How to make gifs on the iPhone? Application for creating gifs on the iPhone

For more diverse and interesting communication with iPhone used GIF animations. How to create and send them?

IPhone owners often communicate with the iMassage application. It is good, on users of other continuations have long been accustomed to GIF animations, stickers and other funny things for more interesting communication. Therefore, let’s talk today on how to create a GIF on the iPhone.


CinemaGram is a simple tool for creating a GIF with self-learning on the iPhone. Its main functions:

  • one. Capture video with integrated camera.
  • 2. Convert video clips to animated images.
  • 3. Add an inscription and text on gif images.
  • 4. Share results on social networks.


Gifboom is a multifunction GIF application for iOS applications. Its main functions:

  • one. Capture moving photos using iPhone Camera.
  • 2. Apply Real Time Filters on GIF Images.
  • 3. Stop movement and convert GIF to standard photos.
  • 4. Share the conversion with the community.


Giffer is a stunning GIF application to record moments with moving photos. Its main functions:

  • one. Create GIF using Live Photos, Standard Photos or Video.
  • 2. Capture moving photos using iOS cameras.
  • 3. Edit or apply filters for moving photos.
  • 4. Export of one frame GIF in Camera Roll.


Compared to other manufacturers of GIF, Gifture is more like a social network for GIF lovers. Main functions:

  • one. Capture Animated Photos on the iPhone.
  • 2. Add filters to moving photos.
  • 3. Share dynamic photos with community, social networks or messages for messages.

Gif toaster

GIF TOASTER is a powerful GIF application for iOS devices. Its functions include:

  • one. Transode Standard Images, Live Photos, Video and Other Multimedia Files in GIF.
  • 2. View images and video GIF.
  • 3. Share GIF images with URL.

best gif maker applications. reviews

Without further words, let’s jump! Here are 12 best applications for iPhone and Android, as well as our favorite applications for each platform.

Giphy Cam

Giphy Cam is an application developed by GiPhy, one of the world’s largest names GIF. As you can imagine, this industry leader is hit in its application. Giphy Cam allows you to capture the footage using the phone, and then add special effects, text and filters before sharing them on social networks or in text messages.

But Giphy Cam is not only for creating gif files from scratch. You can also import your own video and use their tool to add funny items to existing frames. The only drawback of this application is its reliability; Some users report the system failures when trying to save GIF files on their phones. Giphy Cam available for free on both iPhone as well as Android,

Give me! camera

Give me! The camera is easy to use the application for creating a GIF, created with the convenience of use. This application was designed with simple and intuitive inteeis, which makes the creation of GIF quick and easy. In many ways, it is very similar to other applications in this list. You can add filters, special effects and other funny items before exporting your GIF files to social networks.

The most impressive GIF ME! The camera is a huge collection of functions. You can create GIF files from scratch, edit existing GIF files, convert video to GIF files and even convert images to GIF files. Although some users report errors, mainly unexpected failures during the export process, this application is well designed and well designed. Give me! The camera is available for Android as well as iPhone for 1.99


Pixel Animator: GIF Maker makes a unique contribution to the creation of GIF, paying special attention to pixel GIF. This application allows you to create pixel patterns and turn them into a GIF for a unique retro-video game style. With Pixel Animator: GIF Maker You can create sprites and avatars Pixelino or combine characters with existing parts from your library. Then turn your design into a moving GIF and export it to social networks or save the file to the phone. Appendix easy to use and add funny pictures in GIF with this form of retro art. It is available for iPhone as well as Android free with the possibility of buying additional features, filters and effects in the application.


IMGPLAY. GIF MAKER was designed with fun and practicality in mind. Select one of several sizes of canvas depending on where you publish it (use the canvas 1: 1 for Instagram, but use 2: 1 canvas for) to start, and then choose from a huge collection of design elements. IMGPLAY. GIF Maker has an extensive collection of static stickers, animated stickers, filters and many other. You can also make sketches over the GIF using the drawing feature feathers to get a super non-standard design.

What we like most in this application is its 2-in-1 functionality. you can also use IMGPLAY. GIF Maker to create second place on the Internet: Memes. The only thing we do not like in this application is if you do not pay for the update, each GIF automatically has a watermark in the lower right corner. IMGPLAY. GIF MAKER is available on the iPhone as well as Android; Both versions are free and have the opportunity to purchase additional features in the application or pay a watermark removal.


If you heard about GIF, you are probably familiar with Tumblr. Tumblr is a platform for microblogging and social networks that began to develop in 2007 and continues to develop. The application has a built-in GIF file creation feature that allows users to create and configure GIF files. Although Tumblr is not so reliable as some other applications in our list created specifically to create a GIF, it allows you to create them, add stickers, impose text and much more. This feature is free in the Tumblr application on both iPhone as well as Android devices.

GIF toaster

GIF TOASTER allows you to convert almost everything in GIF. Video, photos, packages, interval shooting, panoramas. if you can call it, you can do it GIF with this application. Their editing functions are quite standard, but GIF TOASTER also has a function of creating photocoltles that adds some differentiation to the application. GIF toaster is available for iPhone as well as Android; Both versions are free with the ability to upgrade Pro for access to additional functions for 1.99. Nevertheless, Android users are worse. Many Androiders report technical issues with quality, functionality and ease of use.

What we need

After installing the application (start and registering, it is not necessary) open the chat with the interlocutor in iMessage and go to the section with additional applications.

Press the Store button.

On the Management tab, activate the Tumblr GIF Switch.

Scroll to the new section TUMBLR in the bottom tab and give permission to access the photo and the camera.

You can now remove the video for animation or select the roller saved on the device, indicating the 3-second section on the timeline.

There is an animation speed setting, reverse and the ability to add an inscription.

When “Gifka” is ready. it remains to just send it to the interlocutor.

Now you know how to quickly brighten communication in iMessage and add some variety to it.

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Gifboom: Animated Gif Camera

One of the most powerful applications for creating android gifs using photos and video sortiers. The utility allows you to make a high-quality animated image in just 30 seconds. To work with the application must be logged in through. or email. After that, the user gets access to highly wide applications:

  • Creating animated GIF files that can be shared with friends
  • Camera shooting speed setup
  • Saving gifs in device memory
  • Changing the speed of animation
  • Changing the sequence of images to create gifs
  • Ability to turn the gif and ask her a book or landscape orientation
  • Switching between the main and frontal chamber.

Creating a GIF on iPhone from photos

To create a GIF on an iPhone with photos, live photos or removed video clips, you can use a popular application to create GIF, GIPHY. You can install it from the App Store for free. Of course, you can rely on some other applications for creating GIF files to turn images or video on your iPhone in GIF. In this part, on the example of GIPHY, it is shown how to create a GIF on the iPhone from photos.

Go to the App Store on your iPhone, find the Giphy and then install it free. Touch the Giphy icon to open it, and then log in to your account or Apple. Now you are in the main intees of this creator GIF. Here you can see many popular gifs.

Click Create in the upper right corner and allow the camera access. This is a free application for creating GIF files allows you to shoot a video or photo, and then use them to create a GIF. You can add text, stickers and AR effects according to your needs.

Press the photo in the lower left corner to access photos and video clips on this iPhone. Choose a specific image, live photo or video to create GIF.

You can freely edit photos, apply filters and add effects. After that click on the next icon to move on. Then you can preview the GIF file. Choose Share GIF OR Download to Giphy based on your needs. Here you can click Share GIF and then select Save GIF To confirm the operation of creating a GIF on the iPhone from photos.

The best way to create animated GIF files with photos or video clips

To create animated GIF files with your favorite photos or videos, you can also rely on a powerful tool to create a GIF, video converter Ultimate. This is a full-featured editor and converter with GIF Maker feature. As a GIF creator, it allows you to create a GIF with images and directly turn your video clip to the GIF file.

  • Easy to create GIF on PC with Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac with photos or video.
  • Support for all popular video, audio and imaging formats for creating GIF.
  • Has a multitude of editing functions, sets images / sound effects and improves quality.
  • A set of tools for creating a GIF, Multimedia Metadata Editor, Video Reverse Tools, Video Compressor, 3D Creation Tools, Video Combining and Motarily.

Download free, install and run this creator GIF on your computer. After you enter it, press the tool box and then select the GIF teapot feature to create animated GIF files.

When you enter the GIF Maker window, you can create a GIF from photos or convert video to GIF. Here you can choose the second option “Photo in GIF”. A pop-up window will appear on the screen in which you can view and import image files.

Configure various GIF parameters, such as output format, resolution, frame rate, scaling mode and much more. Then click OK to save changes.

This GIF Maker allows you to add more photos, change the order of photos, change duration and perform other operations. After that, click on export the button to confirm the GIF Creation Operation with these Photos.

Gifs Art

Gifs Art is another creative and universal GIF application that allows you to use almost any kind of media (photos, video, existing GIF files) to create your own gif. This powerful small application has its own built-in library of effects, masks, stickers and texts that you can use to move your GIF to the next level of creativity.

Like many other applications in this list, Gifs Art also allows you to get images for your GIF directly through the camera in the application. It is available only for iOS devices.