Video recording from a WEB-camera: program, broadcast, setting

Having a bunch of modern gadgets for personal use, we naturally learn to use the maximum of their capabilities. Before the phone could ring.

Nowadays, a photo-video camera, a voice recorder and a player, instant messengers for communication, there is a browser and an email client, a beer opener, a Swiss hiking knife, a refrigerator, a TV and a microwave are built into it.

The same story happens with computers. The technique becomes more powerful, overgrown with useful and useless “bells and whistles”. The leader in frequency of use in all kinds of gadgets, an ordinary camera.

As for the ordinary one, I got excited. The thing is not easy, but interesting and mega-useful. Available in most devices, used in all occasions.

If you think about it: what do we often do with the camera on our computer or phone? Of course, we take photos and shoot videos.

Webcam recording software

For many percent of the home archive, fifty percent consists of materials that were made using the camera of a tablet or phone. Or a computer. stationary or laptop.

A webcam is also connected to it without any problems. And this apparatus knows how to work with it in the best way. Recording video from a webcam in the case of a computer is used less often.

This is sometimes necessary in case of an important conversation in video chat, if necessary, it will also be possible to save a video conference on a hard disk with the participation of employees located tens and hundreds of kilometers from each other.

And to capture yourself, your family for history and subsequent viewing, is just as important.

In order to save photos and videos, you need special software.

There are paid programs, with an abundance of usefulness: fine-tuning the color parameters, adjusting distortions, overlaying titles and special effects. There are free counterparts with limited functionality. but they do the main job for five plus: they help to record from a webcam.

In the event that the camera is of high quality, then the pictures, as well as video recordings, are juicy, sharp and bright. We advise you to buy a web device with decent optics, ideally. the lenses in the lens should be made of glass, not plastic like most models.

Many users know that a WEB-camera can be easily adapted to organize a video surveillance system at home. For this purpose, a program for recording video from a webcam is used, which, as a rule, comes with the device. it is written to a disk with drivers.

The functionality of such a program is not bad: the ability to control color settings, image parameters, as well as the mode of using motion detection is implemented.

For example, using the Internet, the program sends a message with a photo of the alarm event to the owner’s e-mail address. Also, this software can independently shoot a video on a WEB-camera.

There are options: recording in motion detection mode, in continuous mode and at the user’s request. That is, when you need to capture an interesting event. one click with the mouse and the recording went!

Such programs are a convenient option for a non-professional video surveillance system. With its help, the client will have the opportunity, being at a distance from home, in any place where there is access to the Internet, to observe what is happening in front of the lens of his camera.

If a computer user does not want anyone to know that they are filming, there are programs that allow you to covertly record from a webcam. Such software belongs to the spy category, but it is not prohibited to use it for yourself.

Who can be trusted to perform the many functions of guarding and monitoring well-being in your home? Read about it in our article.

You cannot record people without their consent and notification. Recording from the laptop’s webcam is carried out in hidden mode. it even knows how to turn off the monitor, and does not give out its work in any way.

A private video filmed with a hidden camera (in our case, the camera is still visible, but the recording process is not noticeable), of course, will not be considered evidence in court, except in cases established by law. But a tangible benefit to the owner of the camera will bring.

How to shoot with a webcam?

There seems to be nothing embarrassing about that. It will not be difficult for either an adult or a child to shoot video through a WEB-camera built into a laptop monitor. However, as in any business, this also has its own subtleties.

In order for a photo or video to be obtained with maximum quality, you need to position the device in the correct position.

At the shooting location, it is desirable to be able to use decent lighting, in this case, it will be possible to shoot a video on a WEB-camera of a satisfactory quality.!

A video or a photo will be obtained with the maximum picture quality, if the specified rules are observed in the case of secret shooting.

But what are we talking about methods of self-recording.

There are a lot of ready-made and interesting materials on the Internet. Recordings from Russian webcams are freely available. The subject of filming is varied and in some cases, shocking.

CCTV footage shows incidents of theft or tampering. Home webcams show soooo. The popularity of video chats in the world exceeds the popularity of sports broadcasts or shows of Mexican soap operas.

Especially if the chat is erotic. in this case, from those who want to watch the video recording from the web camera, or show something interesting on the “WEB-camera”, there is no end.

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Recording video from a laptop camera can be done with suitable software that meets the needs of the user. It can be paid (multifunctional and easy to use), and free.

Logitech Webcam Software. How to Record Videos using C920 Webcamera

The recording is done on a hard disk, on which it is saved in the form of an archive for later viewing. Access to the videos is programmatically limited, a password is set, and outsiders will not be able to view the materials without the owner.

Broadcasting video from a WEB-camera

The program broadcasts to the Internet what you want to show to your interlocutors. There are many broadcasts from cameras that have been installed in unexpected places on the planet: at the foot of volcanoes or in a nursery of exotic animals, under water or in a safari park on the African continent.

There are both video recordings and live broadcasts from WEB-cameras in the studio of a popular radio station.

For example, radio “Mayak” or “D-Fm” speaks and shows what is happening in the studio on the air.

Japanese sushi bar invites customers to see the process of making sushi and rolls.

The camera looks at the workplace of the chef, who prepares delicious Japanese dishes like a machine.

Of the greatest interest are webcasts from beautiful places in nature reserves. The camera in the forest, at the elk feeding site, shows wild animals coming to feast on a delicious treat brought by huntsmen and nature lovers.

Have a bear got into the habit of ruining hives in an apiary? You know how to shoot with a webcam. such rare footage will adorn any collection!

Special programs will help you capture important moments in the absence of the owners. At night, when a person is asleep, shooting continues. something interesting, you will not be able to miss.

We do not recommend posting a video shot at home with a hidden camera for everyone to see. even if it is breathtaking, like an American action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How to STREAM with a CAMERA as your Webcam

Setting up a WEB-camera on a laptop

Consider what is required in order to organize the broadcast of a picture from your “electronic eye” to the Internet with your own hands.

The first is a camera with a long cable. An extension cord can be used, but its length is limited to five or ten meters (depending on the quality of the cable).

Secondly, we need a program for recording through a WEB-camera, thanks to which we also organize remote viewing of what is happening in front of the lens.

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In our case, we use the software that is available on the driver CD (it is included with the camera). We installed the software, after which we connect our “WEB-camera” to the computer.

Have we forgotten about the Internet? It must be connected and do not forget to configure it in the program options. After finishing the installation of the software, launch the shortcut that appeared on the desktop and go to the settings menu.

First of all, we check the presence of an image from the camera: if it is present, everything is in order. We configure the motion detector, the time and method of recording (by triggering the detector, by schedule or by manual method).

At the end of the settings process, go to the main window of the recording program, in which the image from the webcam appears. We dispose of the “WEB-camera” in the best possible way, observe the conditions for shooting. and enjoy the result.

The program for the WEB-camera will help to make a full-fledged security system out of it. And children (and of course, adults) will be able to communicate in video chats with friends or relatives.

How to Record Webcam Video in Windows Movie Maker

With the help of the Movie Maker video editor, you can record from a WEB-camera using the main menu. The application must be at least version 2.1. This is a release for Windows XP. In the new version. “Windows Live Film Studio”, the button for recording video from a web camera is located on the toolbar. The developers have moved this feature from the main menu.

How to Record Webcam Video in Windows Movie Maker

For recording, you only need a program and a webcam, either built-in or connected with a USB cable. Earlier releases of WMM made it possible to record from within the app. Now this feature is available in another application. “Windows Live Film Studio”. That is, you can write down:

  • Movie Maker for Windows XP;
  • through the “Film Studio”.

Consider the procedure for creating a video from a WEB-camera for both versions of the software product.

Movie Maker Recording for Win XP

Movie Maker. 2.1 is released for 64 or 32 bit operating systems. After launching the downloaded file and successfully completing the installation, we will do the following.

  • Launch the application from the Start Menu, Programs, Movie Maker.
  • In the main menu, select the “File” section and the “Capture video.” item or press “Ctrl R” on the keyboard.
  • In the window that appears, you will need to select an available webcam and an audio recording device. a microphone. Audio and video settings button. “Configure.”. After completing the configuration, click “Next”.
  • Here we indicate the folder for saving the media file and the name of the video. After setting the parameter, press the continue button again.
  • Next, check the box for “Other settings” and select a higher quality of shooting than that offered by the video editor.
  • A video recording window appears with buttons to start and stop recording. The “Create clips when wizard finishes” checkbox will inform you about the intention to watch the video after the shooting is completed.
  • First, click on the “Start Capture” button, record the desired material, and then “Stop Capture” to complete. The length of the video, the file size, and the total amount of free disk space will be displayed. Additional functions: limiting video recording by time and turning off the speakers. Click “Finish”.
  • The resulting video will be displayed on the WMM home page. In the built-in player, you can view the recording by clicking “Play”.
  • Move the material to the timeline below by dragging it with the mouse. A thumbnail of the recorded video will appear at the bottom.
  • It remains to save the video file by clicking on the words “Save to my computer” in the taskbar section “Finish movie”.
  • Set the name and directory for writing to the computer. Click the “Next” button.
  • Select the desired video quality and proceed to the next step.
  • Wait until the file is saved to disk.
  • Check the box “Play movie when I click Finish.” to view and click “Finish”.
  • The video will open in the standard Windows media player running by default.

Comment. When creating a video recording by clicking the “Configure.” button, you can configure additional parameters: properties of the video stream, video camera and TV tuner, if any. These are brightness, clarity, contrast, white balance, color gamut, saturation, network line frequency, compression level, final video size, frame rate and other data.

After recording, you can upload the video to the Internet, to removable media, if necessary, convert to another format or edit in Movie Maker. Adding video effects, transitions and other elements to decorate the resulting video.

Recording in the “Windows Live Film Studio

This is an option for later versions of Windows, starting from Vista. Film Studio is an updated version of Movie Maker. How to shoot from a video camera and save the recording, the instructions given will show.

  • Open “Film Studio” and click on the recording button from the WEB-camera.
  • When the shooting window appears, press the “Record” button.
  • To pause or end video recording, use the Stop button. By clicking on it, we will see a dialog for saving a video file in WMV format. Give a name to the video, specify the save location and “click” on the “Save” button.
  • After creating a video using a WEB-camera, you can share the file by sending it by e-mail, to social services, file sharing or to another computer on the local network.

If the WMV format is not suitable for sending or using, you can save the recording in MP4. For this.

  • Select the “Save Movie” command at the top of the ribbon.
  • Specify the storage location for the MP4 video, name the file and click the save button.
  • After recording to the hard drive, Windows Live will suggest what to do with the video file.

You can save the file in another format (for example, AVI) through the old version of “Movimaker” or with the help of third-party tools. video converters. The option of creating a video recording from a web-camera through the “Film Studio” is easier than in the version of Movie Maker 2.1. The downside is the presence of only two types of file to save. The old Movie Maker also has only a few recording formats. But it offers several other types of files to convert.

How to record yourself on video through the WEB-camera of a laptop, computer

Novice bloggers ask the question of how to record yourself on video through the WEB-camera of a laptop (computer)? In this article we will answer it. Let’s record ourselves on a computer camera using the OBS Studio program.

How to record yourself on video via laptop WEB-camera

In order to record ourselves on camera using OBS Studio, we will do a couple of settings. Click in the program on the icon “” in the “Sources” section (Screen 3).

Select three program functions for recording

  • capture the input audio stream, that is, your voice;
  • screen capture. computer;
  • video capture device.

After selecting these functions, click the “OK” button. Next, your face will appear in the program, it will be possible to record voice and video from the computer screen. Then, connect your microphone to your computer to record your voice.

Next, to start recording video, press the “Start recording” button (Screen 4).

After recording the video, click the “Stop recording” button and it will be saved to your computer (Screen 5).

Just pre-register the address (folder) to save the video.

Then open the “File” section in OBS Studio next, “Show records”. The folder “My Videos” will contain videos that were created by this program.

How to record yourself on video through the WEB-camera of a laptop, computer

Here we will not consider all the possibilities of working in the program, we will only consider recording ourselves on a WEB-camera.

So, how to record yourself on video through the WEB-camera of a laptop (computer)? First, you need to check if your camera is working on the computer or not. Use the information from the article. “how to check a computer camera”.

If the webcam of the computer (laptop) is working, then go to the official website of the OBS Studio program. “” and download it to your computer (Screen 1).

Click on the “Windows” button to download the installation file to your computer. Then install it. click the Next button, select a location on your computer for the program and continue the installation.

When it is installed, launch OBS Studio to configure it for video recording.

What is this OBS Studio program

Hello, friends! How to record yourself on video via laptop WEB-camera? OBS Studio will help you with this.

So what is this OBS Studio program? This is a free and handy program that records a person on a computer’s webcam. With its help, people can stream on the Internet, online broadcasts, create videos from a computer screen.

For example, you need to record an online broadcast from your computer for YouTube channel subscribers. Use the OBS Studio utility. You don’t have to connect the camera to your computer or laptop. it does it for you!

Next, let’s look at how to download and install this program on your computer. We will record a video with it.

Edit recorded video, use YouTube editor

Once you have recorded a video in OBS Studio, you can edit it in Camtasia Studio or YouTube video editor. After all, the recorded video is not always obtained with high quality, after its recording.

With the help of YouTube video editor (or other program), you can make the video quality at 1080P, it is good for watching. Good video quality will attract more viewers, improve the performance of your YouTube channel.

OBS Studio Features

Before working in OBS Studio, let’s talk about its capabilities:

  • The program records video from the screen. It is enough to set up the screen recording correctly so that it records the screen on the computer (laptop).
  • You can record yourself on the camera. The utility has a video capture device with which the camera is connected and the face of the “presenter” is recorded.
  • Conducting online broadcasts and streams. Online bloggers make money online from streams and broadcasts. This program launches them on the Web for free.
  • Capture audio stream. With the help of the program, not only video is recorded, but also images, scenes, audio.
  • Quickly save video in the program. After the end of the video recording, you do not have to wait long for it to be saved. This will happen one minute after the recording is stopped.
  • OBS Studio settings. In the program, the user can set up video recording, audio and streaming at his discretion.
  • The ability to record video in Chromakey mode. The program has a special module with which you can record video in Chromakey mode.
  • The program is available in Russian.
  • The program transmits high-quality sound and easily configures sound encoding.
make, recording, web-camera

The possibilities of the OBS Studio program were considered. Further, we use it in practice.

In what video format does the program record, ease of editing

OBS Studio records videos in mp4 (and other formats). It is a popular format for uploading videos to YouTube. In it you can select other formats for video recording, which are located in the settings of the “Video” section:

  • flv;
  • mov;
  • mkv;
  • ts;
  • M3u8.

They can be quickly set in the program settings and recorded in the selected format. To do this, open the “Video” section further, select “Recording format” and set the desired format for recording video.