How to Create Apple Music Smart Playlists Directly from iPhone

Many people know firsthand that Apple Music has one significant drawback. it is a system of personal recommendations. Despite the fact that the service has been present on the market for more than 4 years, the system of automatic song selection leaves much to be desired. That is why many users prefer to compose playlists on their own. It takes a lot of time, and there is a better option. these are “smart” playlists.

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What are Smart Playlists?

Not everyone knows, but iTunes can create playlists based on the specified rules, which are automatically updated when the library changes.

For example, you can create a playlist exclusively from songs by a specific artist. When setting up a Smart Playlist, you can specify the year, preferred genre, rating, song tempo, an album, and other rules. The list of available filters is quite extensive.

But the problem is that such playlists can only be created from a computer using iTunes (or in the “Music” application in macOS Catalina).

Despite the fact that Apple did not provide an option for creating Smart Playlists in the iPhone, we can always use third-party applications.

The Miximum app can be found on the App Store. This program allows you to fine-tune and fine-tune Smart playlists directly on your iPhone and iPad, and then export them to the Music application. Unfortunately, smart playlists are no longer smart after export. However, the created Smart Playlists can be listened to in the Miximum application itself.


So how to create Smart Playlists?

playlist, iphone

How to create a playlist on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

  • Download the Miximum application;
  • Having entered the program, click on the “New Mix” button;
  • Choosing source;
  • We go to the second tab and indicate all the necessary criteria. After that click on “Done”;
  • All is ready! The playlist will be based on the rules that were specified when it was created.

How to Create & Edit Playlists on iPhone | Mac Basics

It’s so easy and simple to create smart playlists right on your iPhone.

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