How to install a password for launching individual applications in iOS 7 using IAPPLOCK [CYDIA]

A new IAppLock utility has been published in Cydia, with which you can block access to applications, photos, videos, notifications and other important data on Apple mobile devices. The novelty is characterized by an excellent design designed in iOS 7 style, ease of use and a large number of settings. IAppLock is distributed absolutely free.

If you want to limit access to photographs, notes, calendar or your iPhone or iPad settings using a password, you should pay attention to IAPPLOCK. The utility is a separate application that allows you to protect with the help of a secret combination of characters any icon on the iPhone and iPad desktop.

To configure the iApplock after installation, you need to start the utility icon. Here you will immediately be invited to introduce a master parole for access to applications and the program itself.

The IAppLock Inte WeepLock Intections. Protect, Setting and the first is a screen for choosing important applications. they will open on the device only after entering a password. To add new icons, press the “” button “. A list of installed applications will appear in alphabetical order, opposite which you need to put a check. Free version of IAppLock is limited by five programs.

The second setting tab lists the options for thin tuning. Here you can turn on and disable the iAppLock, activate the delay before blocking the icons with a password and specify the desired period of time (from 1 to 30 minutes). Also, the section allows you to change the main password of the program, specify the mailing address to restore password and install a photo for the IAppLock lock screen. It is noteworthy that the program can hide the integrated application integrated on the multitasking panel. A separate Hide Snapshot switch is responsible for this.

The third tab contains references to the developer’s accounts on social networks, the description of the application and the “Updated to the Pro version” button, which is currently not active.

IAPPLOCK is one of the most advanced solutions to protect the programs in iOS 7 and an excellent solution for everyone who uses their iPhone and iPad together with other users.

Before loading IAPLOCK, you should install an unofficial Cydia software store, for which you need to perform a jailbreak using Evasi0n 7. Detailed instructions for working with the program are published on the Digger for Windows and Mac OS X.

How to put a password on any application in the iPhone

Want to put a password on a specific iPhone application? This, it turns out, is possible. And below we will tell you what to do.

2) Choose below in the middle item Automation. And then create automation for yourself.

3) select the application below.

5) determine with the application. Let’s say this is Brave browser. Press further.

6) In add action, click on the timer.

lock, iphone, applications

7) Now start the timer for 1 seconds at.

8) Save. Press it.

lock, iphone, applications

How to Lock Apps on iPhone | Lock Apps on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID

9) go to the clock and put the timer action there at the end. stop.

10) now install. Everything!

Each time, launching the selected application, automation will be operating that sets the timer for 1 second. When it is triggered, the iPhone will be blocked. When starting, you will need to enter a password. No one outsiders can launch this specific application. You can put on many patrimonial ones, to which you do not want to allow anyone except yourself.

Password for the application

If you want to put the password on a specific application, then you can also use the “screen time”. You go in “screen time”, choose “application limits” “add limit”. Enter the password that you will use. Then, choose the application that you are going to block. Put one minute and “blocking at the end of the limit”. Then this application will be blocked.

How it will work

Every day, the limit will be reset (just like the deadlines in a row of one president). That is, it will be a free minute every day. When the application works for one minute, you can ask for another minute of the same application without entering the code of the screen time.

I told you how to hide the applications and how to put a password on the application in the iPhone. But stories about children and iPhones are not hardened on this. See how Apple blocks the creation of Apple ID to children and how to get rid of this blocking.

How to pack notes in the iPhone

Another source of personal information is notes. In them, users usually record their own thoughts and ideas, lists of affairs, purchases and various work data. Everyone should not see this, so it is better to protect the records with a password.

Notes blocking

How to put a password on the application in the iPhone, where notes are stored? The following instruction will help:

LOCK Any iPhone App With FACE ID or PASSCODE (New Easy Method)

note! A small icon in the form of a lock will appear next to the note, and a password will be requested at each launch.

How to open a locked note

To open a note, you will need to take a few simple steps:

At the same time, all the notes that are under the code are temporarily unlocked. This will greatly facilitate the work, allow you to copy and insert data from one file to another.

How to remove the lock

It happens that there is no more reason to keep a note under password, since it has lost its relevance or significance. How to remove the code:

  • Select the record that is protected by password.
  • Enter a password or attach a finger to remove the print and identification.
  • Click “Send”.
  • The settings window will open, where you need to select the “Blocking” item “.

note! The instructions are somewhat different for different devices from Apple. On the computer MAS, IPOD, IPAD there are its characteristics. Much depends on the IOS software version.

Only notes created inside the application are allowed to block, and those that are located in the cloud storage of iCloud. You can not set the password on the records inside which PDF, audio, video files, as well as made in Keynote, Pages, Numbers.

How to change the password

It happens that someone who was not supposed to see the password. Then personal information is at risk, the only way to protect it is to change the password:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select the “Notes” tab.
  • Press the “password”. “change the password”.
  • In the window that opens, you will need to enter the old password, after which it will be possible to set a new.

Important! The best way to protect personal data to date is to imprint finger or Face ID. But such methods are not supported on all devices from Apple.

What to do if you forgot the password

You can unlock the recording in one way. enter the password. What to do if the user has forgotten the password for iPhone notes?

The creation of a new code will protect new notes, but then there will be a problem: there will be many entries with various passwords on the phone or other device.

Therefore, the only way is to reset the lock and set the password again.

How to remove password from applications on Android

Removing the password from the application is as simple as installing. But the sequence of actions depends on the method of setting the blocking:

  • If the password was installed through the settings, it is necessary to cross the same sequence, but remove the “checkmarks” or shift the slider to the position “inactive”.
  • If the password was installed through the software complex, it is necessary to cross the same sequence and remove the lock from the applications. In this case, a repeated password may be required.

Thus, the installation of a password on personal data does not take a lot of time from the user, but will reliably protect personal and personal data from prying eyes. This is especially important if the smartphone stores information on work, bank card information or documents. The main thing is to choose the most convenient way.

FingerPrint App

A newcomer of the genre with an average reputation, but an extensive functional set. here you can hide photos, install a password, make backups and save not in iCloud, but in cloud storage facilities for maximum safety.

How to install a password on an application group in iOS 12

We go to the settings. screen time and select the item Turn on the screen time.

Below, we click the use of the Parol code and set the four-digit code, it will be used to block applications.

We go to the settings section. screen time. program limits.

Click add the limit and indicate the category of applications (social networks, games, etc.).

We set the limit for use. 1 minute, note the option to block at the end of the limit.

Applications icons will become darkened, and a special symbol will be displayed near the name.

lock, iphone, applications

Now after using any of the marked programs for 1 minute a day, the limit is activated. When starting the application, you will need to enter a four.digit code.

After that, the limit can be extended for 15 minutes, an hour or a day.


So that the password for installed applications in the iPhone really protects personal information from unauthorized access, install it using the iApplock tweak in Cydia. It allows you to block access to videos, photographs, notifications and applications from developers.

IAppLock Twik can be added subject to two conditions: the iPhone is made by Jaikbreak and installed Cydia. Let’s see how to put the password on the applications:

  • Perform jailbreak.
  • Install Cydia.
  • Open CYDIA, dial in search of iApplock and install twig.
  • Run the utility. Ask a master parole that will protect the iApplock from unauthorized access.
  • Open the Protect tab. Click “” and select applications that need to be protected by password.

The free version of IAppLock has a limitation on the number of programs. you can pack no more than 5 applications. Remove the restriction can be removed by buying a pro-version.

IAPPLOCK has additional settings that will help to make protection more convenient and functional. You can find them on the Settings tab:

  • Selecting the type of password input. graphic, ordinary.
  • Change of master parole.
  • Flower of the lock screen setting.
  • Blocking at a certain time of the day.
  • Installation of application prohibition/application removal.
  • Hiding the tweak icon from the working screen.

If you forget the master parole, you can restore access through e-mail, the address of which is indicated at the first launch of IAPPLOCK. And no restoration of iPhone through iTunes with information deletion is needed.

Cydia has other utilities for installing a password on the iPhone application with Jailbreak:

Look at their capabilities and decide which program is better for protecting personal data on iPhone.