Loading books into iBooks via iPhone

Unfortunately, in order to buy literature on the App Store, you need an account that was registered in the United States. If you cannot boast of having one, and you have no desire to create a new one, it is better to go straight to the free section. Most of the books in it are in English, but all useful instructions for using Apple technology, including the iPhone, are written in Russian.

To get to this section, go to iBooks, in the upper left corner there will be a button “Store”, by clicking on which you get to the book. Then you have the opportunity to add search criteria. genre, topic, rating, you can also read a short description for each file.

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Under the desired book there is a download button, by clicking on it twice you download the selected volume and it appears in your iPhone on the bookshelf with a blue download bar, when it reaches the end. you can safely start reading.

IBooks has a division of books by format. The first window contains the ePUB format, and when you switch to the second, PDF files are displayed. You can add and shape your personal shelf with your favorite writers and directions.

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iBux is not supported on IOS earlier than 10.0. and what should I not read from my 4th iPhone now??

How to upload your books from your computer

In order to download your favorite reading material from a PC, you need to go to iTunes, click the File section, and then select “Add to Library” from the drop-down menu and drop the desired book there. It will appear in the Media Library, in the Books folder. It is worth remembering that the iPhone only supports ePub and PDF formats. But this is not a big problem, because there are many online converters that will turn any format into the desired one for free.

Next, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC using a USB cable or synchronize it with iTunes via WI-FI, in a special menu you need to click on your device and click on the Books menu. Next, you need to click on “Synchronize books” and place a checkmark in front of the necessary ones, or all. After completion, the selected files will appear on the shelves in the application.

Also in iTunes there is a book editor, to use it you need to go to the Library, right-click on the desired work, click on “Information” and add your changes to the title, correct the author’s name or set a beautiful cover. This will make the application look like a real library on the iPhone.

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iBooks: Download Books to iPhone

First of all, let’s decide that we will read all downloaded books using iBooks, stylized as a simple bookshelf of an application for Apple devices. This program is “native” for the phone and therefore there is no need to download it using iTunes.

Many additional functions, for example, text highlighting and searching for the desired quote on the work, make it very convenient, and animation when turning pages and original book covers add additional beauty and a certain coziness. There are several options for downloading your favorite literature to the iPhone, each of which will be described in detail below.

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Perhaps the easiest way to download eBooks is using the iPhone itself. First of all, you need a reader app here. Apple offers its own solution for this case. iBooks. The disadvantage of this application is that it only supports ePub and PDF formats.

However, the App Store has a large selection of third-party solutions that, firstly, support many popular formats (TXT, FB2, ePub, etc.), and secondly, they have an expanded range of capabilities, for example, they are able to switch pages with keys volume, have synchronization with popular cloud services, unpack archives with books, etc.

When you have acquired a reader, you can proceed to downloading books. There are two options here: download works from the Internet or use the application to buy and read literature.

Download from the network

    Launch any browser on your iPhone, such as Safari, and search for a piece. For example, in our case, we want to upload literature to iBooks, so we need to look for the ePub format.

After downloading, Safari immediately prompts you to open the book in iBooks. If you are using another reader, tap on the “” button, and then select the desired reader.

  • The reader will start on the screen, and then the e-book itself, completely ready for reading.
  • Download through apps to buy and read books

    Sometimes it is much easier and faster to use special applications for searching, purchasing and reading books, of which there are many in the App Store today. For example, one of the most famous is LitRes. Using his example, we will consider the process of downloading books.

      Start LitRes. If you do not yet have an account for this service, you will need to create one. To do this, open the “Profile” tab, then tap on the “Login” button. Log in or create a new account.

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    Then you can start searching for literature. If you are interested in a specific book, go to the “Search” tab. If you have not yet decided what you want to read, use the “Store” tab.

    Open the book of your choice and make a purchase. In our case, the work is distributed free of charge, so select the appropriate button.

    You can start reading through the LitRes application itself. to do this, click the “Read” button.

  • If you prefer to read through another application, select the arrow to the right, and then click on the “Export” button. In the window that opens, select the reader.
  • Downloading books to iPhone

    You can add artworks to your Apple device in two ways: directly through the phone itself and using a computer. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

    How to download books to iPhone


    You can transfer e-books downloaded to your computer to your iPhone. Naturally, this will require resorting to the help of iTunes.

    If you are using a standard Apple application for reading, then the format of the e-book should be ePub or PDF.

      Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes. In the left pane of the program window, open the “Books” tab.

    Drag the ePub or PDF file to the right side of the program window. iTunes will immediately start syncing, and after a moment the book will be added to your smartphone.

  • Let’s check the result: we launch Ibuks on the phone. the book is already on the device.
  • Third Party Book Reader Application

    If you prefer to use a third-party application instead of a standard reader, you can usually also download books to it via iTunes. In our example, we will consider the eBoox reader, which supports most of the known formats.

      Launch iTunes and select the smartphone icon in the upper area of ​​the program window.

    On the left side of the window, open the Shared Files tab. A list of applications will be displayed on the right, among which select with one click eBoox.

    Drag the eBook to the eBoox Documents window.

  • Done! You can launch eBoox and start reading.
  • If you still have any questions about downloading books to iPhone, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    How to download books to iBooks (Books) program for free directly on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without a computer (instruction for devices with iOS 9. iOS 12)

    Open the stock Safari browser on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

    In the search query, enter the query of interest or an already known resource.

    Select a book and click “Download ePub”.

    In the page that appears, tap “Open in iBooks”.

    Enjoy reading!

    How to download books to iPhone or iPad for free and without a computer

    The Books app is not only a stock and free solution for iOS, but also one of the most advanced readers in the entire App Store. In this article, we will tell you how to download books to the corresponding application directly to the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without a Mac / Windows computer and with its help.

    One of the main drawbacks of the Books application is the supported formats. there are only two of them: PDF and ePub. Despite this rather important nuance, ePub has gained popularity, and there are plenty of books in this format (all the more, you can convert a book to ePub yourself).

    How to Upload Books to iBooks via iTunes on MacOS Computer

    With the arrival of OS X Mavericks, Apple decided to separate Books from all iTunes (audiobooks were not affected). That is why a separate iBooks program for Mac appeared, which allows you not only to manage existing books, but also to read them directly from computers based on macOS. The disadvantages have also increased: all books from iTunes are automatically moved to desktop iBooks, which made synchronization with mobile devices somewhat more difficult, and the ability to add a cover and change some information about a book was removed, which is a pity.

    So, we have a book on our Mac / PC hard drive that you want to move to the iBooks application via iTunes, and then to the iOS device.

    Open iBooks → Store → Authorize this PC and enter your Apple ID and password.

    Next, go to the iBooks menu → Settings.

    Here you need to check the box next to the item “Synchronize bookmarks, selected text and collections on devices”.

    Move the book to iBooks by simply opening the ePub file in Finder or drag and drop it into the open iBooks window.

    Open iTunes → Store → Authorize this PC and enter your Apple ID and password.

    Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Mac using a USB cable.

    Go to the tab of the connected device.

    In the side menu, open the “Books” tab.

    In the window that appears, check the box next to “Synchronize books” and select one of two options (“All books” or “Selected books”).

    In the lower right corner, click the “Synchronize” button.

    Open iBooks on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and you will see the added book with a blue “New” label.

    How to download books to the Books app for free directly on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (instructions for devices on iOS 13, for devices with iOS 9. iOS 12 instructions below)

    In the search box, enter the required query (Download ePub, title of the book in ePub, author, etc.) or the address of a well-known resource with books.

    Select a book in ePub format. The book will start downloading to the device in the Files application using the Download Manager in iOS. You can watch the download progress in the upper right corner.

    After the download is complete, click on the Download Manager icon and select the downloaded book. The file manager Files will open. Tap on the book.

    How to Download Books to iBooks via iTunes on Windows PC

    Open iTunes. Click on the user icon. enter your Apple ID and password.

    Click on the button with three dots “” and open the “Books” section.

    Add a file to your library to do this: a) just drag and drop the ePub book into iTunes; b) open File. Add File to Library (Ctrl O).

    SIM card

    How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone from Nokia? First and simplest solution. this is using an old SIM card.

    What to do under these circumstances? You need to act like this:

    • Turn off Nokia.
    • Remove the SIM card from the corresponding phone.
    • Insert SIM card into iPhone.
    • Turn on the “apple” device.

    Nothing else is needed. It remains to open “Settings”, “Mail, addresses, calendars” and “Import from SIM”. These actions will help to transfer contacts from the SIM-card to the memory of the “apple” smartphone. Transferring contacts takes a minimum of time. Only this technique helps those who do not plan to change their phone number. Otherwise, it is recommended to use other techniques.

    ITunes Help

    Let’s start by using iTunes. This is the most common decision. How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone from Nokia?

    Once the relevant data archive is ready, decisive action can be taken, namely:

    • Launch iTunes on your computer. This utility is free. It works with different operating systems.
    • Connect iPhone to PC. A USB cable is used for this purpose.
    • Pass authorization in “iTunes” using “AppleID”.
    • Move contacts to iTunes window.
    • Select items: “Information”, “Contacts” and “Synchronize”.

    It remains to wait a few minutes. The procedure will be completed, and the contacts will be uploaded to the “apple” device.


    When thinking about how to transfer contacts to iPhone from Nokia, the user should be ready for non-standard solutions. For example, use third-party applications to bring your idea to life. These programs are often referred to as “iTools”. This utility is somewhat similar to iTunes, but it is not fully capable of replacing it.

    How to copy contacts to iPhone using a similar method? The following actions will help in solving this task:

    • Install iTools on your computer. Both Russian and English versions are now available.
    • Connect iPhone to computer. It is advisable to do this via a USB cable. Otherwise, errors and failures are not excluded.
    • Upload your contact list from Nokia. We have already been told about this process.
    • Run “iTools”.
    • Go to the “Contacts” section in the left menu.
    • Drag the prepared phone book into the corresponding field of iTools.

    But these are not all possible solutions. Some users are able to transfer phonebook from Nokia to iPhone without additional utilities.

    iCloud to the rescue

    Contacts from Nokia to iPhone are sometimes transferred using iCloud. For this, the phone book is pre-loaded into vCard. How to do this has already been said above.

    As soon as the corresponding document with contacts is formed, it is recommended to proceed as follows:

    • Open on PC iCloud.com.
    • Sign in with your Apple ID profile.
    • Go to the “Contacts” section.
    • Click on “Settings”. The corresponding button looks like a gear.
    • Click on “Import vCard”.
    • Specify the path to the location of the previously prepared phone book.
    • Open iPhone and go to iCloud.
    • Click on the “Synchronize” button, then open “Contacts”.

    Usually the last two steps are redundant. Synchronization with “iCloud” is automatic. Therefore, transferring contacts takes a minimum of time and effort. The main thing. have an internet connection on your mobile device. Otherwise, it will not work to bring the idea to life.

    About the ways

    In fact, everything is not so difficult. Transferring Nokia contacts to iPhone is much easier than it sounds. The user has a certain freedom to choose the solution to the problem.

    You can pay attention to the following techniques:

    • transfer with a SIM card;
    • using iTunes;
    • work with iCloud and other cloud services.

    These are the simplest solutions. Alternatively, iTunes can be replaced with iTools. In this case, data transfer will require less effort.

    Export from Google

    How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone from Nokia? The next alignment. it is unloading contacts from Google mail. To do this, you will have to synchronize “Nokia” with “Google”.

    What exactly do you need to do? The following instructions will help:

    • Open on Nokia Google.
    • Login to mail.
    • Go to the “Contacts” section.
    • Click on the “” button.
    • Click on the line “Export”.
    • Click on vCard.
    • Save document to computer.

    This is only part of the entire data migration process. How to copy contacts to iPhone? Now it remains to correctly transfer the generated document to the “apple” device.

    Where to download the book on iPhone?

    I say right away that there will be no links for downloading books at all. Such sites are considered pirated and you don’t really want to find problems. I can just give a couple of tips on what criteria such a site should meet:

    • download links, or adequate file hosting without waiting, but ideally only direct links to the file;
    • only book file formats, no.exe files;
    • we are looking for sites where there are the desired formats for books (for each application in different ways);
    • we are looking for a pleasant interface so that it is convenient to find the desired book and less advertising;
    • more different ratings.

    Once we have found a good resource, save it to our bookmarks. Also, do not forget about social networks, because now you can find quite good groups.

    There are groups that download books in a certain format, which is very convenient when you have decided on an application, because you do not need to waste time converting.

    How to download a book to iPhone?

    As I said, there are several options for downloading the book to the iPhone and I will try to describe everything as clearly as possible. There will be a lot of information, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate and write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Well let’s start.

    How to read books on iPhone?

    Not so long ago, the iPhone was equipped with a smaller screen. People still managed to read it and it was fine with them. As for me, it was not entirely comfortable, but with the advent of smartphones with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, everything has changed dramatically in this regard.

    Now, probably every second iPhone owner is very active and happy to read any text on his device and gets only pleasure from it.

    There are actually not many ways to read. First of all, they can be divided into third-party reading applications and the standard iBooks program. And then the system is as follows:

    • buy books directly in the app;
    • download to the device using a computer;
    • download directly to iPhone.

    But today I will focus on just simply dropping the book. Let’s disassemble each method separately, but first of all, you need to understand where to get the book you need.

    How to download a book to iPhone

    The era of phones has come, when they can already quite pass for a tablet. The large screen offers many advantages and one of them is reading.

    Thanks to the large inches, you can comfortably read books on many iPhone models. Therefore, owners often began to wonder how to download books.

    I fully devote today’s article to reading books on the iPhone, I will tell you how to throw it off with and without a computer. All the necessary information is only here, so make yourself comfortable.

    How to download a book to iPhone without a computer?

    The easiest and fastest way is the option with a regular browser, and above all, you should already have a reader installed.

    I’ll show it using iBooks as an example, and then it’s easier to navigate, because the scheme is completely similar:

    • you need a site with direct links to download books and the formats must be pdf or.epub;
    • by clicking on the link, the book will load, click once on any place on the screen and Open in appears, which we click;
    • loading starts, it may be long enough and then a list of suitable programs appears;
    • select Import from iBooks and the program opens with the book already loaded.

    If this is.epub, then the file download may just appear and then the same Open in button will appear, where we select the desired application.

    This is the fastest way, but there is another one that also deserves attention and has a right to exist.

    How to upload a book to iPhone using iTunes?

    The skipping scheme in iBooks and third-party applications is slightly different. First, I’ll tell you about the first option, then I’ll describe the second, which is much faster.

    How do I fold a book into iBooks? The process is simple enough, but it will take a little of your time:

    • download the file with the epub or pdf extension and remember where we saved it;
    • now launch iTunes, click on Music. Edit menu and then check the box next to Books;
    • select Music again and now we have the Book item, which we select;

    drag the book to an empty area of ​​the window and it should appear;

  • we connect our iPhone to the computer;
  • click on the phone, which is located in the upper part of the window, thereby switching to your device;
  • select Books on the left. put a tick in front of Synchronize books. Apply. Done;

  • we check our device for the presence of a book in the application.
  • Now you can enjoy reading books without worrying about anything. Now it remains to talk about the option when the standard program does not suit you and I will tell you using the example of TotalReader.

    How do I drop a book onto a third-party application? Everything is a little faster and easier here than in the first version.

      we connect the device to the computer and go to it by clicking on the phone;

    select Programs on the left. scroll down the central window to the list of programs. select the desired program. Add file.

  • you do not need to synchronize anything, the file is already in the program.
  • That is, in principle, all the possible ways that can help you develop. After all, now you will have a whole library on your iPhone.

    How to Download a Book to iPhone: The Best Way

    If you are wondering how to download a book to iPhone, then it is very easy to do. We will analyze the main, as well as an alternative way to accomplish this task.

    The main way

    In this case, we will use the iBooks application, which can be downloaded from the App Store if you do not have one, as well as the iTunes program on your computer, which can be downloaded from the official Apple website.

    Also download the books you need in EPUB or PDF format to your computer. It is very important that the format is exactly that. otherwise the smartphone simply won’t find them.

    If you have all this, you can start. Let’s say right away that the download can be done completely free of charge.

    This is done as follows:

    • Launch iTunes on your computer and open the “Books” section on the main page. If this section is not initially visible, select “Edit” at the top, then “Menu” and put a tick next to the desired inscription.
    • When you go to the “Books” section, the “Media Library” tab will be selected at the top. If not, open this tab yourself. Next, click in the upper left corner of the “File” program window and in the menu that appears, select “Add folder to the library” Next, just indicate in which folder your books are located, which you want to transfer from your computer.
    • Now they are in the iTunes library and need to be transferred to the iPhone. To do this, connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable and click on the phone icon in the upper left corner of the program.
    • Then go to the “Books” tab in the program window (on the left navigation panel). Check the box next to Sync Books. Two inscriptions will become available (not translucent) a little lower. “All books” and “Selected books”. If you want to transfer only certain copies of those that are in the iTunes collection to iPhone, select the second option and check the options below. At the end click “Finish”.
    • Now just open the iBooks application on your smartphone and you will see the thrown books that you can read with complete peace of mind.

    If you do not have the opportunity to use your computer to complete the task, you do not have to transfer files through iTunes, but simply download them on the Internet.

    To do this, you just need to install iBooks and use the standard Safari browser. Open the download page for the book in PDF or EPUB format. It will display “Open in iBooks”. Click on it and start reading.

    We have analyzed the main method, but there is an alternative.


    On the Internet, including the App Store, you can find many so-called “readers”, that is, programs that are designed specifically for reading. For example, there is Bookmate. In it, you can simply use the search to find the book you need and read it in the same application.

    Here is a list of other similar apps that are very popular:

    How to download and listen to audiobooks on iPhone?

    IPhone owners who prefer to listen to literature rather than read it should be aware that audiobooks for Apple devices have a special format. About where to find such audiobooks and with which applications to play them, will be described in this material.

    Paper books are slowly becoming a thing of the past. it is obvious that over time they will only be of value to collectors. Book lovers have a reason to abandon this form. buying paper editions is now an expensive pleasure. At the same time, books in electronic format (PDF, DOC, MOBI) and audiobooks can be found freely available on the Internet.

    Reading text from a small iPhone display is very tiring for the eyes. especially if a user is reading on public transport, who is constantly shaking. But listening to audiobooks from a mobile device does not cause any harm to health. In this article, we will talk about how to transfer an audiobook from computer to iPhone, and how to listen to it with maximum comfort.

    How to download listen to audiobooks on iPhone in m4b format?

    In order to convert mp3 to m4b, only a few converters can cope. For this procedure, you can use, for example, a simple program MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. You can download this utility on this site.

    Using the program is simple: you need to download an audio file in mp3 format via the “Add” button, then click “Start Conversion”.

    After the progress bar reaches the end, the audio file in m4b format will be in the same folder as the source.

    It is still better to download files from the Internet that are originally in m4b format than to solve the conversion problem later. The converted files cannot boast of a chapter breakdown. and this is one of the main advantages of m4b books.

    Find books for Apple on torrent distribution sites such as www.my-tfile.org and www.goldenshara.org. We will download the book by S. King “The Wind Through the Keyhole” from the second site. The description indicates that the book has a sewn-in cover and is divided into chapters. this is always worth paying attention to.

    To download an m4b book to iPhone, proceed as follows:

    Launch iTunes and again add the file using the CTRLO combination.

    Go to the “Books” tab. there you will find the m4b file.

    If the “Books” tab is not there, it means that you have not yet added it to the work panel. Click on the button with three dots, then select “Edit”.

    In the list that appears, check the box next to “Books” and click “Finish”.

    Go to the device control menu and select the “Audiobooks” section. After that, check the box next to “Synchronize audiobooks”.

    Users most often have problems copying audiobooks due to the fact that they skip this point.

    Click the “Sync” button and wait for the copying of audiobooks to your mobile device is complete.

    You can also listen to m4b books through the “Music” application, but you will not find them in the list of ordinary musical compositions. In the built-in iPhone player, click on the “” tab.

    In this tab, select the section “Audiobooks”.

    In the “Audiobooks” section, you will see the m4b files that were downloaded.

    The audiobook player looks a little different. It has a couple of additional functions: rewinding the audio track 15 seconds back-forward (1) and switching the speed of sound playback to slow or fast (2).

    You can use other applications to listen to audiobooks on iPhone.

    Audiobook apps on iPhone

    The “book” application from Apple iBooks is now installed only on iPhones with iOS 10, so most of the users, alas, are not available. Fortunately, in the AppStore you can find programs that are even more suitable for listening to audiobooks.

    Please note that many applications from the AppStore are not designed to play audio files previously downloaded to the device. they offer to download books from their own library for a fee. These applications include, say, “Listen!” from Liters and “Loudbook Audiobooks”. If you already have a suitable audio file on your iPhone, it is obvious that the listed programs will not work for you.

    The best application for listening to audiobooks downloaded to iPhone in m4b format is MP3 Audiobook Player. You need to add books to the catalog of this program through iTunes. in the “Shared files” section of the “Programs” section. The application will give more accurate instructions immediately after the user starts familiarizing himself with it.

      Flexible customization. In the application settings, you can set the audio playback speed, rewind duration, color theme and other parameters. The function of gradually decreasing the volume. This feature is invaluable for book lovers who love to fall asleep to the voice of the announcer. If the user sets the time to 10 minutes and the auto sound adjustment interval to 50%, then the speaker’s voice volume will slowly decrease over 10 minutes until it reaches half of the original. After that, audio playback will stop. If the user has not yet fallen asleep by that time, he can lightly slap his hand on the iPhone, and the volume will begin to gradually recover. Sleep timer. If you activate the timer, the program will stop playing audio after a certain period of time. 10, 30, 60 minutes. or at the end of the chapter.

    Developers expect to eventually equip MP3 Audiobook Player with their own browser for downloading books and integrate with cloud storage.

    How to Download Audiobook on iPhone?

    Books of both formats can be listened to through the standard Music application. however, this method is not very convenient, because the book lover is deprived of the opportunity, for example, to make bookmarks.

    It is most convenient to search for audiobooks in mp3 on the social network. It is enough to drive “audiobooks” into the search line. a huge number of suitable groups will appear in the search results.

    We’ll search the Exploding Audiobooks community (www.vk.com/audibooks). This group is convenient because it contains torrent links to audio files. However, even if there are no torrents, you can download books from using one of the browser extensions (add-ons). For example, we will use “Download Music on ” in a browser from Yandex. after installing this add-on, a small button with an arrow pointing down appears next to each audio track.

    For download we have selected the work of W. Grum “Forrest Gump”. We downloaded the book through the browser add-on and received an mp3 file.

    Next, it becomes necessary to download the audiobook to the iPhone. Users should follow this algorithm:

    Connect iPhone to PC with USB cable and launch iTunes.

    Press CTRLO is a keyboard shortcut for adding a file to your library. Explorer will open. through it select the appropriate audio file.

    Then click on the “Open” button. The book will appear in the library.

    How to make an iBook in Pages iOS

    Go to the device control menu in iTunes (by clicking the button on which the smartphone is depicted) and synchronize the gadget with the media combine.

    The book will appear in the “Music” application.

    You can listen to it in the same way as any other audio file.

    You can download books to the iPhone for free not only through iTunes. applications with their own libraries (like “LoudBook Audiobooks”) also offer free access to literature. However, this literature, as a rule, is third-rate. high price tags are set on books of high artistic value.

    The task of downloading audiobooks to iPhone is simplified if the mobile device itself is jailbroken. In this case, you can install the iTransmission tweak and download data from torrent distributions directly to the gadget.

    Download over the Internet

    In order to download a book without a PC, you can use the first method. Many users mark it as the most convenient and effective method of downloading the necessary literature. Thus, you can download any book on the “iPhone” directly into the iBooks application. To do this, you need to open a browser and enter the appropriate request.

    Then you need to click on the link that appears and open the desired site. For the iOS operating system, you must select books in ePub format. Also, the user needs to select a program that will open this file. After that, the book will immediately open in the library.

    Where to download the book for free?

    Many literature lovers are wondering how to download a book on an iPhone. Today there are many sites that provide the ability to download a book of any genre and style. Until now, some owners of Apple mobile devices do not know where to download books to their “iPhone”. Among the most popular services are the following:

    • Kobi Free EBooks.
    • BooksInMyPhone.
    • Bibliotastic.
    • EBook-Cafe.
    • Free Book Group.

    The user just needs to put the appropriate filter, which will sort only free books.

    general information

    Apple has made sure that the owners of its inventions cannot directly exchange information. But downloading the book to the “iPhone” is quite simple, using several special applications from the AppStore. This article contains information on how to download and read books on the “iPhone” completely free.

    Loading methods

    There are special programs and simple techniques that allow you to quickly download the book of interest to your mobile device. The user can choose one of the following methods:

    • World Wide Web.
    • iTunes.
    • Application “liters”.

    Next, we will consider in detail each of these methods.

    How to download books to “iPhone” from computer?

    To transfer a book to a mobile device from a computer, you need to connect the gadget to a PC via a USB cable. Then you need to launch the iTunes application on your smartphone. The user needs to go to the “Books” tab and drag the necessary literature from the folder on the PC to the “Books” tab window.

    Then you can go to the connected device labeled iPhone and check the box “Sync books”. The download of the book will start after the owner marks the downloaded file and clicks on the “Apply” button.

    How to Download Books to iPhone: Steps, Book Formats and Reading Applications

    Reading books has become a favorite pastime for many people. A mobile phone is a multifunctional device that allows you to not only make calls and view messages, but also read e-books. If you wish, you can download masterpieces of world literature to your phone. Let’s consider how to download books to “iPhone”.

    How to upload books to iBooks via iTunes

    Launch iTunes and go to the “Books” section. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, then you can download the latest version of the utility on the official Apple website.

    Note: if the “Books” section is not displayed, click “Edit menu” and activate the section by clicking on the switch of the same name.

    Click the Library tab and drag EPUB or PDF books or documents into the iTunes window. If suddenly, for some reason, the transfer fails, add books manually using the menu “File” → “Add file to the library” (or “Add folder to the library” if you want to download several books at once, which are collected in one directory).

    Connect iPhone to Computer and Select it in iTunes.

    Select the “Books” tab and activate the “Sync Books” switch.

    Click “All Books” to transfer all books to iPhone or “Selected Books” to transfer specific.

    After completing the selection, click “Finish”. Opening iBooks after syncing has finished, you will see books placed on the shelves that you can already read.

    As you can see, loading books into iBooks cannot be called the easiest operation, in particular, due to the fact that you have to connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable. Fortunately, wires can be omitted.

    How to read books on iPhone via iBooks

    There are many different book reading apps on the App Store. However, most of them are either inconvenient to use, in particular, when loading books into the application, or paid. Not everyone knows that there is no need to look for a specialized tool for reading books on the iPhone. IOS has a great application for this. Speech in this manual, as you already understood, will focus on iBooks.

    iBooks is Apple’s official book reading app. Over the past few years, iBooks has evolved from a not-so-good “reader” into an excellent tool that is both flexible and allows you to download books as quickly as possible. Surprised to hear this about iBooks? So you haven’t tried to use it for a long time, but now we will explain everything.

    What book formats does iBooks support?

    iBooks works with two file formats. EPUB and PDF. The now popular FB2 book format is not supported by the application, but finding an alternative on the Internet is not difficult for almost all books. Also at your service are various converters that instantly one file format to another without a strong loss of quality.

    How to upload books to iBooks via iTunes over Wi-Fi

    Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.

    Select your device and on the Overview tab, turn on the “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi” switch.

    Click Finish.

    After applying the settings, you can disconnect iPhone from the computer. the connection with iTunes will not be disconnected. This means that you can download books to iBooks without the need to connect the device to a PC or Mac using a cable. You can also delete books from iPhone via Wi-Fi.

    How to download books to iBooks via mobile Safari

    Downloading books to iBooks is possible without the help of iTunes at all. To do this, however, you need to find the right book or document on the Internet.

    Open Safari and go to any online library site that can download EPUB or PDF books (like this one).

    Find the book you need using the search.

    On the book page, find a direct link to download the book in the formats you already know.

    In the window that opens, scroll up and click on the “Open in iBooks” button. The book will be added to your library.

    The first article in the series How to read books on the iPhone is complete. You can now upload your favorite books to iBooks in three different ways. However, alternative applications are no less good and we talked about them in these articles:

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