How to hide an album with photos in the gallery of Samsung phone

Using a smartphone, we make many different photos and videos. Most of them do not have any secrecy, and can be shown to friends, relatives, and just good acquaintances.

So, there are rather personal pictures, of different topics, which are extremely not preferably shared with other people.

If you keep them in the total mass of files, then there is a great risk of random shown to another person, or their intentional discovery, by someone.

To prevent this from happening, in the gallery of the Samsung phone, it is possible to hide the album and all the photographs in it, from prying eyes. Below in the article, I will clearly show how to use this function.

However, it should be understood that these are just primitive measures, from simple inexperienced users. Advanced user, probably knows about this possibility.

How to hide a photo in a gallery on Android phone Samsung

Before the start of this process, it is necessary to create a separate album and transfer the necessary photos to it, as is done, I told in this article. If everything is ready, follow the instructions below.

Open the gallery application.

We go to the Album tab.

Click on the menu button “Three vertical buttons”.

In the window opened, click on the lower point.

We activate the slider, opposite the desired folder.

We take a step back, clicking on the corresponding button.

The album has just been hidden, is no longer displayed in this section, the photographs located in it will disappear from the general list in the gallery.

How a protected folder works

SECURE FOLDER Samsung is an application that allows you to hide part of your phone. He uses the Samsung Knox security platform to create a new home screen protected by a password or biometric data of your device. Access to applications and files posted in the folder will not be unlocked until you unlock the protected folder.

You can add an existing application on your phone to your protected folder to create a copy of the application. This application will not have any of your existing files, cache and accounts, so in fact it is a new installation of the application. You can also add new applications from Galaxy Store or Play Store to install them only in a protected folder.

Files in a protected folder cannot be opened without authentication. These files will not be displayed in conventional file observers or in the gallery application. Only applications that are already in a protected folder can access your hidden files.

Turn on the protected folder on your device

Before trying to turn on the protected folder on your device, first check if your device is compatible. This function works with Samsung Galaxy Knox phones Android 7.0 nougat and above. These phones are compatible with the function:

The Galaxy S series, starting with the S6 to the S10 series Galaxy Note, starting with Note 8 to Note 10Galaxy Foldgalaxy a Series, including A20, A70, and A90Galaxy Tab S Series, starting with S3

Before setting up a secure folder, you will need a Samsung account account. monitor the instructions of Samsung to create an account before continuing.

On new Galaxy phones, such as S10 and Note 10, the application will be preinstalled. Check the application panel of your device to make sure that it is installed. If your phone does not have a Secure Folder application, you can download it to the game store or at the Galaxy store.

On the phone, go to the Settings application and select “Biometry and Safety” “Protected folder”. On some phones, the first menu can be “blocking the screen and safety” or simply “safety”.

You will be invited to enter your account Samsung. If you haven’t done it yet, make it now. Otherwise, enter your account.

Wait for the device to create your protected folder. This process can take up to a minute. Then select the type of lock screen for a secure folder. Depending on your device, you can choose a template, PIN-code or password, and also turn on the built-in fingerprint biometrics of your device.

Your protected folder will be available for use, like any other Android application on your device. Find the Secure Folder label on the main screen of your phone or in its application panel.

After your protected folder is activated, it is recommended to check the settings. You can access the settings by pressing the button with three points in the upper right corner of the screen of the protected folder. From here you can control your secure applications and edit the type of lock, automatic lock settings, account setups and notifications. You can also configure the appearance and name of the icon of the protected folder on the application panel.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra How to Setup Secure Folder (HIDE) Video’s Apps,Files,Data,Photo’s

The easiest way

Android operating system inherited a lot from Linux. A very simple way to hide folders and files also acts here. It consists in changing the name. Just put an end at the very beginning. For example, you have a photo “Photo.jpg “. change the name to”.Photo.JPG “. Or you are dealing with the “Composition” folder. change the name to “.Works “. You can do this using any file manager or using PC.

Please note that the “conductor” of the Windows operating system itself perfectly sees the renamed file. If you want to ensure that the computer does not display it, you will have to additionally perform the following actions:

Click on the file or folder with the right mouse button.

In the context menu, select “Properties” item.

Put a checkmark near the “Little” item and click the OK button.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones provide the computer with the ability to change the properties of files stored in their memory.

On smartphones with Android 10, any document or folder can be hidden much easier. To do this, just open the conductor, select the desired file and click “Hide” in the window that appears. Sometimes to appear in the context menu, you must slip through the “more” button or a badge in the form of three points.

Creating a file.nomedia

This is also a fairly easy way to not allow hiding files and folders on Android. Instead, your simple actions will lead to the fact that in the gallery the covers of albums and some other media files will cease to be shown in the gallery. At the same time, they themselves will remain on the device. in the media player during the reproduction of the corresponding song, the cover will continue to display.

The essence of this method is to create a file with an extension “.nomedia “. He tells the rest of the applications that there are no need to display the pictures in the same file with the file. Again, you can create such a file right on the smartphone using the file manager. Or, as in our case, use the computer.

Connect the device to PC using a USB cable.

Go to the “Start” menu and click the left mouse button on the “Computer” item. That is, in this way you will go to the standard “conductor”.

Go to the Library “Documents” or any other section of the file system of your computer.

Here, click with the right mouse button and enter the cursor on the “Create” item. Then click on the “text document”.

Click on the created file once with the left mouse button. Rename it in “.nomedia “, erased, of course, expansion”.TXT “.

Please note: “conductor” does not always allow you to change the extension, so a more powerful file manager may be required. for example, the well.known Total Commander can be required.

Now click on the file with the right mouse button and click on the “Cut” item.

All in the same “conductor” go to the memory of the connected device. Get into that folder, the pictures from which should not be displayed. Here, click with the right mouse button and select the “insert” item in the context menu. Or click the Ctrlv key combination instead.

That’s all. The file posted here “.nomedia ”will not let album cover appear in the Gallery. Of course, this rule does not apply to the invested folders. this file must be copy there again.

How to see hidden folders on Android

To see the hidden objects on Android, you just need to activate the same slider that was mentioned earlier. In different file messengers, it is completely different. The user needs to find a show point in the settings to return and see those hidden folders that he used to classify.

To make the hidden folder visible, you just need to turn the course of action in the opposite direction: they used to go from open to the invisible, now, on the contrary, from invisible to open. The algorithm of action has practically never changed. It remains to do everything the same, only in the reverse order:

  • We go to our file manager and go to the menu;
  • In it, we click on the display of hidden files, so that subsequently you could see all the similar objects that were on the phone;
  • Next, go and look for the hidden folder that the user wants to make visible. As a rule, it is located in the internal memory of the phone or in the one that the user installed in advance;
  • After that, click on it and select the “Rename” option;
  • We remove the point that was put earlier;
  • We save the settings.

All! Now the folder has become visible. Thus, you can make not only the folder, but also any file hidden or visible. It all depends on the intentions of the user that he puts in front of himself.

How to hide files on Android

Most Androids already have such a function for hiding files. Everything, of course, primarily depends on the version, so you need to make sure that such a function is present on the phone. How can this be checked?

We go to the device gallery and find any photo for verification. We turn into it and call an optional menu in which you need to look for the “Hide” item. If this is, then go and click on the function.

Now click on the “Next” button. There will be a message that the file is hidden.

Thus, on a certain Android, you can hide the desired file through the file manager. Just such a function should be installed on the phone.

Most often, the settings for the phone indicate such an opportunity.

Where is the safe folder in the Samsung Galaxy A20?

Galaxy A20 is supplied with One UI, which is much better than the previous version of Android. This is more refined and easy to use. You can find a protected folder in the “Biometry and Security” section. Here’s how to find a protected folder of your Samsung Galaxy A20.

  • Unlock your Samsung Galaxy A20.
  • Put your finger down from the upper part of the screen and touch the gear icon to access the settings. You can also access the settings from the application menu, find the settings application and click on it to access the settings.
  • Now find and tap biometrics and safety.
  • Go to a safe folder and click on it.
  • Here you will need to configure the protected folder, press the start.
  • Now you will be invited to enter the accounting data of your account Samsung.
  • After you enter the accounting data, the next step will be setting up the unlock method.
  • After selecting the unlock method, setting a safe folder is completed.

How to hide photos and videos on the Samsung Galaxy A20. instructions

By completing the configuration of a protected folder, you can easily use it to hide photos and videos on the Samsung Galaxy A20. This is how you do it.

  • Go to the application menu and click on the gallery application.
  • Here you will find all the videos and photos.
  • Select photos and videos you want to hide.
  • After you chose them, three vertical points will appear in the upper right corner. Click on it.
  • Several options will open, select “move to a safe folder” and all.
  • The photos and videos you have chosen were moved to a safe folder.

How to hide a photo on Samsung Galaxy

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In this article we will tell you how to hide photos from the Gallery application on Samsung Galaxy using the Protected folder application. The “Protected folder” application is on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Launch the Gallery application on Samsung Galaxy. Click on the icon in the form of a yellow-white flower on the application panel or on one of the desktop. In this application you can view and edit all photos and videos.

Launch the application protected folder. Click on the icon in the form of a white folder with a key; This icon is located on the application panel. In this application you can view hidden photos.

What is a safe folder and how to activate it on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

A safe folder is a function of confidentiality that you will find in many Samsung smartphones. In this function, you get a protected folder in which you can save your photos and other confidential documents in a protected folder. The protected folder is protected by a password, and only you can get access to it with a password.

How to activate a protected folder on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

Before you start saving photos in a protected folder, you must first activate the protected folder. Here’s how you can activate it.

  • Put your finger down from the upper part of the screen and press the gear icon in the upper right corner to gain access to the settings. Otherwise, go to the application menu, find the settings application and click on it.
  • Go to the biometric data and safety section and click on it.
  • Now go to the Safe folder option and click on it.
  • You will be invited to enter the accounting data of your account Samsung.
  • The next step will be setting up the folder, and you will be invited to choose a method of unlock. You can choose one of 4 methods. It can be a PIN code, drawing, fingerprint or face recognition.
  • After setting up the folder, you can start hiding your photos in a protected folder.

How to hide photos on Samsung Galaxy S20

Now you begin to use a safe folder to hide your photos from prying eyes. This is how you do it.

  • Find the icon of the protected folder in the application menu and tap it.
  • You will be invited to introduce a method of unlock.
  • Having gained access, click “Add files” at the bottom of the screen, and then click “Images”.
  • Now choose the images that you want to hide and they will be stored in a protected folder.
  • That’s all.

How to hide a folder or file using a point in the name

How to shoot a folder on Android. all ways

One of the easiest ways to make an invisible folder is to rename it. But you need not only to change the name. it can remain the same. Just put an end to the beginning of the file name. For example, the work “Work” after renaming will look like this: “.Work”. You can perform this simple procedure using a file manager or special programs on a computer.

Additional Information. When renaming, you should not completely change the name, since such a file will be more difficult to find in the future.

Renaming the file using a point

Problems and ways to solve them

Password loss

If the code for unlocking was lost, it should be restored on a secret issue supported by some programs. Again, in this regard, inferior file protection helps with unofficial products. encryption is not carried out, so you can simply find the contents in special directories.

File.Nomedia is not created

The ability to independently create a document with this name is not presented in the new releases of Android. To use this method, you need to make such a file on another gadget, then send it to a smartphone.

How to Make an Invisible Folder on Android

An alternative-creating a catalog through a archivator program, according to the type 7-ZIP, followed by extraction. The method will please the lack of the need to connect with another gadget.

Developers are seriously thinking about customer confidentiality, providing access to the functions of protecting folders and files. The use of these possibilities is relevant for hiding hidden directory by default.