Smartphones with AMOLED screens

Enabling the dimmed interface mode, with the EMUI 9.0 graphic shell and the AMOLED display on the device, includes the following steps:. Enter the “Basic settings of the smartphone”. The “Battery” tab, depending on the size, scroll down. Find the button “Interface in dark colors “- Move it to the” On “position

Sometimes, depending on the model, the Deep Black button functions as the Dark Interface button. This does not change the essence. If the one and the other button are absent, this function is not supported on the device.

To enable dark mode with EMUI 10.0, you will need:. Launch basic phone settings. Go to the “Screen and brightness” tab. Move the “Dark mode” switch to the “On” position.

Smartphones with IPS screens

Devices with IPS technology do not have a fully installed dark theme, however, some settings can be changed to reduce power consumption Through the standard application. By changing the screensaver, screen wallpaper, the changes will affect only the outer shell, the system settings interface will remain in bright colors. To achieve this, you need to perform the following steps: 1. Open the application, agree to the license 2. Open the “Themes” tab, the “Categories” section 3. Select dark tones among free or paid covers 4. Set the cover.

Huawei honor dark mode theme || honor all mobiles dark mode theme | Honor me dark mode kaise on kare

Installation via standard settings

One of the main conditions for setting the night mode is the presence of the Android 9 operating system on the device. But fully setting the dark mode is possible only for smartphones that have an AMOLED display. Night mode will not be available for devices with an IPS display.

Using third-party applications

There is another way to install applications, this applies not only to the wallpaper, but also to any other programs. To do this, you need to take the following steps:. Find any site that offers various themes for phones for download. Select the desired category. Download the file. Move it to the “Themes” folder. Open the standard application and enable the installed theme.

Why dark mode is useful

As mentioned above, the purpose of turning on the dark mode is to save energy, using the phone in the dark will be without harm to the eyes. There is also a feature of black tones. the lifespan of AMOLED screens directly depends on brightness. Displays that support Super AMOLED and OLED technology quickly fade, lose brightness, color saturation, and light up if the user often resorts to light, bright themes. The screen becomes yellow, the predominance of red in the palette, spoils the picture, distorts the image and negatively affects the vision. As a result, enabling the dark theme on Honor smartphones is useful in every way.

Dark Mode For All Huawei/Honer Devices 2021 Updates.

How to enable dark theme on Honor

Using white screen tones in system apps drains battery quickly. To reduce the power consumption of your phone, you can use dark interface themes. Plus, the harmful effects on the eyes are reduced in low light. On Honor and Huawei phones, the inclusion of this feature depends on the newness of the version of the EMUI graphical shell.

Which EMUI versions support dark mode

Since October 2019, most Honor and Huawei models have EMUI 9.0 installed, which allows you to enable dark mode. Updates affected only new models, the rest remained unchanged, including the budget series. In addition to many convenient, useful functions, the shell allows you to adjust the brightness of the tones of the installed theme. The darkened tones feature in EMUI not only switches the color of the custom screen settings, but also adjusts the contrast under different lighting conditions. There are several ways to enable dark theme in EMUI: through standard settings, third-party installation files and application settings.

The use of wallpapers with a predominance of dark tones, or the dark mode function on supported platforms, is a must for every smartphone user. Whether the display supports AMOLED technology or not, it is important to reduce the power consumption of the battery and preserve vision during long periods of use.

How to enable dark mode on Huawei and Honor smartphones

As mentioned earlier, the dark theme is present in the firmware based on the current (at the time of the article’s release) version of the Google operating system. In the case of EMUI, the tenth version of Android corresponds to EMUI 10. Therefore, in order for the night mode to become available, first of all, you should update the software of your mobile device to the latest version.

Night mode is activated in two different ways: through the “Screen and brightness” section and using the corresponding button on the quick settings panel. Both methods will be discussed in detail in this tutorial.

How to enable dark mode on Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 10

Dark (night) mode was first implemented at the system level in Android 10. From stock Android, the function migrated to proprietary firmware, which run mobile devices from different manufacturers: Samsung Galaxy with One UI shell, Xiaomi based on MIUI, as well as Huawei and Honor run by EMUI. It is about the devices of the last two brands that will be discussed in this article. from it you will learn how to enable the dark theme on Huawei and Honor smartphones, what benefits it brings and in which applications it works.

Enabling the dark mode of the interface not only helps to reduce battery consumption (this statement is true for smartphones equipped with displays made using OLED technology and its derivatives, for example, AMOLED, since they use less energy when displaying dark colors), but also allows you to reduce eye strain.

In addition, many users activate the black theme for aesthetic reasons, because its effect extends both to the elements of the system interface and to applications, including Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, and other popular programs.

Enabling the dark theme via the settings menu

The simplest option, which does not require much effort on the part of the user, is to activate the appropriate toggle switch located in the settings in the “Screen and brightness” section. It is enough to click on the switch located to the right of the name of the item of the same name and the color mode of the interface will immediately change to dark.

Turn on dark mode using the button on the quick setting panel

The second way to activate the dark theme is to use the quick settings panel. In the “shutter” on Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 10, by default, there is no item responsible for switching the light mode to dark mode and vice versa.

It takes a few simple steps to add the corresponding button to the Quick Settings panel. The first step is to open the “curtain” and click on the pencil icon. A list of options will open, divided into two parts: the first half consists of buttons that are located on the notification panel by default; the second. from the options, the icons of which can be moved to the upper section, after which they will be displayed in the “curtain”.

Also, any of the available functions can be activated without dragging its icon to the notification panel. just click on the required icon. But doing this every time is inconvenient, so it is recommended to move the button that activates the dark mode to the top of the screen.

After that, the item “Dark Mode” will appear on the quick settings panel in the place set by the user. To enable or disable the dark theme, it will be enough to click on it.

Other helpful guides for Huawei and Honor smartphone owners:

How to put a dark black theme on Honor 10 | Honor 10 Lite

If you’re going to use the built-in tools of the Honor 10 phone | Honor include a dark black theme, then I must disappoint you a little.

It doesn’t have a dark system theme. Do you know why not, if the black dark theme appeared in the latest version of Android, called night mode, which the manufacturer integrated, for example, in the Mate 10 or Mate 20.

I think it’s about screen technology. In the Mate 10 or Mate 20, the display is OLED, and in the Honor 10. IPS, and if you introduce a black theme there, then the battery consumption will not decrease. I think this is the main reason.

Yes, it is cheaper for the manufacturer than IPS and has some advantages, but we will not discuss this here.

We are interested in how to make a dark theme on Honor 10, so we will thoroughly dwell on this issue.

It turns out that you can still put a dark theme on Honor 10. outside developers took care of this.

How to enable dark black theme on Honor 10 or Honor 10 Lite

To do this, you do not need to go far, but only on the Google Play market and download a dark theme on Honor 10, called “G-Pix [Android Q] Dark EMUI 8/5/9 THEME”.

It is designed according to the requirements of Honor 10 / Honor 10 Lite smartphones, so that owners can decorate their phone with a stunning style and look.

G-Pix [Android Q] EMUI 8/5/9 THEME is a free personalization app with a pretty good 4.0 rating (at the time of this post).

According to Google, in its 10th version of android, it will redistribute a very high value of the night mode, in other words, the dark (black) theme, which is already quite well implemented in its Pixel phones.

Basically, this is a mode that flips the color palette of all menus and almost all native Google apps, including YouTube and Chrome.

It also works with some third-party apps like Instagram and Reddit. expect the list of supported apps to expand over time.

There is also a manual option (maybe even more effective than from the market). You need to download the file below and drop it into any folder, and then use Huawei tools to move the content to Huawei / themes.

Then, in the settings, select my themes, point to the thrown one, and confirm the installation. This will undoubtedly be more difficult for many, so I will make an instruction later.

Why is this important? Considering that your screen is your phone’s largest battery, reducing the amount of light should increase the time between charges.

Google says dark theme can “significantly reduce power consumption” depending on the screen technology of the device you’re using.

It also improves visibility for users who are sensitive to bright light or those who have poor vision.

Also, it’s generally a good idea to avoid a bright phone screen in low light and at night, so it might be worth turning it on in the evening.

In fact, many people simply prefer the darker look of their phone, and therefore may prefer to keep it running all the time.

Therefore, your smartphone may soon have its own dark theme (if updated to android 10).

Now that I think you have already activated the dark theme on your Honor 10, you can enjoy your new look and possibly improved battery life. Success.

How to enable dark theme on your phone

There are several ways to enable the dark theme on Honor 9x, 8s, 10, 20 or other smartphone models (depending on the OS version). Let’s consider each of the options in more detail.

How to do it through the standard application

Alternatively, you can go the global route and make a dark theme in your Honor phone using one of the available design styles. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Enter the “Themes” section on your desktop.
  • Choose a black theme.
  • Set the style of interest to your phone.

In this way, you can make any dark theme on Honor 9X and another model from this manufacturer. At the same time, the choice of options is wide enough to find a suitable design (even in the free version).

How to do it through the built-in access panel

Quicker. but a rare method, like on Honor 8a to put a dark theme, is to do it through the top panel. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Pull the top curtain from top to bottom.
  • Click on the pencil symbol at the top.
  • Select the Dark Mode icon from the list.
  • Drag it to the main part to change the order of the icons.
  • Click on the symbol to activate.

It has little use in older models, but you might be in luck. In the future, to put a black theme on Honor, just lower the shutter with icons and click on the button of interest.

Which models have a dark theme

When considering options on how to enable the dark theme on Honor 8a or a device of another model, decide on the version of the operating system on your smartphone. For the first time, this type of design appeared on EMUI 9.0, which by October 2019 was on most of Honor’s mobile devices. Only the old models and phones from the budget line, with a price of up to 10,000 rubles, remained without updating. On such devices, making changes in the standard way will not work.

On smartphones with EMUI 10, you can guarantee the design of your interest. If your Honor hasn‘t been updated to the latest version yet, get this job done. If the device refuses to update, there is no need to despair. Even on old devices, you can put a dark interface using the Themes application or installing the appropriate software from the Play Store. Examples were considered above.

How to do it through the settings

The easiest way to make a black theme on Honor is to use the features of the customization section. Go through these steps:

How to enable dark mode in honor mobile

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Screen and brightness”.
  • Find the item “Dark Mode”.
  • Move the toggle switch to the right side.

Works on more recent Android. Immediately after that, the black design on the phone should turn on.

How to make a dark theme on Honor and make the screen easier to see

How to make a dark theme on Honor 8a? If the device is updated to the latest version of Android and EMUI, go to “Settings”, go to the “Display and brightness” section, then find the item “Dark mode” and move to the right side. Alternatively, you can turn on the “night” design option using the built-in application of the same name or software from the Play Store. Let’s consider the available options in more detail.

Via Play Store

Another way to create a dark look is to use one of the apps in the Play Store. Let’s highlight several popular options:

  • Minimal Black EMUI 9.1 / 10 / 10.1 Huawei / Honor Theme. Great styling that looks good on all Honor devices.
  • Dark Emui-10 Theme for Huawei is a well-known Android software available for all smartphones with EMUI. In this case, it is not necessary to update your smartphone to the latest version of the operating system.