How to lay storis on Instagram without loss of quality


One of the frequent complaints of users is the poor quality story on Instagram. This is especially important for those who conduct a professional account. The social network sets certain requirements for photos and videos, which may affect their quality. But there are various ways to improve their expansion so that content collects a lot of “likes”.

The importance of decorating storis

You can publish many stories on Instagram and still do not receive new subscribers. Why is this happening? The fact is that in conditions of great competition, your material can be too boring and uninteresting for other users.

That is why it is important to correctly design a story, to make it relevant for people of different ages. Ideally, people should look into the account for a moment and looking at stories, subscribe to the page, and stay with you for a long time.

This happens if the content is really interesting and unlike others. The stories have many advantages compared to posts in the tape, namely:

Being at the top of the page, they attract more attention

Due to limited activity (disappear after 24 hours), stories are visible first of all

Instructions for adding history from a smartphone

To publish stories, you need to click on the camera icon. It is located in the upper left corner of the news tape. If you need to lay out several multimedia files, the social network will automatically build them in addition. As soon as we press the camera, the camera will open. Depending on the situation, here you can switch between the front and rear regime of the camera.

Users who do not know how to supplement the story on Instagram should click on a large round key. It is located on the lower panel, near the modes in which you can shoot videos and filters. To start shooting, click on this button and hold it until the time is over. The fact that the recording has begun can be determined by a colored line that will “run” around the key.

To bring the video closer, you need to swap your finger up (to move the video, we draw a finger down). It is important not to tear your finger away from the phone display. editing tools

In the winter of 2016, among the updates of Insta, users noticed the Boomerang function. It allows you to shoot short fixed videos. The “Free Hands” option also appeared, with which you can shoot videos without holding the record key.

We have already figured out how to add history on Instagram. To decorate content, you can attach stickers, use markers, etc.D. All editing tools are located on the top panel.

Not every newcomer knows that you can shoot Storis without publication on the social network. Having edited the story, you can save it to the device gallery. To do this, click on the arrow, which is in the lower right corner. For further publication, press the “Next” button and select recipients from the list.

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Stories for creating stories

All the modes given below can be found by making a swipe to the right on the main page of Instagram. The creation mode will open, and there will be many icons on the left, each of which symbolizes its regime. You can also click on the profile icon in the lower right corner, and then the “” button to the right of Nickniem.


Perhaps the most creative and multifaceted mode of creating stories. The icon of this mode looks like “aa”. Here you can choose many options on how to arrange your story. Many miniatures will be presented on the screen in the lower part, you only need to scroll and choose.

Among the creation modes there are “GIFs” “GIFs” with a search, “templates” with various quotes and checklists, “on this day several years ago”, “survey”, “questions”, “return countdown”, “test”. All these tools will help you make contact with the audience.

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Using these tools, you can ask subscribers a question, find out their opinion, increase asset and reaction. Every day there are more of them, which makes it possible to be the opportunity to bloggers.


This function was especially popular in 2017, but over time it is used less and fewer people. It consists in the fact that with the help of it you can create fixed videos. Boomerang can be called antitrend, however, if correctly, interesting and fun to beat it, you can make a good video. The main thing is that you do not need to shoot on a boomerang how you clink with someone a glass or everything is in this spirit.


But this function, on the contrary, is the main trend of 2021 and 2022. The collage almost always looks advantageous, especially if the photos are taken in the same color scheme.

The chip 2021 is that even if you do not have four photos for the collage, you can use one four times, or twice twice. So the collage looks even more interesting!

Alternate a large and small plan, experiment and be inspired by other bloggers or. If there are no own ideas.

Free hands

If you need to show your hands in the frame or you just don’t want to hold your finger on the button while recording, use the “Free Hands” mode. You just need to click once by the button, and Instagram will start shooting you.


Multipher is a new Instagram mode, with which you can take 8 photos and edit them at once without leaving the creation mode.

Comfortable tool if you need to make some photo story from several slides.


A convenient tool for those who seriously care about their visual. In the “level” mode, a mesh appears on the screen, with the help of which taped horizons can be avoided.

Also, using the grid, you can have objects more advantageous, which will help make the right composition.

How to use iPhone to apply music on stories (steris) on Instagram

Run on the iPhone application that can play music in the background. This can be both an official application (audio recordings) and a standard iOS music program, etc.D.;

Include the reproduction of the track that is planned to be added to the video shot in history (Storis);

Open the Instagram application and slip on the icon with the image “” at the bottom of the screen.

Remove storis (press and hold a round button) to the music that is played at the moment.

If you need to record the story for a specific fragment of the song, return to the composition of the composition of the composition, for example, through the control point and install the desired place.

How to publish a living photo Live Photos on Instagram as a story

Open Instagram and click the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the section “History”.

On the screen of the story, scroll your lower menu to the Boomerang option. This option is also presented in the form of an infinity icon in the menu that is popping on the left.

Click on a square in the lower left corner to select a video created from Live Photos in the previous instructions

or shoot a new fixed video by touching the white circle in the lower menu.

Add the text or edit your living photo as you see necessary.

Press the white oblong button “Recipients” in the lower right corner.

Choose where you want to send your live photo. It may be your story, “close friends” or someone you are signed for. You can immediately add information about your location or exchange a picture through social networks.

You can click “cancel” to stop this action, or press the blue link “Ready”, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Posting on Instagram or “living” photos is very simple. In order to see a moving picture published on a social network, it is not at all necessary to have an iPhone, since it will no longer be a photo, but a video.

There are several ways to publish Live Photos on Instagram without losing “liveliness”, however, we will consider one of them, which involves the use of the Google Motion Stills application. Using Motion Stills, you can edit Live Photos and convert them into video and gifs. In addition, the application is equipped with a remarkable function of stabilization of the image.

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Creation Storis on Instagram Full Instruction with Explanations

To work with a social network, you must first register, think over the idea for photos and prepare everything in advance. Experienced bloggers rarely record temporary publications online, more often they post pre.prepared and captured content. If you want to save Storis for the future, then transfer it to the section relevant by click on the corresponding point in the parameters of publication. We will analyze in detail how to add history on Instagram from the gallery or shoot right there:

7 Creative Instagram Story Ideas | using the IG app only

  • Launch the official Instagram application for mobile devices, log in to the social network.
  • Click on the tab marked with an avatar. So you will be the main account block with personal photos.
  • Open the mode of creating posts. One or two images are loaded at the same time and short videos to 15 seconds.
  • From several short videos, bloggers often create small films. Shoot online videos in these shooting modes: boomerang, zoom, standard, focus, timelapse. For recording, hold the red key for a few seconds. When recording the online Instagram video, it will automatically cut it to the desired size and prepare for publication. If you are looking for a way to add a video to Storis on Instagram from your phone, use special programs-editors for mobile devices. They will help you cut the video and process it to a suitable size. One of these programs is INSHOT.
  • Edit the image or video after loading from the gallery or shooting on the spot. To do this, use graphic tools of social networks. Add text, animations, drawings and graffiti.
  • Upon completion of the work, save the changes made, click on “share” and send a post to Storis for 24 hours.
storis, instagram, iphone

If you followed this instructions, now you know how to add storis on Instagram from the gallery and shoot it in the mobile application of the social network. Let’s talk about how to share posts to Storis and load them from mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

How to shoot and mount steep stories on iPhone?

Hey. The last material about why Instagram Stories is a future of social networks has collected many reviews and questions. My scenario of using “stories” on Instagram implies the preparation of the material in advance. That is, consistent shooting with some idea, further installation and imposition of music right on the smartphone. All in the best traditions of “mobile survey”. On Instagram, I was covered with questions of how to shoot, process and what to mount these videos.

Someone will say that “stories” are not worth paying so much attention to them, but here’s an excellent example for why it is worth doing it.

The relevance of early shooting and installation is that this material will remain in good quality, and maybe then you can somehow use it in other projects. This will disappear from history, and the “source” will remain.

Here are a few recommendations from me, how to create a whole thing on the example of iPhone.

Ideally, you need to remove a static frame, not with your hands, but with a mobile tripod or tripod. This is not a prerequisite. An interesting story can be removed from hand. But we are now talking about an art approach.

The one for which there is enough money. We have a comparative review from Sasha a visiting a cool monopod from Xiaomi. I have three of these. Cheap, compact and qualitatively assembled accessory.

This monopod has one minus: in windy weather, its fastening is swinging and such a shovel as the iPhone 7 Plus can stagger, but very often stabilization in the iPhone helps out. There are more expensive options, for example from Manfrotto. The full set will be released under 100, but it all depends on your budget.

Another plus from the use of a monopod, if you have an iPhone 7 Plus. during shooting you can use a second camera with another focal length, which gives you more freedom when choosing an angle and frame in general. If you can remove something from your hands on the main camera, then when using the second lens without stabilization, this is extremely difficult to do.

Easiest COLLAGE for INSTAGRAM STORIES | Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story!

One History on Instagram lasts 15 seconds. It may seem that this is not enough. You have two options: try to put an action in 15 seconds (difficult), or to break the narrative into several pieces of 15 seconds, even to infinity. I choose the first option and try to make quick sketches.

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In 15 seconds you can optimally lay 5 mini-scenes for 3 seconds each. For entertainment, you can shoot some frames in Slow-Mo, or vice versa to make a long video and make the effect of a la time of time from it by accelerating the video several times. By the way for Slow-Mo and especially the “timelapse” monopod is indispensable.

[Creativ_Media Type = “YouTube” url = “https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = 3rkayh_erqufeature = youtu.Be “]

The most important question is where to glue it all. You can on a computer, you can on a smartphone. Everything is simple with the computer, Final Cut on MacOS or Adobe Premier on any Windows, or the same MacOS. But how to do it on a smartphone?

The main problem is that most mobile video editors do not know how to work with vertical videos and, as a result, they still cut the picture to square condition. Even Imovie did not learn to do many important functions on iOS, but we want to act on a “mobile phone” and accelerate playback and Slow-Mo to do and even include the “reverse” function. To do this, I recommend using the Carve Video Editor-Cinematic Filters-Infuse Labs LLC program. Conventionally, it is therefore, when the file is exported, it will be marked with a branded logo, in order to remove the application advertising, you will have to buy a pro-version for 5. I bought, since I use it every day.

The Carve Video Editor. Cinematic Filters. Infuse Labs LLC has the possibility of choosing video orientation. There is 16: 9 and 9:16, the second option is just suitable for vertical videos. Immediately selects resolution up to 4K, file format and number of frames per second.

Carve Video Editor. Cinematic Filters. Infuse Labs LLC is not a linear installation, there is just one video track, and the second path for sound. and not required.

I will not go into the details and functions of this application, it is very simple, download and try it yourself. The answer to the basis of the question is how and on what to mount the video directly with the iPhone I gave you. Now everything is in your hands!

I will try to show which “stories” you can create on my own example on a smartphone, so follow the updates.

Some tips on creating InstaStories

Owners of commercial profiles often do not pay attention to the features of promotion on Instagram. Due to the lack of free time, they trust the maintenance of social networks to specialists. But for the work of SMM experts will have to lay out a round sum, and the result may turn out to be not quite expected.

In order to make stories to promote business without any help, it is important not to be afraid to experiment. You need to learn to bring closer and delete personnel, use the effects. High.quality videos can make customers more loyal to advanced products.

We have already found out how to make Storis on Instagram, but once again we remind of the need to attach geolocation. With its help, potential customers will be able to determine the place in which your store or other organization is located. This is also necessary in order to attract an audience nearby. To identify active subscribers, it is important to view statistics. To do this, click on the symbol of the “eyes” at the bottom of the story. There will be a list of all instagramers who watched your photos or videos.

To constantly remind the target audience about yourself, it is important to post at least 4-5 stories every day. The materials should not be the same, since it will quickly get tired of the subscriber, and he will unsubscribe from you. Experiment with different formats, “use” various applications, surprise your tsar. And we hope that our materials about storiz on Instagram will help you with this. what it is and how it functions.