similar function of Skype, which allows you to adapt the transmission of the picture to the capabilities of the existing communication channel.

Simply put, you can determine yourself Not only the size of the transmitted image, but also the resolution of the video image.

With a narrow communication channel, the legibility of the image can be significantly increased by moving the selected area following the movement of the cursor.

Well, for lovers of different baubles, ManyCam taught how to intercept streaming video and add all sorts of effects there, such as those that allow you to add proprietary software supplied with regular webcams.

I liked the ability to replace the background right during the video broadcast. over, the background can be not only static, but also dynamic. In the program, this effect is located under the Background button.

make, web-camera, action, camera

It works like this. First, ManyCam remembers the background behind your back, and then substitutes its own static or dynamic background instead. Of course, if you look closely at the picture, you can see artifacts typical of the mediocre performance of the Chroma key technology. But, if you try and choose real and virtual backgrounds by tone, you can easily mislead your interlocutors, almost like in the movie “Yolki”.

In general, if you are an active Skype user, then this program may be useful to you, even if everything is already working well for you.

Installing ManyCam Takes 10.20 Seconds.

When, during the installation of the program, you will be offered to install additional software, you can safely click Declines.

When you try to use the background swap effect, a pop-up window will appear and you will be prompted to capture a snapshot of your background without you. I pressed the button Take snapshot (capture a snapshot), you need not pain, than within 3 seconds the webcam will leave the field of view.

The background, in this case, should be stationary, and the lighting conditions unchanged. For example, if you, while sitting at the table, even slightly change the flow of light falling on the background, then this can cause additional artifacts of the Chroma key. Naturally, all settings (Focus, BB, Exposure) of the webcam must be in manual mode.

Connecting CFC to ManyCam.

So, the ManyCam program is installed, and you can start switching the video signal.

As mentioned above, connect a photo camera to a video capture device and make sure that a live picture is already there.

The program interface is so simple and straightforward that even if I give its description here, you will not read it.

The only thing you need to do to get started is to select a signal source on the Source tab. We select our video capture device, after which, on the ManyCam screen, the video image received from the digital camera should appear.

Here, you can also adjust the picture quality by selecting the required video signal resolution.

Now the video received on the ManyCam screen can be transferred to Skype.

To do this, as in the case of SplitCam, go to Tools Settings Video Settings Select a webcam and select ManyCam Video Source in the drop-down menu.

If during the broadcast of the video stream, at regular intervals, the video starts to slow down for 1-2 seconds or other artifacts appear, then you need to disable ManyCam and Skype, and then enable, first ManyCam, and then Skype.

How to troubleshoot Skype video calls?

In some cases, when using non-certified Skype webcams, problems arise. They can lead to interruptions in video transmission, to severe video distortion, to freezing of Skype or even Windows itself.

In such cases, the ManyCam program can also help. If you manage to Get a stable video image on the ManyCam screen, then you will only have to select ManyCam Video Source in the Skype program.

CPU load when transferring video.

I have tested both of the above programs on a weak computer with a processor clock speed of 1.5GHz. There were no problems with video transmission in Skype. Processor load could reach 60-80% while transmitting and receiving video signal of normal (not HD) quality.

However, when changing the resolution of the video signal upwards or when adding various effects to the image in the ManyCam program, the processor load could reach 100%.

On a 2.2GHz dual-core processor, CPU utilization did NOT exceed 50-60% in any case.