View members’ statuses and invite your colleagues to join in the conversation.

Share files and messages in group and private chats.

Hold large group conferences

View attendee status and invite your colleagues to join in the conversation.

Exchange files and messages in group and private chats.

Host large group conferences.

Control your device’s camera and microphone during a meeting.

Show presentations right from your iPhone or iPad.

Move from the front camera to the main camera.

Control your device’s camera and microphone during meetings.

Show presentations right from your iPhone or iPad.

Move from the front-facing camera to the main camera.

Conference scheduling

With TrueConf mobile app you can not only create conferences on the fly but also plan events in advance. Add participants, place video windows in a convenient order, track events via a personal calendar or send invitation letters with all the necessary information directly from your iPhone or iPad.

TrueConf 3 update.0 for iOS: screen sharing and system notifications

How to enable a conference call on iPhone?

The ability to create a group call from a regular call on the iPhone is one of the most rarely used by users. Not because there are any difficulties in setting up or enabling a conference, just that few people are aware of the existence of such a feature in principle. In this tutorial we will describe in detail the process of creating a call with several people at once on the iPhone.

How to Conference Call on iPhone! [BEST METHOD!!]

The need to create a group call can arise in a variety of situations, and most users will think of using the app Skype or similar. However, not everyone uses messengers, so you will need to turn to the standard features of the iPhone for help.

In order to create a group conference call, you must call the first caller and ask them to wait on the line until the other callers join. While you are there, access the call menu on your iPhone, press the Add button, and then select the new subscriber you wish to include in the group call.

After adding a new subscriber to the group call, you will need to click on the “Connect” button to unite all members of the mobile conference on a single line. Until then, you will communicate only with the last dialed caller, which can also be useful, for example, for explaining the reasons for the call.

As a conference creator, you can not only add new users to the call, but also disconnect the users present. To do this, click on the information icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the subscriber you want to disconnect from the call.

During a group call you can talk to a person from the conference by clicking the Replace button. To return to the general conversation, press the Connect button.

How to use FaceTime group calls on iPhone and iPad

Please note: you need iOS 12 to work with group video calls.1 On one of the following devices: iPhone 6s or later, any iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4. Other devices on iOS 12.1 support FaceTime group calls in audio only.

How to start a group call with the FaceTime app

Step 1. Open Settings. Step 2. Go to “FaceTime” and make sure the service is turned on. Step 3. Open the FaceTime app. Step 4. Press the “” button to create a new conversation. Step 5. Add participants using the “” button. Step 6. Start a call with the Audio or Video button.

How to create a group call through the Messages app

Step 1. Open Messaging. Step 2. Create a new group conversation or navigate to an existing one. Step 3. Choose contacts at the top of the interface. Step 4. Use the FaceTime button to start a group call.

How to join a group call using FaceTime

Step 1. Open Notification Center. Step 2. Find the group call invitation that you were sent. Step 3. Tap the notification and join the conversation.

How to join a group call through messaging

Step 1. Open Messages. Step 2. Go to the group conversation. Step 3. Find a group call invitation. Step 4. Click the message and join the conversation.

How to add additional participants to a group call

Step 1. Go to the FaceTime call extra menu. Step 2. Add the necessary subscribers using the ⊕ button. Step 3. Confirm your intention with the “Add someone to FaceTime” button.

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How to change audio and video settings in a group call

Step 1. Go to a FaceTime group call. Step 2. Tap the screen and go to the Group Call settings menu. Step 3. Use the “Flip” button to switch to the main or front camera. Step 4. Use the “Mute” button to turn the sound on or off. Step 5. Use the speaker button to switch from silent to speaker or vice versa. Step 6. Use the “Camera” button to turn the camera off or on.

How to use camera effects in a group call

Step 1. Go to a FaceTime group call. Step 2. Tap the screen and go to the advanced effects menu. Step 3. Select Animoji or Memoji, as well as Filters, Text or Shapes, and you can use them in real time.

Animoji and Memoji are only available to iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners.

How to set up a conference call using your iPhone

To create a group call using your iPhone, follow a few simple steps:

  • Call one of the meeting participants.
  • Press the “Add call” button and select the other participant from your contact list or dial his number. While you are connecting, the first caller will be put on hold.
  • Select “Merge Calls” to connect all participants in the call.
  • To add other callers, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  • If you want to disconnect one of the participants from the call, simply tap “Conference” and then tap the red icon next to their number.
  • To end the call, select “End Call”.

If you need to have a one-on-one conversation with one of the participants, simply tap “Conference” and then tap “Private” next to the number you want to talk to one-on-one. When you’re ready to reconnect to a shared meeting, tap “Merge Calls,” and you’ll be part of the group call again.

To set up a conference call on your cell phone, follow four simple steps

How to use Zoom on your iPhone

iPhone is great for video chatting with Zoom because of its good camera and microphone. The more so that the mobile app for it is available for free download through the official App Store. You can immediately enter conferences and, once an account has been created, you can start your own. For this, too, a paid subscription is not required. In this article, you will learn how to use Zoom conference on the iPhone.

Joining a conference

There are two ways to join a conference:

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  • Activate the link with an invitation, which will be sent to you by the organizer of the event or another participant in the meeting.
  • Enter the meeting ID and password, if this security mode is activated.
  • Authorize in the system and tap on the link sent.
  • In the drop-down list, choose the application that will open the link.
  • Select the Zoom icon and wait for the request to be processed.
  • Authorize in Zoom and tap the “Login” button in the “Conferences and Chat” window.
  • In the empty field enter the identifier and the nickname, by which you will be recognized by other users.
  • Optionally activate the mute and video functions after you enter a room (a tap on the sliders in front is enough).

At first startup, the system will automatically disable voice recording devices, so tap on the “Connect” function button in the lower left corner of the user window, and select the “Call with device sound” option.

The “Sharing” button activates the screen sharing function. The system will automatically open a list of possible windows to display, scroll through the list and select your preferred option.

How to make a conference call on your iPhone

In addition to work-related situations, you can also use the conference call feature on your device to interact with family and friends, for example to avoid telling the same thing several times, or to make arrangements for something. Making personal conference calls will allow you to save time as compared to calling each person individually, and at the same time feel the connection of close friends and relatives.

How to install TrueConf application, log in it and call another user, we have demonstrated in our blog article Video calls from iPhone to Android devices. If you are going to call the owner of another iOS device, the actions are no different from those described there. Just make sure he/she has our app installed.

Creating a conference call on iPhone

Conference calling is a very useful service that can help you with any issues that require group discussion. But not many people know how to use this service on their iPhones. In fact, creating a conference call is as easy as sending an SNS.

So, if you need to talk to three or more people at the same time, the first thing to do is to call one of them and ask them to wait for a while until you connect the other subscribers to the conversation. This is done using the “Add” button marked with a cross. A tap on “Add” opens a list of contacts where you need to select the person you want.

After connecting with the second speaker, you can greet him or her or give any other information, as you are having a one-to-one conversation until you press the “Connect” button, which replaced the “Add” button.

Also, before the tap on the button “Connect” there is the possibility of switching between subscribers: one of the subscribers is held on the line, while you are engaged in a dialogue with another one, and vice versa.

By pressing the “Connect“(merging subscribers into one conversation), the button “Replace” (switch) subscriber becomes unavailable, but you are still able to add new participants to the conversation.

Also, as the creator of a conference call, you have the option of disconnecting certain callers from the group discussion. To do this, tap the “i” information icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

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