Key features:

▪️ No additional devices required
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before starting a call
▪️ There are not cheap monthly or yearly subscriptions

IPhone call recording apps work through the second line. Apparently, it is because of this that they are scolded in the App Store. But apart from this, there are no other ways to fix a call without additional devices.

Before trying this app, you should also make sure that your service provider supports the second line exactly on your tariff: some operators turn off this service on prepaid basis.

After a short setup, you can start using the app. When you press the record button, the program will call a special number within your country. After that, you need to click “Add”, select the subscriber number to record the call and use the “Combine” button.

It turns out that first you call a special service station, after that you call the person for an important conversation and combine the calls with him. As soon as the call ends, the application will download its record.

Download on the App Store (free subscription: a week for free, 329 rubles per month, 849 rubles for 3 months and 2,050 rubles per year)

Key features:

▪️ You need an extra person with additional devices
▪️ Your operator must support the second line
▪️ Call recording must be turned on before starting a call

Going even further, you can even use an additional person to record the conversation. To do this, you will also need the support of a second cutter line, which you need to talk to your service provider about.

First, you need to call your friend, co-worker, or colleague. After that, you press the “Add” button and select the subscriber whose conversation you want to record. When you call him, press “Combine” to arrange a conference.

Now your accomplice hears both you and the interlocutor. It can use either an Android smartphone with the ability to record voice calls, or a speakerphone on an iPhone and any additional device with a voice recorder.

This is the most troublesome trick, but it will give you the ability to record a conversation without speakerphone and third-party services.

Easiest way to get another iPhone or Mac

listen, phone, call, iphone

Standard “Voice Recorder” on an additional iPhone

Key features:

▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to talk on the speakerphone
▪️ Recordings can be quickly synced to iPhone

This method works in the same way as recording a conversation using an iPhone or Mac. There are two differences: in this case, the recording device is always worn on your wrist, and you need to install a third-party application on it from the link below.

During a voice call on the iPhone, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then turn on the recording in the “Dictaphone” on Apple Watch.

After the end of the recording, you can immediately listen to it right on the watch, and after a couple of seconds you will see it in the application library on the iPhone.

It is a pity that Apple Watch does not have a built-in voice recorder, it would work more simply and stably.

Download on the App Store (free purchases: a whole set from 75 to 149 rubles each)

Use the TapeACall mobile app

TapeACall Conversation Recorder Application

Use the voice recorder on your Apple Watch

Voice Recorder by ALON Software

Try special recording devices

This is Call Recorder X from PhotoFast

The need to save telephone conversations

The function of recording a telephone conversation can be useful when it comes to an important dialogue, the details of which need to be restored after some time.

But, based on the fact that this function is considered illegal, before turning on the recording, you need to notify the interlocutor of your intention. Otherwise, he has the right to sue for the unauthorized distribution of personal information.

It should also be borne in mind that an entry made without the consent of the second person cannot be attached to the evidence base in court.

How to Record Conversation on iPhone for Free

The ability to record telephone conversations on the iPhone for free is not implemented in the firmware of the mobile device by default. this action is illegal under the laws of most countries. However, there are several ways to get around the ban.

Service for any smartphone

It is possible to record a conversation using a MacBook using the Face Time application for communication. It may seem that for this purpose it is enough to connect the built-in “Screen Recorder” function, but in this case, due to the privacy policy, the interlocutor’s voice will not be heard. Therefore, to get around the ban, you need a computer.

Face Time is a program that allows you to make calls between devices.

To do this, you need to synchronize your mobile phone with your MacBook and enable the permission to receive calls from third-party devices in the settings (“Settings”. “Phone”. “On other devices”). FaceTime must be installed on both your phone and computer. Next, download the Call Recorder for FaceTime utility on the MacBook, after which the call recording function is activated.

Free Apps

The App Store provides users with a choice of programs that can save a telephone conversation in the audio file format, however, most of them are paid. Free ones with the highest quality functionality include:

  • Call Recorder Lite. The utility provides an opportunity to use the free version. It differs from the paid one in that only part of the conversation will be available for playback. First of all, you need to make an outgoing call to a special number through the program interface, then add a new interlocutor “to the conversation”. An interesting addition is the function of editing the resulting audio file, for example, slowing down or speeding up speech.
  • Google Voice. The application has a number of limitations. it does not work in all countries, it is supported on the iPhone, but starting from model 6, only incoming calls can be recorded. Nevertheless, the indisputable advantage of the program is that it is completely free and the duration of the recorded conversation, which is subsequently available for playback, is not limited to a fixed time interval.
  • Call Write. The application has an intuitive interface and supports Russian. The built-in instruction provides comprehensive hints for use. The recording is carried out automatically through conference calls. An internet connection is not required to access the option. The free version saves a maximum of 5 minutes of dialogue.

Free recording methods

There are several ways to record a conversation on iPhone for free:

  • Jailbreak a mobile device.
  • Installing a specialized application.
  • Sync with MacBook.
  • Using a headset with an audio recording function.

If you have a jailbreak

This method is intended only for experienced users with broad knowledge of programming.

Jailbreak is hacking the device’s firmware in order to gain access to the file system.

Jailbreak. an operation that allows the user to access the file system of the iPhone.

After the operation is completed, the Cydia icon will appear on the smartphone screen. This is a kind of analogue of the familiar App Store service that allows you to download illegal applications. Thus, you can download programs for recording conversations on the iPhone.

The most popular of these are iOS Call Recorder and Audio Record. They allow you to record not only standard calls provided by a mobile operator, but also through Skype, Viber, Whatsapp and other messengers. Settings include a choice of 2 modes. recording all conversations, or only with some contacts from the list.

During a call, the Rec / Stop button appears on the screen, which allows you to save only the necessary part of the dialogue. Audio files remain in the application memory.

Recording headset

You can also use a dedicated headset to record the conversation:

  • Adapters that connect through a standard connector and thus synchronize the phone with a sound recorder.
  • Special cases with a built-in voice recorder, which is located directly next to the speakers. The recording is saved on a memory card placed in such a case.
  • You can also use a simple dictaphone, but in this case, you will have to conduct a conversation in speakerphone mode, which is not always convenient.

How to record a conversation on iPhone

Due to iOS restrictions, it is more difficult to record phone conversations on iPhone, but there are still working ways.

Via mobile app

In the App Store, you can find programs that record calls in a workaround way. using conference calls. It works like this: you connect a bot to a conversation with the right person, the latter silently records the conversation and sends you a recording via the Internet.

Among such applications is TapeACall Lite. The program contains detailed video instructions in Russian, so it will not be difficult to understand it.

TapeACall Lite provides a free 7-day period, after which it debits the amount indicated in the application from the user’s card every month. If you sign up for a trial period, but then decide to cancel the program, do not forget to cancel your subscription.

Using a special device

There are also special iPhone accessories for recording conversations. For example, Call Recorder, which is suitable for recording both conversations on cellular networks and online calls via Skype, Viber and other instant messengers. This accessory will cost you about 115.

There is also a more affordable solution. the Koolertron call recording headphones for 32. 512 MB of built-in memory will be enough to record up to 16 hours of calls.

How to Record Phone Conversation on iPhone and Android Smartphone

With these programs, important conversations will remain in the device’s memory.

How to record a conversation on an Android smartphone

The programs listed below can automatically record calls, and without an Internet connection. You only need to download, configure and periodically clean one of these applications from old audio recordings. But if you want, you can only record selected conversations manually.

Cube Call Recorder ACR

In addition to regular cellular calls, this application is able to record voice conversations in almost any Internet dialer like Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber. But not all smartphones support this function. install the program to test it on your.

By default, Cube Call Recorder ACR records all conversations, but you can add selected numbers to the exceptions list so that the program will ignore them.

The app is free and contains no ads. By purchasing the paid version, you will unlock several premium features such as setting a PIN code to access recorded conversations and highlighting parts of the recording when you shake the device.

“Call recording”

With this program, you can automatically record conversations only with selected contacts, or with unknown numbers, or absolutely everything. depending on the filter settings.

The application supports locking the recording storage via PIN, syncing with cloud drives and allows you to customize the sound quality. The paid version has no ads and can automatically upload audio files to Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to record a conversation on any phone

The most obvious way, but let’s add it to complete the picture: you can record calls with a voice recorder. As a rule, programs for recording sound through the microphone are turned off as soon as you start talking on the phone. But you can always take another smartphone with such a program on board or a regular voice recorder and bring it to your phone. For better quality, you can turn on the speakerphone.

All iPhones have a preinstalled audio recording app. If your Android smartphone does not have such a program, you can install any voice recorder from the Lifehacker collection.

You can take another iPhone or Mac

  • In this version, additional programs are not needed, it is possible to use the built-in “Dictaphone”;
  • To record a telephone conversation, you will need to speak using a speakerphone;
  • It is possible to synchronize the conversation with the main gadget using iCloud.

If you have an older generation iPhone that was abandoned after you bought a new iPhone, then this method is right for you. When you make a call from the main device, you need to hold a speakerphone conversation with the recording on through the recorder on another phone (Let it be at least a Mac).

Of course, the main drawback of such a conversation is precisely communication through a speakerphone, since it does not allow normal recording in a work environment, or if you go out into the street or somewhere else, the recording will also be unimportant. The person with whom you are having a conversation will most likely understand that you are talking using a speakerphone.

It’s great that when recording from the “Dictaphone” on an iPhone or Mac, it is possible to simply synchronize using iCloud. all records with saved conversations can be quickly collected on the main phone.

How to Record Phone Conversation on iPhone for Free 3 Methods

Good afternoon friends. How to Record Phone Conversation on iPhone for Free? Quite often it happens when you need to record your conversation on the phone so that the user can listen to it again. But, some countries have banned the recording of the conversation through the phone. Therefore, the iPhone did not include such an application in its list of free utilities. But, if you still need a similar option, the App Store has a decent number of utilities that are created for recording conversations. Although mostly all of them are paid.

I’ve reviewed many recording apps, but they all cost money except one. Also, I found 2 methods of free call recording.

IPadio app

iPadio is a great free application that allows you to record calls and other sounds. This application will require you to create your profile on In order to start recording your telephone conversations, you must first make a call to one of the ipadio numbers in your area, and enter your special PIN code.

After that, you can create another call and merge the two calls. In other words, the conversation from each phone will be recorded and the sound will automatically appear in your profile. You can log into your profile to download or change the recorded calls. The utility may seem complicated to use and it happens that it does not work for a while. But, on the other hand, you do not need to pay for it!

Download iPadio

Recording a conversation with a second line

  • An assistant with an additional device is required;
  • Your operator’s services must include a second line;
  • You must start recording the conversation before calling.

In order to properly record the conversation, it is advisable to ask your friend for help. In addition, your service provider must support a second line, which must be configured with your operator.

First, we call the person who will help you (colleague, employee, friend). Then we tap on the “Add” button and select the contact with whom we are going to record the negotiations. Calling him, we tap “Unification”, to start the conference.

After that, your friend will hear you and the caller. A friend has the option to use an Android phone with the right to record voice calls, or the speakerphone must be turned on on an iPhone or other device that has a voice recorder.

This method is quite time consuming, but it makes it possible to record without using third-party services.

Conclusion: you now have an idea of ​​how to record a telephone conversation on iPhone for free. Personally, I like the first method, using a free utility. Other methods are quite troublesome. My advice: if you need one or several calls per month, it is better to use one of the paid apps. For some you can pay 4 per month, record the necessary conversations, and no longer pay! Do you know any other way to record iPhone conversation for free? Please share it in the comments! Success!

Jelbreak tweaks for iPhone

This semi-legal method involves jailbreak. accessing your phone’s file system. After the jailbreak, the Cydia application will be available on your phone. semi-legal analogue of Ep Store. In it you can download applications that allow you to record a telephone conversation on the iPhone.

Applications: Description:
“AudioRecorder 2” Simple application with intuitive setup. You can select the mode of automatic recording of all conversations or select an individual contact (s) for recording. During the call, the “Record / Pause” button will appear, with the help of which the recording will be performed.
IOS Call Recorder A similar application to the previous one for recording calls on iPhone.
CallRecorder Another application that saves recorded calls in mp3 audio format.

A way to turn on the recorder during a phone call

As we have already described, simply turning on the voice recorder during a call on the iPhone will not work due to the restrictions of US law. But you can use other hardware alternatives available to us.

Specifically, an easy way to record a phone call on iPhone is to use a digital voice recorder. One of the most popular options in the world is the Sony Voice Recorder ICD-PX Series, priced at around 60. It remains to turn on the recorder, then turn on the phone to speakerphone and make (receive) a call.

The disadvantage of this method is its publicity. The place for recording should be quiet, there should be no third-party sounds, otherwise they will also be recorded. When you receive a call on the iPhone, you will first need to turn on the voice recorder, and then the phone to speakerphone, which is not always convenient.

We also recommend taking a closer look at voice recorders of the level “Waytronic Bluetooth Call Recorder”, “Koolertron Phone Call Recorder” and “Techerific’s Digital Voice Recorder”.

Google Voice. helps you record important conversation on iPhone

The functionality of the Google Voice tool allows you to filter incoming calls and record them. Please note that this only applies to incoming calls, there is no such function for outgoing calls.

In case of working with “Google Voice” we need to set up an account first. Go to and follow the instructions of the service. After creating an account, you will need to activate conversation recording, which will allow you to record the conversation in MP3 audio format.

  • Go to the Google Voice home page and register there;
  • Install the “Google Voice” application on your iPhone;

After completing the listed steps, you will be able to record incoming calls by pressing the number “4” on the virtual keyboard of the phone during a call. After clicking, you will hear an automatic voice notifying the parties to the conversation that the call is being recorded (Google tries to act within the law). To stop recording, simply press “4” again or end the call as usual. After you stop recording, Google will automatically save the conversation to your Inbox, where you can listen to or download the recordings.

If you want to listen to recorded phone calls on your Iphone, then:

  • Launch the Google Voice mobile app;
  • Tap on “Menu” in the upper left corner;
  • Then select “Recorded”;
  • Find the recording you want to listen to and tap it to start;
  • Tap on the play icon in the lower left corner.

TapeACall Pro. paid conversation recording app

If you don’t mind spending money on a good app, take a look at TapeACall Pro. For about 10, you get unlimited call recording time for a whole year, regardless of who you call. have gone up a bit recently and renewals cost about 4 per month or 30 per year for unlimited calls.

The app works in the following way on the iPhone. For incoming calls, you activate the call recording, for which you keep your interlocutor on the mowing line for a while. In parallel, open the app and click the record button. Once you have done all of this, the call is merged and stored in the remote recording service.

For outgoing calls, open the application, press “record”, then call the desired phone and join the call. Unlike Google Voice, TapeACall Pro does not notify the other party that you are recording a conversation. After the end of the recording, you can access the saved audio file directly on your gadget.

There is also a light version of the TapeACall application with limited functionality.

Recording phone conversations on iPhone. what’s the problem?

Many owners of devices on Android OS have no problems with recording the necessary telephone conversations at all. It is enough to go to the Play Store, and you will have a variety of programs for recording telephone conversations, available completely free of charge.

On the iPhone, the situation is exactly the opposite, there are few such applications and they have a paid nature. Why is this happening?

The reason is Apple’s strict adherence to US law. Some states of the United States (for example, California), as well as a number of other countries, require not one-way consent for recording calls (when the consent of only one party is needed), but two-way (when both parties to the call know about the recording of the conversation). One-way recording of a conversation in such countries (states) may qualify as a violation of laws (federal and local), and lead to criminal proceedings.

Trying to avoid such excesses, Apple has installed a blocking of the ability to record a conversation on its iPhones. When you press the voice recorder button when you call, you will see a message that the save option is blocked.

What to do? Consider the list of methods that are available to us.

Callina. handy tool to save calls on iPhone

The Callina application uses a conference call method to record calls. To create a recording on iPhone, you will need to call the service number of the program during a call, and then combine both calls into a conference. Service numbers are available in all major cities of Russia, and the created records are automatically saved in the cloud.

How to save calls on iPhone

We will start our review with software methods for recording calls on the iPhone, and finish with hardware devices. In the first case, we will use various applications and services from Google, and in the other. voice recorders and PC.

How to record a phone conversation on iPhone

The telephone is a popular communication tool. With his help, we solve business issues, communicate with relatives, negotiate with utilities and make the necessary appointments. We may need to save some of the calls. And, if necessary, have a supporting audio material, where the essence of the conversation could be clearly heard. And if there is no such problem with gadgets on Android OS, then with Apple products everything is much more complicated. What should the owners of apple devices do? Below we will analyze how you can record a conversation with an interlocutor on the iPhone, and what tools will help us with this.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Sometimes there are situations when a person needs to record a telephone conversation on the iPhone. This method is used by journalists interviewing. People who are trying to prove something using a recording of a conversation. Did you think that only special services can listen? No, iOS also has programs that can be written. Situations happen different, and in this article we will tell you in detail how to record phone conversations on iPhone.

Apple protects user privacy, so there are no built-in features or apps on iOS (in the starter kit) that can record iPhone conversations while on a call. Therefore, you need to either use external equipment, for example, a computer microphone, another mobile device, or download third-party applications for recording phone conversations on the iPhone, which will now be discussed.

In the first two cases, everything is clear: turn on the loudspeaker and record. The quality of the recording will be affected by the speaker of the phone (pretty decent for iPhones) and the recording tool (a membrane microphone will do, on a computer use the AudaCity app).

However, before starting, we recommend that you make sure that the person with whom you are going to record a conversation is notified of this, as recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations. criminal activity (if recording without consent, then do not distribute the recording).

Let’s start with jailbreak users. For them, there is such a solution as the AudioRecorder2 tweak, which is used for more advanced and serious recording of telephone conversations.

If your phone does not have a jailbreak, we advise you to pay attention to one of the following methods of recording phone conversations on iPhone.


This program for recording conversations on the iPhone belongs to Russian developers. The Callwrite method is as follows: during telephone conversations, the service must be connected to the call using the principle of conference calls. At the end of the call, the iPhone will receive a notification that the telephone conversation has been recorded, the resulting copy has been saved. However, to listen to the recording, enter your personal account and pay for this service, the company tells us.

Note: To use Callwrite, first make sure your carrier has 3-way conferencing support.

Call Recorder Unlimited

The service was developed by TellTech Systems, and has similarities with TapeACall, however, it has one advantage. the ability to translate the recording of the conversation into text. Subscription for a month of using this application costs 129 rubles.

Clarification: Before using Call Recorder Unlimited, please make sure your mobile operator supports 3-way conferencing.


TapeACall, a service developed by Epic Enterprises, allows you to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. The free version allows you to record calls of a minute duration, and TapeACall Pro has no time limit. You can track the progress of the call recording by going to the application menu by notification. The resulting recording of the conversation can be renamed, and also saved on the iPhone, it is also possible to share it by sending it to email, some social networks (FB and), Google Drive and cloud storage.


Call Recorder, created by Telestar, in addition to recording outgoing and incoming calls within the country, also allows you to record telephone conversations with foreign subscribers. The audio recording is saved in the iPhone memory and can be shared in the same way as in TapeACall. The indisputable superiority of this service is that it is possible to hide the phone number during a call. IntCall is a free application, however, credits are required to use it. One loan will cost 79 rubles, and 50. 3790 rubles.

Google voice

The first important note is that the Google Voice service can only work in the United States. With it, you can record incoming calls. The work goes through a Google account, so you need to create one if you don’t have one. The big advantage of the app is that phone calls are recorded for free. To change your location in the USA, use special services or browsers. Only their services are paid in most cases.

The article lists the most popular ways to record phone calls on iPhone, at the moment all programs are working and support the latest version of iOS. Use carefully, we remind you that recording, storing and distributing telephone conversations is punishable by law. Do not use applications for personal gain, do not distribute audio recordings unnecessarily.

How to record phone conversations on a smartphone?

which article in the law of the Russian Federation confirms your words?

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

and where it says that you can record and transmit the conversation without consent?

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

you can fix, use no.

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

Article 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: “2. Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other messages. Restriction of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision.”
A telephone conversation implies two subscribers participating in the conversation (or more, if we are talking about conference calls). Accordingly, “everyone” means, in turn, all participants, in this case, a telephone conversation. Therefore, one party has no right to decide for the others what to do with this conversation.
However, there will be no legal consequences for the recording of the conversation. Since the recording itself does not mean the disclosure of information, which is prohibited by the constitutional law by the concept of “secret”. That is, roughly speaking, if you recorded the conversation and then gave it to listen to a third party. you still violated the law.
over, the option of recording threats for their subsequent transfer to law enforcement agencies as evidence will not be such. Any evidence during the assessment is considered for compliance with such criteria as admissibility, which means compliance with the law when obtaining specific evidence; contradicting this criterion are further not allowed to prove the circumstances of the case. Based on the constitution: restriction of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision. At the same time, Article 13 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation also states that even the recording of telephone conversations is permissible only in case of a court decision. Accordingly, the use of the recording of such conversations as evidence recorded before such a decision is made is unacceptable.
So, the only legal purpose of using the recording of telephone conversations is only to support the capabilities of your memory, so as not to forget anything.

As for the sanctions for violation by a person of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, etc., Article 134 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation presupposes a fine of up to 80k rubles, or compulsory work up to 360 hours, or correctional labor for up to one year.

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Recording your conversation for listening again, without third parties access to this process, is legal. I wrote so above.

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

I wonder if you from the Internet just copy-paste some kind of information about it or is it based on your experience? because personally my lawyer with 30 years of experience has long said that you can record your conversation with another interlocutor, it is correctly written that I am not recording someone, but myself. and I think that the lawyer knows what to do with this in the future, since he recommends it in some cases, then he will be able to use this information in case of anything.

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you can record anything, use it anywhere. no. Lawyer donut hole if he says what can be used.

Message sent from iGuides mobile app

REKK. Call Recorder. Fast Way

Perhaps the most convenient application for recording conversations. REKK. Call Recorder is a multifunctional program that allows you not only to record conversations on the iPhone, but also allows you to save files, can convert audio to text, conveniently share recordings through popular instant messengers and much more.

  • The modern interface is convenient and understandable to any user;
  • Ease of use;
  • Record of both incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Converting audio to text files (voice recognition);
  • Creation of backups of your records;
  • Automatic sync with iCloud;
  • Easy sharing (sending recordings via iMessage, Viber, etc.);
  • Automatic backup of records to cloud storage (including Google Drive and Dropbox, of course);
  • Automatically creates a link to the recorded file for easy download.
  • The application can recognize a voice using modern technologies, but the correctness of recognition is highly dependent on the accent of the subscribers, the speed of the conversation and the quality of the connection.
  • For the program to work correctly, your operator must support three-channel communication.

Jailbreak and AudioRecorder 2 recording

Jailbreak is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to record phone calls on iPhone. To do this, the user needs to log into Cydia, and then check the status of the connection with this address

If the indicator of the connection level is at a high level, then the name of the required utility should be entered in the search engine. The program is called AudioRecorder. It must be installed on your device. Then the owner of the gadget must go to the iPhone settings for the final installation of the application.

To record a telephone conversation via Jailbreak, keep the utility open. To do this, opposite its name, you need to move the slider in the opposite direction. Then, a window will be displayed on the screen with a warning about the prohibition of recording outgoing and incoming phone calls in some countries.

Then a notification appears, on which you need to click on the “Accept” button. Next, the type of recording is selected, the function can be used in manual or automatic mode.

The second method is more preferable. When a call comes in, the conversation will be recorded from the very first seconds. An indicator will indicate this on the iPhone. If preference is given to the manual recording option, then you need to press the record button on the iPhone, as on ordinary dictaphones.

example of AudioRecorder 2 on iOS 9

When using the Jailbreak utility, you can find all the recorded phone conversations in the iPhone menu. They are placed by incoming or outgoing calls, time or date. This content weighs a little, and is saved on the device in m4a format.

How to record conversations on iPhone. instructions

⬤ FAQ How to record conversations on iPhone. instructions

Are you planning an important conversation and want to know how to record a conversation on your iPhone? Here are the TOP 5 different ways. Phone conversations can often be so meaningful and important that they need to be recorded. It is not difficult to do this using the iPhone. There are certain methods that allow you to record a telephone conversation.

It should be borne in mind that some countries in the legislation are extremely strict about the recording of conversations, a mandatory warning of the interlocutor about the recording is required. Therefore, licensed programs that function like a voice recorder are largely absent from the Apple Store catalog.

High-quality and simple recording of a conversation on the iPhone at the moment is quite possible. Modern Chinese and European developers offer excellent applications for Apple device owners.

GoogleVoice recording

IPhone phone calls can be recorded using the GoogleVoice service. To install the voice recorder program, you need to register in the system.

When the installation process is completed, you need to go to the iPhone menu, and then select the device settings. There will be a “Calls” tab. Opposite this section, you need to click and check the box. Now iPhone call recording will not be difficult even for beginners.

During a telephone conversation with the interlocutor, press the “4” key. When you stop recording a call, pressing is duplicated. You can listen to the recorded materials by pressing the “”.

The GoogleVoice app has a unique feature that informs about the start of a call recording on the iPhone. In this case, not only the owner of the recording device is informed, but also the interlocutor. This option cannot be disabled.

Callwrite recording

You can record a conversation on the iPhone not only using the JailBreak program. Callwrite is a fairly functional and convenient service. This application from Russian developers is intended only for “apple” devices.

The program works according to the following principle:

  • It is required to activate the service according to the example of a conference call.
  • Connecting to a telephone conversation.

A few minutes after the end of the telephone conversation, a notification about the end of the recording will be sent to him. Now the recording will be available for free listening.

The finished file is kept in the device for three days. The format of such content is mp3. To listen to it or send it to another gadget, the user needs to go to his personal account.

In this application, the function for recording telephone conversations is paid.

Also, a similar foreign service can be seen in the video below:

Record Phone Conversation on iPhone via iPhone Recorder

Another way to record a phone call on an Apple smartphone is to use the iPhone Recorder app. This is the official program which can be downloaded from the App Store. The app is different:

  • high quality of the recorded conversation;
  • the presence of a voice recorder option;
  • the ability to easily record any calls on the iPhone.

On a note! iPhone Recorder is an application that allows you to record exclusively outgoing calls on the iPhone. It is guaranteed that you will not be able to record incoming conversations with its help. The utility is simply not focused on this.

The attractiveness of the program lies in the extreme simplicity of its operation, as well as its intuitive interface. In addition, the utility allows you to listen to the saved call or transfer it to any email address.

Ways to Record Conversation on iPhone

It is quite possible to simply and efficiently record a telephone conversation on the iPhone today. Modern European and Chinese developers have offered several excellent applications to the owners of Apple devices. With their help, it will not be difficult to record a telephone conversation on the iPhone.

Recording a phone conversation on iPhone via Callwrite

You can record a conversation on an Apple-branded phone not only through the Jailbreak program. One of the convenient and functional services is Callwrite. This program, intended for Apple devices, was released by Russian developers.

The principle of the program is that the service must be activated according to the principle of conference calls and connected to a telephone conversation. Just a few minutes after the end of the call through the iPhone, it will receive a notification about the end of the recording. Now you can listen to it freely.

As a rule, the finished file is stored on the iPhone for about 3 days. The format of such content in the “apple” phone is mp3. To listen to it or transfer it to another device, the user needs to enter his personal account.

On a note! The function for recording conversations with this application is paid.

How to Record phone Calls on iPhone FREE & EASY

How to record a phone conversation on iPhone

Phone conversations are often so important and meaningful that they need to be recorded, and it is not difficult to do this using the iPhone. There are several ways to capture phone conversations. However, it should be borne in mind that the legislation of a number of countries is extremely strict about such actions and requires a mandatory warning of the second person about the recording of the conversation. This is why licensed programs that function like a voice recorder can hardly be found in Apple Store catalogs.

Call Recorder on iPhone via Call Recorde

Call Recorde application is a unique program that allows you to record any conversations on iPhone. The utility is focused on fixing calls made through the voice and mobile functions of iOS.

To record a conversation on an iPhone, you will first need to download and install the appropriate application.

Next, you need to unpack the archive, after which the program is installed on the device by double-clicking on the icon. Then the electronic button Install is pressed.

On a note! You can find a trial version of the utility in a free version. As a rule, an application for recording conversations on an iPhone in this format lasts a week. Then the software can be removed or the official version can be purchased.

When the utility is installed on the iPhone, and, for example, FaceTime is launched in automatic mode, you will need to set the required program parameters. Many users of this software configure the device to automatically record conversations. However, you can do otherwise. In this case, you will need to press a special button each time while recording a telephone conversation on the iPhone. To complete the recording process, you just need to turn off your smartphone or press the Stop virtual key.

Record conversations on iPhone via Google Voice

You can also record a call on your iPhone using the Google Voice service. To install the voice recorder program, you need to register in the system.

Upon completion of the installation process, you need to enter the iPhone menu and go to the device settings. It will contain the “Calls” tab. Opposite this item, click and check the box. After that, recording calls on iPhone will not cause any difficulties even for novice users. To do this, during a conversation with your interlocutor on the phone, you just need to press the “4” key. If you need to stop recording a call on the iPhone, then the press is duplicated.

On a note! A unique feature of the Google Voice application is that the system informs not only the owner of the recording device, but also his interlocutor about the recording of a call on the iPhone. over, it is not possible to disable this option.

By pressing the key and clicking on it, you can listen to the recorded materials.

Jailbreak recording

One of the simplest and most affordable methods of recording phone conversations on iPhone is Jailbreak. To do this, the user will need to log into Cydia, then check the connection status with the address

If the connection level is at a high level, then in the search engine you should enter the name of the required utility. The program is called Audio Recorder. You will need to install it on your iPhone. Then the owner of the device should go to the iPhone settings and install the application to the end.

To record a phone call via Jailbreak, you need to keep the application open. To do this, opposite the program name, you just need to move the slider in the opposite direction. Then a window will appear on the screen with a warning about the prohibition of recording incoming and outgoing telephone conversations in some states. Then you need to read the notification, under which you should click on the virtual button “I Accept”. Then you can select the type of recording. The function can be manual or automatic.

The second method is preferred. When a call comes in, the conversation will be recorded from the first seconds. This is always indicated on the iPhone by an indicator. If you prefer the manual recording option, then you will need to press the record button on the iPhone, as on a familiar voice recorder.

When using the Jailbreak utility, you can find all the recorded phone conversations in the menu of your iPhone. As a rule, they are arranged on the iPhone by date, time, outgoing or incoming calls. This content weighs a little and is saved on the iPhone in m4a format.

Mac recording

Another way to record a conversation on iPhone is to pair your iPhone and Mac via Wi-Fi and then record the conversation using a PC app. To do this, you need the following:

  • iPhone for receiving and making calls;
  • Mac laptop for recording conversations;
  • Wi-Fi network through a router;
  • Allowing calls from other devices on iPhone (Phone Settings on other devices);
  • Enabled FaceTime on iPhone and Mac with Calls from iPhone checked;
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime app for Mac.

Call Recorder for FaceTime in action

Install CallRecorder, turn on auto-recording in the settings, receive a call via Mac, or dial the subscriber ourselves from the computer. The call will be automatically saved to an audio file. Then you can listen to it through the Ecamm application, which will be installed along with CallRecorder.

Recording headset

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations with the help of a “bug” is illegal, but recording your own is very much even. For this case, there are headsets with an audio recording function that connect directly to the audio input of a smartphone or via Bluetooth, like mobile speakers. For example, like this:

Esonic RecorderGear PR200. headset for recording calls

However, given that starting with the iPhone 7 Apple got rid of 3.5 mm audio jacks, this method is suitable mainly for older devices. For new ones, there are Bluetooth headsets or, as an option, adapters for the Lightning connector.

You Can’t Get Out: How to Record a Conversation on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to record an incoming or outgoing call? We’ll tell you if it’s legal, and also show you five ways to record conversations on iPhone.

Do you want to catch your interlocutor at his word? Five ways to record a phone conversation on iPhone are in our article today. Use wisely.

Let’s immediately reassure those who are thinking. is it legal?

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, the interlocutor already knows what you talked about with him. Only secret listening to other people’s conversations is illegal, in particular. with the help of “bugs”.

If necessary, you can safely submit the recording of the conversation to the court as evidence. The only thing is that the entry should not violate other people’s secrets prescribed in the Constitution, for example, commercial or family secrets.

Caution is also needed when publishing a recording of a telephone conversation in the public domain. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly. for example, if it is a telephone interview.

Otherwise, everything is in order. How to record a conversation on iPhone, read below.

The one-stop solution for any iPhone problem works here as well. If a jailbreak is made on your iPhone (access to the file system is open), then you can install several “tweaks” that allow you to record conversations.

In particular, these are the Audio Recorder 2, CallRecorder and Super Recorder extensions. On iOS, they are installed via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It’s free.

Audio Recorder 2 for iPhone

All of these extensions work on the same principle: a button is added to the built-in Phone application to enable recording. By pressing the button, you can start and end the call recording.

You can also turn on Auto Record so that all conversations are automatically saved to audio files. You can listen to them later through the same extension.

Purchase an application

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe). 20 minutes of recording per month. free, subscription costs 579 rubles.
  • TapeACall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. You can record in the background. The app costs 849 rubles, but you can record unlimitedly.
  • IntCall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, it allows you to hide your number during a call. Subscription costs 379 rubles per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something in between the first and the third. Very similar to TapeACall, but can also transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115 rubles.

Transcribe. Record phone calls on iPhone

5 Banal and free way

Answer or make a call on iPhone and turn on speakerphone. Then take the smartphone away from your friend and turn on the recorder on it. The conversation will be recorded without any effort and tricks.