How to make calls from an Android tablet

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Almost all tablet owners sooner or later ask themselves the question “is it possible to call from a tablet?” or “how to call from a tablet?” This is especially true for 3G versions of tablet models. “They also have a SIM card slot, so you can call from them anyway!”. the majority thinks. In this article we will deal with everything with you.

Why not every tablet can call?

Understand the most important thing. if the tablet has a place to insert a SIM card, this does not mean that it can call by default. The fact is that in addition to a SIM slot, a cellular module is also needed to provide voice calls and SMS. Your favorite 3G version has a 3G module that provides you with the Internet, and it’s not a fact that it also contains a cellular module. In fact, everything is a little more complicated, I told this in a simplified way so that it would be clear to everyone.

Do you understand what I mean? If you just want to call and all that through the tablet, then this moment had to be thought out in advance, and take a tablet with such an opportunity right away, since there is plenty to choose from.

Here is a link to Yandex.Market especially for you, where you can see a catalog of tablets from which you can make calls via cellular networks. You can find out if it is possible to call from your device on the same website. Write his model in the search at the top and look for the line “work in cell phone mode” in the characteristics. If it is, then it is possible, if not, then it is not.

Programs for calls from a tablet

There are also alternative dialers that work over the Internet:

Skype for tablets. Throw money into your account and call any number in any country over the Internet. By the way, the tariffs there are not biting, for example, 60 minutes of conversation per month for calls within Russia (home or cell numbers) will cost 2.79. It is not necessary to take a subscription, you can pay only for the calls made. The tariffs for Skype communication services can be viewed on the official Skype website.

Fring. An analogue of Skype, only less popular. Decent program, you can use it. There are video calls.

Roamer. Cheap calls to various countries, no more roaming charges.

are given at the time of writing 06.06.2013

Tablet for calls: 3G and GSM technology

Both technologies relate to the method of data transmission, however, they belong to different generations, therefore, they use different technologies for communication. GSM is in many ways inferior to 3G technology, for example, in speed or quality of data transmission. However, GSM is still the global mobile code. This technology, with slight differences, is used all over the world, which makes it possible to call subscribers anywhere in the world.

Used by GSM only for making phone calls and exchanging text messages. 3G technology also covers almost the whole world, however, it uses communication via the Internet for this, so users have the opportunity to exchange, including photo / video files. Since different networks are used, GSM and 3G technologies do not overlap and cannot replace each other. The connecting link can be called mobile companies that provide services for connecting to both methods of data transmission.

The presence of a slot for a SIM card in the tablet indicates that the device can use a 3G network for data exchange, however, without a built-in GSM module, it will not work to use the device as a mobile phone, because there will be no technical ability to connect to the global mobile network.

Using dialers

Dialers or just dialers are used only with a built-in GSM-module. The program interface is similar to that used in conventional mobile phones. You can download and install the program, if it was not included in the factory software, via Google Play. Dialers are free software, so they are freely available. The program has not only a window with the ability to dial a number, but also a phone book, as well as a block for text messaging.

We use the tablet as a phone

Regardless of what method of data transfer is used by the gadget, the owner of the tablet has the ability to communicate with the owners of mobile and stationary phones. For this, a number of innovations are used, as well as the installation of additional programs.

How to make calls from a tablet

You can make a call from any tablet, the only difference is what is required to make a call, since not all devices have the same technical capabilities. The gadget maintains a connection to the Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G, making it possible to call the subscriber through special programs.

Most of these programs provide an opportunity for free communication between registered subscribers, so you will have to pay only for traffic. You can use the programs for calls to mobile and landline phones, but these services are paid, therefore, to use them, you will need to periodically replenish the account of the corresponding program.

You can make calls from your tablet not only through special software. Some gadgets are equipped with a GSM module, which allows you to make calls via SIM cards of mobile operators without using the Internet. This module is present in all phones, but with tablets it is more and more difficult, since not every model, if there is a slot for a SIM card, is also equipped with a GSM module. Its presence should be indicated in the technical characteristics of the device, and also most often a dialer is already installed on the tablet, which looks the same as in any mobile phone.


It should be noted that not all tablets with a GSM-module have a “dialer” initially. The program may not be installed or may be blocked. Also, blocking can be used for international calls. In any case, it is recommended that you first try to install the dialer, and if after that the problem is not solved, you will need to flash the product.

VIBER is compatible with Android and iOS devices. If the opponent also has this program installed, then you can contact him, regardless of which country in the world he is. Only voice mode is available, however it is completely free.

An alternative is the use of Internet messengers, for example, FRING, GOOGLE TALK. Applications allow you to communicate via voice communication, and you do not need to pay for the call. Using these programs, you can communicate with other people without a SIM card, the main thing is that they also have these applications installed on their computer. how can i call from a tablet

Tablets from which they call

Modern devices are equipped with two types of modules: 3G, GSM. If you want to know for sure whether it is possible to call through a tablet, then make sure that the appropriate software is present in the purchased device. Such devices are equipped with a slot for a SIM-card, having installed which you can use the services with a connection.

Important! Many tablets are equipped only with a 3G module, in which case the use of the services of a mobile operator is not available. The specified module is required to connect to the Internet, but without GSM it will not be able to provide standard telephone communication.

Users wishing to make calls should pay attention to devices equipped with MTK chips. Models of the following manufacturers comply with this condition:

  • ASUS;

An additional condition for establishing cellular communication is the presence of the “Phone” application. the program allows you to dial a subscriber’s number. Even if the device is equipped with a GSM module, but does not have the appropriate software, it will be impossible to make calls. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to establish mobile communication from a tablet without 3g, since it will not have a SIM card slot.

Is it possible to make calls from a 3G tablet?

An integral condition for making phone calls is the presence of a 3G module. There are several ways to learn from a 3G tablet about the possibility of establishing a connection. The first and surest sign of a 3G system is the presence of a calling card slot. However, this is not an incontrovertible fact indicating the presence of this module. It is quite possible that the card complies with the CDMA standard, which will significantly complicate the search for a mobile operator. Internet connection for such tablets is carried out using the WI-FI module.

To find out what type of connection, you can install a GSM standard card and turn on the device:

  • open the settings folder;
  • go to the “About tablet” tab;

The ability to make calls from a 3G tablet depends on several factors:

  • software version;
  • availability of software;
  • presence of a GSM module.

The best option is to choose a device running on Android 4.0, in this case there is no need to install additional software. If the device runs on Android 3.2, you will have to install an application that allows you to dial phone numbers, send text and multimedia messages.

You can make calls from a 3G tablet if the specified conditions are met. If there is no software or access to the GSM network, then dialing a number, as well as connecting with a mobile operator will be impossible.

It is possible to establish telephone communication using a tablet computer, if the appropriate modules and software are available. For this you need to use a GSM SIM card, which will allow you to use the services of a mobile operator. Thanks to the 3G connection, you can make free calls to the tablet, even if there are no corresponding modules.

My phone stopped connecting to Wi-Fi, what should I do? The answer is here.

It is necessary to install special programs for this: SKYPE, VIBER. Thanks to these applications, you can establish voice and video communications, as well as exchange text messages. It is recommended to choose a tablet that works with MTK chips, such a device has the ability to organize telephone communication.

The most popular devices that can be used as a phone:

  • Galaxy TAB 3 from Samsung;

Carefully approach the choice of the device, having previously familiarized yourself with all its capabilities. Pay attention to the platform on which the device works, the availability of the necessary applications, and most importantly, the modules without which you cannot connect to the Internet and use the services of mobile operators. If all conditions are met, then there will be no problems with calls.


The Lenovo A7600 tablet has two cameras. The rear panel has 5 megapixels, while the front is only 2 megapixels. The quality of the shooting leaves much to be desired. The pictures are very mediocre, although the resolution of the camera is not bad.

In addition to quality, the user will have to face the lack of autofocus and a rather poor flash. When taking a picture at night, you shouldn’t hope for much. After all, even in daylight, the camera does not always allow you to take a good photo.

The front camera also does not shine with advantages, but with its help it is quite possible to cope with such a task as making a video call from the Lenovo A7600 tablet.

The speakers located near the screen provide “Lenovo A7600″ with good sound. Of course, the device does not have the best bass, and the location was chosen a little poorly. When handling the unit, your fingers will interfere with the speakers, covering them. And this will affect the sound.

Undoubtedly, the placement of the speakers on the front side is an excellent solution, but the Lenovo company in this tablet model could not realize the full potential of the plan.


The display is one of the main advantages that the Lenovo A7600 tablet has. The characteristics of the screen, of course, let down a little: considering the diagonal of 10 inches, the resolution of only 1280 by 800 looks rather mediocre. Fine details are noticeably washed out and the image is grainy. However, the viewing angle and excellent display behavior in the sun iron out most of the shortcomings.


The company has equipped the device with a processor with as many as four cores with a performance of 1.3 Hz. Accordingly, the tablet is able to work without braking or freezing. Naturally, not all modern games and programs will work perfectly, but much is not required from a budget representative.

Less will be pleased with the RAM, which in the tablet is only 1 gigabyte. Such a filling can cope with video playback without any problems, even with HD quality. There is no need to expect more from such a device. The tablet has 16 GB of internal memory, and also supports flash drives with a capacity of up to 32 GB.

The device is capable of working with 3G networks and, in addition, has all the necessary functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Chinese manufacturers have always paid a lot of attention to their appearance. The Lenovo A7600 tablet was no exception. The device has got a large 10-inch screen and bright colors. The front side is made in the usual black color, but the back is made of blue plastic. This combination nicely distinguishes the Lenovo A7600 tablet from the general background. Such a decision of the designers allowed the gadget to look a little more expensive.

On the body of the device there are two cameras, a front and a main one, on the side there are controls for controlling the sound, a USB socket, a 3.5 connector, as well as a place for a flash card. There are stereo speakers on both sides of the display. On the back there is the company logo and the main camera.

Slightly beveled corners on the sides complement the design of the tablet, making it visually thinner than it is.

Why Lenovo Tab M10 Full HD has No Regular Calling feature ?

The tablet weighs 544 grams, so it will be very difficult to hold the device with one hand. There are also disadvantages: fingerprints will be visible on the back cover of the device. The same situation occurs with the screen. After a few touches, already visible traces appear.

Tablet “Lenovo A7600”: device overview

Expanding the range of mid-priced tablets is a rather profitable decision for the manufacturer. Lenovo, which produces inexpensive and functional devices, can rightfully be considered a leader in this niche.


The device has got a battery with a capacity of 6340 maH. The battery capacity allows the tablet to be in standby mode for approximately 50 hours without additional recharging. With active use, the “Lenovo A7600″ tablet can work for about 6 hours, which is very good for devices with a large screen and a lot of useful functions.

The most expensive feature in the device is 3G. Working in this mode, the device will require additional charging after 4 hours.


The device runs on “Android” 4.4.2 with a proprietary shell from the company. Such a system is sufficient to install most of the games and necessary applications. In case the device comes with an older system, it is advisable to replace “Android” with a more modern version.