How to find out the password from Wi-Fi on iPhone

The password from the network is often different from the standard. It is necessary to remember it in order to enter in the case of connecting a new gadget. In the event that the user does not remember the access key, you can look at the device that was connected to this network. And the password from the Wi-Fi network on the iPhone is stored in encrypted form. Therefore, it will not work to see it in the standard way. In the smartphone, only access keys to various services in the browser are preserved.

But the iPhone has a useful function that allows you to share a password from the network with other users. For this you need:

  • Go to the smartphone settings and connect to Wi-Fi network.
  • Place a smartphone that also needs to be connected to the network, next to the already connected.
  • On the second device you should go to the settings and select the corresponding Wi-Fi network. A password entry should be displayed on the screen.
  • On the iPhone, which is already connected to the network, a message with the “Share password” team will be displayed. As soon as the user clicks on the corresponding button, the second device will be connected to Wi-Fi. The password will automatically remain on the smartphone. At the next connection, the user will not need to enter the access key.

This method is suitable only for a smartphone running iOS. Connect the Android device in this way it will not work.

information on how to share a password from a Wi-Fi network between devices running iOS, you can watch in this video

Applications for iOS “iPhone” (iPad) without Mac

This situation implies that the iPhone already has a network connection, but the Wi-Fi code is still not able to find out. There is a need to enter it on a computer or other gadget. Solving the problem in the “Keys in conjunction”, which appeared for the operating system (OS) iOS 7 approximately in 2013.

Previously, watching the code from Wi-Fi via iPhone was possible from a special item in the settings. Now access to confidential information has become more complicated. You can find out the codes for various web services from the settings: Safari section, Password item.

Unfortunately, finding out the key to Vifay on “iPhone” without the presence of Mac is unrealistic, which means that you will have to use a special tweak loaded from the Cydia, application store.

Many applications have passed the so.called IOS jailbreak procedure. This is a function supported by Apple, which allows you to get full access to the device. Jailbreak helps the user to expand the capabilities of the device not supported by the company for this:

  • Find in the store an application called Wifipasswords.
  • Reload Springboard, start a downloaded tool, after which all the Wi-Fi-networks will be available to the user.

Using this tweak, the user is able to quickly view the saved passwords.

Using the Jailbreak application

For newer iPhone models (on the iOS system older than 7 versions), the instruction is somewhat more complicated. A certain system file in the phone’s memory stores the necessary information, and we need to get access to it. This can be done using the Wi-Fi Password List tweak, which can be downloaded through the store on Cydia. Twik displays a list of all networks to which the phone has ever connected, and access keys to them. The main condition is that the application can be launched. the smartphone must be hacked, t. e. You need to make a jailbreak. Without jalebreak, see the access code from the saved network on the iPhone. The procedure is done as follows: 1. Turn on the air mode on the phone, turn off the password, Touch ID and the “Find iPhone” option. Just in case, make a backup through iTunes. 2. Install Pangu 9 on PC (available for Windows and MacOS), run the rights of the administrator. 3. Connect the iPhone to PC, the utility must determine its. Then press the start. 4. In a couple of seconds, this window will appear, click on Alread Backup. 5. The connected phone will automatically restart during the process. After you need to activate the aircraft mode again, as it will turn off automatically. 6. Launch the Pangu application that will appear on the desktop of a mobile device. 7. Jailbreak Completed, the procedure is completed. Now you can install twig. After loading Wi-Fi Password List (this can be done through Cydia) on the desktop will appear an application icon. To see the password from the desired network, just open it and choose a network from the list. Under each of them, the code is displayed. Also, the application also displays additional information related to the network, for example, the quality of the signal, the type of encryption, etc. D. You need a jailbreak for the application of the application.

How to find out Wi-Fi password on Jailbreak iPhone or iPad?

With the help of hacked iPhone, your capabilities of using a smartphone will expand, because earlier they were impossible due to Apple restrictions. One of these things is to view all the information on your gadget. There are a huge number of applications in the Cydia store, with which you can find out the saved Wi-Fi passwords.

Find out how to hack iOS, you can familiarize yourself with these articles:

  • To get started, download the Wi-Fi Password application in Cydia (the application is absolutely free).
  • After loading, click the “Install” button in the upper right corner (the installation process will take several minutes, or even seconds).
  • After the installation is completed, open the application. In it you will see a list of all saved networks, including their names and passwords.

Now you know how to look at Vifaya password through the application on your iPhone.

If it did not work

If it is not possible to get a ROOT right on a mobile device or the methods described above did not help, then try alternative methods. Some of them suggest a lot of time and a lot of manipulations, so you need to be patient.

The following are effective alternative ways to obtain passwords from Wi-Fi. And they are all quite simple.

Through the settings of access point on the smartphone

This method provides for the use of the standard capabilities of the apparatus. It is relevant if the network is protected.

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Click there sequentially points “” → “Modem mode”.
  • Next, click the line “Wi-Fi access point” and select in the proposed list “Access Settings” and below the line with a closed combination of characters we set a check box near the “Show password” option.
  • Then we introduce the resulting combination of characters on the second apparatus to connect with the network.

It is important to note! The names of some menu items can be slightly different depending on the OS version, the model of the smartphone and the manufacturer, but in general the procedure for all devices is the same.

Using PC

This method provides several algorithms of actions, so we will analyze the simplest. If the PC is connected to the desired network, then you need to perform the following:

  • You need to click the mice on the network icon in the lower right corner of the monitor.
  • Next, you need to click on the connected network, after which in the proposed list select the line “Properties”.
  • Then, in the new window, you need to select the Safety tab and install the box next to the “display data” option.
  • Then it is necessary to introduce the resulting combination of characters in the smartphone to connect to the network.
look, password, faya, iphone

If you need to get a password from the network to which PC previously connected, then it is necessary:

  • Also press the network icon, select the “Networks control and total access” tab there.
  • Next, select the “Wireless Network Management” tab in the right block.
  • Then press the desired network with the mouse and expand the Safety tab in the new window.
  • Then, to view the hidden password, you need to install the checkmark next to the “display data” function.
  • After that, the resulting combination of characters must be entered on a mobile gadget to work with the network.

Reset parameters of the router

If the password from the router is lost, then you need to drop its tinctures to factory. To do this, press the Reset button on the router and hold it for 5-10 seconds. This is done with a thin sharp object (for example, with a toothpick, a clip or knitting needle). The discharge process is accompanied by a characteristic flashing of LEDs, so the difficulties with this procedure should not arise.

After resetting the parameters of the router to the factory in the form of the entry of the Web-intese, you need to enter data (login and password) from the device sticker. Next, the device is adjusted in accordance with the parameters of the provider and the manufacturer’s instructions. After that, you can change the login and password from the Inte Wee, as well as change the name of the Wi-Fi network and make protection in the form of a complex combination of characters (at least 8).

If these methods do not allow to solve the problem, then your equipment is possible malfunctioning. Therefore, contact the service center for its diagnosis and high.quality repair. True, it is sometimes more advisable to buy a new router, because the repair will cost much more.

Below are answers to the most common questions regarding passwords of Wi-Fi networks, as well as settings of smartphones and routers.

How to View WiFi Passwords on iPhone! [iOS 15]

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Is it necessary to receive a ROOT right to find out the password from Vifay on the phone using third-party software?

Yes, to work this software, they require to ruin the gadget. If this does not suit you, it is better to look at the password in the router. Use the corresponding instruction that is located above.

Try to open it from the phone if you did it before. If you did not, then drop the equipment parameters and enter its integration with the factory password and login (these data manufacturer indicates the router label).

The problem is most likely from the provider or a monthly fee is not paid. Contact the provider’s Support and find out what’s the matter. I work around the clock.

I’m trying to connect the gadget with the Wi-Fi network, but the message “Authentication Error” is constantly emerging. What’s the matter?

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This message suggests that the password is incorrectly indicated. Therefore, look, perhaps you use another layout, introduced some symbol incorrectly or did not indicate something. Adjust the entered data and try to connect again to the access point.

Open the route of the router, select the “Wireless Mode” item there and enter the suitable combination of symbols (numbers, letters and special systems in the “password” line). It is worth recalling that there should be at least 8 symbols. It is desirable to periodically change the protective combination so that your home network does not hack.

Most likely problems with the system, so try to return it to the factory state through recovery. You can find instructions on our website or other Internet resource.

It is not difficult to find out a protective combination of characters from a Wi-Fi network, the most important thing is to choose a more convenient way for yourself. In addition, you need to adhere to all points of the instructions. If you have difficulties with this, then this article describes alternative ways of obtaining a network password. It also gives answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Wi-Fi passwords, phones and router settings. Thanks to this, any user can find out the forgotten data of the network, as well as set up a smartphone or router.

Method: Find out the password using the router code

This method does not act with all routers, but sometimes it was he who saved in difficult situations. The bottom line is to check the password using the router code.

See Connected WiFi Password on iPhone | Show WiFi Password on iPhone (Easy Way)

  • Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the Wi-Fi connection panel.
  • Opposite the connected network you will see blue “i”.
  • Click on her.
  • Look for the “router” in the tab (the numbers that belong to your router should be displayed in this field).
  • Copy these numbers.
  • We go to the browser.
  • Enter numbers into the search field.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Next, you should display a pop.up dialog box with two fields (password/login).
  • In both fields we write “admin”.
  • Press you ready/okay.
  • If everything went well. The settings of the router will open, in them we are looking for a connection “Wi-Fi”.
  • Find the field with a security password from Wi-Fi.

We learn the password through the IP address

In the iPhone itself there is no password display function, but this does not mean that there are no ways to get a code. Before you search for a password, connect your device to the Wi-Fi network, the code from which you want to get.

look, password, faya, iphone
  • Open the “settings” on the iPhone.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi menu and tape “I” next to the connected network.
  • Copy the IP address indicated near the paragraph “Route”.
  • Go to Safari browser.
  • Insert the address in the search line and activate the search.
  • A window will appear in which it is necessary to enter the password and the name of the router, they are usually indicated on the router itself.
  • After entering the system, you can find a password from your network in the settings.

This method will only work if you know the login and code from the router.

Security recommendations

Experts advise using the cipher for blocking and confirmation using Touch ID (fingerprint scanner). If a smartphone loss occurs, then in the absence of protection, the founder will gain access:

Very often, information on the phone is more expensive than the device itself. If a similar situation has occurred, then the best way out will be the opening of the ligament of the keys on the MAS and the removal of all the information through the cloud storage of iCloud.

After the task is completed, the code change is carried out according to the scheme:

  • From the main menu you need to move to Aiklud;
  • Visit a “bunch of keys”;
  • Find the section “Parameters”;
  • Change security encoding.

If the phone has passed the hacking procedure, then the user from Jailbreak receives a lot of new opportunities, but he takes all the consequences.

Such devices are removed from warranty service in the company’s representative office, because it is the closeness of the system that reduces the indicators of its vulnerability to various kinds of attackers.

To increase the safety of the home line, you need:

  • use a complex identifier consisting of letters and numbers of different registers;
  • Go to a modern encryption version. WPA or WPA2 PSK;
  • Replace the classic “admin” with more reliable encoding.

In this case, no one can change the identifier, it will not have to restore or drop the equipment to the original factory parameters. The modern world requires compliance with digital security.

In order not to constantly connect to the administrator panel in network equipment or look for suitable software, you need to find out your identifier to the VIFI line once, then write it manually and send it to a reliable place. At home, it is better to connect all the devices on one account. it is easier to find which cipher is needed to enter the cloudy storage through the bunch of keys.

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