How to take a screenshot on the phone and tablet Samsung

In this article we will figure out how to take a screenshot on Samsung. The instruction is suitable for all models of phones and tablets Samsung. Consider how to make screenshots provided by the manufacturer and alternative options.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S21. 3 Different Ways Plus Long screenshot

We also answer the following questions: where screenshots are preserved, what to do if the key combination does not work and how to do in cases where the finished screen cannot be found.

Using gestures

  • You can create a screen on the Galaxy A51 with a gesture of the palm. This is a quick way, but it does not always work out the first time, and sometimes you have to turn on the option itself. We move to the section with additional functions in the settings of the device,

Az Screen Recorder

The most convenient application for smartphones on Android also works with Samsung products: with its help, the user can not only make screenshots, but also record video from the screen, as well as edit ready.made pictures.

To make a screen using AZ Screen Recorder, you need:

The most significant drawback of the mobile application is the inability to set the format of the preserved screenshrow (by default it is PNG, which provides excellent quality and occupies a little space in memory) and its size: the width and height of the image will exactly correspond to the number of pixels of the screen.

How to find out that the screenshot is made

If the attempt to clamp the buttons is unsuccessful at the same time, then the phone is either blocked, or data on changing the volume level will appear on the screen.

When the picture is captured, the picture for a while will suck and it seems to be exfoliated from it the right image. After that, on top, in the left corner of the screen, a characteristic icon will appear. By deploying a drop.down menu, it will be possible to view the screenshot or open it in the folder.

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How to make a screen on Samsung?

Below we will study in detail how you can take a picture of the screen on Samsung A6 or on other modern models. There are several effective methods for the screenshot, which are used depending on your device.

The first method is standard and is used in almost all modern phones with Android operating room. To take a picture of the screen, it is enough to clamp two keys. a decrease in the volume and turning on, as shown below.

The second option explaining how to take a screenshot on Samsung A7 or on another phone model with Android operating room is also to squeeze certain buttons. This method is suitable for all new devices that went on sale in the next 2 years, and where there is a mechanical key “House”.

Squeeze two buttons. menu call and meals.

If your samsung is an older model where the operating system of version 2 or 3, then you need to clamp the “house” or “back”. Often presented buttons are already mechanical, just click them at the same time.

New smartphones that go on sale now imply a different method for a scree. The manufacturer did not remove the function of squeezing specific keys to create a screenshot, and added another possibility. You can take a picture of the screen with a gesture.

According to the standard, this possibility is disabled in parameters. To enable this function you need:

  • Go into the parameters.
  • Below find the section “Additional opportunities”.
  • On a function against the score with your palm, put a checkmark or move the slider to the position of “.””.

After that, you can take a picture through a gesture. Just draw a palm on the screen from right to left.

How to make a screenshot with a palm on the phone or tablet Samsung

On mobile devices Samsung Galaxy running Android 5.0 and later versions, the function “Skat of the screen with the palm” is available. On most devices, it is turned on by default, so to create a screenshot it is enough to draw a palm on the screen from right to left or from left to right to right to right.

If the function is disconnected, you should open “settings”, go to the “additional functions” section (depending on the model and version of the Samsung Experience or One UI, the name of the desired section of the settings may be as follows: “gesture control”, “control of the palm” or “movement” “) And activate the toggle switches opposite the” Skard of the Screens “and” Skart of the Screens of the palm “.

make, screenshot, samsung, smartphone

On phones with One UI 2.0 The required point is located in the subsection “Movement and gestures” along the path of “Settings” → “Additional Functions”.

make, screenshot, samsung, smartphone

Screenshot using applications from Google Play

There are many applications thanks to which you can make a screen on samsung. They are distinguished by developed functionality from standard programs. In this article, we consider several best applications that are profitable among competitors.

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Az Screen Recorder

A wonderful multifunctional program with which it will be possible not only to make screenshots, but also to record a video screen.

The Az Screen Recorder application has established itself as stable and convenient to work. The only, in our opinion, its lack is the absence of the possibility of changing the format of the created screenshot (by default PNG).


This program allows you to create screenshots on any android devices.

After downloading the application from Google Play, run it and go to the settings section. Here you can change the functions of the program at your discretion.

Touchshot allows you to choose the method of implementing a screenshot (even the function of removing the screen of the screen “shaking” the device is available), change the type of notification about the picture performed, edit the screenshide seizure area, set the quality and format of the preserved image.

Samsung Galaxy A02: How to Take Screenshot

Multi-CTION Home Button

A program duplicate and displaying the “home” button on the main screen. You should take a note to the owners of devices with the physical button “Home” (it, as you know, can fail over time).

Using this application, you can take screenshots by holding or twice by pressing the button displayed on the screen. To do this, you need to run the Multi-CTION Home Button, in the Action section, select Action on Double Click, then SCRENSHOT.

The specified method is one of the fastest options for obtaining a finished scree.

Screenshot Snap

ASHAMPOO advanced utility with an intuitive integrant and powerful editor of screen pictures. To take a screenshot on the Samsung A3 with the installed SNAP program is quite easy. The main toolbar contains an extended settings menu, where the user is free:

  • include or remove individual functions of the program;
  • set the permissible quality of the screenshot;
  • to set the visual design of the intense to your liking;
  • Install the final catalog for storing pictures.

Full version of the program works on Android 4.0 and above. The platform supports Russian localization, for the installation of which the Galaxy A7 does not require the presence of a user’s ROOT.

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In addition to a simple capture of the display, the utility will make a screen with a scroll of any web page. After the initial preservation of the image, a graphic editor with wide functionality opens:

  • Changing the scale.
  • Drawing geometric shapes, shooter.
  • Applying stamps, watermarks.
  • Adding textual information.
  • Pruning and changing sizes.
  • Additional effects. shadows, contours, color tones.
  • Adaptation to social networks for quick exchange of screenshots. Google.

Screen Master

This application positions as free marking of images of any format. Additionally, it allows you to take a screenshot on the Samsung A5 and convert the picture into a full image with explanatory inscriptions, graphic effects.

Screen Master is able to take a screenshot Galaxy A3 with the further use of the following triggers:

  • Full access to the utility is provided for free.
  • Installer size. 5 MB.
  • Lack of restrictions on the use of screenshots made.
  • Preservation of images in excellent quality.
  • Adding annotations.
  • Page capture in the browser.


Plus using Bixby. you can do without gestures, keystrokes and the like. Necessary:

  • put the assistant into an active state (for this there is a special button for launching the application);
  • select the desired picture;
  • Submit the voice command “take a screenshot”.

Bixby itself activates the necessary programs, retain the picture in the Gallery or My Files.

Special software

In addition to the basic capabilities of the device, you can take screenshots on the Samsung A31 using software. Check how it works, on the example of the application “Light screenshot“.

    Provide for access to multimedia files and image on the device screen.

We open the screen that we want to fix and click the screenshot icon.

The “View” button will appear under the icon. If you press it, the section will open with all the screenshots made.

Press the floating button, lower the screen below and take the picture again.

When the desired screens are captured, press the box under a floating button. The editor will open where it is possible to remove unnecessary areas with the help of special sliders and make the image more holistic.