Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Important! Before configuring programs for viewing, you need to make sure that the Internet connection is successful.

When the Internet is connected, you can start searching for widgets.

Let’s consider several well-known applications for viewing IPTV and how to install playlists in them.


You can purchase access to viewing TV channels from Pirs TV by following several points:

  • Download and install the player on the device.
  • If the TV is 2010-2014, then installation is possible as in paragraph 2 of the previous appendix.
  • Launch the player, enter the link address in the settings where the playlist is located.
  • Finishes the installation process, and proceed to view all available channels.


To customize this widget, you must:

Connecting to the network using WPS

There is a faster option for connecting to the network, but to complete it, you will need to support the router for wps technology. For this:

  • In the network settings, select the connection method. WPS (PBC).
  • On the side panel of the router, hold down the WPS button for a couple of minutes. The TV device will establish a connection with the network.
  • The display should show an inscription indicating the completion of the connection process.


To use the OTT player, you must first perform the following steps:

  • Download this player to your device.
  • The application requires authorization, so we register on the official website.
  • We confirm the action by e-mail and the letter that came to it.
  • We go to the account on the site to complete authorization and edit personal data as needed.
  • Download your favorite playlists and add them to the playlist.
  • We enter the information used for authorization into the application downloaded to the device and watch the desired telepictures.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

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Samsung Smart TVs can also be connected to the network via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to use wireless routers (routers) and have an independent Wi-Fi adapter in your TV. If the TV model does not provide such an adapter, you can additionally purchase an external one and use it.

Setting up via the TV menu. Select the “Network” section and go to the section of its settings. Choose a wireless connection method and your network. Next, enter the password for Wi-Fi, and then complete the installation.

LAN connection

Using a cable Internet connection, the user automatically provides himself with a reliable connection and high-speed data flow. With a LAN cable, you can connect to the network in three different ways:

  • By connecting the Ethernet port on the TV to the same type of connector on the portable modem.
  • Using a router. The cable from the router should be connected to the network port on the TV set, given that the router is already connected to the existing modem and configured correctly.
  • Direct connection. A network cable connects the Ethernet port and the port on the TV.

Correct image adjustment

Samsung TVs offer the ability to adjust the picture. The simplest and most affordable way of adjustment is the remote control. If it seems to you that the image is not bright enough or dim, you can change the corresponding characteristics in the settings.

Features of the

Samsung Smart TVs are deservedly considered one of the best TV manufacturers on the market. Many of our compatriots have already appreciated the worthy quality and reliability of the products of this brand. Every year the number of models and lines of the manufacturer only grows, and it becomes more difficult to deal with the necessary set of functions. How to set up a Samsung TV?

All important functions and features are offered in the interface, and their settings are as clear and simple as possible. It will be enough for the user to turn on the remote control and connect to the standard antenna.

The very first and most important question is tuning channels on a Samsung TV.

To configure, select the following items:

  • Go to the menu;
  • Select the appropriate settings item;
  • Start channel search;
  • Choose a configuration method automatically or manually.

Once the process is complete, you can rename the channels stored in memory. Thus, the procedure will not present any difficulties. The digital channels are tuned in the same way on the Samsung TV. You just need to select a digital image source.

Having figured out the question of how to tune channels on a Samsung TV, you can safely start adjusting the image.

How to set up a Samsung TV

For many owners, adjusting the picture of a Samsung TV is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to the need to set up Smart TV, which is quite common in modern devices. However, do not be upset, because solving the question of how to set up a Samsung TV does not require any special skills if you know what to do in each specific situation.

How to adjust the picture on a Samsung TV?

Open the service menu and select the Image section, then select the parameters based on your own preferences:

  • The item “Contrast” will allow you to choose a balance between bright and dark images;
  • The “Sharpness” function adjusts the sharpness of the displayed image;
  • Brightness is responsible for lighter or darker picture;
  • Color will help make the image lighter or richer.

The information provided will help you get an answer to an important question, how to adjust the picture on a Samsung TV.

App TV features

All you need to access the Internet is a browser. This principle also works on TVs. Samsung took care of their customers and installed a built-in App TV browser. The icon with the program is located in the main menu. Some consider the browser functionality insufficient and download others, and most of the users use the built-in one, since the program has a number of advantages. Pros of a web browser:

  • multitasking. the ability to open multiple tabs without losing the responsiveness of the TV;
  • Flash player support;
  • the ability to install additional widgets.

Since the browser is popular and in demand, the developers have created extensions that allow you to surf the Internet without interruption. The extension includes:

  • HTML 5.0 protocol support. most sites are developed using this code;
  • work with WebKit-based, which supports sites written using popular libraries for the KDE graphical environment;
  • Tizen platform that allows you to control your TV via your smartphone.

Widgets were developed by technology leaders such as Intel and Samsung.

How to download and install browser on Samsung Smart TV

Digital television gained momentum, and Smart TV completely replaced conventional models that were designed to receive an analog signal. Some models do not support the ability to install additional software. In such cases, the only solution is to change the firmware and completely reinstall the system on TV. It is not recommended to do such maneuvers on your own. In order to understand whether it is possible to install other software, you should look at the operating instructions, where this nuance is spelled out. If possible, the procedure is as follows:

  • go to “Smart Hub” by pressing a button on the remote control, it is presented in the form of a hexagon;

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

How to disable ads on Samsung Smart TV

In the latest Smart TV updates, Samsung has implemented an advertising function based on user searches in search engines.

Most often, banner ads and notifications appear in the Internet browser and applications, making it difficult to watch movies or videos.

We get rid of it in the above way:

  • Open the tab Network status, IP network;
  • Click on DNS Settings and enter a combination of numbers:

Save changes and enjoy a clean browser without annoying ads.

How do you set a ScreenSaver on a Samsung TV?

If something went wrong, for example, the TV stopped connecting to the Internet, click “automatically select DNS” and the settings will return to standard.


Regardless of which series of your Samsung TV, all devices work the same. Some models have slightly different menus. You can configure the removal of advertisements and videos as follows:

  • open the settings and select “Network”;
  • in most models, the first item is “Network status”, it is on and needed;
  • scroll through the list and find “IP Settings”;
  • click on “DNS Settings” and manually enter 103.130.130;
  • now click ok.

There is another combination for DNS. There is a slight difference between this group of numbers and those presented in the list. This combination allows you not only to remove annoying videos and advertising lines from all browsers and TV players, but also to secure your search for information on the Internet. This is the server of the AdGuard service that allows you to save your personal data and protect children from “adult” content.

In this section of the article, you will learn how to remove ads on LG TVs. The configuration instruction does not differ structurally from that described in the previous paragraph. It has some peculiarities. To disable advertising and completely remove all banners and advertising videos, go to the settings and follow the scheme:

  • select network and connection;
  • go to advanced settings;
  • find “Automatic connection” to the Internet and uncheck the box;
  • in the lower field, in the DNS line, enter the already known combination. 103.130.130.

This method will only get rid of advertising messages from the Internet. If the instructions did not help to get rid of videos about a specific TV model, then most likely this is due to the established exhibition mode. You can change it to home in the settings.

This is a new generation of digital television, which is also called interactive. The system operates in IP networks. Access to interactive television resources is carried out using Internet browsers or special programs or applications. They are the source of pop-up banners and annoying videos. Nevertheless, the question of how to disable all advertising in IPTV is more relevant than ever.

You don’t need special knowledge and skills to get rid of unwanted messages. To do this, you only need to change one parameter in the Smart TV menu settings. As in the previous cases, we are talking about DNS from the AdGuard service. In the menu list, find the network settings and change the combination of numbers to or Some consider the second option to be preferable. It ensures the protection of personal data, safe search for information on the Internet, but also blocks erotic content, which is important for families with children. In addition to this, commercials and banners disappear.

We remove ads

You can delete unwanted messages and videos when you set the TV to home mode. For most models, the setting instructions are approximately the same.

To switch the demo mode to home, you need:

  • go to Smart TV settings and press MENU or HOME on the remote;
  • find the “general” mode;
  • find the modes and change “Demo” to “Home”.

According to such instructions, you can get rid of ads from browsers and players of Smart technology. It doesn’t matter which TV model you have, but there are some setup features depending on the operating system of the device.

answer to the question “I cannot turn off the visualization function.

The TV is set to Demo mode, you need to switch to Home. To do this, on the case with the TV turned on, press the volume button once (or. it does not matter), release and immediately press the MENU button on the case and hold for 7 seconds. The Standard image mode should appear on the screen. Try it several times, it doesn’t always work the first time.

How to Use Wallpaper on Samsung Smart TV | Enhance Home Decor | Set Clock #SamsungTV #Wallpaper

Smart TV system enables free Internet access. Thanks to smart TVs, consumers can create their own programs using video content. The impressions of watching your favorite movies and TV series are spoiled by annoying videos and banners. Advertising is everywhere, including on Smart TV. Consumers are not satisfied with this and they try to turn it off.


This is a user-friendly OS, so many people choose devices based on such a platform. Pop-up messages are also common among Android TV owners. To get rid of them, you need to “rummage” in the set-top box menu (for example, Android TV Box).

You can disable ads on Android devices if you strictly follow the instructions:

  • open the menu and go to the settings;
  • find the “Network” tab, click on “Advanced settings”;
  • will knock out three points on the screen, select the middle one. “Wired network”;
  • find the option “Obtain IP automatically” and disable the lever;
  • now scroll to the bottom of the list;
  • find the line with the DNS parameter;
  • in the field enter the value “103.130.130”.

Press the OK button on your remote and you’re done, now you can enjoy the benefits of Smart TV without ads.

The AdGuard service offers a different way to disable unwanted messages. To do this, press the “Settings” icon in the control menu. In this case, the DNS parameter also changes, so the next item to be selected is “Wi-fi”. This function is not available for mobile networks. Place your finger on the current network and hold it down until the menu opens. Select the Change Network option from the list. Some devices require advanced settings to be enabled.

Next, you need to change the DNS parameter. Find “IP Settings” and change it to consumer. You will see two fields on the screen:

Now enter in the first field, and in the second. After that, all advertising disappears and you can watch your favorite TV programs without distraction.

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Russification and flashing of European Samsung LG TVs in Minsk, flashing the TV unlocking setting up activating and removing the geoblock region change Smart Hub TV Smart TV Samsung LG specialist. Departure at home in Minsk.

TV LG: price from 35 BYN

Why does Smart-TV not work on Samsung or ELGIE? YouTube not working on Samsung Smart-TV? Why does not Smart HUB (Smart-Hub) TV Samsung APPS LG STORE work or start? YouTube Smart HUB TV not working on Samsung LG TV? Samsung Smart TV Internet not working? Samsung Smart TV Stopped Working? How and where to flash activate and unlock Samsung Smart TV? What if Samsung TV says “Terms and Privacy Policy: Since Samsung Smart Hub is locked based on the geographic location of this product, Samsung Smart Hub TV may not be available in your current location or region”? Samsung Smart TV HUB Not Working? Smart-TV Samsung ELGIE has stopped working? Does your Samsung LG Smart TV work poorly? Where and how to flash and unlock Samsung TV? How and what to do so that the Samsung TV has a Russian menu (language) and Smart-TV HUB Smart Hub TV in Russian? How to change the region for TVs Samsung LG Smart-TV (Samsung Smart-Hub)? Or is it written on the Samsung TV screen (Samsung TV writes): “THIS TV IS NOT FULLY FUNKTIONAL IN THIS REGION”? What to do if Samsung Smart-TV app gets blocked? How to activate Samsung Smart TV and install Russian language on Samsung Smart TV TV series 4 5 6 7 8 9? I bought and brought a Samsung TV set Samsung in Europe Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Germany Czech Republic Slovakia Finland Britain, and he swears at Samsung Smart TV Samsung Smart TV LG? Will there be problems? What to do to avoid taking your Samsung TV to any place and who can help with this problem? How to watch IPTV digital TV channels on Samsung LG TV and install Player? You ask yourself the question: “How to enter and get into the extended service menu of a Samsung or LG TV (Samsung. LG LG)”? Are you sure you can do it yourself yourself? Firmware for TV Samsung Samsung LG LG LG LV, how to open the extended service menu of TV Samsung Samsung LG LG LG LV?

You bought and became the owner of a TV Samsung Samsung LG LV European, Polish, Slovak or Hungarian assembly in Minsk, brought from Europe, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Baltic States and in it there is no Russian language. Or there is. But for some reason there are problems with Smart-TV. We connected the TV to the Internet, and after a while the Smart-Hub (Smart TV) stopped working or stopped working via WI-FI or via an Internet cable. Or it seems that there are no problems with Smart-TV, but it is impossible to register a Samsung account. Or (as practice shows) the telly sees files and folders from the USB drive, but does not read anything. This suggests that the manufacturer is already putting a lock on your wonderful device (blocks the use of various applications and files).

If you buy a Samsung or LG TV in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia), then with a high probability you will have to face the need to unlock the TV and adjust it to the regional parameters of Belarus and Russia.

Well, you have a regular Samsung remote control, and you can use the sequential and sequential pressing of certain buttons or keys on the remote to enter the service menu. Perhaps you will have a question: “Why should I, an ordinary user, go to the service menu? It’s very dangerous, you can even kill the TV tightly”.

And here it is difficult to disagree. Indeed, unless absolutely necessary, it is categorically not worth “rummaging” through the settings of the engineering menu. If you break the wood without a clue, then maybe the service center will not take it later. Rather, it will take. you will pay for the Russian TV fee and for its replacement.

We will help you to correctly install the Russian menu and remove the geoblock to unblock Smart-TV, (it used to be a Smart-hub) on the European Samsung TV, change the region on the Samsung TV so that you enjoy BOTH WORLD AND DOMESTIC applications. and registered in the manufacturer’s account without any problems. I. without errors. Any series and model of Samsung TV: UE and QE series :. H, HU, J, JU, JS, K, KU, KS, M, MU, N, NU, Q, QF, FN, FAM, DN, RU, TU, LS, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q90R, Q900 series. Any year of manufacture: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. Any model and diagonal (32 ’43’, 49 ‘, 50’, 55 ‘, 60’, 65 ‘, 75’, 82 ‘, 85 ‘) TV Samsung (Samsung): 5102, 5172, 5142, 6172, 6102, 6142, 6152, 7092, 7102, 7142, 7152, 7172, 7302, 7372, 7442, 7452, 7462, 7472, 7672, 8002, 8009, 8042, 8052, 8072, 8502, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q60, Q70, Q80, Q90, Q900.

Any LG TV model (LG LV): UH. UJ. UK. K. SK. SM, UM. LM. 6200.6300.6400.6450.7100.7500.8100.8500.9500. OLED. B8. C8. C9, CX

And a little more information for users of Samsung and LG TVs with Smart TVs older than the lineup up to 2013 inclusive. It should be borne in mind and keep in mind the simple fact that your TV model currently has relatively little RAM. It’s like taking an old smartphone of the same year and installing some modern application on it, for example, Viber. We all know perfectly well what will happen with this smartphone. So, the same will happen with your old TV set. It will “hang, throw or slow down”. What to do? There is an exit. And this exit. external IPTV. set-top box or media player. But do not forget: the more RAM this console has, the absolutely no worse. At the same time, the issue with your old TV set will be resolved, and there will be no need to buy a new TV set. Media players are also available on our website and presented HERE.