How to Remove Timelapse Video on iPhone. Practical guide

Timelapse-rollers always look unrealistic beautifully. Their shooting is associated with great difficulties, both technical and financial. At least so it is considered. But in fact, it is not necessary to have an expensive camera, a powerful computer and video processing skills. You can do with one iPhone and a pair of relevant applications.

You probably admired the beautiful timelapse-video that regularly appears on the network. Most of them are removed expensive mirror cameras (like Nikon D700 or Canon EOS 5D Mark II), and the shooting itself is very laborious and takes a long time: from several hours to several weeks. With a proper approach, however, the result fascinates and does not make it seek that time is wasted.

It’s a particularly valuable movie. It was removed from the NASA space station, where it is almost impossible to get, being a simple mortal. Although technically there is nothing complicated in this video. And here are some more examples.

Such videos are striking by the highest detail. A separate photo always saves more small details than, for example, a screenshot from video. So the roller created from the photo series looks. qualitatively. True, a normal film in this way cannot be removed. cameras capable of making 24 frames per second and write them on the memory card. And if they existed, they would be expensive consumables, since even the most alive shutter (from Nikon D4) is calculated only 400.000 positives that in the end will give 227 minutes video without the right to unsuccessful duplicate. So from photos do only timelapse rollers of small durability: on average up to 10 minutes.

So, Timelapse is the creation of a series of frames at a given time interval. One photo will be displayed on the screen 1/24 fraction of a second (provided that the video is played with a frequency of 24 frame per second). That is, for a minute roller, you need to remove about 1440 photos. Similarly, you can calculate the number of pictures for clips with a frequency of 30 frames per second.

The general process in a simplified form consists of two stages: shooting a series (or several series) photos and their subsequent association into video sequence. Another plus is that thorough treatment is possible on any of these two stages. This is possible when shooting a mirror or mirror chamber, as well as with Adobe Lightroom and Premiere / After Effects or Final Cut Studio. If you hope to do with low blood and shoot a timelapse on the iPhone, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the processing of photos before their hit in the video, it will be impossible, and the final video will be compressed, which narrows the possibility of working with it in the video editor. However, while all this is absolutely not important. Let’s better designate the stories that are best suited for timelapse-shooting.

Remove video horizontally.

Currently there are applications that use vertical video. But not all. You may well be in a situation when in your video, there will be two black stripes on the sides of the screen.

It is best to immediately shoot a video horizontally, almost all applications support full-screen video in landscape mode, and you will not have problems displaying your video on the TV or computer screen.

Therefore, before you start recording, always remember that the shooting is made in horizontal orientation. But if you already have a video, removed vertically, then you should not be upset, read. how to work with vertical video taken on your phone or smartphone.

QUIK editor from Gopro

QUIK editor from Gopro

Popular free utility (recommended Apple), which will easily create slideshows and rollers from photos. You can use up to two hundred images for one video. Thanks to simplified inteeis, the process of editing fragments and roller will not take a lot of time from the user.

There are 27 different styles with appropriate effects and transitions. Ready videotapes can be published directly from the application to the social network.

Video recording while playing music in iPhone application

However, you still have other methods, such as third-party applications that specialize in shooting video on the iPhone during music playback. App Store offers various solutions to these problems, you can find the one that suits you.

If you are looking for an application that can record video with music compatible with speakers, you are strongly recommended MIDEO.

You can search for Mideo from the App Store, then install it on the iPhone as usual. After that, turn on the music on any player, then run Mideo on the iPhone and start recording video.

Note. You can restart, resume or change the song through the control center.

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online and t. D. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily customize the size, edit video or audio and much more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and make screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

We did not notice how time came, in which our place in the world is determined by our online presence. Inventing steep and exciting ways to record yourself or other people. a great way to attract the attention of subscribers and influential persons on social networks.

Video recording with simultaneous playback of sound on the iPhone gives clips a new aesthetic look, liven up and saturately by helping the author to stand out.

Remove horizontal video.

Shooting in landscape mode has a number of advantages so much easier to control the shooting. you will not see annoying black stripes when watching video on the big screen Do not forget that the TV screen or laptop is located horizontally, not vertically. Horizontal video looks more beautiful than recorded vertically. Are there movies filmed “vertical”? Vertical shooting format is suitable for Storsis in Instagram, no more.

Famous fact: viewers, most likely, will prefer videos with a terrible picture, but good sound, and will not watch the perfect picture with bad sound. There is no reason that would justify marriage. In order for the audio track to be an ideal, iPhone regular microphone will not be enough. These are ways to solve the problem To write an interview, you can use a wired headset. It has a fairly high-quality microphone In stores selling microphones-petitions. Not expensive, professional quality External multipurpose recorder. It is relatively inexpensive. It allows you to record both directional sound and background noise (intershum).

Bonus Council.

There is an elegant way to launch / stop shooting video without touch screen. Take the White Apple Headphones and connect them to the smartphone. To start recording, in the video mode, press the “” key. To turn off the record, click the same button.

Rule 3. Do not use digital zoom

Apply the shooting object using software methods. a common error of beginner operators. Do anything, come close to the object in any affordable way (drive up on the office chair with wheels or roll the camera on a skateboard), but do not use a digital zoom that instantly reduce the video quality. When shooting without increasing, objects will remain sharp, and Focus and blurred background will allow expanding accents.

Top 5 best video recorders

To make it easier for you to choose the best app for editing video on the iPhone, we made up top 5 editors. You can compare programs for several, important criteria for you and download the most liked version:


The most famous editor for the iPhone, as is made by Apple itself. Starting from 2013, iMovie has become completely free for all owners of new versions of iPhone and iPad. The application is distinguished by simply control, so it is very popular among video blocks. There are templates of projects, titers and transitions, the ability to work with the resolutions of Super HD and 4K, chromaker (green back background), movie films. You can also apply your audio tracks, record a voice from the microphone and embed the sound effects.

recording and adding to the draft video stream from the camera;

editing titers. change in font, size and arrangement of inscriptions;

Adding monochrome, gradient or textured backgrounds;

Adjusting the focus point and changing the depth of field;

Sending a project on Mac to iMovie or Final Cut Pro app.

“Picture-in-picture”, deceleration effects and video acceleration;

Some options for mounting are not available on outdated iPhone models.

To someone to suitable and for home use.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush. video processing applications on iPhone with features worthy of computer software. There are almost everything here to carry out even complex installation: a convenient multi-track panel for combining media files, adjusting the playback speed, headers and transitions, editing audio tracks and recording your own voice.

Image Processing is also available: Manual color correction, balance, built-in filters. Adobe Premiere allows you to change the resolution of the file being created, use the landscape or portrait orientation of the frame. Ready projects can be sent to. YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and synchronize with other iOS devices.

the imposition of images and stickers over the video delays;

Adding panoramic or zoom effects;

Tools for balancing audio based on AI;

Editing headlines. font correction, size and animation;

Automatic focus point shift.

To whom to suitable and novice video monitoring, which must be prepared creative clips for social networks.


Magisto has no advanced manual installation functions, all actions occur in automatic mode. This is what makes it popular among many bloggers. This development of the famous video service Vimeo has a large set of ready-made patterns that need to be applied to the selected video to get a high-quality result at the output.

In addition, there are built-in presets to improve video edges, trimming and combining, text overlay and manual file sorting. This is the best video editor for the iPhone, if you want to automate the creation of rollers, but at the same time save control over the process.

imposition of inscriptions, pictures and stickers from the catalog;

Setting the duration of the video clip;

creating video collaboration and slideshow from photos;

creating video clips in 5 minutes thanks to a variety of templates;

requires constant network connection.

Who is suitable: novice who need to quickly arrange a beautiful and bright clip for social networks using automatic options.


Video application on iPhone Splice combines video and photo editor for mobile phone. Allows you to recruit video files, apply the effect of slow or accelerated shooting and insert transitions from the pre-installed library. You can apply animated slides with titers and headers, cut unnecessary fragments and combine files.

An individual plus becomes advanced work with sound. Music path automatically synchronized with video file. You can embed audio effects and record voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев through the voice recorder. All added audio tracks can be trimmed and mix.

regulation of exposure, contrast and saturation;

replacement of the background with chromacea;

Creating a slideshow with panning and scaling effects.

sending video clips to social networks;

Synchronization with other devices and cloud service icloud.

Music library is available after full of payment of the program;

Who comes up: advanced users who need to create a video for YouTube, as well as social networks like Instagram and


The popular video editor for the iPhone will allow you to process clips without loss of quality with the help of finished or manually. The user will be able to trim the video, apply effects, create inscriptions and titers, impose music from a phone or from the built-in collection. The program applies to free and paid versions. You can use standard options, however, for exports in high resolution you will need a premium package per month.

support key personnel for animation development;

For exporting without a watermark, a paid subscription is needed;

Users report that after buying the VIP version of the premium package function is not available.

Who is suitable: novice and mid-level users who need to make a simple clip with bright effects and stickers.

Let’s sum up

If you need video processing on the iPhone at a professional level, give preference to Adobe Premiere Rush and Inshot These applications are packed with highly professional instruments, far from almost all competitors in the mobile sphere. There are enough free features to handle the video of any length in detail.

For social networks need programs to create a video on an iPhone with a simpler controlled. Therefore, they should pay attention to Magisto. it offers automated tools and built-in topics. iMovie is suitable for novice bloggers. there are those necessary for working with video files settings, like chromium and color correction, but most of the features are automated, which is convenient for beginners.