How to use a laptop as a monitor

In this article you will learn how to use Miracast, software or remote desktop to add a laptop as a second monitor.

In Windows 10 systems there is a miracast function that allows you to project an image from your current computer to another. The only requirement. Both computers should have a fairly new version of Windows 10, which includes Miracast.

This is the easiest way to use a laptop as a monitor.

make, monitor, laptop

To begin with, in the laptop that you want to use as a monitor, select the Start menu, enter the “Settings” and select the “Settings” application.

make, monitor, laptop

On the screen “Display” in the left menu, select “Pass on this computer”.

On the next screen, select the “Available everywhere” in the first opening list ”. In the second opening list, select “Each time the connection is requested”. Install the “Never” value in the third opening list (if you do not want to request a PIN code when projecting a laptop on this screen, otherwise select “always”).

Write down the name PC specified in this window. You will need it when projecting a display on a laptop from another computer with Windows 10.

Switch to the computer from which you want to broadcast the image. Click the notification icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. Click the “connect” icon.

make, monitor, laptop

You will see that the system is searching for available wireless screens. A laptop that you set up as an affordable screen will appear on this list. Select the screen to connect to it.

Another way to access this connection is to select in the Windows System settings, then the “screen”, scroll down to the “several screens” section and select “Connect to the Wireless Screens”. The same screen search window will open, where you can choose an additional laptop screen for connecting.

On an additional laptop, you will see a notification that the connection is established. Select the preferred permit version. If you do not want to see a notification again, just select “Allow always”.

A new window with the screen of the main computer will appear from which you transmit the image.

In what ways can you connect

The portable computer has typical components of a stationary PC, including a display, therefore it is logical that the method must exist. And it exists, and not even one. Since the devices each work on their own system, it will not be possible to just connect the systematic system to the laptop, even if there are suitable connectors. Despite your enthusiasm, the device will load its own operating room. So that one device displays information that comes from another, their functioning must be synchronized. Only the PC system unit and the portable computer are not enough. For the implementation of the plan, additional funds will be needed to connect. Consider how to use a laptop as a monitor in different ways.

Cable switching

To execute the connection by means of a cable, you need to get an appropriate cord. The connection is carried out through the video ports HDMI, VGA or DVI depending on the option supported by the devices. Modern devices can be equipped with a DisplayPort connector, alternative HDMI. It is also possible to use the adapter if the ports of devices do not match.

Option 1

You can force a laptop as a display using the HDMI, VGA or DVI video. The following actions are performed for this:

  • We connect the cord at one end to the appropriate port of the laptop, the other to the connector on the computer;
  • We launch a laptop and move on to the “screen parameters” in any convenient way, for example, through the control panel. You can get to the settings section in different ways depending on the version of Windows. You can proceed to the “properties”, causing the right click of the mouse the context menu from the desktop. select the “Screenshot Properties”. open the “Parameters” tab.
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In the case of MacOS, open “System settings” and move on to the “Monitors” tab, the rest of the actions are similar to Windows manipulations;

  • The system will detect connected devices, so at the screens settings there will be a picture with several displays under the numbers. Here we select the second and install the laptop display;
  • We note the display points of visual data;
  • If you plan to use a laptop as a monitor for a computer by default, we note the item “Use this device as the main”.

Option 2

In addition, connecting devices can be executed through Ethernet ports, in this case the method involves creating a local network. For the connection, Ethernet laptop and systematic connectors are used. We will need the corresponding cable (twisted pair), on both sides of which are Ethernet connectors (RJ 45 standard). The wire is usually 0.5-15 meters long, which is enough to perform the procedure. We connect one end of the cable to the port of the LAN laptop, the other in a similar connector of the computer network card.

make, monitor, laptop

Remote access through

A laptop on the seventh Windows and above can be connected to a systematic and without wires, using the Air Display application. Software is installed and activated on both devices. Using the program, you can switch displays, and also use them at the same time. Using a laptop as a monitor is possible when using remote access programs such as TeamViewer, Rdesktop, Zoneos Zonescreen, Radmin, etc. With their help, you will remotely use the display. Any of the applications has its own nuances of settings, you need to install software both on PC and laptop. When setting the connection, one of the devices becomes a server, the other as a client, when performing actions from the drive device on the client’s screen, everything that is performed on the server screen is displayed. The conjugation of devices using TeamViewer simply. This requires the password and ID of the computer, which will be assigned when the applications are launched on it. In the window of the program launched on the laptop, you will need to enter these data into the corresponding fields. After that, the PC desktop with the possibility of managing it will be available from the laptop display, while the condition of the manipulation is a working computer monitor. Otherwise, the method is not suitable.

Conjugation of devices using Wi-Fi wireless transmission

An alternative version of the wire connection-the connection by means of the Wi-Fi signal. The method is suitable when the stationary PC is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, there is no cable or the desire to use it. In almost all models of portable computers, Wi-Fi is integrated, with rare exceptions (then you can connect an external module in the form of a USB device). To use the laptop screen as a monitor, we will fulfill the following:

  • We activate the Wi-Fi module on the laptop, as well as a stationary PC. In the absence of one on the computer, a module with the ability to connect to a USB or PCI-section, you can purchase. It is better to choose a USB device, since the module connected to the PCI port of the motherboard is not always convenient;
  • Create a wireless network on one of the devices;
  • To do this, go to the network control center and total access through the control panel;
  • Select the item “Creation and Setting up of the connection or network”;
  • In the new window of the installation wizard, we select from the list of options a manual connection;
  • We fill in the fields (network name, type of security, password), put a checkmark in the automatic launch point when connecting, click “Next”;
  • Made manipulations provide the creation of the network, it is launched in automatic mode. As soon as everything is ready, you can connect to it from the second device.
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The option is also possible using a router that allows you to connect several devices at the same time and combine them. A special program called Maxivista will be able to help the laptop for a system unit using Wi-Fi transmission. It is paid, but there is the possibility of using a version to familiarize yourself with the cut functionality. Having installed software, modules must be configured remotely with the sequence of monitors.

Additional settings

To quickly switch between display modes, you can use a hot combination of Win P keys. The positioning of the cursor can be achieved one of the display modes:

This utility can be used regardless of the installed version of Windows. First of all, you need to download the main drivers (Primary) on a computer, which will be displayed. It will be used as a server. You can find them on the website of the program developer. After installing the package of drivers, you will need to restart the computer.

After restarting in systematically, the application icon will appear. By clicking on it, go to the settings and drag the Display Driver on slider.

You need to install a client driver on a laptop. The manipulations are the same. after rebooting the device, activate the driver in the settings. After that, the computer will be able to bring the image to the laptop, as it will define it as an additional monitor.

Please note that the data is transmitted via the Internet, so you do not need to buy a special dongle in this case.

In general, connecting the laptop screen to the computer is easy, as can be seen from the above instructions. It should be borne in mind that the load on the video card increases, even if it is a simple duplication of the screen: you have to renders twice as much graphic data.

If the graphic accelerator does not cope with such a load, it will have to be additionally dispersed. However, sometimes a simple shutdown of the effects of the Aero shell, which is present in Windows starting with the 7th version, helps. This makes the form of working windows less aesthetic, however, reduces the load on the system and generally positively affects the performance of the workstation.

We use remote control utilities

You can advise a universal way for all platforms. remote control utility, for example, TeamViewer. In this case, it does not matter what your operating system is and how you are connected to the Internet. And it is not necessary to use the most popular product. You can use any analogue: Aeroadmin, Anydesk, Remotepc and others.

In order to use the services of most such programs, you will need to know the ID laptop and a given password. Of course, on both computers, software must be installed. Also, many products are free, do not require additional settings and are translated into Russian, which makes this method itself simple and convenient.

How to make a monitor for PC from a laptop

In any modern house you can find many equipment. personal computers, laptops, tablets and other gadgets. British scientists conducted a study, in the conclusion of which it was determined that 1,4 gadgets account for 1 European. Despite all abundance, breakdowns are inevitable. How to behave if the PC monitor broke, but there is no ability to quickly replace it? Fortunately, one device can work instead of another.

However, I immediately want to note that the use of a laptop as a monitor for PC is a temporary solution if you urgently need to finish the project or throw files from the disk to the flash drive.

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Connection of the laptop to the system unit

Laptops break and become obsolete morally, but some components in them remain workers and can still serve. If the laptop screen is working, it can be removed from the case and turned into a monitor. How to do it?

Disconnect the laptop from the power supply and take out the battery (if it is external, not installed inside the case).

Disassemble the case. Opening different models of laptops is carried out differently, but in general there is nothing complicated: it is required to unscrew all the bolts (including hidden, for example, behind the DVV-drive) and carefully open the lid. Then dismantle the elements that interfere with the panel and unscrew its fasteners. In no case do not touch the boards, microcircuits and wires. Static electricity can disable components that still work and may come in handy.

Connect the matrix to the universal LDC controller-for example, LA.MV29.P or his analogue. It can be bought in online stores (on AliExpress, Banggood, etc.)

Use a Laptop as a CPU Monitor.How to make laptop as a external monitor

This controller is powered by a 12-volt adapter and supports almost all LCD matrix models. The image for the controller can be fed from a computer, laptop or tablet through the port of HDMI, VGA or AV, supported resolution. up to 1920 × 1200 pixels. In addition, this board can serve as a TV tuner and display television channels on the screen. The package includes remote control and infrared sensor.

Before placing an order, it is worth informing the seller of your matrix so that it selects a controller that is guaranteed to be suitable for you. An important point: you must find out what voltage the matrix works with, this will be required for the correct rolling of the train. Look at the model on the back of the matrix, go to the Datasheet4u website, find this model and see its characteristics. Report the jumper on a universal controller to the appropriate position: 3.3, 5 or 12 volts. Be extremely attentive: if you set a higher voltage than required, the matrix controller may burn.

Transform a Damaged Laptop into an ALL-IN-ONE desktop PC

The controller will need to be flashed. To do this, copy the LAMV29 file.Bin from this archive into the root of the flash drive, insert it into the USB port of the controller, wait a minute, turn off the power, disconnect the flash drive, turn on the controller again and check if the matrix works correctly. In the menu you can change the language from Chinese to Russian.

To set up automatic switching on the matrix when feeding the power, go into the settings and enter on the remote 1147. The service menu will open. Go to the Advanced Setting subparagraph and translate the AC on Mode option into ON mode.

The controller can be hidden in a case or simply glued it to the back of the matrix. As a body for a matrix, you can use a laptop or monitor body. Of course, you can leave it as it is, although such a design will not look very aesthetically pleasing. If you use a matrix without a case, it can be installed in a tablet holder with the ability to tune the angle of inclination.


By the way:I don’t know whose jamb is, but when connecting my display to the VGA output of the Samsung R519 laptop under the Xubuntu color on the display were very strange.