How to make a screenshot on a computer or mobile device

Ways to create screenshots vary depending on devices and operating systems. This article will tell you how to make a screen shot almost on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Android 4.0 and above

Owners of gadgets with fourth or more fresh versions of Android can make a screenshot at the same time pressing the power buttons and lowering the volume. Hold this combination share of a second, after which we see a characteristic picture on the screen.

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You can find the screenshot in the system application that performs the functions of the photo galleries on your machine. For example, on Nexus, Pixel devices, Google Play Edition and other series with clear Android on board, screenshots are displayed in the Screenshots folder in the Google Photo program.

Older Android versions

Unfortunately, Android system up to version 4.0 did not have a regular screen creation feature. The problem solved the manufacturers of smartphones. For example, in some even old SAMSUNG devices, screenshots can be made simultaneously pressing the power buttons and “home”.

If this combination does not work in your case, it is necessary to contact Google: perhaps your device also knows how to make screenshots out of the box, but with its cunning combination.

If the search did not give results, try third-party programs like Screenshot (for Android 2.3 and newer) or No root Screenshot IT (for Android 1.5 and more recent versions of OS).

In addition, if you have a device with root, you can install any modified Android firmware (for example, LineageOS) with a screenshots implemented by creating screenshots.

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To make a screenshot on any iPhone or iPad, clamp the power key for a second and with it. “home”. Screen snapshot created in this way can be found in the standard photo application.

make, screen, android, smartphone

Android for dummies how to make a screenshot?

How to make a screen shot on the Android smartphone and why it can be needed.

Screenshot (screen shot). a very convenient function, which in some can save a bunch of time. For example, if you encountered your Android smartphone with some kind of problem and want to ask the Council on the forum or from acquaintances, the screen will show a snapshot of the screen, what exactly is. Yes, and boast the results of the game passed or simply save a successful frame so easier than a simple. In some cases, it makes sense to take a snapshot of a web page with a travel scheme. so it will stay with you even if there is no access to the Internet on the smartphone.

Starting with Android 4.0 Make a screenshot of the screen is very simple. It is enough to simultaneously press the volume button and the power button. After that, a new icon appears in the status bar, showing that the screenshot is completed successfully.

But even if you accidentally deleted this notification from the status string, nothing terrible happened. Screenshot can always be found in the gallery.

Either you can connect the smartphone to the computer and copy the screenshot to the hard drive.

To do this, connect your smartphone to a computer using a cable, press the “Start” button on the computer, select the “My Computer” item and in the folder opened to find the icon of your smartphone. It is necessary to open it. Most likely, it will look like this, and his name will coincide with the name of the phone model. On some smartphones for data transfer, you must unlock the screen (relevant if you installed the password to unlock).

On different smartphones, screenshots can be stored in different folders. Most likely, you need a DCIM folder or the “Pictures” folder.

Screenshot Screen with third-party application

If for some reason the method described above does not fit (or it does not work on your smartphone), you can always try to install a third-party application. One of these is, for example, Reenable Screenshot Module. It allows you to record what is happening on the screen without additional settings immediately after installation.

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Creating screenshots on Sony devices

On Sony Xperia phones, a key combination for creating a screenshot is the volume and power reduction buttons. Hold them at the same time until the screen flashes and thumbnails will not appear on the screen. Also appears notice in the curtain after the screen shot was taken.

There is also an alternative method. You can also take a screen shot through the power menu. Hold the power button until the dialog box appears. Click on “Make Screenshot”.

How to make a screenshot using the quick settings panel

To activate the panel, swipe your finger across the screen down. Select the appropriate clause.

Some smartphone models are equipped with a screen creation feature with gestures. To activate, the owner of the phone holds his fingers across the screen. Function is included in the settings. Consider how to activate the function on devices from different manufacturers.


To make a screenshot, open the “Settings”, go: Activate item: Swipe palm ribs from left to right (or vice versa) across the screen, to create a picture.


On all models where Android version is installed.0 with Emui shell 4.1 and above there is such a function. To activate in “Settings”, go: Select: Click: read the information How to Photo Screen Snapshot:


To check if the image is enabled in the phone model, go to the gestures: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Screenshots”. Look if there is an opportunity to create a screen shot gestures.

Simple universal method to make a screenshot on Android

Almost all modern Android phones and tablets, regardless of the brand and version of the OS, offer one simple way to create a screenshot: simultaneous pressing and briefly hold the button to reduce the volume and power button (for some older models. hardware button “Home”).

All that is required is to adapt “correctly” to press these buttons at the same time: sometimes it turns out from the first time and as a result or simply turns off the screen, or the volume indicator appears. However, the method works and, if you used it before and immediately did not work out, try a few times, the screen shot will be made.

Also, on pure Android 9 (for example, on Nokia smartphones), this method appeared: press and hold the power button and in the menu, in addition to shutting down and reboot, a button for creating a screenshot appears:

In addition to the basic methods of creating screenshots described, different manufacturers of phones and tablets offer their own additional features, it is quite possible that there are also on your device. I will give an example of such functions for Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

How to take a screen shot on smartphone lg

In order to make a screenshot on the LG smartphone, you can use a universal way.

Most smartphones pre-installed the QuickMemo application with which you can screenshots:

  • Spend your finger down from the top edge of the display to open the notification panel.
  • Click on the Quick Memo or QMemo icon to get a screen shot.

How to take a screen shot on samsung, huawei and other phones

Despite the fact that many manufacturers try to show out and make their own way to create a screenshot on their smartphones, there is a universal solution.

As a rule, almost all smartphones have a combination of keypads and reduce the volume that you need to click at the same time. Sometimes they need to hold, and sometimes just click. The second option seems to me more logical, as it allows you to make a screenshot in a strictly defined point. This is especially true when you make it in the game or in the video. Less often also combine the power button with the volume button, but the methods proposed by manufacturers are even more convenient.

For example, Huawei proposes to make a screenshot, twice knocking on the knuckle of the finger. It is convenient and fast, though, sometimes does not work the first time. And yet, silence the area of ​​the knuckle, you can make a screenshot of the screen fragment.

Samsung from the Picks of Centuries offers its alternative to the standard keyboard shortcut. To make a screenshot, you need to hold the edge of the palm from one edge of the screen to another. I don’t do it so much, but as an alternative is counted.

Other manufacturers offer to do it with the help of a side menu or squeezing the smartphone if it has such an opportunity, but still the simplest and most convenient way is the simultaneous pressing of the power buttons and reduce the volume.

Manufacturers need to urgently change the approach to displays, but they do not see the problem

How to remove and where then look for a screenshot in android?

Android users note that when they do a screenshot, there is a notification that provides a link when you go on which this image can be discovered. If not to do this immediately, only those pictures that are made via the device cameras will be displayed in the photo application. How to make screenshots on various devices and in different versions of the operating system and, most importantly, where they are then search? After all, sometimes only one screenshot is able to say a lot about the benefits of the operating system.

The answer to this question is possible, and is obvious to experienced users of smartphones and tablets, but it will be very interesting to beginners. It is revealed in the published resource The New York Times Note “Searching for Android Screen Shots”.

The location of the screens of your device depends not only on Android version, but also from the device. If you do not see the Screenshots folders in the Google Photo (Google Photos) on your phone or tablet running Android 5.1, tap the menu icon (with three lines) located in the upper left corner of the screen and open the device folders (Device Folders). Upgrades to this version of the operating system last August pleased with the owners of their devices Sony.

In the Screenshots section, you will see the preview of those screen shots that were previously made by you. The Device Folders section also displays images created by other applications. It is including photos that have been downloaded from. Or those pictures you edited in Adobe Photoshop Express.

If the device runs running the preceding version of Android, for example Kit Kat (version 4.4), then simply open the Gallery application (Gallery), select the landscape display (Album View) and then locate the Screenshots folder (Screenshots). If it is not there, it is the features of the software shell provided by the vendor of your phone. It should be noted that for a number of reasons, some users do not want to be updated to lollipop with this version of Android.

The method with which you can take a picture of the screen, varies depending on the device, but usually this task is solved by holding the power buttons at the same time (Volume DOWN). This method works on many smartphones and tablets, including Droid Turbo, Moto X and Google Nexus.

Some smartphones vendors, such as Samsung, in their phones (Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, displacing other Android-based smartphones) allow the user to take the screen with a touch of a phone display with the edge of the palm and the subsequent swipe left right. In this case, the combination of power buttons and the volume decreases also works. To see the screenshot collection on the Samsung device, open the Gallery application, go to the landscape display (Album View) and tap Screenshots section (Screenshots).

How useful android feature is the ability to make screenshots?