AIBOLKO Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone. With a lively example of 120 megabytes

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Previously broadcast Radio “Station” (106.8) and program “Model for assembly”. Exactly at midnight, the host of Vlad Kopp began to read stories and novels live under the musical set of trance, psychedelics and embosses of DJ Incognito. The transfer format was so unusual that it quickly overgrown with the many thousands of the army of fans. In 2001, the radio closed, but his contribution to the modern subculture of the metropolis was a landmark, and the ether of the “Models for the Assembly” was dispersed by countless circulations on the network. Thanks to the program, modern youth learned that audiobooks can enchanted attention and how interesting the book is not to read, but to listen to.

Which of you downloaded to the iPhone audiobook? Not just a mp3 file, but digitized, as Apple prescribed-with a cover and m? Among my acquaintances of the iPhone owners there were no such listeners. Up to this day.

Digital content store audiobooks of different genres-from detectives to business literature.

In offline stores, such audio dides are 250. On Aiobilka, one book is sold for 99 with an assortment, you can find a www The list is replenished at the same time as publishers in turn signing contracts. Today another 200 works are occupied by their regiments. It is planned about 2000 positions.

Over the next five days, you can make pre-orders of any audiobook at a price of 79 (-20%). On December 17, your purchases knock on your door in three formats: M4B, MP3 and ZIP.

The correct audiobook should be able to leave bookmarks and changes in the speed of playback. M4B files. varieties of AAS format, the Bukka “B” indicates the possibility of auto.laying. “Bookmarkable”. There are also M4A files. these are also AAS format files, but ordinary musical.

Unlike mp3, M4B audio books can be divided into chapters, which is very convenient when listening, say, “war and peace”. Want to try?

Free: this can be done on a fragment of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Richs!””. Ipodovtsy, join.

First we need to log in to the site for everyone here.

You will see a green button, click. the book flies into Aivoska (an analogue of the basket in the terms of aisobilka). Next, go there. On the contrary, “Think and Rich!»Click on buy. Money is not withdrawn for this book.

We have a cherished button download, which we do. The size of the fragment is 120 MB, the sound time is 3 hours 37 minutes.

Listening instructions for audiobooks on iPhone

Open iTunes and drag an audiobook into an audiobook bookmark.

Connect the iPhone, find it in the laying of the device. In the Music bookmark, we put boxes opposite the desired audiobooks, click on apply. the iPhone begins synchronization with a computer.

Call the iPhone ipod icon icon from the iPhone desktop.

We go to the Audiobooks section, where we find our book.

We click on the content icon and fall into the numbered list of chapters indicating the duration of the sound.

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Previously broadcast Radio “Station” (106.8) and program “Model for assembly”. Exactly at midnight, the host of Vlad Kopp began to read stories and novels live under the musical set of trance, psychedelics and embosses of DJ Incognito. The transfer format was so unusual that it quickly overgrown with the many thousands of the army of fans. In 2001, the radio closed, but its contribution.

How best to listen to audiobooks on iPhone and iPad

Now many people have such a way of life that there is simply no time to read the book on the same smartphone or tablet, someone spends free time in the gym, others stand in traffic jams for several hours, the third work all day, and in the evening they want to ensure that The eyes at least a little rest. It was for such cases that audiobooks were invented: with the help of a special application, you have thousands of books in your. which you can listen, for example, on the way to work or study.

One of the largest services recognized around the world is Storytel, which not so long ago launched in our editorial office a lot of fans of good books, but due to a large amount of work it is not possible to read them. Therefore, the StoryTel application for iPhone and iPad for many turned out to be a real wand-lifting.

The application has available 2500 audiobooks in Russian (this year the base will grow to 15,000), which are represented in a wide variety of genres. from novels and detectives to fantasy, biography and psychology. Therefore, works like “Girls on the train” Hokins or “Lolita” of Nabokov will be found without problems. Each book is voiced by a professional announcer, and, most importantly, for listening, no connection is required. The audiobook card contains short information like the author, the dictator and the length of playback.

After the first launch, the application will immediately offer new items and bestsellers among the audiobooks so that you can quickly fill your book shelf. All audiobooks are collected here, which somehow seemed interesting. only one click, and you can proceed to listen.

When playing audiobooks, it is possible to set a sleep timer if you suddenly like to fall asleep under your favorite work, install the bookmark (do not bother each time first), select the reading speed, and also save an audiobook for the device in order to subsequently listen to its offline. in the same plane. In general, navigation on the application pleasantly pleases with its intuitiveness. in the side menu you can open recommendations, go to the search for the library or find the book yourself using categories.

We liked this application so much that the little things like registration only through the site and the need to enter the card number to activate the test subscription somehow faded into the background. The most important thing is that the service is almost the best of these, the library is regularly updated, and StoryTel can be used for a month completely for free. You can try, and then you should decide whether to pay for yourself whether it is worth paying or not, all the more, when registering, no one will withdraw money. Books in English will appear in the near future.

Title: Storytel Publisher/Developer: StoryTel AB Price: Free Purchases: No Compatibility: Universal Appendix Link: Install

How to download an audiobook on iPhone for listening without the Internet

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Today, not every user of a smartphone or tablet can allocate time reading time. It is not always convenient to do this from the screen of a mobile gadget, and long work with diode matrices can cause fatigue and visual impairment.

Books can be heard in audio format, and with our download instructions to do this not only online, but also without connecting to the network.

How to download an audiobook

Install the applications Fast commands and podcasts from the App Store.

Download the command for downloading audiobooks (thanks to the IOSSHORTCUTS community).

Set the command and at the first launch, give all the necessary permits.

Launch the command from the application fast teams and switch to one of the proposed sites to search for audiobooks.

Find the desired audiobook in free access or log in and get paid.

On the book page Open the menu to share and select the Audiobook2PodCast 2

The team generates a link for transferring audio books to the Podkasta application.

Now you can listen to audiobooks more comfortable than when using a browser, and in the application you can download an audiobook for listening in offline mode.

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Conclusions and results

There are few free audiobooks in the AppStore, I found only two normal ones, and upon closer examination, only one really free BookPlayer.

There are more sites with free audiobooks, but they all weigh the same (the same Sherlock Holmes-6GB), so you have to download through Wi-Fi, and I do not like Wi-Fi for this is evil

Therefore, it is more convenient for me personally to download on the desktop and then throw the audio books on the iPhone already through iTunes. But if desired, you can download and right from the smartphone.


Perhaps the best Audiobook on the iPhone, which boasts the most extensive catalog in the App Store. All acquired books become the property of the user and remain with him forever. They are available on all devices and the liters website. The program is distinguished by a transparent scheme for writing off funds, without hidden payments. All books are voiced by professional actors, which guarantees the quality of sound material.

The main functions of the application include:

    Introductory fragments for each book lasting from 10 to 60 minutes.


Looking through the best Audiobooks for iPhone, you should pay attention to this option. The program offers 50 audiobooks free. Full access to the collection and its future updates can be obtained for 1000. It is possible to purchase materials separately.

The prevailing majority of records are exclusive from announcements specially involved in working on the project. Key Features:

  • Downloading to device and listening offline.
  • Pre.listening before buying.
  • Adjustable reproduction speed and maintenance.
  • Constant collection updates.
  • Synchronization of the application data through iCloud.

Having familiarized yourself with the list presented, it will be possible to easily choose the best application for listening to audiobooks on iOS. Despite the fact that all programs are paid, the developers provide a trial period. Thanks to this, you can study in detail all available functions and decide on the need to design subscription.

We turn any text into iPhone into an audiobook. Even articles on the Internet

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It is more convenient for many to listen to the text than to read it. Therefore, the radio still lives, podcasts bloom and became superpopulsical video.

Others are vital in vital. Apple has long been packing its OS with special capabilities, which sometimes fit all.

Once my eyes were very tired, I could not look at the screen. But the material was too interesting. I wanted to at least listen to it.

Rummaged in the settings and found a quick solution. I share it below.

iOS knows how to read everything on the screen

To turn on the voice acting from the screen, do the following:

Open the settings, then the universal access point In iOS 12, open the settings basic universal access

Tap oral content

Turn on the cupcan screen aloud Upon request, set up a speech controller. You can leave it with a floating button on the screen or call with swings of two fingers from the upper edge.

The function works with articles, documents, books. anything, where there are related words.

▶ The function is sewn into the system and works in any application

▶ You can turn off the screen and listen in the background

How to LISTEN TO YOUR NOVEL with the Kindle App (like an Audiobook!)

▶ Convenient management of slides and accurate choice of the necessary moments

▷ Reproduction by touch does not always work

The type of voice acting can be changed in the Oral Content section under the voice point. All of them 5 plus improved versions. The latter is more natural due to intonation. True, the effect of the “ominous valley” remains.

iOS remains a closed system. At the same time, it is felt how Apple does the maximum so that users have no desire to install superstructures.

Let me remind you that the function was made for people with visual impairment. Therefore, the quality will not be perfectly adapted in intonation or accuracy, it is rather a “reserve” for vision.

But when you still want to relax your eyes, the superstructure will save you.

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For a long time, the first place in the top of the applications for listening to audiobook is occupied by Audible. The program gained sudden popularity in the distant 2008, when Amazon bought Audible for 300 million and began to actively develop it. What the program captured so for users? Well, first of all, this is the largest online library containing more than 200,000 audio headings, and this figure increases every minute. Audible is often used to post new publications. Many users note the program integer as the simplest, but at the same time exquisitely beautiful. Well, the third, the program is free on Android and iOS.

Convenient navigation for chapters, search for books on various genres and categories simplify work with the application. It is possible to leave bookmarks and change the speed of text playback. There is a choice of operating mode (background, sleeping, and so on). There is a quick switch between the text mode and the audio reproduction.

Audible will not forget about the books you read and tell you interesting news related to the work or author.

There is the possibility of integration with another product from Amazon. the Electronic book Kindle.

  • convenient navigation;
  • extensive choice of books;
  • professional voice acting;
  • recognition of voice commands;
  • There is no Russification.

The program itself is free, but if you want to download books from an official site, you can draw up a monthly subscription for 14.95. In the trial period, which is 30 days, you can download one book for free.

Smart Audiobook Player

Smart Audiobook Player is a fairly famous and convenient program for playing audiobooks. The functionality of the program provides comfortable listening to your favorite works. A convenient integration allows you to quickly navigate in the application. All loaded books are divided into four categories. The covers are pumped automatically, but if desired, they can be easily changed.

Separately, you can configure the shutdown timer, change the speed of reading the text, finish the list of characters, set the lock mode and leave the bookmarks. Audiobook can be manually rewind.

The program integrates for personal preferences of the listener: you can remove unnecessary buttons, change the order of sections, and so on.

  • Classification of books;
  • Automatic shutdown in case you fell asleep in order to continue listening in the future, just shake the phone;
  • History of reproduction;
  • Support MP3, M4A, M4B, AWB, OGG, WMA, AAC files;
  • does not require Internet access;
  • Lack of advertising.

The program is free and even without advertising, but there is also a paid version that provides synchronization with other devices. On a voluntary basis, you can also thank the developers.

How to listen to audio books on iPhone, iPad and iPod

There are several ways to listen to books on Apple devices, for this you can use systems of the system or software.

As for the formats available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, there are only two of them. MP3 and M4B. The first is perceived by the device as a regular musical file, there is no breakdown by chapters here, and when playing in the player, the moment will not be preserved at which the audition was stopped, and therefore this option is not very convenient. “Relatives” for an audiobook on iOS is the second format. M4B. It is easily recognized by the standard iBooks software (Apple Books), and if necessary, it is easy to convert mp3 into M4B, for example, using iTunes (more on that below).

Options how to download and listen to audio books on the iPhone can be as follows:

  • downloading audio recordings in MP3 and using a media player for listening (not the best way);
  • Content loading in M4B format and listening through iBooks;
  • involving programs for listening to an audiobook into mp3 without the need to convert to M4B format, with their help you can access the library or listen to files added manually, while the application remembers the place on which you stopped and some of them will allow you to leave tabs and notes in the book.

7 Tips You Must Know. How To Use Apple Books on iPhone

How to download an audiobook on iPhone for listening to mp3

To start listening, audiobooks should first be added to the iPhone. It is most convenient to do this through iTunes, while it is assumed that the book was previously downloaded to the computer and added to the iTunes media.

We will analyze in more detail how to transfer the audiobook in the mp3 format from the computer to the iPhone: after loading:

    by means of a USB cable (it is better if it is original) and start iTunes;

  • Click the “file” and in the drop.down menu select “Add the file to the media” (Ctrlo);
  • In the conductor that opened, we go into the folder where the audio video was downloaded, select it and click “Open” (the same effect is achieved by dragging the object from the conductor to the corresponding area of ​​the iTunes program);
  • The MP3 file will be added to the “Music” section, but in order to reproduce the audiobook on the iPhone, synchronization will be required. we synchronize the selected elements with the connected device.

How to convert mp3 in M4B using iTunes

Convertation of files from one format to another is performed in different ways (special converters, online services). You can also translate the m4b with iTunes by taking the following steps:

At the end of the audiobook procedure, it will move to the “Book” section and will be available for listening to M4B after synchronization with a smartphone via iTunes.

How to listen to an audiobook through iBooks

The programs are recognized only in the M4B, therefore, we either find content in the right format, or, if there is no one, we convert the file. This method of listening to audiobooks in comparison with the previous one is more preferable, since IBOOKS for books of this format will be available and convenient navigation for chapters, as well as the best quality and slight weight of files. Another advantage of using standard software is the integration with Apple Watch. You can download an audiobook on a computer, and then use the iTunes program, or immediately throw it on the iPhone (through the Safari browser) and add to the application.

Consider the method of downloading audiobooks in iBooks via iTunes:

  • We connect the Apple device to PC via USB;
  • Add a loaded M4B audio book to the media (CTRlo);
  • We go to the “Books” section (the file in the M4B will be added to this section, unlike MP3, which is added to the “Music” section) and select the “Audiobooks” tab;
  • Now we synchronize the audio books, for which we press on the icon of the connected device and note “synchronize audiobooks”, select all or some books, after which we apply changes.

After the book is added to the iPhone, we go to iBooks, find and open it. Through the application, you can listen to books by switching between chapters and stopping playback anywhere with the ability to start listening from this moment next time.

Control elements are displayed on the device screen. The rewinding buttons, switching paths using the table of table of contents and adjustment of the reproduction speed, as well as installing a sleep modeimer mode are available here.

To start listening to an audiobook on iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can contact the voice assistant Siri. On the road, if there is a carplay in the car, you can listen to music and audiobooks loaded on a smartphone, or start streaming reproduction from the iOS device that supports mobile communications.


If there is no desire to bother with the connection to the computer, in the App Store store you can find software for listening to audiobooks. Some of them offer a large base of content, which can spread for free or on a commercial basis, while others, although they do not have their own library, offer functionality, inaccessible in the usual player.

Litres: Listen!

The Litres application offers access to the largest book database and allows you to first listen to an excerpt from audiobooks to evaluate the content before buying. You can listen to books in the absence of access to the network, in the background, as well as on any device using one account. The application is supported by Carplay and Apple TV, there is a version for Android devices available in Google Play.

MP3 Audiobook Player

Multifunctional, at the same time a simple and convenient player for listening to audiobooks in different formats (MP3, M4B, OPUS, OGG and others). The application automatically retains playback positions, contains a sleep timer with the ability to set time or to the end of the chapter, allows you to regulate speed, control from the headset headset, Apple Watch, supports Carplay and other possibilities.

How to listen to audio books on Android smartphones

On a smartphone or tablet running Android, listening to books in audio format is carried out using a player installed on the device, or special applications available for download in Google Play. You can download content from various sources immediately to a smartphone or first on a computer, and then on a mobile device.

How to listen to audiobooks through a player

The first method involves the use of a full.time or player that can recognize different formats of audio recordings and remember the place where the playback has stopped, while navigation for chapters and other options that the programs specially intended for listening to books can boast, in it there are no missing.

Consider how to listen to audio books on Android with a player:

  • Download content in mp3 format, mp4 on a mobile device or computer;
  • In the second case, we connect the phone to the computer by means of USB shnura and transfer the downloaded files;
  • Open the player and start the audio file.


The second method involves downloading software for listening to audiobooks, since a special application for this purpose on Android devices is not preinstalled, as is the case with iOS. The players designed to play audiobooks offer a wide set of tools for user comfort. Among the advantages are convenient systematization of books, navigation for chapters, bookmarks, installation of reproduction speeds, sleep timer and other possibilities. A great option is Smart Audiobook Player, which has already gained great popularity among users.

There are also applications that provide for the opening of access to the library of books available for free or on a commercial basis (for example, software liters), while before buying you can familiarize yourself with a detailed description and listen to a fragment to evaluate the quality of the content. Download your favorite books right in the program and listen to them even in the absence of the Internet using a player built into the service.

And what method of listening you have chosen? What means of playback do you use? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.


Another favorite of the public, practically deprived of flaws. The developers brought to perfection every aspect. they added regiments with the recommendations of famous writers, actors and directors, invented books with reviews, changed their reviews system and did not forget about real.time communication with the rest of the active community. And yet. besides the audio format, no one has abandoned standard books. it will really turn out to read in the format that has long been liked!

Listen to books

A multifunctional tool with a talking name, a gloomy integration design and an affordable “price” for the proposed functionality and library open to the world. The pluses include two things. genre diversity (the developers did not bypass either the classical literature with philosophy, or children’s fairy tales with narrow.directed classical literature, designed for lovers of tasks for the mind), and the demonstration regime, when any book is allowed to evaluate even before the purchase, listening An introductory fragment. Situations when the author’s voice did not like it will no longer be!