Sony Xperia E (C1504, C1505, C1605) hard reset, reset the graphics key and settings

In this article we will tell you how to make a hard reset Sony Xperia E (hard reset), reset to factory settings, reset the graphics key or password on your smartphone Xperia E.

Hard reset Sony Xperia E will help you return your smartphone to its factory settings, to the state in which you took it out of the box after buying it in the store (for the Android OS).

You just need a Hard reset of your Xperia E in the following cases:1. If you’ve set a Pattern, Picture or Password on your Sony Xperia E and then successfully forgot it.2. If you see a message on the screen of your Sony Xperia E: “many attempts to enter the Pattern Lock”.3. If Sony Xperia E hangs on the logo and does not load further.4. If you forgot your Sony Xperia E password or email.5. If your Sony Xperia E doesn’t turn on or glitches after installing an app.6. If your Android on Sony Xperia E slows down much.

Remember! before you hard reset Xperia E, save all your future data (photos, videos, contacts, texts, etc).д.), т.к. they will be deleted in the process and charge your device to maximum.

Method 1: 1. Here is a link to download and install an application on your computer. 2. Switch phone off. To do this, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. 3. Run the installed program and connect USB cable to the PC (BUT! to PC only, not to phone yet). 4. In the running program click on Start under the Support Zone, then “Update phone/tablet software”. 5. In the window that appears, click on “Restore phone/tablet. 6. There will be instructions on the screen. Read them carefully, click on the checkboxes and press Next. 7. After going through several steps, you will be prompted to select your device model. Choose the Sony Xperia E model you need. 8. Follow the instructions on the screen. 9. After that the software will start the process of recovering the phone. Wait for the end of the process and disconnect the phone. The same actions can be done by the Software Updater. Sony Update Service.

Reset can be done through the menu: Menu. Settings. Restore and reset. Reset settings. Erase everything.

Sony Xperia Z3 how to reset

In this article, we will look at how to reset your Sony Xperia Z3.

As you know, a reset is a useful feature of any Android device. Hard Reset (aka reset settings) fixes various software bugs, removes the graphics key or password, clears the mobile device’s internal memory, etc.д.

Reset your Sony Xperia Z3 is no more complicated than any other Android smartphone. over, this smartphone has many different ways to reset the settings, so if you failed with one method, be sure to try the following.

Note that these reset methods can be used for both Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Dual.

Before you can reset your Sony Xperia Z3, follow these steps:

  • Try a light reset before performing a full reset (Hard Reset).
  • Back up important data, such as photos, contacts, etc.д.

In this method you will need to use the computer. You need to install Xperia Z5 USB drivers and Sony Flastool software on your computer. You can download Sony Flastool from Sony official website.

  • Switch off your smartphone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down key and at the same time connect the device to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Go to recovery mode. To do this, press and hold down the volume key and the power button.
  • In the menu provided, you need to select “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  • After that, select “reboot system now”.

That is all! The Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone will reboot with factory settings.

How to reset your Sony Xperia M2

There are several ways to reset your Sony Xperia M2. A soft reset, also called a reset, will leave all personal data untouched. However, after performing a hard reset or using the service code, the data on your smartphone’s internal memory will be deleted. Thus, make sure that before you reset your Sony Xperia M2, you have backed up your data.

When is it appropriate to do a Hard Reset of your Sony Xperia smartphone?

There is a number of certain cases when you can not do without Hard reset. It is recommended to do a hard reset in the following situations:

  • Phone is not working properly and there is a suspicion of viruses in the system.
  • If you need to roll back your settings to the stock state for any other reason.
  • Phone memory is full and phone lags so much that you do not want to try to clear it manually.
  • You are planning to sell or give away your smartphone which is full of personal information. In this case, you don’t need to delete everything manually, it’s easier to do a Hard Reset Sony Xperia.
  • When the password to login has been forgotten. A full reboot will create a new one.

Remember that with Hard Reset of your Sony Xperia smartphone the photos and other data will be deleted from the memory, so if possible make a backup of the system and files. This will save your contacts and other files. Now a few more ways.

Use the Screen Capture button

Sony phones have another option for taking screenshots. The function is called Screen Capture and allows you to make both standard and long screenshots. However this method is not as obvious as the previous ones. Let’s look at how to take a screenshot on Sony using this tool.

Steps sequence when using Screen Capture

  • Find in the bottom menu the button of the last opened applications. Usually it is represented by two rectangles. Press it for a few seconds.
  • A panel with more buttons will appear. Find the “Active Clip” icon.
  • A floating window will appear on the screen with a “Screenshot” button. Tap it to take a screenshot.

When the photo is created, it will automatically open in Sketch. From there you can send the picture to social networks, or edit and save it in the phone memory.

Other keyboard shortcuts you can use to take a screenshot on Sony Iskperia

Most Android devices have a built-in screen capture tool for taking a screenshot. To take a screenshot on your Sony, just tap it once, and you’ll get a photo that captures everything that’s currently open on your smartphone. Including the tool will take a picture of the navigation bar and the notification bar.

This option is available, in particular, on Sony Xperia X Compact versions. If you don’t find the feature you want, update your firmware to Android Pie. Read more about this in this article on how to take a screenshot of your Android smartphone.

It is located usually in the top notification panel. To open the options menu, pull down the “curtain” and find the desired icon. It is usually represented as a square with scissors. However, not everyone has this feature enabled. To activate it, do the following:

  • On your device, locate the Settings section.
  • Among the features listed, look for “Advanced Features”.
  • Select “Motions and Gestures” and tap on it.
  • Scroll to the “Screenshot” line and activate the tool.

The button will appear in the notification panel menu.

Help and tips for Sony smartphone users

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How to set up high speed internet on your Sony Xperia Choose your preferred type of 4G network in the settings of your Sony Xperia smartphone. LTE or 5G and access the internet at high speeds.

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Reset your Sony Xperia Tablet Z to factory settings

After this cleaning the tablet will return to the standard appearance for this model, as if it was out of the box.

Темы для Sony Xperia: как создавать с помощью Theme Creator (how to create themes for Xperia)

Let’s look at all the ways to perform a system reset. Any Hard Reset looks like rebooting the tablet and formatting the information in it. In each case, the operation may be performed differently, such as clearing the SD card or resetting the graphics key.

Method 1 From the menu (if the tablet is turned on)

Open the Settings menu and select Restore and reset.

Scroll to the bottom of the list that opens and tap on Reset Settings.

Method 2 With a numeral combination (if the tablet is on)

The combinations are entered with the digit keys in the dialer or in the calculator. Press Call key if needed.

Method 3 Using the buttons (if the tablet does not turn on)

Switching off the tablet. The battery must be fully charged.

Press two buttons simultaneously: power and volume up. Once the screen is on, release the power button, at the same time holding down the volume button.

Reboot process will start, it is possible to release the button and the Recovery menu will appear.

If the model has a Reset button: Charge the tablet while it is switched off and wait till the green power indicator near the power button lights up.

On the case find the hole labeled Reset, and press there a thin object (needle, paper clip). When the screen is off, press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds.

Before your tablet powers on press the Volume Up button repeatedly to start the process of booting the Recovery menu.

Use the volume rocker to navigate the menu. Choose “wipe data/factory reset. To do this you must press the power button, which in this case serves as the OK button.

Next you will be asked to confirm wipe of all user data. Agree by selecting Yes. delete all user data.

Take your tablet to the nearest service center and ask to reset it.

If your tablet is still under warranty, contact your store and ask for a warranty reset.

Attention! A factory reset will erase all your data from your tablet, including contacts, messages, accounts, installed software. If you do not need to perform a reset, do not do it! If you are in any doubt, please contact a professional.

Android service codes and useful key combinations on Sony Xperia

With Xperia switched off:Volume and USB cable connected to PC. FASTBOOT MODE. Install custom firmware and kernels mode.Press Volume Up. And USB cable connects to PC. FLASHMODE. Install official flash files mode.

If Xperia is on:Press Power and Volume Down simultaneously to take a screenshot of your Sony Xperia.Press Power and Volume Up simultaneously until the first vibration (

10 sec.). reboot, similarly remove and insert battery.Pressing Power/Volume Up to three vibrations at the same time (

15 sec). forced Sony Xperia shutdown.

In some models, actions can be confirmed by different glow of diodes.

Sony Xperia service and engineering codes

#06#. see Sony Xperia IMEI##7378423##. Enter the service menu (how to memorize. ##SERVICE##)##4636##. Battery info, gadget info, and stats (how to remember. ##INFO##)##73556673##. start the demo mode, test a large number of functions (how to remember. ##SELLMORE##). It is important to run this combination when buying a Sony Xperia Z and check everything to see if it works, no matter if you are buying a tablet or a Z series smartphone.##4636##. Information and settings;##8351##. Voice Dialer Logging Enabled;##4636##. the code is used to get detailed information about the phone and the battery. You will see on the display:- Phone information;- Battery information;- Battery statistics;- Usage statistics.

##7780##. with this code you can reset the following settings to factory defaults:- smartphone or tablet Google account settings;- Android data and settings and installed apps;- downloaded apps.The code does NOT touch:- the system applications and applications that come with the device;- data on the memory card (photos, videos, etc.).д.).PS: Before you proceed with the reset, your smartphone will ask for confirmation and you will have a chance to change your mind.

27673855#. hard reset with reset of all settings and deletion of user files and applications (hard reset), as well as resetting the firmware of the smartphone.##34971539##. View detailed information about your camera device:- Update camera firmware in the image;- Update camera firmware on the SD card;- Get camera firmware version;- View how many times the firmware has been updated.WARNING: Never use the first option, otherwise your camera will stop working and you will have to take the handset to the service center to have the firmware re-installed.

##7594##. This code is used to change the on/off button mode.Off.”. By default, a long press on the button will show the following options: “Silent mode”, “Airplane mode” or “Turn off smartphone”. You can use the code to make the phone turn off immediately, without selecting options.##273283255663 282##. The code gives the possibility to make a backup of user data (photo, video, audio, etc).д.).##197328640##. Starts service mode with the ability to run various tests and change settings in service mode for GPS and WLAN, Bluetooth;##232339## or ##526## or ##528##. WLAN (use “Menu” button to run various tests);##1472365##. GPS test;##232338##. shows WI-FI MAC address;##1575##. Another GPS test;##232337##. Shows the address of the Bluetooth device;##232331##. Bluetooth test;