How to save a screen picture on the samsung tablet. ScreenShots on Samsung Galaxy Tab and the like

You need to save the screen on the Samsung tablet and you do not know how to do it? In this article you will find several ways to make a screenshot on tablets and smartphones Samsung working on the Android operating system.

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Screenshots function allows you to capture all the information from the screen and saves it as a picture. Below you will find a few simple ways how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablets. Typically, those who are trying for the first time save the screenshot of the screen may not turn out the first time and may have to repeat the procedure again. Do not forget to leave below the review and indicate the model of the device and the method that approaches your device, so that other visitors to this page are useful from you.

1) To save Screenshot on Samsung, click on the tablet at the same time the “Home” button and the “inclusion/lock” button for a few seconds. The “Home” button is in the center under the screen. If everything went well, then you will see a notification on the preservation of the picture on the tablet screen and perhaps hear a sound notification. The stored screenshot can be found in the gallery or in the Pictures/ScreenCapture folder or the Pictures/ScreenShots folder.

2) If the first method did not help, then we are trying to scan the screen on the tablet in the second way. To do this, press the “volume reduction” button and button “turning on/locking” at the same time and keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds. With successfully maintaining the screenshot on the Samsung tablet on the screen, you will see a notification of the shot shot. The shot screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy tablet can be seen in the gallery in the Pictures/ScreenCapture pack or Pictures/ScreenShots folder.

3) If the above methods did not help to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung tablet, then try this option. Press and hold on the Android tablet the “Home” button and the “back” button, both of these buttons are under the screen. This method is mainly used on Samsung tablets with Android 2.3. The shot picture from the tablet screen can be viewed in the gallery or in the Pictures/Screencapture folder or in Pictures/ScreenShots.

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I hope one way helped you take a screenshot on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate the model of the device and the method in which you were able to maintain a picture of the screen of your tablet, so that the others remains useful information from you. Thanks for the responsiveness!

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Now to mobile technology. There are several ways to take a screenshot on the Android tablet, and we will consider each in stages. Most make it possible to create a screen picture without installing additional utilities: all the necessary functionality is laid down in the operating system initially. In addition, we will give several solutions from developers: perhaps they will help to make screenshots as conveniently as possible.

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Google Play has dozens of applications to create screenshots

Android is a universal OS, and its Inte Weeve has minimal visual differences depending on the version and manufacturer of the device. Accordingly, the instructions given are relevant, regardless of whether you own the prestigious mobile device or ASUS. This value is only in one case, and we will mention it separately.

Using key combinations

The screenshot of the screen on Android can be made using simultaneous pressing on the analogue keys of the device. The method will be useful when it is necessary to photograph the display without opening the “curtain”: this action puts the game for a pause or leads to the appearance of the elements of the program integer, therefore it does not always suit.

Key combinations are exactly the case when a specific sequence of actions depends on the manufacturer of the tablet: for example, for Samsung mobile devices, you will need to press the “home” and “back” keys at the same time. In other models, instead of “back”, volume swings are used (namely the decrease button). If you use the IRBIS mobile device, try to simultaneously pinch the lock key and the “home” button. Determine which combination creates a screen of the screen on your device, you can empirically. Try to clamp at the same time different analog buttons. fortunately, there are not too many on touch gadgets.

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For tablets and smartphones, the same key combinations are often used

In addition to key combinations, gestures are used in modern smartphones and tablets. These are special movements that you make fingers on the screen. For each android firmware, gestures are individual: for example, to remove the screen on the current versions of the ksyaomi, you need to make a slope along the display from top to bottom.

Thanks to the system functionality

The method of hot keys is suitable for old gadgets: in irrelevant versions on the “curtain” Android there was no function of creating a screenshot. We will analyze how to take a screenshot on the Lenovo tablet with modern firmware:

  • Open the necessary application or website.
  • Put out the “curtain”. You can do this with a short poke from top to bottom up the display.
  • Find the screenshot function. The name may vary depending on the language of the integration, version of the OS, the manufacturer of the smartphone or tablet.
  • After clicking on the screen, a preview-image of the created picture will be displayed. It can be edited or removed.
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Some devices Lenovo or Honor are able to create long screenshots. They will be useful to make a large image on which the whole web page will fit. To do this, we will open the desired site, slip through the same function on the “curtain”, after which we choose a long screenshot. The page will begin to scroll down automatically from top to bottom. You can stop this process in advance by slipping along the screen until the scrolling is completed.

If there are no functions of creating screenshots on the “curtain” initially, it may be worth it to be taken there using settings

Using the first or second method, you can find the created screen images in the gallery of your Sony mobile device. They are preserved in a separate folder, which most often has an uncomplicated name screenshots (or screenshots).

Through applications

You can take a screenshot on the Huawei tablet with a software created by developers. But why is this necessary if the OS already has functionality for shooting the screen? The creators of such applications equip their developments with additional amenities that make this process even simpler.

We will consider several applications for creating screenshots for yoga tab. Programs selected on the Google Play website randomly:

    The light screenshot provides several opportunities to activate the creation of a screenshrow: by shaking the device, key combinations, as well as icon on the screen. The size and transparency of the latter can be set up with sliders. In addition to creating pictures, software allows you to record video from the screen of a mobile device.

Where is the screenshot on Samsung

After you screenshot on your Samsung, you still need to find it. All shots of the screen are in the gallery application or my files in the folder of the same name. Here’s how you can find screenshots on Samsung:

  • Open the application my files (conductor) on samsung.
  • Next, go to the Storage folder (storage, memory).
  • Open the Pictures folder, then the Screenshots or ScreenCapture folder.

Here is a screenshot on Samsung.

If you suddenly cannot find a screenshot on your Samsung, the pictures are probably stored in the KNOX section or in the folder hidden. We concerned in detail this topic in a separate article, so we will not repeat here.

How to edit or send a screenshot

Almost all modern smartphones after the screen is made, they offer to edit it or send it. To do this, for a few seconds, a dice with the proposed actions appears on the screen.

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If you missed it or only then decided to edit the picture, this can be done in a gallery or in Google photo. To do this, just select the desired image and click on editing.

What to do if you can’t make a screen on samsung?

Regardless of what model you use, at least one of the options considered should work. Possible reasons because of which it is not possible to get a photo of the screen:

  • You kept the buttons for not long enough. In order for clicks to work not as standard functions. lowering the volume and turning off the device. they need to be kept at least a second.
  • Non.original firmware is installed on the device. To correct this problem, contact the Samsung service center.
  • You came across a fake. On many replicas released by manufacturers, standard functions work incorrectly. Then you have to use applications.
  • In the case of screenshoting, it is important that the hand passes completely from one edge of the device to another, otherwise the function will not work.

Special methods for capturing the screen on Android version 6 and 7

In 2015, a new function was added to the Android 6 version, which allows the screen to make one touch. This feature was especially to the taste of users of tablets with a large screen. In fact, this option is to replace the Printskrin button with Android.

How else to take a picture of the screen on the phone or tablet

You can call the desired function with a long press of the “home” icon. The tool was called “Google Now on Tap” and is in the “Share” menu. When using this function in the photo, only the working area is displayed without a line of control and other extraneous elements.

What to do if the keystrokes did not work

If the standard key combination does not take a screenshot, the problem is either in retention time (too short or too long interval), or in asynchronous pressing. You need to use the standard method 3-4 times, it may work. If nothing helps, then:

make, photo, screen, samsung
  • The problem is the firmware: either an outdated version or an unlicensed version, only a specialist from the company’s service department can solve the problem;
  • The problem is the device: either it is not Samsung (the smartphone is released by another manufacturer, the order is another), or a cheap fake is hidden under the name Samsung Galaxy.

If the phone is definitely samsung, the firmware is proprietary, but nothing comes out of the keys, you can take screenshots through the program icon on the display. Pressing on the icon activates the program, gives instructions.