How to change the clock on the iPhone lock screen

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to change the clock on the iPhone lock screen?”, And also give useful recommendations for our readers. What came of it,

when you want your iPhone or iPad’s screen to turn off and lock faster, for example, to save battery power.

Or, on the contrary, so that it does not turn off at all for some time, and it is not necessary to unlock it over and over again.

In general, situations can be different. And to be able to quickly reconfigure the time of automatic locking of the screen of your (or not your) smartphone or tablet. a “skill” in our time necessary and useful.

True, if you are going to completely turn off the auto-lock, then you must also remember that the screen in any case very noticeably “eats” the battery charge, and if you find yourself far from the outlet, then you shouldn’t turn off this function for a long time, probably

  • go to “Settings”;
  • Scroll down the “Settings” screen and tap “Screen and Brightness”;
  • now we find and press “Auto-lock”;
  • and on the next screen, according to the situation, either we indicate the appropriate time, or we press “Never” to turn off the auto-lock completely.

Note also that if you want the screen of your smartphone or tablet to remain on longer (from 5 minutes), or so that it does not turn off at all, then after a while it will not be superfluous to go to the “Battery” section of the device settings (“Settings”. ” Battery “) and, just in case, look at how much charge is consumed by the” Lock and Home “function:

The main source of electricity consumption in modern smartphones is the screen. If it is running at full brightness, the average static mobile device will be fully discharged in 3-4 hours. Auto-locking the screen helps to avoid this. For example, if the owner of the smartphone hastily forgot to lock the device somewhere, thereby turning off its screen, then in a very short period of time the battery can be significantly discharged. This can create an uncomfortable situation in the middle of the work day.

The iOS operating system for this case has a function designed to automatically lock the screen. To enable and configure it, launch the “Settings” application, and then go to the “Display and brightness” section and select the “Auto-lock” menu here. There are several options available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners, one of which must be selected.

make, clock, iphone, screen

The most popular option is 3 minutes. This means that if no action is taken with the smartphone for three minutes, then its screen will automatically be turned off, and the device will be locked. At the same time, a few seconds before this, the display will become very dim, so the owner of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will have a few seconds to prevent the screen from auto-locking.

If you select the “Once upon a time” option, the automatic screen lock will not work. Using this setting is not recommended, as it can not only significantly reduce the battery life of the device, but also negatively affect the screen itself. As you know, the more and longer it is used, the higher the probability of its breakdown. Why tempt fate again?

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iPhone has been a leader among smartphones for several years. This success is ensured by high productivity and quality, a variety of tasks and ease of use. But not all owners of this line of smartphones make full use of its capabilities, even performing the simplest actions sometimes cause certain difficulties. This is what you need to refer to the screen lock.

The screen is the main power consumer in a smartphone. No matter how good a mobile device is, if the screen brightness is maximum, then the battery will last for a maximum of 4-5 hours. Automatic display lock solves this problem. The iPhone operating system has a function that is responsible for auto-locking. It’s easy to turn it on. It is enough to open “Settings”, select “Screen and Brightness” and then “Auto-lock”. The time slots are shown here. This is the time of inactivity of the smartphone, after which its screen will turn off automatically. The most optimal choice is three minutes. A few seconds before the appointed time, the display will dim, after which the device will be locked. Although if the early blocking of the iPhone does not bother you, then it is quite possible to choose 30 seconds. For example, I have 1 minute set. Enough of this time.

By the way, the same time is used in games. Those. when you are in the game, put the phone down and go on business, after the set auto-lock time, the screen will go out. Some games forcibly disable this feature, you need to watch for this at least.

If the item “Never” is selected, then the auto-lock function will be unavailable.

You can also use Assistive Touch to lock your phone. It is included from “Universal Access” through the “Settings” application. Its activation leads to the fact that on the display, over the desktop, a key appears. With its help, you can not only lock the device, but also adjust the sound, press the “Home” button, etc. This can be very useful if, for some reason, these keys malfunction.

After the release of iOS 9, a power saving mode became available on the iPhone, which allows the operating system to impose restrictions on the operation of certain services. The mode is activated through the “Settings” application, where you need to select “Control Center”. In this case, the display will be locked after 30 seconds of inactivity, and it will no longer be possible to change the time.

This feature is enabled by default in modern smartphones. There are several sensors inside the mobile phone, each of which performs its own tasks. And one of them is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the display. Lowers it in dark places, and increases it in the light. The brightness slider changes position depending on the illumination.

In version 11 of the OS from Apple, you can disable the Auto Brightness function by following this path: Settings ˃ General ˃ Accessibility, and then “Display adaptation”. In iOS 10 or 11 and other, earlier versions, this is done through the “Settings” application, where you need to select “Display and Brightness”. Or you can do it through the “Control Panel”, when on the locked phone swipe from below. the Panel screen will appear, manually reduce the brightness of the screen. Highly recommended in the dark and when the charge is low.

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Can I move the clock on the lock screen?

You can do so many things on your iPhone 7, which is why some people are starting to wonder if they can also move the clock on the lock screen. Some want to move the clock down, and some even want to hide it from the lock screen. If you are a perfectionist, this can ruin your ideal background.

Some people contacted Apple because they couldn’t find this feature anywhere. It turned out that there is no such function. You cannot move your watch around the lock screen.

However, this does not mean that you will never get this feature. Apple may decide to introduce it in a future update. You are not the only one who asked for this, many others want this feature and it seems reasonable enough to us.

How to Move Clock on iPhone 7 Lock Screen

If you’re using an iPhone 7, you already know you can customize pretty much anything. From Home and Lock Screens to Photo Albums and Font Sizes.

You’ve probably already set up your wallpaper with photos of your loved ones or some motivational stuff. If you also want to know how to move the clock on the lock screen, we have an answer for you.

Dual time display. is it possible?

It would be great to show a few clocks on the lock screen! It would look very cool and you always knew what time it was in another country. People who have moved to another state, or those who are at a distance, can use this feature.

You will always know what time it is in your Partner’s city or your family’s state; this will help avoid possible misunderstandings. You would never risk calling them while they are still sleeping and so on. Unfortunately, iPhone 7 does not support this feature.

Of course, you can download various applications that show multiple clocks and use them instead. But when you exit the app, you won’t be able to see both times on the lock screen.

You can always use World Clock, which is built into your Clock app. You can add as many places as you like and scroll down and see how long it is there. All you have to do is enter world time, click on the plus sign, and select a city. The list contains all major cities of the United States, as well as some important world capitals.

Even if you don’t know anyone who lives in a different time zone, it might be interesting to know the time in a different part of the world.

Things you can do

Even if you can’t move the clock on the lock screen, there are tons of other things you can customize on iPhone 7. But since we are talking about this, let’s mention some other watch-related features.

The good thing is that you can choose whether you want the time to be in 24-hour or 12-hour format. All you have to do is go to settings and then click on General. After that you have to click on the date and time.

Here you can choose how the time is displayed on your iPhone. You can also choose a time zone and decide if you want your iPhone to update it automatically or if you want to do it manually.

The last word

It is currently not possible to move the clock on the lock screen of your iPhone 7. You also cannot have multiple clocks on it. We hope this article was helpful to you and Apple introduced these features in the future.

Where would you move the lock screen clock if you could? Would you place it somewhere on the screen or remove it? Let us know in the comments below.

Is it possible to connect a Samsung watch to an iPhone

The procedure for connecting Samsung Watch to an iPhone is as follows:

  • Place the Samsung Gear next to the smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Launch the application.
  • On the welcome screen, click on the “Connect to Gear” button.
  • The program itself will find the Galaxy Watch and offer to connect to them.
  • After the devices are connected, the access password will be displayed on the screens of both. It does not need to be entered anywhere, it is enough to confirm that the desired code is displayed on the display of gadgets.
  • To confirm on the watch screen, press the “checkmark”, and on the iPhone. the “Pair” button.
  • The Galaxy Watch is now synced to your iPhone and can be used.

Important! Before connecting your Samsung watch to your iPhone, you need to update your gadget to the latest version.

Is it possible to connect an Android smart watch to an iPhone

Recently, there has been a tendency associated with the transition of “Yabloko” to wearable gadgets running Android. There are basically two reasons for this:

  • The price of products from Cupertino has long been the talk of the town: analogues from other manufacturers are half the price.
  • The design of Apple’s smartwatches leaves many questions for developers. I want something else that would emphasize the style of its owner.

Some smartwatches look indistinguishable from real ones

So how do you connect your Smartwatch to your iPhone? Fortunately, programmers have heard the aspirations of ordinary users and now it is possible to use a smart chronometer from most manufacturers with the iPhone. At the same time, you do not need to arrange dances with tambourines. a couple of applications and simple manipulations with them are enough.

Connecting Other Smart Watches to iPhone

It will take a little more effort to sync portable devices from other manufacturers with an iPhone. So, all the preparatory measures have been completed, but for verification, a kind of checklist is presented below:

  • there is a smartphone running Android with an application installed on it to control smart watches;
  • the BLE Utility application is installed on the iPhone;
  • the clock itself is present and it is turned on;
  • Bluetooth is enabled on both smartphones.

Now you can start synchronizing your gadget and your Android smartphone:

  • Open the application and click “Configure”.
  • Select the desired language on the watch.
  • After completing all the requests of the application, it will start searching for the device.
  • When the search process is over, a code will be displayed on the screen of the wearable gadget, which must be entered into the appropriate field on the smartphone display and click the “Connect” button.
  • A few more manipulations (what exactly to do will be prompted by the application itself) and the clock is synchronized.

It is more convenient to watch the weather on your hand, and not reach your smartphone

The next step is to link your smart chronometer to your iPhone:

  • Launch BLE Utility Application.
  • Go to the “Peripheral” tab.
  • The watch will issue a special password that must be entered into a field on the iPhone screen.
  • Devices will start to align and pair.

How to connect Amazfit to iPhone

To connect a wearable gadget from Xiaomi, which are produced under the Amazfit brand, you will need to create an account in this program. It’s great if the user already has a profile on a social network: you can use it to log in to the application.

After you are logged in, you can start synchronizing:

  • Place Amazfit next to the smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone.
  • In the application, in the “Profile” section, select “Device”.
  • Click on “Clock” and select your model from the list provided.
  • The smartphone will start searching for the device and after detecting the wearable device, it will ask for confirmation.
  • Press confirmation on the Amazfit screen.
  • The device is now connected to the iPhone.

How to connect Smart watch to iPhone. step by step instructions

Configuring Smart Watch Connection to iPhone

After the pair is created, it becomes possible to configure the Smart-watch through the application installed on the iPhone. It allows you to:

  • determine which notifications from applications will be displayed;
  • set the screen unlock mode (is it possible to remove the lock from the iPhone screen through the watch);
  • choose a suitable dial;
  • customize music playback modes;
  • customize the display of weather, calendar and alarm.

Important! Please be aware that the range of available settings for Smart Chronometers will vary depending on the model and application capabilities.

How to connect Smart Watch to iPhone

Regardless of the manufacturer, when connecting smart chronometers to an iPhone, you need to check the battery level, install the appropriate program on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.

What to do if the watch won’t connect

Experience suggests that the most common reason why a watch won’t connect to an iPhone is because Bluetooth isn’t working. You need to check its status and if this is the only thing, try to synchronize again.

The battery level can also prevent the Smartwatch from connecting to the apple gadget. It is possible that pairing with an Android phone is interfering with the connection. In this case, you need to restart the watch, and turn off Bluetooth on the Android smartphone.

If, even after all the above actions, the connection did not occur, a cardinal solution is applied. resetting the gadget to factory settings.

System updates needed

The watch will not connect to a Google smartphone if the minimum working updates are not installed:

  • Google Play. at least 7.3;
  • SearchApp. from 4.0;
  • Android Wear. 1.1.

Why the clock with a SIM card does not work

To prevent problems when using a watch with a SIM card, you should consider:

  • capabilities of a telecom operator: the quality of the signal, the coverage area of ​​mobile communications, the ease of setting up the device depends on the choice of a reliable provider.
  • tariff with Internet traffic of at least 1 GB per month.
  • account replenishment: if the balance is at zero, the possibilities of the watch using an independent SIM card will be limited.

The general instruction for popular models of Smart watches in Russian will help a novice user to master the process of connecting and managing the device.

How to connect Samsung Smart Watch to iPhone

Another question is how to connect Samsung Gear S3 watch to iPhone. It was noted above that these devices are compatible with each other. The switching principle is similar to the one discussed above for Android phones. The difference is that the iOS app needs to be downloaded from the App Store. But there are some nuances worth paying attention to.

Connecting to iPhone

There is no need to install additional applications to pair Apple devices. Pairing occurs automatically when the Bluetooth option is active.

  • Turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi protocols on iPhone.
  • Turn on Apple Watch with the button on the edge of the case and hold until the image of the brand icon appears.
  • Bring the watch closer to the iPhone and wait for the connection message to appear.
  • Select “Next”.
  • Point phone camera at watch display.
  • Wait for the pairing message.
  • Register a wrist device via an identifier.
  • Set up Apple Watch by following the prompts.

iOS 14: How to Use Clock Widget on iPhone Home screen [Add, Remove World Clock Widget]

If the gadgets do not “see” each other, you should reset the settings of both devices to factory settings and repeat the steps.

Learn more about setting up and connecting Apple Wacth in step-by-step instructions: Setting up Apple Watch. features, apps, updates, reset

Connecting to an Android phone

All smartwatches, except for Apple Watch, successfully connect to smartphones running on Android OS. The principle of synchronization is generally the same, may slightly differ in the location of the required menus.

How to connect smart watch to Android phone:

  • Install the Smart Watch application on your smartphone. The required application for the correct operation of the watch model is indicated in the attached instructions. You can download such an application via a QR code or search in GooglePlay by name.
  • Turn on the clock and launch the application on the mobile.
  • Place the wrist device as close to the phone as possible.
  • Select the “Settings” item in the pairing program and wait for the clock to be detected.
  • Enter the pin code, if required, select the “Connect” option. In most models, the pin is entered by the devices automatically. If this does not happen, you need to find it in the paper instructions included with the watch.
  • If the connection is successful, the application will display the message “Connected”.

Application without connection

Above, we have covered how to connect your watch to a Samsung phone. But if desired, the Smart device can be used without a smartphone. For this:

  • turn on the Gear app;
  • touch the question mark, scroll down the screen and click Here;
  • select Language and mark the symbol that you are familiar with the instructions;
  • follow the tips for setting a PIN to protect your personal data;
  • specify the day and time.

Please note that in this mode, some functions of the Smartwatch will not be available.

How to Connect Samsung Smart Watch to Samsung Phone

If the issue with compatibility is resolved positively, you can connect your smart watch to your Samsung phone. Let’s take a look at the Samsung Gear S3 as an example.

By bluetooth

Algorithm of actions when connecting via Bluetooth:

  • Install the Samsung Gear app on your smartphone. It can be downloaded from the Android Market.
  • Turn on your smartwatch (this is required to pair it with your phone). After activation, a window appears that indicates the download and installation of the Samsung Gear application on the smartphone.
  • Run the application.
  • Select Connect to Gear.
  • Specify Yes after a window appears asking if you want to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.

If done correctly, the system will be able to connect the Smart Watch to your Samsung phone. The guide appears on the display. Then follow the instructions on the screen to get basic information on the functions of the application.

  • connection methods and display screenshots may vary depending on Samsung phone and software version;
  • after connecting the Gir battery can be quickly discharged;
  • before installation, you need to clarify which devices are supported by the program.

Via widgets

Most Android phones can display the clock as a widget in one place or another. Usually, an application that shows the time and is on the main screen can be duplicated on a locked one. Installing the widget is very simple:

  • Go to the menu (phone home screen).
  • Perform a long press in any place free of shortcuts.
  • Waiting for the appearance of an additional menu with widgets, wallpapers and settings.
  • Select the item “Widgets” and find the program “Clock”.
  • Hold and move it to any free part of the desktop.

Note! After these actions, the standard clock widget will always be displayed on the lock screen and on the main menu window. In addition, you can select the type of clock: analog or digital.

How to put the clock on the lock screen for android

Despite the fact that new versions of the Android operating system regularly replenish the OS with new features that expand functionality, add new applications and hidden software features, sometimes it happens the other way around: some things get worse. These include, for example, lock screen widgets. In the Android Lollipop version, their functionality has been degraded, so some of the examples will refer to older versions. This article covers how to add a clock to the lock screen for Android devices, how to move it, and how to remove a widget.

Clock widget

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Search for “clock widget”.
  • Select the first official firmware from Google.
  • Download and install it.

This will help restore the lost widget and place it on the lock screen. After that, there will be no more questions about how to return time to the screen of an Android phone.

Through settings

You can do all the same through the smartphone settings. To do this, turn on the splash screen as follows:

  • Go to phone configuration.
  • Find the section “Device” and the subsection “Screen” (“Display”).
  • Activate the “Screensaver” parameter.
  • Indicated in the configurations “Clock” (in addition to them, “Google Photos”, “Collage”, “Frame” and “Colors” are available).
  • Go to the context menu by clicking the “” button and select “When to start the splash screen”.
  • Select the “Always” mode to always find the widget on the screen.

After that, the clock will be constantly displayed on the desktop and the lock screen.

How to change and customize the clock on the lock screen in Android

You can not only add or remove clocks, but also fully edit them by changing the position and decreasing or increasing the size of the widget. On some phone models this cannot be done, while on others you can configure even more functions.

Decrease or increase the size of the watch

On most devices, you cannot resize clocks of the same format. This is due to the fact that the widget is initially made for a certain number of units. One unit is the size of one of the sides of a standard square icon.

Note! There may be cases that the program and its display are worked out, then it is quite possible to choose a widget of a certain size, but this happens rarely.

often, resizing means not only changing the size of the watch, but also changing the style or theme. To do this, press and hold the selected application until it begins to move with your finger. Next, it is removed, and a new widget is installed in its place.

How to move the clock on the lock screen

Sometimes movement can be performed by a similar action on the main window of the gadget. It works like this: the widget moves in the menu and changes its position on the lock display. Often this does not work, then you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the section “Security”.
  • Select the subsection “Screen lock”.
  • Click on the item “Lock screen styles”.
  • Choose the style you want and apply it.

After that, there will be a different lock screen and clock location.

How to display a widget on the lock screen?

To add widgets to your lock screen:

  • Swipe from left to right across the lock screen to reveal a large plus sign.
  • Tap the plus sign.
  • Tap the widget you want.
  • To resize it, drag the bottom down to increase or up to decrease.

How to set the clock correctly?

  • If the watch screen is dim, tap it.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Select “Settings”. If not, swipe left.
  • Click System Date and Time to set the time.

How to set the time?

How to set the time, date and time zone

  • On your phone, open the Clock app.
  • Click Settings.
  • In the Clock section, select your home time zone or change the date and time. If you are outside your home time zone and want to show or hide the time in it, click Show time at home.

How to make a clock on the Android lock screen?

  • Tap and hold an empty area on the home screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Widgets.
  • Press and hold the widget.
  • You will see images of the main screens. Drag the clock to the home screen.

How to install Yandex weather on the home screen?

  • Press and hold an empty space on the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, select Widgets.
  • In the list of widgets, find the one you need: Yandex, Drive, Maps, Metro, Navigator, Keyboard or universal Yandex application.
  • Click on the Widget and drag it to a free area of ​​the screen.

How to sync the time on your phone?

To enable the function of automatic setting of the exact time, go to “Settings” again, and then check the box next to “Enable automatic synchronization”. In the “Interval” section, you can set the frequency of synchronization.

How to set the time on Honor?

Open the Settings app, select System Date & Time. You can: Change date and time: Turn on Auto Adjust to synchronize the date and time of the device with the date and time of the mobile network.

How to return a shortcut to the desktop on iPhone?

In order to return them to the main screen, it is enough to move the switched off switches to the active position. Note that the “Install programs” switch is responsible for the availability of the App Store application. Immediately after applying the changes, previously unavailable applications will appear on the home screen of your iPhone and iPad.

How to display the clock on the iPhone screen?

Enter the special tab “Clock Hide”. In the tab menu, move the slider to the position called “Enabled”, then the lock clock will be deactivated. Move another icon to the “StatusBar Time” position, which makes it possible to turn on the display of the clock in the corresponding panel.

How to make a menu list in Apple Watch?

To do this, press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen, then forcefully press the display and select the List View option from the menu that opens. After that, the apps installed on Apple Watch will be presented in the form of a scrolling list, sorted alphabetically.

How to install WhatsApp on an Apple watch?

Installing and operating the WhatsApp messenger on Apple Watch

  • You need to open the iWatch program on your smartphone.
  • In the appeared context menu to select programs, click on the item “Search” or “Selection”.
  • Click on the icon of the desired program, after that we wait for the download to finish on the gadget.

How to make a clock on the screen off?

How to set a clock on the lock screen of an Android phone

  • On the main screen, in any free space, make a long press. An additional menu should appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Widgets”.
  • Click on the desired widget, then hold it and place it in the free part of the screen.

How to make an inscription on the iPhone lock screen?

A new item appears in the iOS settings menu, in which the tweak is configured. The first switch activates the change of the inscription, after which you need to enter any text in the line below. You can cheat and enter a space there, then the lock screen will be empty.

How to display the weather on the iPhone screen?

How to enable weather on the lock screen in iOS 12

  • Go to “Settings” on your iOS device. “Confidentiality”. Geolocation Services. “Weather”.
  • Next, you need to allow the “Weather” application to always determine the geolocation.
  • Then you should go back to the “Settings” and go to the “Do not disturb” section.

How to set the clock on the screen of an Iphone phone

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to install the clock on the screen of an Iphone phone?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

One of the iPhone users discovered a previously unknown function after several years of using the smartphone. A small video about it became a hit on social networks.

Ever since iOS 7, the Clock app icon on the iPhone displays the current time with an animated second hand. It would seem that all iPhone owners know about this, because the clock is on the main screen. However, as it turned out, there are quite a few users who have just noticed the animation. Some are convinced that the watch “worked” on their iPhone after the last update.

Has anyone noticed that the clock icon on the desktop is moving? This is a running clock!

Shock: the hands on the iPhone watch really move and show the correct time

Just now I found out that the image on the clock icon shows the correct time, and the second hand is moving this is a new feature?

I guess I’m dumb. Just noticed that the Clock app icon on iPhone 5s is animated!

Just now I found out that the logo of the watch application on the iPhone is animated and shows the correct time, the second hand is moving!

I just found out that the clock application icon on the screen of my iPhone moves and shows the exact time!

Did you know that the clock app icon on your iPhone shows the current time? And she moves?!

While on the home screen, users do not need to look at the status bar to find out the time. they can glance at the clock icon.

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How to Enable Always On Display Clock on iPhone X/8/7/6S/6/SE/5S/5C

After installing Hexaclock theme, the clock on the lock screen will be the same as in the screenshot. The Hexaclock theme is powered by the GroovyLock tweak, so you’ll have to install that as well. Do not be alarmed by GroovyLock to install along with the theme, after installation, go to this application, find Hexaclock and turn it on, after which you will need to restart your smartphone.

All novice Apple users make the same mistake: if they want to change the time and date, they go to the Clock application and begin to research it for a suitable section. The search for ways to set the time through this program will not bear fruit. without visiting the “Settings” of the device, such an adjustment is impossible.

To change the date and set the time on iPhone, follow these instructions:

Open “Settings” and go to the “General” section.

Next, find the subsection “Date and Time”.

Set the time format to 24-hour or 12-hour. Americans are more accustomed to the second option: they count down 12 hours before noon and 12 after it. Therefore, the 12-hour format is the default. If a Russian wants to switch to a more familiar 24-hour time format, he needs to switch the corresponding toggle switch.

Deactivate the “Automatic” slider. If you enable this option, the iPhone will independently select the time zone and determine the date / time, based on the data it receives through geolocation and from the Internet. There are a number of reasons for not using this option:

  • Times can change spontaneously on days when most countries switch from summer to winter (or vice versa). What is the threat? At least late for work.
  • The timing is incorrect when the iPhone owner travels and crosses multiple time zones. This is due to the fact that the SIM card constantly loses its signal and cannot provide the device with location data.
  • The option requires the inclusion of geolocation services, which in turn leads to a rapid consumption of energy.

Select a time zone. click on the appropriate field.

Then enter in the search engine “Russia” and select the city in which you live or which corresponds to your time zone. We choose the option “Moscow, Russia” and set Moscow time (UTC 3).

Click on the line in which the date and time are written in blue, and manually set the necessary parameters, scrolling through the kind of reels. You can find out the exact time for any city, for example, using the Yandex service.

There is no drum that would be responsible for setting the year. Therefore, if you want to translate the date a few years back or forward, you will have to try.

After that, continue to use the gadget and do not worry about the time being lost.

Trying to change the time, an iPhone user may find himself living in the 28th year of the Heisei Age.

This means that not the Gregorian calendar (which we all use) is activated on the device, but the Japanese one. It is easy to set the correct calendar: you need to return to the “Basic” section of the settings, then proceed to the “Language and Text” subsection (located not far from the “Date and Time”).

The Calendar menu prefers Honor Gregorian chronology to Japanese and Buddhist. Then, in the time settings, the year you are accustomed to will be displayed.

“Forum members” of the blog have discovered an interesting vulnerability in Apple devices with 64-bit processors (these are iPhone 5S and newer models). If you set the date on the gadget to January 1, 1970 and the time until 3 am, after rebooting the device will turn into a “brick”, and no software will be able to bring it back to life. even through the DFU mode.

What is remarkable about the named date? It is with her that the so-called UNIX era begins, which is also called computer time. From midnight on the 1st day of 1970 to the present moment, UNIX time is counted in seconds without breaking into days, months and years. The “capriciousness” of Apple technology can be explained simply: if you put, for example, 2 am in the UTC 3 time zone (Moscow time), the UNIX counter will go “into the minus”.

There are several ways to protect against this security breach. Owners of gadgets with a jailbreak are advised to download the BrickingDate tweak, which blocks the ability to put a “death” date. Other iPhone owners should simply update their gadgets to iOS 9.3.1, after which only dates from January 01, 2001 will be available.

Statistical fact: 60% of people watch the time not on a wristwatch, but on a cell phone. This is why it is so important to ensure that the iPhone is accurate. Automatic time setting on “apple” gadgets. so far, alas, is clearly an unfinished function; for users who prefer to travel and move between time zones, it is only confusing. It is more efficient to set the clock on the iPhone manually, relying on data from popular online services like Yandex.

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