WhatsApp and iPhone reserve copy of the WhatsApp chats? Step.by.step guide!

If you are an active user of the WhatsApp messenger, you are sure that you have chats and correspondence that you would not want to lose at any force.organ event.

In the event that you configured a backup copy of WhatsApp chats, then you can be calm and not be afraid to lose them. At any time and on any device you can restore all the information of your account: contacts, correspondence and chats.

About how to make a backup copy of WhatsApp and iPhone chats and I will tell you further in this step by step guide.


Most of the WhatsApp backup settings on iOS are located precisely in the application itself. It is extremely important to indicate those parameters that meet your needs in order to avoid the loss of important information in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can change the frequency of creating copies at any time.


DR program.Fone is a tool that allows you to easily transfer data from instant messengers from one iPhone to another smartphone running iOS and Android. In our example, we will consider the principle of transferring VOTSAP from iPhone to iPhone.

Please note that after transferring chats from one iPhone to another, from the first device all correspondence will be removed.

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Mortgage of WhatsApp data using Tenorshare icarefone Transfer

Everyone knows that specialized applications from conscientious developers can significantly save time and effort on what you can sometimes do yourself, but for a longer period or not always effective. If you want to transfer all WhatsApp from one iPhone to another, then you will not find the program better than Tenorshare icarefone Transfer. Convenient to use, unpretentious in PC requirements, with high indicators of both efficiency and efficiency, Icarefone Transfer will allow you to achieve the desired result without any effort on your part. All that is required of you is to connect both devices to the computer with the installed program and follow the instructions on the screen. So, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the brief guide to use this utility.

  • Step 1 : On the official page of the product, download the Tenorshare icarefone Transfer program file and install it on any computer available to you.
  • Step 2 : After completing the installation of the program, start it, and then connect both of your iPhone to this computer using the corresponding USB cables.
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Note : 1) Before starting work, make sure that you entered your WhatsApp account on the new iPhone. 2) Disable on your new phone the function “Find iPhone” for the duration of coping WhatsApp data.

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Step 3 : after the program of your devices with the program, indicate which of them is the original and which is the target. To do this, click on the arrow down next to the phone name and select another device.

Step 4 : Next, click the “Transfer” button in the central lower part of the program window. In a pop.up window with a request to rewrite WhatsApp data on the target device, click “Yes”.

Step 5 : Wait for the completion of the backup process of all WhatsApp data on the source phone and subsequent restoration of them on the new iPhone. The duration of this process will depend on the volume of data. DO NOT DISTROMENT DIRECTIONS DO NOT DOING AND AND THE COMPLETES OF THE WORD.

Bonus: how to restore WhatsApp from a backup

We found out how to create a backup of WhatsApp, but if you want to restore it, then a solution to the problem as Tenorshare Icarefone Transfer will help you! This program is able to get your texts and from the WhatsApp application too. We recommend now reading the article how to postpone WhatsApp correspondence or how to transfer a backup of WhatsApp.

We have successfully studied several methods of creating a backup of texts from WhatsApp. While, while ICLOUD and iTunes reserve the entire data set, using Tenorshare icarefone Transfer will maintain your precious time and effort, due to its flexible ability to reserve and restore and restore. Storage of a backup in Google Drive is also not a light walk.

make, backup, whatsapp, iphone

Setting backup

Even an inexperienced user will cope with setting up and launching a backup system. Apple ID in the smartphone has already been introduced, so there is nothing complicated. follow the instructions:

  • Check the activity of ICLOUD DRIVE;
  • Unlock the smartphone and run WhatsApp;
  • Go to “Settings. Chats. Reserve Copy”;
  • Select “Automatically” and set the desired schedule for saving backups in iCloud.

How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp on iPhone. THE EASY WAY!

Reservation is carried out automatically, according to the schedule, at 2 a.m. The formed copy is sent to iCloud, this requires the Internet connection. In the absence of connection, the formed archive will be sent later.

When changing the smartphone, use the “Create a copy” button. In this case, the latest version of the correspondence will go to the Cloud. this is the opportunity to get a copy with all messages guaranteed to.

Backup in the cloud

The most convenient way to preserve backup copies is in the cloud storage. For Android devices, this is a google disk, for iPhone smartphones, this is icloud. Reserve copies not only save correspondence, but also allow it to transfer it to another smartphone, which is very convenient. all the chats will remain.

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The backup in the cloud storage is carried out according to the schedule chosen by the user:

How to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iPhone? (2022)

  • Every day. this schedule may seem paranoid, but in case of loss, theft or breakdown of a smartphone in the cloud storage, the latest version of your entire correspondence will be. Most users choose this particular schedule, since it is as reliable as possible;
  • Weekly. not the most popular schedule, since in just one week the number of messages in WhatsApp can grow several times. Actively communicate in instant messengers and are afraid to lose important data. select daily conservation;
  • Monthly. a schedule for those who practically do not communicate through WhatsApp or do not value correspondence. Low saving frequency can lead to a loss of important information. It is recommended to choose a weekly, and even better daily schedule.

The HatsApp also implements manual mode by pressing the “backup” button in the corresponding section of the messenger.

Automatic backup, regardless of the selected schedule, is launched at 2 a.m. WhatsApp connects to the server and saves a compressed copy there. If the “Copy Video” checkbox is installed in the reservation settings, new videos will also be saved. In the absence of connection to the Internet, the procedure will be interrupted to the nearest connection to the network.

To configure backup in the cloud, follow the instructions:

  • Launch the messenger and go to its settings;
  • Go to the menu “Chats. a backup copy of the chats”;
  • Select a schedule in the “Google disk settings” section, after which whatsApp will offer to choose an account to save a backup;
  • If necessary, activate the video saving.

If you need to urgently change the smartphone, go to the settings and make the current copy by pressing the “Reserve Copy” button. Remember that on the new smartphone you should be authorized under the same account as on the old (Google or Apple ID account).

As you can see, the issue of preserving the contents of the chats in which the WhatsApp user is involved, the creators of the information exchange system paid due attention. Once having set up regular backup, you can almost forget about the probability of the loss of the history of correspondence with other owners of accounts in the messenger so that it does not happen to your device.

on this topic:

Made a chat with data to the mail. Opened on PC, correspondence with files in just a week, 10 photos and TXT took 5 MB. And when I made an export of a chat without files, TXT 216 MB (apparently the whole correspondence hit). How it turns out that it does not save all files, if restrictions in this operation?

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Hello. As for the restrictions imposed by WhatsApp to use the “Chat Export” function, they exist and are installed on the maximum possible number of messages that can be removed from the messenger. Exports up to 10,000 separate messages are available if the “attach media files” option is activated and up to 40,000, if the photo and video are not extracted in the process of maintaining correspondence. Regarding the specific situation you described, then it is not clear what the problem is and whether it is at all. Please explain in more detail and more precisely, it may be mistaken somewhere I will quote you: 1. “Opened on PC, correspondence with files in just a week, 10 photos and TXT took 5 MB”. That is, the chat existed for only a week, you exported it and the total volume of the resulting files turned out to be 5 megabytes, correctly? If so, then everything is in order-10 photos of the TXT file with messages so much space and should take approximately. Or the problem is that not all correspondence has been removed, but only that part of it that has been formed over the past 7 days? 2. “And when I exported a chat without files, TXT 216 MB”. There are some unrealistic numbers here. Even 40 thousand. messages available for export by the messenger limit would take an order of magnitude smaller. Maybe we are talking (and then doubtfully) about kilobytes? “Apparently the whole correspondence has hit”-you can, for verification that everything necessary was removed to open the received Txt file, see the date of the first message at the very beginning and understand from what moment the data was preserved to the file In a word, if you are not sure of the acting of the conducted WhatsApp chat export procedures, perform a test extraction of one correspondence with and without media files for example, describe the result and how it is unsatisfactory, we can advise anything.

Now I repeated the conservation of the chat. If without files.then TXT takes 248 KB and correspondence begins with 06.05.2017. If I make exports with media files, then TXT occupies 1 KB, correspondence begins with 06.09.2020 and only two photos and one video recording (only 7 mb)