Online screen recording

Using the simple functionality of the screen recording with audio, you can get a clean video without watermarks.

  • Simplicity of use and fast recording.
  • For use does not require loading and registration.
  • Complete support of the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • 100% free screen recording.

Please limit the record at 10 minutes

Or you can try ITOP Screen Recorder to use software and record the screen without restrictions.


Convenient software to fix what is happening on a computer display with Windows operating system. With Bandicam, you can record meetings in Skype, teaching materials and gameplay in the format of high.quality video.

  • Pros Bandicam:
  • does not take up much space on the disk;
  • shooting the entire screen or only part;
  • High performance due to the accelerated encoder h h.264/HEVC;
  • The created video can be immediately laid out on YouTube;
  • comfortable hot keys;
  • You can add effects and animation for the cursor;
  • It is easy to insert the channel or company logo into the video;
  • There is a simple task planner.
  • Minuses:
  • There are no tools for processing video materials;
  • In the free version, the recording time is limited to ten minutes, and a watermark is present on the finish line.


  • Download the loading file and install the software on PC.
  • Select the shooting mode. screen, game, device.
  • Set up the appearance of the cursor, indicate the sound source and the folder to save.
  • Activate the start using the REC button.
  • Complete the process by clicking on the stop button, and save the resulting video.

Free program for recording streaming broadcasting and local video from the desktop. Software is often used by professional bloggers and gamers, since the integration and functionality can be configured and remade for your needs.

  • Pluses OBS:
  • presets for Twitch and YouTube;
  • The integration in two topics to choose from. dark and bright;
  • Between the scenes you can switch;
  • support of plugins that increase functionality;
  • filters for video sources. chromakey, mask, color correction, etc.D.;
  • Convenient settings panel.
  • Minuses:
  • In a number of games, users note flickering on the black strip monitor associated with an incorrect signal converting;
  • not supported by Windows XP;
  • You can not strive at the same time on several platforms without installing additional plugins.

Open Broadcaster Software

  • Install and run Open BroadCaster Software.
  • Come up with the scene the name, indicate the source of the video and the way to save the future file
  • Set up the sound in the mixer.
  • Click “” and select “Writing of the screen”.
  • Complete the process using the “Stop Record” button and save the file.

How to record a video from the Windows computer screen in Nvidia GeForce Experience

In the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application, distributed along with NVIDIA video detectors, the screen recording function has. This application, except for games, can record what is happening on the desktop or in any open programs.

  • After starting GeForce Experience, enter the NVIDIA even record.
  • In the “GeForce Experience” window, open “Settings” (gear button).
  • In the section “ overly” turn on the switch.
make, computer, screen, sound

The panel has tools for performing the necessary actions, which correspond to the key combinations on the keyboard:

  • “Shift of the screen”. “Alt” “F1”.
  • “Photo of the direction”. “Alt” “F2”.
  • “Filter”. “ALT” “F3”.
  • “Instant repetition”. “Alt” “Shift” “F10”.
  • “Record”. “ALT” “F9”.
  • “Direct broadcast”. “Alt” “F8”.
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The functions of “photo mode” and “filter” are used only in supported games.

  • To start taking the video on the screen, click on the “Record” button, and then on the “Alt” “F9” keys.
  • Complete and save the recording, you need to repeated pressing “ALT” “F9”, or after clicking on the “Stop and Save” button.

Video file entries are saved in MP4 format, and screen images in PNG format. They are in the video folder “Video” user profile. Saved media files can be viewed in the Gallery from the program of the GeForce Experience program.

Faststone Capture

A very, very interesting program for creating screenshots and video from a computer screen. Despite its small size, it has quite significant advantages:

  • When recording, a very small file size is obtained with high quality (by default, it presses in the WMV format);
  • There are no extraneous inscriptions and other garbage in the image, the image is not blurred, the cursor is highlighted;
  • supports the format 1440p;
  • supports a sound with a microphone sound, from sound in Windows, or simultaneously from both sources at once;
  • Starting the recording process is easy, the program does not “torment” you with a mountain of messages about certain settings, warnings, etc.;
  • It takes up very little space on the hard drive, in addition, there is a portable version;
  • Supports all new versions of Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

In my humble glance, this is one of the best software: compact, does not load PC, high.quality image, sound too. What else is needed!?

Starting the start of the recording from the screen (everything is simple and clearly)!


The well.known utility capable of recording videos from the computer screen. Many use it for flyers and lifting screenshots from them, as well as other utilities. Fraps himself eats a lot of computer resources, although it does not weigh much and it seems harmless.

  • The presence of its own codec for recording from the monitor screen even on a weak computer, after removing the video, the file becomes very voluminous, which is not a plus.
  • Writes the sound.
  • Choosing personnel to your taste. As a rule, the more frames, the better, but the file will be terribly large in size.
  • Video recording and screenshot removal is carried out using the keys selected by you.
  • You can remove mouse courses during video recording.

Probably the most stringent drawback of this program is the creation of large videos, which is why they have to be compressed. The program is good, but still there are analogues and better. I somehow used it and I didn’t really like it. And she is paid.

How to record your screen on a Windows laptop. Without downloading

Depending on the Windows version, there are 2 ways (without downloading) specifically for recording a screen on a laptop: a built-in program and a free online version.

How to record a screen on a Windows 10 laptop. Game panel Xbox

Windows 10 laptop users, you still do not know how to record your screen using Windows 10? You are very lucky because Windows 10 has a free screen recording program. Xbox Game Bar is a screen for recording a screen in Windows 10, showing the performance of your computer with various real.time parameters during the game (for example, CPU, GPU, RAM, FPS). It is suitable for recording most computer games, as well as for recording basic software operations. But it only works on Windows 10 and is limited to recording one software window.

Press the Windows and G logo key to open the Game Bar, and set the “Yes, this game” checkbox.

Open the window of the program you want to record.

Press the microphone button to make a screen recording with a sound. If not, miss this step.

Press the recording button to start the screen recording in Windows 10.

Press the Stop button to complete the recording.

To record the entire screen on the PC, use the Windowsaltg logo key to start and stop the record. If the Xbox Game Bar does not display the program on the full screen, try to press the Windowsaltr logo key to start and stop.

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Absolutely safe for a tool

how to record your computer screen with sound

With sound (systemic sound and microphone sound) or without sound

It is impossible to choose the area and size of the screen

Writing on Windows 7, 8, 10 with sound [recommended]

Since in older versions of Windows (such as Windows 7 and 8) there is no tool for recording a screen, for such systems you need to look for a tool. If you need the best quality of recording (which cannot provide Xbox Game Bar), or if you have higher requirements for video and sound recording, then a professional and functional program for recording a manufacturer will work better.

This article presents you a free online recording tool available for all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is easy to use and you will not need to load it. This is ITOP Screen Recorder.

Write an audio video from the screen for free

  • Write a high.quality video from the screen of your PC, as well as the sound from the system or input device synchronously from the video.
  • Simplify the number of steps and clicks of the mouse, for more comfortable use. Control the whole recording process without effort.
  • Support for output into several formats and transformation using the latest compression technologies. The best quality and smaller size.

ITOP Screen Recorder is a recently emerging program for recording a PC screen on Windows OS. Despite its novelty, it has a variety of functions and can compensate for the shortcomings inherent in many other devices for recording the screen. Which is even more important, it is completely free!

Here are simple steps, how to record a screen without downloading.

Click here to open Itop Online Screen Recorder.

Press the Red button “REC” or “Start Recording Now”.

Click “Continue” to use the online recording of the screen.

Select a sound resource (from a microphone, from a browser or without sound).

Select the screen for recording (the entire screen, application window or browser tab).

Press the Red REC button again to start, and click Stop to complete the recording.

make, computer, screen, sound

You can select the screen area: the entire screen, application window or browser tab

The possibility of recording sound (from a microphone, from a browser) or without a sound

No need to enter the system, you do not need to install a plugin or expansion

You can save a video in WebM format, which is recognized by the default Windows player

Only 2 free trial periods Online Screen Recorder

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Recording Software For Windows. Mac & Linux

Additional free functions and settings ITOP Screen Recorder:

ITOP Online Screen Recorder is usually convenient for one.time use. If you need additional recording settings or you often use it, download it for free on your laptop with Windows to learn about additional functions and capabilities:

Record of the entire screen, the selected part or window, a certain ratio of the frame (4: 3, 16: 9)

Sound recording (system and microphone) or without sound

Without registration and input of passwords, you do not need to install a plugin or expansion

Additional function: screen pictures, pruning or publication in basic social networks

How to record a game in a screen studio

To record the game from the screen, use the program screen studio. With its help, you can capture any action on the monitor with sound, remove the material from the webcam, add clips from the computer and make a video editor. The application offers all the necessary tools for the design of video tutorials, courses, flyers, tlogs and other videos. Software can work on a laptop and a weak PC.

Watch a video tutorial on the work with the program:

How to shoot a monitor? Follow a simple instruction:

Start video recording

Download the installation file from our site and run it. After the installation is completed, open the recorder. Click “Write a video from the screen”.

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In the new window, install the right parameters: you can remove the entire screen, the specified fragment or the selected window. You can also adjust the size of the frame manually, indicate the sound source and microphone. Then start the video capture by clicking on the corresponding button. The application has no recording time restrictions and makes video without losing fps.

The beginning of the recording

To pause the process, click on the F8 key, and F10 to stop it. The video will be automatically uploaded to the video editor.

Stop recording

Edit the video file

Next, you can process the material. The editor offers the following functions for the design of impressive videos:

Pruning and separation of video files. Highlight the clip on the time scale and click “Divide” or into the scissors icon to remove extra fragments at the end or beginning.

Clips pruning

Connection of fragments. Download additional materials, for example, other video files from a computer. They will be automatically placed on the timeline. To add a smooth transition between the clips, go to the corresponding section and drag the desired animation to the joint of the rollers.

Combining fragments

make, computer, screen, sound

Creation of introductory screensavers and credits. Go to the section “Text”. “Titras”. Here you can choose a stylish design for the project. The layout can be edited: replace the background and standard text with your own, configure the design of the inscription, etc.D.

Adding titers

Adding figures, shooter, lines. The category “Graphics” contains ready.made elements for designing the project: arrows, stickers, lines, etc.

Adding graphics

The use of effects. The corresponding section presents filters to correct brightness, contrast, saturation. You can also include interesting effects, for example, stylization under the relief.

Effects and filters

When working with a screen studio, you do not need an additional video editor. You can make full installation in the program itself. You will have the opportunity to cut and connect clips, apply effects and create credits. Screen studio is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a universal program for shooting screons and video installation.

Export the result

Upon completion of processing, export the result in a popular format, having previously configured quality, resolution and other properties of the file. Also, the result can be prepared for publication online on YouTube, your site or blog.

Export of the result

Using special programs

There are a huge number of programs with which you can implement the same. For example, OBS Studio utility, which is suitable for Windows, Masos, Linux platforms. Using this utility, you can not only record the video, but also make direct broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube. Therefore, it is popular among gamers.

Writing a video from the computer screen is very simple:

  • run the program and follow the prompts for automatic setting;
  • In the “Sources” tab, there is “” “”, select “screen capture” and click OK;
  • At the bottom right, click “Start recording”.

For its suspension there is an appropriate button in the lower right corner. To watch the films shot, you need to click the “file”, and then “show the records”.

Bandicam is one of the most popular programs. It is widespread due to high quality, multifunctionality, understandable intese.

make, computer, screen, sound
  • Select the mode: screen or game;
  • Determine the recording area: rectangular area, full screen or area around the cursor;
  • run the recording using F12;
  • Stop is made using the same F12 button.

Everything is quite simple and clear. Of course, there are other programs, but Bandicam and OBS Studio are the most common.